Alison Brie

Subject: Blake’s Adventures 1 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you enjoy this story. Please send comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill BLAKE’S ADVENTURES Chapter 1 Dan entered the Tesco supermarket and went straight to the fruit and vegetable department. To his delight, the young man he had hoped to see was there. Dan had come across Blake (he knew the teenager’s name from the badge he wore) the day before. Blake had been re-stocking apples and the man’s first view had been from the rear. He saw a slim fair-haired youth of about 5ft 7in (170 cm) in the usual blue-checked shirt and tight black trousers. Blake had turned and Dan’s gaze moved slowly from the boy’s perfect bubble butt to his face. `What a cutie!’ he thought. Blake hardly looked his 16 years. In fact, he hadn’t yet started shaving. Dan looked on as Blake interacted with his supervisor and liked the sound of the boy’s voice and his respectful attitude. Dan had thought about Blake later that night � about the pink lips on his handsome face, about his slim body and that wonderful little bum. As he wanked himself to a tremendous climax he decided that he had to have the boy. He’d met many good-looking young men in his business but none had Blake’s charms. The man watched Blake for over five minutes as he browsed among the vegetables with his empty shopping basket. Then it was time to make a move. “Excuse me,” said Dan. “Do you have any fresh ginger?” Blake smiled up at him. “Yes, sir. Let me show you.” Dan walked with Blake to the next aisle, smiling to himself at the boy’s eagerness. “Here it is, sir,” said Blake as he pointed to the ginger. He looked on as Dan picked up a piece of ginger root which had a distinct resemblance to a penis, looked at it and then smiled at him. Blake gulped and asked, “Is there anything else I can help you with?” “As a matter of fact, there is. I’ve seen you here before and know that you are a hard worker. I watched you just now, helping that blind woman. You have a very good way with people,” said Dan. “Thank you,” said Blake, looking a little puzzled. “But�.” “I wonder if you might be interested in working for me. The pay will be much better than you are getting here and I know that you will be a real asset to my company.” Blake was flattered but didn’t know what to say. The man looked like a successful businessman but this had come out of the blue. “Obviously we can’t talk properly now,” continued Dan. “When do you finish your shift?” Blake looked at his watch. “In about 25 minutes but I’m not sure�.” “Perfect,” said Dan. “I will wait for you outside.” Dan smiled and left, not willing to take no for an answer. Blake watched him walk towards the exit and drop his still empty basket before his supervisor interrupted his thoughts. *** A short while later Blake was changing out of his uniform in the staffroom. He thought about the tall, handsome man who had spoken to him earlier. His cock started to stiffen. The man had reminded him of the actor Sean Connery and Blake liked him a lot. Well, more than just liked. The actor had been at the centre of his sexual fantasies since seeing him play James Bond in the film ‘Thunderball’ on tv a few weeks earlier. Blake wondered if the man could possibly find him attractive. He had never met a gay man before. “But if he is gay he might just want a one-night stand and that’s not for me. I am too young for a serious relationship but I would love to have a sexual relationship with an older man.” As Blake said goodbye to his colleagues, he wondered if the man had been serious or just teasing him about a well-paid job. He walked out of the supermarket and there was no sign of the man. He didn’t know whether to be disappointed or relieved. “Over here!” Dan waved at Blake from the window of his Range Rover which was parked not far from the entrance. He saw Blake lara türbanlı escort spot the car and hesitate for a minute before coming towards it. “Great,” thought Dan. “He’s interested.” The man got out his car and held out his hand. Blake shook it and said, “I hadn’t been thinking of moving to another job. What kind of job are you offering?” “One that will be more interesting and better paid than what you are doing at present,” answered Dan. “Get in the car out of the rain and we’ll chat.” Blake smiled and climbed into the car. “It’s an office-based job but I need someone who is good at dealing with people, as you obviously are,” said Dan. “Hey, I’ve got an idea. Do you need to be home soon?” he asked. “If you’re not in a hurry, I could show you where you’ll be working if you accept the job.” “My mum won’t be home until six so I’m in no rush,” responded Blake. “Fine,” said Dan. “I’ll tell you about the job as we travel.” He started up the car and headed out of town. “Well,” said Dan as the traffic thinned out, “I’m in the entertainment industry. I moved here from London a few months ago and I’m looking for a PA – a personal assistant. Someone to help with routine stuff while I’m in meetings, someone who is good at dealing with people……like I know you are.” He turned and smiled at Blake. “I travel a fair bit so I hope you wouldn’t mind coming with me. You do have a passport, I assume?” Blake gasped. “You mean….travel abroad? No, sorry. I don’t have a passport. Mum could never afford to take me abroad.” “Not a problem,” said Dan. “We’ll soon get you one. Now about pay. I can offer you a basic fifteen pounds an hour but you will get extra when I need you to work in the evening.” Dan glanced out the corner of his eye and saw the look of wonder on the boy’s face. “And double for any weekend work,” he added. “I don’t know,” said Blake. “I don’t have any relevant experience and that seems like a lot of money for just being your assistant.” “Don’t worry,” said Dan. “I need someone reliable and I’m prepared to pay for it. It’s not easy to find someone who would be willing to work odd hours or travel abroad at short notice.” Blake fell silent as car travelled further out into the country. The job seemed too good to be true. He sometimes worked weekends at the supermarket so the long hours didn’t worry him. He would earn a lot more money and there was the bonus of being able to travel abroad. “Was there a catch?” he wondered. When the car turned off on to a single track road, Blake began to get nervous. He didn’t even know this man’s name and nobody knew where he had gone. “Where are we going exactly?” he asked eventually. “Brambleside House. Do you know it?” replied Dan. “We’re almost there.” “Okay,” said Blake, not feeling any better. “I know…not many buses pass here and you will be wondering about getting to work every day,” said Dan. “Maybe we can get you a car eventually but I think it would be more practical if you lived in. There’s plenty of room.” “I’m not sure, and…” Blake paused as the car turned into the driveway of a large 19th century house. “Wow! Do you live here?” “It is big, but it’s not a mansion,” said Dan. “There is a cook and gardener/handyman who live here with me, plus a cleaner who comes in 6 days a week.” The car came to a halt and the pair got out. “Let me show you inside,” said Dan and put his arm around Blake’s shoulders. The teenager was too amazed at the house to notice the intimate contact. After being shown around the small office and the living room, Blake was led into the dining room and asked to take a seat. “There are 6 bedrooms upstairs,” said Dan “and even a small swimming pool. I think you would be happy enough living here.” “It’s a beautiful house but I am not sure about a live-in job. Or even that I am qualified to be your assistant,” said Blake. “The job isn’t difficult,” stated Dan. “I need someone with a bit of common-sense rather than paper qualifications. I would want you to answer the lara ucuz escort `phone, arrange appointments, book flights and hotels, and so on. I will give any training you need to use the computer. That doesn’t sound difficult, does it?” Blake agreed that he could probably manage. “I will have business associates here for dinner occasionally. It would be nice if you were to serve them drinks and act as waiter. I would get you a smart uniform.” Dan smiled and added, “You looked good in your tight-fitting black trousers.” Blake blushed, feeling flattered rather than embarrassed that the man found him attractive. “You’re blushing,” said Dan. “If you haven’t already guessed, I’m gay and I find you very attractive. Does that worry you?” Dan caressed the rounded handle of a silver dinner knife as he spoke. “No, not at all.” Blake was watching the man play with the knife handle as he replied but his cock stiffened a little. “I find him very attractive,” he thought. “I wouldn’t mind him playing with me like that.” “Of course, this will be a purely business relationship unless…” Dan left Blake with that thought before going on. “And of course, I’ll get a car for you to use eventually. Do you have a license?” Dan smiled, feeling confident that the answer would be no. “I’m not old enough to drive,” replied Blake. “I won’t be seventeen until January so I can’t start lessons until then.” “Oh, I thought you were older by the way you acted in the supermarket.” Dan smiled and added, “With maturity and confidence. I guess you only left school recently.” Blake nodded. “Yes, I finished school at the end of June. I’ve only been at the supermarket for four weeks.” Dan suddenly stood up. “Come on, I’ll show you the swimming pool.” Blake followed Dan through to the indoor swimming pool at the back of the house. He was impressed by what he saw. “Do you want to try it out? I can let you have a pair of swimming trunks.” Blake looked up at Dan. “Could I? I love to swim.” “Of course,” said Dan. “Come over here.” Blake followed Dan over to a small cupboard and watched as the man pulled out a pair of red Speedos. “These should fit perfectly,” said Dan after checking the size. “Go behind that screen over there and change. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” “Okay, thanks,” said Blake. He watched Dan leave before moving. Dan hurried to the adjoining room and switched on the digital movie camera pointing at the two-sided mirror. The man could hardly believe his luck as the teenager began to strip off. “He wasn’t put off when I told him that I’m gay. I’m sure I can get him into my bed,” he thought. Blake turned to look into the full-length mirror after he took off his t-shirt. He smiled as he said to himself, “He finds me attractive. A hot man like him finds little Blake Dean attractive.” Blake didn’t go to the gym but he was quite pleased with his body. There was no six-pack as such but his chest was nicely developed and he had a flat stomach. Blake unzipped then pulled down his jeans to reveal smooth, well-shaped legs. He then slid down his briefs to stand naked before the mirror � unknowingly allowing Dan to see and record his naked body. Dan was fully erect as he saw Blake naked for the first time. The teenager looked even better than he had imagined. Apart from a small area of light brown pubic hair, Blake appeared to be smooth all over. “What a small cock,” he thought as he zoomed in with the camera on the soft cock resting on top of smooth, low-hanging balls. “Can’t be much more than 2 inches (5 cm),” Dan said to himself before pulling back as Blake turned and reached for the swim briefs. “Now that is a delight!” Dan smiled as he gazed at the small, firm buttocks and he zoomed in before Blake was able to cover them. Blake turned to look into the mirror again, unaware of just he sexy he looked in the skimpy swimwear. When Blake left the changing area to dive into the pool, Dan left the camera running and returned to the pool room. “This is fantastic,” Blake shouted üniversiteli escort from the water. “I’ve never had so much room in a swimming pool before. Come and join me.” “Right,” said Dan with a big smile. He quickly pulled a pair of swim shorts from the cupboard and moved behind the screen. Dan glanced in the mirror as he changed, knowing he was fit for a man in his early 40’s. He hoped Blake would like his muscular hairy chest and strong thighs. Blake’s eyes opened wide when he saw Dan wearing only tight-fitting swim shorts. “What a hunk!” he thought. “He’s even hotter than Sean Connery.” Dan caused a splash as he dived into the pool a few minutes later. He did several laps before pausing in the shallow end to see what Blake was doing. The teenager swam over beside the man and said “This is wonderful. Thanks…Mr…” “My name is Dan Rogers but you can call me Dan. Now, are you ready to accept my job offer?” “It sounds good to me,” said Blake. He blushed and added, “I think I would enjoy living here with you.” “Great!” said Dan and planted a quick kiss on Blake’s lips. Blake was surprised but didn’t move away. “Come on. It will soon be time to take you home,” said Dan. Blake nodded and followed Dan out of the pool and over to the changing area. “You are cute,” said Dan as he handed Blake a towel. “And I hope you don’t mind me saying that.” Blake blushed furiously and stammered, “Nn�no.” “I hope we can be friends as well as employer and employee. Let me give you a proper kiss,” said Dan before pulling the boy closer. The pair kissed and then Dan pulled away and smiled down at Blake. “Was that okay?” Blake blushed slightly as he nodded. “How about another one?” asked Dan. Blake was thrilled to have received his first real kiss. “Yes, please,” he replied in little more than a whisper. Dan held the boy tightly and began to kiss him with more passion. He was surprised but pleased when he felt Blake’s stiffening cock pressing against his thigh. Blake didn’t resist when Dan pushed his tongue inside his mouth. Moments later Dan’s right hand slid down Blake’s back. The boy gave a little squeak as he felt the hand push inside the swim briefs but he didn’t attempt to stop Dan. His cock was rock-hard as he felt the strong hand grasp and squeeze his firm young buttocks. Then the man’s middle finger started rubbing up and down his arse crack. Blake felt his cock throb with excitement within the confines of the Speedos as the man continued his manipulations. He had often masturbated thinking about being held by an older man and this was better than he had imagined. He loved the feel of Dan’s hairy chest against him. Dan pulled back a little and smiled down at Blake. “You like me touching you?” he asked, lowering his gaze to the very obvious erection. “Yes,” replied Blake in a soft voice. “I think you’re very sexy.” Dan used his left hand to pull down the front of the Speedos to free the stiff boy-cock. That’s nice!” Dan smiled as he looked at the stiff 3.5 inch (9 cm) cock and then the finger which had been resting in Blake’s arse crack pushed against the entrance to the virgin hole. Blake gasped as he felt the finger enter him. He moaned softly when the finger started making short in-and-out fucking movements and then suddenly shot a blast of hot cum into the hair. Then another and another. “Wow! You must have been very turned on to spunk like that,” said Dan with a smile. “Hmm. Nobody has ever touched me there before,” replied Blake. “It felt good.” He wasn’t able to look Dan in the face. “Well, I think we could have a lot of fun together in the future. If you are willing to try new things.” Dan winked. Blake smiled nervously. “I am. I think you’re hot.” “Okay,” said Dan. “You must learn to do as I tell you….and you can begin by cleaning up the mess you just made.” He pushed Blake to his knees. “Now lick your cum off my leg!” The teenager was a bit taken aback by the stern tone but he realised that Dan was serious. He looked at the spunk he had shot over the man’s hairy thigh and then began to lick it off. It didn’t taste too bad. When he had cleaned Dan’s leg, he noticed a few spots on the man’s foot. Without waiting to be told, he moved down and licked it up. Dan was delighted by Blake’s response. He had found himself a willing sex-slave! To be continued Many thanks to F. For his input.

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