Big Cock

Subject: At the Pool in the Park the Older Men part 11 At the pool in the Park and the older men, I hope that you enjoy part 11 and I thank for helping with the publishing and I thankyou for reading and those of you whom have written to me and given me a lot of support, please enjoy and read and if you can help out as this site runs on donations, anything to keep them going helps them and us to enjoy all these wonderful stories thankyou. Now as you will know I am having an amazing weekend so far and that’s just the first day and a half and I have two more days to go and being the little bundle of sexy mischief that I am, anyone telling me no sexy fun and to have a rest just isn’t going to work, I intend to use every little plan in my little ten year old brain and get some more sexy fun, and I am as it turns out really good at that lol. And so now I continue with my weekend, it’s late Saturday night and nine/ten o’clock is late if your ten, and usually I’m in bed a lot earlier and Seb and Andrea have gone home and James and Alex are heading to the kitchen to make sandwiches, because of what happened and they wanted to get me home soon and have me looked at we don’t get a chance to stop off for the burger and kfc and I know il have some another day so I wasn’t really worried, and Dave is helping me to the on-suite shower, and in there he sets up the shower and helps me out of these cowboy chap things and in the shower I wait for Dave to get all naked and join me and I really do love watching that sexy smooth body and that lovely round tummy and his nipples are big and I had a question about that but I think that can wait till later, more clothes are coming off and bingo he comes in to the shower and I just go in for a cuddle and I open my arms as he steps in and wrap my arms around his middle as far as they go and I say how happy I am to be home again and I did get a little upset at what ever caused to me to collapse like that again, and I am worried and there’s a few tears and Dave tells me that “it’s okay baby, and it’s not my fault and I have probably just had so much sex and fun my body has overwhelmed itself” and I did ask “is there really some thing as to much sex” and he said “for me yes”. And he crouched down and started soaping me over and I put my arms up and Dave didn’t have to ask I know by now what daddy likes and I’m still talking away (and I can chat away for ages and still do ) and I said “that when we were at Vincent’s and he was sucking my cock and when his finger entered me that it was kind of rough and it hurt a lot” and Dave said “that’s okay baby your alright il make sure he is much more gentle next time he might have used a little bit more force going in”, and I continued with “how much I had loved leaning back against him and feeling your cock all hard daddy and then you were talking that way it just made me” and I had been trying to find the words to explain what I wanted to say, and Dave still soaping as he was listening and it is something he and James always do, they would let us talk and then answer any questions we had as you know, and he said “it made you reach your orgasm much quicker” and I said “yes and it was so much more bigger too” and “it was like when Alex and I were using that swing and he started swearing, which he said “you do when having sexy fun” and Dave did chuckle and said “yes I do get a bit carried away” and I said as I looked at him straight in the eyes and my hands were coming back down and I was running my hand over his smooth chest, and I leaned forward for a kiss and I got one, and then after the kiss, Dave said “your not allowed to use your hot sexy little body as a weapon to get the sex you want, and don’t you do those sad puppy dog eyes expression either, please rest today baby and tomorrow you can have as much fun as you want” and I said “deal” and then I leaned in for a kiss and that’s when I launched a kiss attack on his lips and face and neck and he was laughing and gently tickled me back then he said “you seem to have some energy back now, let’s finish your shower”. And he was soaping up my legs and in between my legs and I leant forward and put my hands on the wall and he got up between my legs and when he brushed the hole area I jumped and he asked what’s wrong I said “it still hurts back there”, and he had me lean forward a little bit more and he had a little look and I could feel his hands on both of my cheeks and then he said it was a bit red back there and put some extra soap soap in his hand and was washing me gently and of course the gentle rubbing between my legs and the odd finger reaching forward to my little balls my cock springs to attention and I turn around to have the front washed, and Dave sees my rock hard little cock there and looks up at my face as says “no” with my sweetest, or what I think passes as my sweetest I just reply, “but I haven’t done anything, it’s all you daddy”, and he puts he puts a finger and lifts my chin, and says “I know baby, but I don’t want you to get all over excited and fall over again, I promise tomorrow any time he pops up il take care of the little soldier for you” how about a consolation reward honey and he leans in and I do get a lovely big kiss and that makes me melt away any way and he gently washed and brushed my cock and balls with a soapy hand and told me for now that’s all the attention he is going to have tonight, and I was quite happy with that and even though I am finished being soaped all over. I reach over and start to soap all I can reach of Dave’s body and I don’t think he was expecting that after all he didn’t have the hair cut and he had only got in there to help take care of me and, I just love the smooth belly and the chest and I run my soapy hands over daddy’s nipples and I look up at him and he is watching me (and I know you reading have guessed one of my sneaky plans already he he he) and there no point in him putting his arms up as I can’t reach up there at all, he kneels down for me and I do his shoulder and his right arm and his left arm comes next and then over that smooth head and the little bit of hair around the side of his head and their his precious few and the only hairs on his body and when I do his face I can feel the stubble that’s come through and I don’t know why I just love the feel of that and I keep rubbing in pattern that makes all the bubbles look like is ready with shaving foam, although I know it’s hair and it’s part of beards an moustaches and Dave breaks the silence by asking if I liked his stubble, and I nod yes and I go in for a bubbly kiss and he gently brushed some of the stubble over my cheek, and I can’t help it, but I gave out my little purr growl and I went around behind him and soaped his back and from shoulders to bum and I did enjoy that I can’t help as I am soaping him all over that my little hard cock is brushing and rubbing against him, and when I got low I did exactly what was always done to me and gently brushed my hand and then fingers over and in between the cheeks and I did feel the balls with my finger tips and then around the front and as I had thought Daddy’s cock is thickening up and I put as much soap as I can on hands and left one goes to the balls and gently washes them and my right hand I reach and I wrap my fingers around as much as I can there’s a gap and my fingers don’t touch and I just hold and stroke, I mean wash he he he, and it doesn’t take long for his cock to get all hard and I love the way it just up and rubs and sticks out form his belly, with the soap and the shower I can’t see if any of those lovely sweet and salty drips are hanging from the tip, and he is smiling and says “I love you baby and I would love to continue this, but I think we should get out of the shower and go and get dried and have something to eat” and I say “but daddy your all hard and I’m not having sexy fun it’s you having sexy fun” and he called me “a cheeky monkey” and said “that if he is going to have fun with me he wants so much more he wants everything, and not just a hand job” and at my expression he then added “hand job is what your doing right now” and I say “okay” and I’m of course still stroking his lovely cock and he launched a kiss attack on me and I was so distracted and never saw it coming and was having me squeaking and squealing in laughter and also while I was distracted he chose that moment to adjust the water temp and it went from being nice and warm to freezing cold and that stops any sexy thoughts I shriek a little and he laughs some more, and I think it might have been more for himself than me and I was picked up and taken out of the shower and a very big fluffy towel was wrapped around me and I was dried and then he went and got some tube of cream out of a draw and told me to put my hands against the side he lean over for him and he has some cream to soothe where it is sore and I felt, him open my cheeks very gently and a finger and some really cold cream was rubbed and he said “there that should help baby” and then patted on the bum and given my crutches and escorted out of the bathroom and though the bedroom down the hall and I could see the table and there where was a nice pile of sandwiches and jam and peanut butter and there was ham and salad and egg mayonnaise and cheese and I stay away from those (I’m allergic to dairy) there and crisps and onion rings (they are crisp/potato chip onion rings not the batter kind) and big glasses of fruit juice and squash and even some ginger beer (that’s a soda drink not alcohol) and I sat there at the table and Alex was sat opposite and he did look worried and I told him that I was okay and I just had a nice shower with daddy and I saw James come over and he sat next to me and Dave was next to Alex and we talked about the day and the barber and how he brushed up against me and Alex and James said he does that just for us, and asked if we liked that and we nodded, and then we talked about the trip to Vincent’s and those silky clothes, and they said they were very nice and that we had never worn anything like that and it was also the same material as the sheets on the bed, and Dave and James said that the clothes we got today and the suits when they were ready would always be here and they would be here in the wardrobe as part of some special clothes we use for going out to nice places and then we talked about those chap things and Alex and I were talking about how there was no material at the front or the back, and Dave said but it shows off some of your best features and we both giggled and James added cowboys always wore them, and Alex said “not in any cowboy movie he had seen”, but we were told they do were them over jeans and things, and we were happy with that and of course we had to ask if they had some and were surprised when Dave said “he had a pair and James didn’t”, and then of course I just sat there picturing that lovely image in my head and my cock has hard as a rock. We had been sat there at the table for ages and I was made to drink a lot of drinks so was Alex and then we went and sat down in the lounge and we had the telly on and Alex had the remote and we were flicking through the channels when Dave and James came in and sat either side of bursa escort us and we were all cuddled up and there was a show on the telly, and I was having a lovely cuddle with Alex and we both dozed off and fell asleep I was leaning against Alex and he was leaning against James on the end and I don’t know how much later it was and how long I as asleep and we were woken up with gentle name calling and shaking and we sit up and have a stretch and up we get and we taken to or rather escorted down to our bedroom and in our little on suite we brush teeth and then it was time for bed, and we went through to daddy’s room and got on to the water bed and settled in the middle in a different position I was going to be sleeping backing on to Dave and Alex was going to be sleeping and backing on James, and of course at that moment I don’t think they realised we were in their bed till they finished their teeth brushing and by then we were both almost back asleep again and I felt the weight of the bed shift as Dave got in behind me and I know James got in the other side and the water bed shifts again, and I felt Dave’s body close behind me and an arm around my middle, and I know I said “Goodnight daddies” and then I always follow that with “love you” and I heard them talking back to us and I heard Alex also say “goodnight daddies, and also goodnight to me” and I say to Alex “I love you more” and he always replies with “I love you to the moon and back” and I have an arm under the pillow and it rests under Alex’s head and my other one is always resting on his cock at night time I like to call it my comforter, and I think I was back asleep in no time and about three o’clock I woke up and i think I needed a wee and I thought that that’s what had woken me up and I thought it’s their fault for all that drinking earlier and so I have opened my eyes and I can see James and Alex and I have got the heat from Alex’s belly against mine and Dave’s on my back and then I felt the gentle rocking and realised Dave’s body pressed against mine and I can feel his hard cock between my legs and he has a rhythm going on, I was startled for a second which when I made a squeak noise must have alerted James and he opened his eyes he looked a bit sleepy but into took a few seconds to focus, and I raised a hand and waved then used my thumb and pointed it over my shoulder at Dave, and he was staring at me and then I think that’s when he realised that something was happening and he got out of the bed and came around to Dave behind me and I wasn’t moving I was still as anything, (and I never said I wasn’t enjoying it, my little cock hard as rock and I had a hard cock and that was against Alex wedged between my legs the head was pushing up against my little balls, it reminds me still to this day of the first time I had met Dave and what had happened back at James on that day) and now awake and enjoying it, I really didn’t want it to stop, I could feel James’s around behind us and he had pulled back the covers and his hands were sliding down in between the belly of Dave and my back and under and I wasn’t sure if he was trying to move the cock or check where it was exactly and probably to make sure I wasn’t impaled on it, and Dave’s still mumbling and still moving about and when James’s hand had come around the front and in between my thigh and further in between my legs I felt a thumb or finger home past my balls and it must have rubbed the head of Dave’s cock “aaaah and his growl” came to my ears in a mumbling type voice, I felt Dave thrusting once more and then a familiar pulsing throbbing and my balls and thighs felt warm as Dave’s seed and shot out and that also seemed to have woken him up or James had woken him up, and even though we are in the same position and I’m sure he could feel the stickiness and James was talking to him, and Dave placed his arms around me and hugged me against his body and he apologised many times and he got out of bed and he looked at me and the bed and he picked me up like a baby and he carried me into the bathroom and got a flannel and he turned and he was apologising some more and I hugged him and held him. I’m aware there’s warm seed running down my leg and I really didn’t mind and he was saying “it was an accident and that it’s wrong”, and I was still saying that “I loved it”, and he kept saying that he “shouldn’t have done that”, to which I replied the only way I could think of by telling him it was “okay and I loved him” and I also said “that it was so very hot” and I said “it was a shame his seed went everywhere as I really liked how it tasted and I am always happy to help clean up”, and I could see a drop still on the tip of his cock and I scooped it up and put my finger in my mouth and then told him “now it wasn’t all wasted” and he called me “a beautiful little horny baby boy” and stroked his cock once more another bigger drop he put on his finger which went to my mouth and I just sucked on it like a lollipop he let me do that to and he then wrapped me in his arms and cuddles me close against body and gives me a really big long deep kiss, he promises to make it up to me later and he wets the flannel and cleans me up and my little cock still all rock hard got some strokes in a flannel and it felt amazing, which I didn’t think of till later was that the flannel was still was covered in Dave’s seed he had wiped from my body so that could have added to the experience and sensation and I was carried back to bed and my little hard cock sticking up and James had asked “if I was okay” and Dave was telling him that I hadn’t been to worried and that I had said that “I liked that”, and he shook his head and smiled at me and he said across to Dave “that I really was a cock hound” and I snuggled back down and my back was against Alex and the heat was lovely and I said “‘good night again daddy’s, and they said “goodnight baby” and “I asked if I was in trouble for what had happened” and Dave said “no baby, it wasn’t your fault at all, not one little bit and il explain later on, and I was the who had been apologising to you remember” and I just nodded and put an arm around his belly or as far as I can reach around and I can feel the heat and hear his heart beating and he was rubbing my head in a circle pattern and I was comfy but I was also horny and I really want to just suck on that nipple and see what happened next and I think that was my last thought till I dozed off to sleep. It was an unusual morning for me, one it being Sunday and I had laid in bed and I wasn’t in a rush to get up and get dressed smartly dressed for church, the only time I haven’t been to church was time in hospital, as far back as I can remember always had gone to church on a Sunday, I woke up also and my leg was hurting bad and my head too, my leg was easy to solve as I had half an Alex and a leg of Dave over me and it was like a bed game of twister and although I’m a little pain it was so cosy but I had to move and I have Dave’s arm under my head and I slowly moved and I looked around and it was only the three of us and that means James is up and I peek under the covers and I can see Alex has a yummy hard cock and Dave’s looks half awake or half a sleep I’m not sure, but I managed to slowly escape out of the tangle and I eventually found my crutches and headed on out to find James and I wanted to have a nice morning cuddle and I can smell so many yummy things and fresh bread and bacon and eggs and some thing else, that would turn out to be something called black pudding, (it’s like a marmite type thing you either love it or hate it lol) and I saw James and I sped up a little, well as fast as I can and I’m not exactly stealthy with theses crutches either and he heard me coming and said “good morning baby” and I said “good morning daddy” and I explained that it’s usually me shading off to church on a Sunday and he asked if I wanted to go and I said “it was perfect here and I never want to leave” and I was told that was so sweet and if I could live here they would be happy to have me, and I went over rested my crutches against the side and held my arms out for a morning cuddle and kiss, and there’s a little collection of stools near where James is cooking and I sat on one and then told him it was cold on my bum and he laughs, and he told me that he had been up a while and made some bread and rolls (and I always love watching him or nan cook I have learned so many things over the years) and I told him I smell yummy things and he made it into a game to see if I could guess everything, and my reward was one kiss for everything I got right, I didn’t guess sausage or black pudding and I only guessed fried bread because I could see it which was cheating lol so no kiss for that but I did get my other kisses, and I thought I did well and I had an orange juice and my tablets and I said I hope they work as my head and leg are really hurting and I was then given a little look over and hopped up and he examined my head and looked in my eyes and then looked at my leg and then told me get back on the stool and I hopped up there and sat there and the stool was warm from me sitting on much better than earlier, and I said ” if I say my cock hurts will you examine that please” and I had a cheeky smile on my face. And James asked “is it sore again” I said “no that ointment stuff really helped with that I was just hoping you would play with it” he sat next to me on a different stool and he ruffled my head and he called me a cheeky monkey and a nympho and I didn’t know what that was” and we were just chatting and I heard something and I knew the others were up and we would soon be having breakfast and then I saw them coming down the hallway to the kitchen and Alex ran over and I put my arms out and he ran into them and I got my morning lovely long yummy kiss and I said “good morning baby” and as he was stood in front of my and I am sat on the stall I have a bit of height and I wrap my legs around him and he said “the same back to you baby” and when Alex had finished pawing me and I was all hard and had been rubbing that against Alex’s chest and I saw that sparkle that I love and I thought he was going to be heading down and start sucking on my cock, and I had seen Dave had been having a morning kiss and cuddle with James and he came over and interrupted any plans and ideas we have had, and Dave gave me a good morning kiss and he said “morning baby” and I said “morning daddy” and I can hear James and Alex saying good morning and having kisses, and I’m thinking or rather i wondered if other people start like this every lovely morning, and we sat at the table for the yummy food and it was great and I think I had three big glasses of fruit juice. When breakfast had been finished Alex and I cleaned away the breakfast things, we had the help of Dave putting high things away and I washed up and Alex was in charge of drying and then James had been sat over at the table having a coffee and when we were finished we were asked what we wanted to do next and of course Alex and I had mega big grins said “sex please” and Dave and James laughed and said “they should have guessed that we would say that” and they said “in a little while and to let them build up some bursa escort bayan energy and enjoy their coffee” and we said “okay” and I mentioned that he said “that he would explain what had happened during the night”, and he said he would and he got a coffee and we went and followed him along to the lounge and he sat on the sofa at one end and a James sat at the other end and we sat on there in the middle and we were sat so that we could face Dave and he sat down and I was sat there explaining to Alex what happened during the night or rather early this morning, and also how really amazing it was and the expression on Alex’s face looked a little sad and I think he was a little upset that didn’t include him, I told him that Dave would explaining what happened, and he started and Dave explains it as a sweet dream and also a wet dream, and that every man or boy has them, and that we would both definitely have them when we first start shooting the seed from our cocks, to which I said “but that’s a waste of it as it is very nice” I heard James chuckle behind me and said “only you honey would worry that a wet dream is a waste of seed” and Alex was much more interested in the part when we would shoot for the first time, and we were told not to worry about that when it happens it will be perfect and a surprise then won’t it, and we couldn’t argue with that point. And he asked if we had any other questions and there’s always a few at the front of my mind and so as I had been asked, I said “are there lots and lots of men that like sex or sexy fun with boys like Alex and I?” And Save sat there looked at as both and said “yes there are, but it’s not every man you see, as there will always be a sign that a man likes you, and before you ask what they are, you have to be very careful, you can’t go and jump on any man who smiles at you” and James added “there are bad men out there, and we had heard this before and were not looking to find any of these bad men, but i didn’t have any more questions and that was the end of that, Alex however had a question and it was about the pool barbecue party and I hadn’t thought of asking about that and then Dave said “we thought it would be nice of you met our friends and we are going to have it right here and you have already met most of them and there’s about three or four you have yet to meet but that’s okay there’s plenty of time between now and then” and we were both happy with that and settled down to have a cuddle on the sofa and James had the remote and was flicking through the channels, and Alex decided he wants to have a swim and I thought okay and Alex’s mind is just as naughty and dirty as mine is and I thought maybe we will have a swim and then crawl into our tent out there and then it’s sex o’clock, and so we asked and they said yes and Dave got up and opened the patio he went and checked the pool then told us to be good and we giggled and he went took a seat inside and near the window. Alex helped me over by the pool and he said “don’t get in yet” and he went over to a little shed type building and in he went and I wondered a what was he doing I wondered also what the building next to it was I could see a little chimney type thing so I thought barbecue hut, anyway Alex returned with something blue rolled up he put it down and came back with a little foot pump he rolled out the blue thing and attached the nozzle and started inflating it and it’s a floating rectangular thing, I am not sure what they are called ‘lilo’ sounds about right in my head, it took about ten minutes for him to pump up and he had gotten all sweaty and I liked how shiny he was (also the pumping it up was brilliant to watch his yummy cock bobbing about) and when he finished there was a round of applause from the doorway Dave had watched and when Alex finished said to him “great work maybe next time use the better pump” and I saw Alex stick his tongue out in his direction and this lovely blue floating rectangle was now on the water and Alex got in the water too, he then climbed on and sat in the middle and I did like the way he was well balanced and he invited me to come and join him and he paddled over and told me to move slowly and he took my hand and gently pulled me half on and half in and I was wobbling all the over the place and it must have took about five minutes to get the knack of it and we were not exactly floating on the top of water but we also hadn’t sunk the water came over my thighs and just below my belly button and I asked “what the purpose of this was” and he said “well for now it’s for snogging” and in a minute I am going to do something else and I just said “okay” of course I have my huge grin and anything for lot of kisses and what ever else he had in mind. Dave had been watching from his seat and had gotten James to come and have a look and as we are floating around I can see them over near the patio, and I just thought if they are watching we can put on a good show and plus I had my plan I wanted to talk about with Alex too, so we seem to be floating around in circles and I’m having kisses and talking with Alex in between, hands are wandering and Alex moaned when I brushed his nipples and he did the same in return although I don’t moan like he does, and I am not sure how long we had been floating around in circles it was the best Sunday morning ever for me, and it didn’t dawn on me that I had stopped spinning around on the water and that James was in the pool and had steered us away from the sides of the pool in case we fell off, and I looked around for Dave and he was putting drinks on a table under one of those umbrellas and James had stood between us and said “it looked so much fun they couldn’t say no to joining in” I thought it was funny he was stood up in the pool and his head was about between my belly button and nipples in height and he had a hand on my back and I can see a hand on Alex’s back too, and I know I can see Dave was now heading his way and then about half way here something had his attention and he headed off in to the house and James looked at Alex and said “did the second part of your plan involve him laying on his back on this” and he was grinning and I took that as a yes and he said to Alex “hop off then” and I had wondered what had happened and Alex got helped off slowly which was a lot easier with a James there in the pool. So with Alex off and I was told to lay back on this and I am floating and James said “hang on” and he slightly lifted me and slid me down and the float is now slightly tilting and then I felt my little cuddle monster in between my legs and in that second I knew what he was going to do and he was kissing my thighs and then he licked on my balls and sucked my cock and I laid back smiling and enjoying that and I can feel James hand circles my belly and then up to my chest and back down again and I opened my eyes and I can see him running his fingers gently over Alex’s head and I was so relaxed and just making little moans of pleasure and the cool water lapping and the hot breath on around and against my cock and balls too and his hands are warm and I know one is on my thigh and the other is under the water and I think he is keeping the float in place and I know James is also stopping us floating around, which I can imagine we would have done, I heard talking I thought it was either Alex or one of the daddies, and it turns out I was wrong, I heard “oh that looks absolutely fabulous, can anyone join in” and it startled me and I tried sitting up and James had his hand on my tummy and Alex he my cock in his mouth and I am floating so all three of them combined leads to very funny and Alex stops his mouth on my cock and James just says “Hello” like it’s something that happened every day, I know straight away by the voice it’s Michael and I wonder if Seb is with him too. Now neither Alex now I did anything for a moment or two, I wasn’t to sure if we were stopping and I wasn’t to happy the fun had stopped with that or wether it was going to continue, I’m horny so I was also happy with that bit so well and I hadn’t been to far away from a nice morning tingle, I can see Alex had now lifted his head up and he is red faced and I’m not sure if it was that exertion thing James had the other day or if he was embarrassed, and Micheal was talking I don’t know if it was to Dave or James or Seb and I heard him say something so I know he was there, and he continued and was laughing and said “something bout ruining a moment and how sweet we look right now” as we were not sure what to do next, he also said “it had been very hot to watch and I think that was for our benefit”, and he asked James a question and when James said something back he had turned and let go of the float and Alex also not holding under the float right now, I was already at an angle and with my weight at one end (for the fun I had been enjoying), for my body which isn’t as chubby or as perfect as my Alex was enough, that in one motion there was a slide of me down into the water the limo/float skimming across the top of the water and me plunging under and gulping down some swimming pool water and coming up for air very quickly and spurting out water, I’m all coughing I know James has me and I can’t see and I’m still coughing and then the next thing I know I am sat on the side of the pool and slightly embarrassed and Alex is laughing and James looked down and apologised for that and he had assumed it was his fault I don’t know, I smiled up at him and I was still breathing a bit heavy and that’s from the pool not the lovely blow job I had been enjoying, I can see Seb and Michael getting undressed and I did watch that as I do like watching the older men undress and it still amazes me how Seb manages to keep that huge cock in those tight briefs and I had been watching Michael to I can see his bum and all that fur and hair and it seemed never ending and all that fur on Seb and the slightly darker tone to his skin and that accent as he talked to Dave as he had been asked what they were drinking, then Dave got them drinks. And then Seb starting walking over and he squatted down and again I’m trying to look up at him, but I can see it swinging and he had his little torch thing and he shone it my eyes again and asked if my headache had gone and I said “no not entirely” and it didn’t dawn on me to ask how he knew, and he asked if I can lay on my tummy so he can have a little and better look at it out in the sunshine, he is prodding and running his fingers and James is there and they are talking and I know something is bigger, and that I had mentioned it hurt this morning, and I did say from laying there on my belly “that I did have half an Alex and a leg of Dave on me”, and they laughed and I was told I can sit back up and Seb sat down next to he was chatting with James and me and Alex is floating in front of my legs over at my side and I blew him a kiss and he stuck his tongue out and I had been about to wrap my legs around him, when James said don’t do that honey incase you fall in and bang your head on the side and I said “okay” I can hear the hot tub bubbling up behind us and Dave came over and he crouched down and picked me up and he was carrying me and he took me over escort bursa to the table with the drinks and there is a bottle of suntan cream and he said “have some of your lemonade” and we can put your suntan lotion and then you can continue what you were doing earlier, and I looked up at him and he smiled he crouched down to our height and he squeezed some lotions and he did Alex’s back first and then he said to us and looking from me to Alex “you know daddy likes you to do what ever you want even if it is so hot and sexy, it doesn’t matter who is here, if there’s people here watching you, daddy likes that more, and you know what daddy likes don’t you babies don’t worry no body is going to join you” and paused and then said “not today anyway, unless that’s what you want, remember you will never be made to do anything you don’t want to, you should feel happy about everything your doing” and he said “you know Michael and James and even Seb wouldn’t mind watching very now and then” and Alex nodded more enthusiastically than I did, and Dave could see I wasn’t to sure, and so he said “daddy and his friends like to watch you both playing around having sex and you know your both looking so hot and sexy” and he was still rubbing more lotion and gently spun me around on the seat and was doing my legs and this including my bad leg and I did wince a little when he got to the bad area and he continued but much more gently and said “sorry honey”. And I know that Michael is behind me and he can hear everything going on and I heard him move forward and he was right behind me and he said “you have nothing to worry about honey, yes I do like to watch then I get go home and do the exact same things with Seb,” Alex and I turned around at this point, and he gave us a wink, and we were very interested in hearing more and Dave could tell there was questions coming as I heard him chuckling behind us still rubbing in the suntan lotion, and he said to Michael “your in trouble now” and in seconds as he said that Alex had his hand up and Michael looked at him and said ” what would you like to know”, and I can see he had a question on the tip of his tongue, however he hesitated and he looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders, I had my own own ideas for questions and he did hesitate, and he asked me if he could have a quick talk and I got my crutches and we are about five six steps away, and he whispered to me “is it rude to ask how big it gets, or how he does things, or does that really hurt” I thought it might be I looked across and James and Seb are chatting and so I looked at Dave, they both looked very amused and I asked him to come over and I heard him say “this should be good to Michael” as he got up and he got down to our level and he asked what’s up babies”. And we asked him if it’s not to rude could we ask you a few questions and Dave said “I’m sure Michael will answer them, and if he was uncomfortable answering any he would definitely say so, and out of everything you could ask they are three sweet questions” and (you tend to forget voices carry and growls have better hearing and also Dave knows us very well so probably would have guessed what we were going to ask anyway lol) I was baffled for a moment wonder what weren’t sweet questions to ask and Dave got up and he went over to James and said something I couldn’t hear and they both smiled and came over and sat down under the umbrella with drinks and we walked over and Dave had sat down and I went over and I had planned sitting next to him instead as James sat down there and so I chose to sit on his lap, I asked first and gently hopped on and Alex chose to sit or rather between James legs leaning back against his body and Alex put his hand back up and asked as sweetly as only we could and we were great at it, “do you mind if I ask how much bigger it gets”. And Seb looked at both and said “it grows about another three inches in length but it swells and gets much thicker” and we both said “wow” they were looking at us both, and I had a question, so I put my hand up and said “it’s already so big and round, we couldn’t fit it in our mouth, how do you manage that” and Michael laughed and said “he had a lot of practice and could deep throat it with ease now, but it is a jawbreaker” and we looked at Dave and James, and Dave went “which bit you didn’t understand” and we both said “deep throats and jawbreaker” as to us at ten a jaw breaker is a huge round sweet about the size and shape of a golf ball some are bigger and if lick it, it changes colour and sometimes taste too, the can break teeth if you try and bite into it to soon but the Center ball part an inch circle is bubblegum, but we had no idea what deep throat was as we hadn’t really done that expertly as yet, and Dave explains if you can take a whole cock into your mouth and it’s going to slide down the throat and it’s about angle and controlled breathing, and I say “I can do that with Alex and and he can do that with me” and all four of the adults laughed and said “yes that’s the beginners level”, “you can do bigger one day with practice” said Michael and I put my hand up and I must admit I was becoming more comfortable and confident and I asked Seb “is it really heavy” and he nodded and asked why I asked that as no one had asked that before, and I said the other day that Andrea had said “her boobs were big and that gave her backache, and I wondered if having a big cock that being heavy gave you backache” and they all laughed and the grown ups did say that Andrea said that a lot, but Tammi really likes them like that, the grown ups were chatting and I needed a pee and so I climbed down and I headed in for a pee and it didn’t take long for my shadow to catch me up and honestly a lot of the grown up talk was work or other stuff we didn’t know, it could seem really boring apart from the part with them all naked and the lovely views and I could day dream all the time, and so we headed into the bathroom and I reach out and hold Alex’s cock and he does the same to mine and it’s fun trying to aim and cross streams when it’s not so simple like aiming your own cock and that ended a minute or two later and washed hands and we had a kiss and little cuddle on the way back out to the garden and James and Seb had gone and gotten in the hot tub and now I was torn do I go and sit back on daddy Dave’s lap or do I go and get in the hot tub with daddy James and Seb and that giant cock, and as fantastic as the sexy fun with Dave had been so far I wasn’t ready for Seb and being that close to that giant cock, and so I went and headed back to Dave and sat on daddy’s lap and there’s a chair next to him or Michael but I wanted back on that lap. And I’m sure Dave was a little surprised when I got back on and said I could and so I climbed up to sit on there and Dave wrapping his arms around me and I could feel that yummy cock under me and I did wiggle a bit and I was part of the conversation and Alex had gotten his drink and sat down and we were talking and I’m feeling Dave’s hand caress and brush my nipple and I made my little baby growl and Alex was watching closely and Dave kissed the left side of my neck and I didn’t need Alex to make the sound as I know I was all hard, I heard the “boing” and I was giggling from the neck kiss and wiggling and Dave’s cock was defiantly swelling and Alex came over and I thought he was going to climb on up, but Dave had opened his legs and Alex just stood between them and his belly and chest against mine and my back against Dave’s belly and I felt like I was a sandwich and I loved it I know Michael is watching and I actually didn’t mind and I didn’t know the other two were watching from the hot tub. Alex put his hands on the side of my face and he kissed me one of those lovely ones with the tongues battling and he could feel my hard cock pressing against his belly chest area and he moves so he reaches down and strokes it for me and I’m giving my little moans and I tell him how much “I love him” and Alex says he loves me “to the moon and back” and I had kind of zoned out just me and Alex and I had forgotten the others around and then as Alex kissed his way down my body and he was on his knees sucking on my hard little cock and I can still feel Dave’s big cock under me and “I heard suck that cock baby” and also a “that’s so fucking hot” and then I heard Dave’s voice in my ear like before he is right there I am against him I can feel, his hard cock there’s hands on my body and I know they are not Alex as I can feel one of his hands on my thigh, and Dave’s telling me to just relax and enjoy the moment and believe me I am doing just that and he moves my head slightly and he kisses me and it’s a harder kiss than I had just had with Alex, but I loved it, Dave’s tongue in my mouth and Alex’s got my cock in his mouth and I’m moaning my little moans on his tongue and it was not long two many three minutes and I could feel the tingle in my building and my breathing was harder and faster, and grown ups know these signs as getting close and I can hear Michael and I can also hear James so I know he must have come over and I know there’s hands roaming my little body and then I starting the shaking and thrusting and I am having a really huge tingle and I was breathing still pretty fast and light headed my head hurt a little but I was okay and just relaxing on Dave’s lap and Alex asked “how was that sexy baby” and I replied with the usual reply “that was amazing” and I had my arms out as I can see the shape of Alex in front of me and I pulled him into my arms and I gave him a lovely huge kiss and just cuddled him and said “thank you baby and I love you so much and at least I didn’t fall over this time” i think every one laughed at that and I was so drained of energy, but I wanted to do the same for Alex, and I said “when I get my energy back I’m going to kiss you all over” and he said “i will have to catch him first” and he knows with my leg I can’t catch him and I also know he won’t run away to fast lol, he wants the sexy fun as much as I do, and Dave told me to relax and Seb asked if I was alright and Dave said “he thinks to and it just the orgasm high afterwards”, and I was usually like it, and Seb asked “all the time” and there was quiet and I know him and Dave were talking and they said “the first time yes” but there was a few ones before my accident when they were sure I wasn’t like this, I personally didn’t notice anything different at all, I know orgasm tingle means wow and catch breath and focus and repeat, but I could hear everything and I had my Alex in my arms and I don’t know if he was listening to the grown ups as well, and Alex stepped back and I opened my eyes with not much problem however it was very bright and I made out Seb and he came into focus and I said “hello” and he was just looking at me and I stuck my tongue out at him, and I heard Dave laugh and he said “he seems okay to me, that’s normal cheeky monkey behaviour” and he said to James why don’t you take him to relax in the hot tub and Michael and Alex can go to and Seb and I will bring drinks over and James picked me up and I love that fur and I am much more focused and I look ack at Dave and Seb and I can see Dave’s lovely cock not a hundred percent hard but I would say at least eighty five to ninety percent and I was thinking to myself in just a few hours time I get to have sex with daddy Dave and that lovely big cock, but for now hot tub time.

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