Subject: As Close As Friends Can Get, Part 4 ********************************** Content Warning: This story includes sex between men and boys and will include situations of incest between brothers and a father and his sons. If these types of situations offend you, please do not continue reading. This story is completely fictional. Also, Donate to Nifty if you haven’t already! The more we support it, the more likely it is to stay here for years and years! Feel free to reach out with feedback, comments, or suggestions for future chapters or stories. This is only my second piece of erotic fiction and I’m excited to hear what you ail ************************************* As Close as Friends Can Get: Part 4 ************************************* Still groggy and a little lightheaded from my adventures last night, in addition to the craziest lightning storm I’ve ever experienced, I’m so thankful that Cameron is ready and waiting with my morning coffee in-hand as he stands in the doorway. And after all these years he still knows just how I like it! Sweet and creamy. As he approaches my bed, I’m not quite sure how to read his reaction on the scene he’s witnessing; his nine-year-old boy snuggled under my covers and both of us shirtless, from what he can see. “I sure hope this storm didn’t keep you boys up all night!?” Cam asks in a fairly chipper tone. “Good morning, dad!” Tanner joyously replies as he pops up, throwing his arms wide open for a morning hug. “Hang on, hang on, let me set these coffee’s down first there, bud,” Cam teases back as he sets our mugs down on the nightstand and takes a seat on the edge of the bed near Tanner. As he leans in to give his son his good-morning hug he smirks at me and gives a little wink. Tanner wraps his arms around Cameron, who’s dressed in a baggy tee shirt from some marathon he ran and plaid pajama bottoms. “And g’morning to you too, buddy! That was wild last night, I’ve never seen anything like that,” I reply back to Cam. As Cameron finishes hugging Tanner he leans back slightly, just enough to move his arms around his boy and lean over to give me a morning hug too. His defined, muscular arms squeeze me gently as he pats my bare back a couple times. “C’mon in here, I’ve gotta give my best friend a hug too for his first morning here!” he jovially says, and he squeezes a little tighter. Cam starts to release from his embrace and as he does I lean forward a bit, just enough that the covers pull away from Tanner’s and my waists slightly. Cameron glances down to see that neither of us has pajama bottoms on, from the looks of our exposed hips and the top of our crotches. “Looks like maybe the storm wasn’t the only thing that was a little wild last night,” Cam playfully chuckles at me. I quickly put on a face of playfully bashful `innocence’ and shrug my shoulders while I smirk. “Did you sneak in here during the storm while Uncle Dave was sleeping?” he asks Tanner. “That thunder was so loud, dad!” Tanner exclaims back. “I just wanted to cuddle with him so I wouldn’t be so scared. But then I could feel his pee pee get hard and it made me want to have our same bedtime routine with him. He got his white stuff all over, just like you do, dad!” So if there was any secret to be had it was definitely out now. “I hope you don’t mind, buddy, especially after our jacuzzi chat last night?” I question back, with a little remorse in my voice. “I was actually hoping you’d want to share in the boys’ and my bedtime ritual, maybe?” Cam deviously says back while handing me my mug of coffee. “I can’t say I’d blame you for being excited when this handsome little guy sneaks into your bed.” As he tousles Tanner’s beautiful head of light brown hair. “It was so much fun, dad! Are we gonna get to all have fun together, do you think?” Tanner eagerly asks. “That’s totally what I was thinking, buddy. Uncle Dave knows a bunch more than me about fun stuff that guys can do together. Does that sound like something you’d wanna try?” his dad excitedly asks. To which Tanner eagerly nods and flashes the biggest smile. “I can’t wait!” Tanner blurts out before I can even get a word in. As I grasp my coffee mug tighter to keep it from spilling over with Tanner’s exuberant bouncing, suddenly Cameron playfully pulls back the covers to expose Tanner and my morning wood, both of which are prominently sticking straight up, and teases “I think Uncle Dave is already excited to show us.” They both look immediately down at my 7-inch tent pole as Cam swiftly reaches over to give us both a playful squeeze around our shafts while both of my hands are occupied holding the mug. I’m shocked for a split second until Cameron and Tanner both erupt in laughter, and I can’t help but to join in. Just as the three of us are laughing at the sight of my best friend simultaneously fondling me and his son’s morning stiffies, Hunter bursts through the door as yells “Hey, what are you all doing laughing in here without me?!” The three of us swing our heads around to look at the door, only to see our 12-year-old stud standing there grabbing his own pre-teen hardon through the fly of his pajama bottoms. The four of us crack up all together at this! “Dude, are you the only one holding out on us?” I deviously tease Cam. “Of course not, you know I’ve gotta be hard too with all these sexy dicks out in one room!” Cameron mischievously teases back as he opens his fly just enough for his boner to pop out. “Ok boys, here’s my thought for the day, before we all get too much more excited. It’s still pouring outside, and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna let up any time soon. We were erzincan escort hopefully going to the water park today, but I think that’s out. So how about we start with some breakfast and then a fun little movie day instead? How does that sound?” “Hell yeah,” Tanner deviously blurts out, knowing that he shouldn’t be using a swear word, but he seemingly figures if there’s any time to get away with it it’s right now with only us guys in the house and all of our hard dicks whipped out. Cameron shoots him a joking glare, but quickly smirks and replies “Hell yeah” back to him. “Ok then, everyone get up and head downstairs in 10 for some sausage and eggs!” He slyly glances at me, knowing his innuendo full well. Tanner throws back the covers and hops off the bed. His full, beautiful body exposed and his little buns bouncing in the open air. Cam does a playful couple pats on his boys’ smooth butt to usher him out of the room. Hunter and Cameron leave their cocks out in the open, poking through their pj’s, as they all leave the room too and head to their own rooms. I finally have a moment to sip my coffee, luxuriating in the sight of these three beautiful studs walking away, before I stand up to slip my own pajama bottoms back on. A couple minutes later I’m the first one downstairs, still in my pajama bottoms with a (what would turn out to be very appropriate) tee shirt sporting a cartoon of Captain America’s plump back side and the slogan “America’s Ass” beneath it. I figured I’d play off the theme from Tanner’s pajamas with my own subtle innuendo, I chuckled to myself. One-by-one the rest of the gang makes their way downstairs and into the kitchen. The boys help Cameron whip up a delicious breakfast of hashbrowns, eggs, and sausage and we all take a spot around the living room coffee table, in front of the huge flat screen TV, and dig in. “So, what should we put on?” Cameron asks the group. “Captain America!” Tanner cries out as Cam and I glance at each other, subconsciously knowing this was already going to be the movie of choice somehow. “This is shocking, really? That’s what you want?” Cameron tases back with a smile. But my shirt definitely helps lead us to the obvious selection. He pulls it up on his SmartTV as we all keep devouring our tasty breakfast. As we each finish eating, I’m the first to clean my plate and reposition myself up on the chaise extension of the couch. Tanner is next, and after taking our plates to the sink he returns, and heads straight for my spot. “Can I share with you?” he bashfully asks. “Of course buddy, wherever is comfiest for you,” I say as I pat the cushion next to me. But he bypasses it without a thought and makes himself comfortable right between my outstretched legs, spreading them a bit further apart to fit his little frame and leans back against my chest. I’m certainly not going to complain about this little stud cuddling up next to me again. When Cameron and Hunter finish, they each climb up onto the couch as well. Cam extending the footrest from the opposite side of the couch and Hunter assuming a spot closer to the middle, but then instantly stretching out and laying down with his head on Cam’s lap. Cameron and I exchange glances again, give a playful shrug and lightly chuckle at the sexy hands we’ve been dealt. It’s obvious that Hunter has been forced to watch this movie dozens of times, and before the first scene is even done, he has fallen back asleep again in his dad’s lap. Tanner is a whole different story. He’s excited the whole time, discreetly play-acting along with the movie. Bobbing and ducking as punches get thrown on screen, and generally having a great time. As he moves along with the film though, he wiggles and bounces against my crotch. I can feel my hardness growing between his cheeks again, but he either doesn’t seem to mind or doesn’t notice. My shaft is at full mast about halfway through the movie, sticking straight forward in my pj’s, and Tanner continues to move his supple butt directly on top of it, along with the superhero action on screen. I glance to the side to see if Hunter has woken up yet and notice Cameron’s gaze down towards Hunter’s crotch. To our pleasant surprise, he’s popped a pre-teen boner that has snuck its way back through the fly of his pj’s again. Cam smirks up at me, and then gestures his eyes towards Tanner’s pajama bottoms, motioning for me to look, which have also sprung a beautiful tent. Cam pantomimes to me from across the couch, raising his fist and forearm into the air like a growing cock, and points down at his own lap. I can clearly see the outline of his engorged tip straining at his pajamas, just below Hunter’s sleeping head. I nod back in pleasant agreement and gesture that I’m in the same situation below Tanner. We smile at each other in the satisfaction that our hard cocks are both just a layer of fabric away from his boys. As the movie comes to a climax, Cameron gently reaches across Hunter’s outstretched body (which hasn’t moved or woken up this entire film), and lays his hand on his boy’s hip, gradually making his away across the crest and down to grasp Hunter’s excited boyhood. I follow his lead and reach my arm under Tanner’s arm to lay my hand on his crotch. Tanner pauses for a moment, looks back up at me with his beautiful green eyes and gleefully smiles. Cam and I both begin to slowly massage each boy’s dick, nonchalantly watching the finale and playing with their smooth, young members. My fingers fish through Tanner’s fly once again to release his boyhood boner. In the full daylight it’s even more amazing than I imagined erzurum escort last night in the darkness of my room. His proud 2-1/2 inches is perfectly smooth all along his shaft, with his pink tip pushing its way through his foreskin. Just barely hidden inside his pj’s I can get a small glimpse of his tight little ball sack, pulled up close to the base of his dick. As I gradually move my thumb and forefinger along his perky cock, I pull his tight hood of skin back to expose more of his youthful tip, so smooth and tender and begging to be licked. The end credits begin to roll, and Hunter slowly stirs awake again to his dad casually stroking his pre-teen hardon. He smiles a huge smile up at his dad as he feels Cameron’s engorged cock pressing against his head. “Well guys… it seems like we’re all pretty excited about that movie,” he laughs, “…and other things.” Cam breaks the sexual silence in the room by stating the obvious. “I have an idea, but I wanna make sure you’re all ok with it.” “What’s up dad?” Hunter asks as his sexual curiosity stirs, and me and his dad keep casually stroking their dicks. “So, Uncle Dave is here for a couple weeks, and mom is off with work for a while, and I’m sure David has a ton of fun stuff he can show us that guys can do together. Isn’t that right, buddy?” Cam asks as both boys look at me in excitement and wonder. “Of course I do!” I eagerly reply. “There’s so many different things sexy guys like us can do with each other. Even more, different stuff than your dad tells me you guys do for bedtime.” The two boys snap their heads to look at each other in unison with huge grins on their faces. “But before we do any of that stuff, I want you both to know that you don’t have to do anything. There’s no pressure, and if you’re not having fun we can stop any time and no one will be upset. Understand?” Cam reassures his sons as they gleefully nod back. “Good, I’m excited that we can share all this fun together! There’s no one on Earth I’d rather try all with than you three!” “So, what are you thinking there, dad?” I playfully ask Cameron. I’m certain the boys are equally as curious about Cam’s thoughts as I am. “Well, we just remodeled the shower in the master bathroom, I think that’d be a great place to start.” “Oh my gosh, Uncle Dave,” Tanner interjects, “it’s like the biggest shower you’ve ever seen!” “Yeah,” Hunter excitedly sits up, “we can totally all fit in there. It’s like a whole extra room!” He laughs at his dad. “What the heck are we waiting for then? Let’s go have some guy time up there, gang!” Cameron jovially exclaims as he starts to stand up. The boys and I follow suit, all our erections protruding from the front of our pajamas again. The boys scurry upstairs past us as Cam throws his arm around my shoulders and leans in to whisper, “I’ve actually been preparing for this for a while. You’re gonna be gentle with us, right?” I curiously glance over to him and he’s smirking back with a devilish wink. “I’m absolutely gonna take care of you and the boys. I’ll make sure we all have a great time.” I reassure him with my own wink back. We all make our way down the hall, past our rooms, and into Cameron’s room until we’re standing in a circle just outside of a truly epic walk-in shower. The boys weren’t kidding, this is a shower fit for a palace or at least a high-end spa! The lighting in the bathroom is bright but subtle, with recessed lighting inside the shower. Which is prefect, because I want a prime view of every inch of this sexual spectacle that’s about to occur. Hunter and Tanner are standing there, gazing up at us, with the cutest expressions. A look of confusion and curiosity mixed with excitement and wonder. They really have no idea what’s about to happen, but they both really want it to. And from the look of it, I don’t think Cam really even knows where to begin either. Now that we’re finally all here, ready for this sexual exploration to happen, I can tell his mind is reeling. “Don’t be nervous guys, I promise you’re going to enjoy all of this,” I reassure them again. “Here, I know, let’s all start with some fun little stripping.” I gently smile at the trio of sexy guys standing in front of me as I gesture for Hunter to come closer to me. I’ve had an amazing sensual experience with Tanner last night, and I want to make sure both boys, and Cameron, all feel included and aroused. Cam takes my lead now and guides Tanner over to him. He sensually mimics each of my movements as I slide my hands under Hunter’s shirt and feel the bare skin of his waist. He playfully smiles back up at me. I begin to move my hands upward, tracing along his torso, feeling his ribs along the way and his warm skin gliding underneath as his tee shirt slides up along with my movements. I reach his tender armpits and give them a playful tickle, which he giggles and flinches at, causing his little boner to bounce in his pants. Hunter plays along and lifts his arms for me to continue pulling his shirt up over his head, encircling his lean arms with my hands as I do. I toss his shirt to the side and see Cameron has gotten down on his knees, to Tanner’s level, and just finished removing his shirt too. He smirks at me in approval. Before I can reach back down to Hunter, he has taken his smooth, nubile hands and wrapped them around my waist, just as I did to him. I kneel too, and he moves his hands along my beefier midsection, feeling my trimmed patches of chest hair with his thumbs as he does. Not wanting to be left out, Tanner copies his older brother and slowly slips off his dad’s tee shirt, until all esat escort four men are shirtless. Gazing for a moment at each other’s unclothed upper bodies, the boys studying their dad and my defined pecs and dusting of chest hair. Tanner’s tender fingers reach over and trace through his dad’s coarse patch of hairs. Hunter notices his brother’s movements and does the same, rummaging his hands over my pecs, but gradually moves further down, playing with my crop of belly hair and following my happy trail south to the waistband of my pj’s. His youthful touch on my abdomen sends an amazing chill through my body, and goosebumps spring up. Hunter chuckles when he notices my reaction to his touch. It’s the moment of truth. I give Cameron one last look of acknowledgement: there’s no turning back, right? We’re about to undress your boys and experience a sexual awakening together, this is happening? And all Cam does is tenderly smile back at me, subtly nod, and place his masculine hands on Tanner’s slim waist again. That’s all the reassurance I need. Hunter and I are almost eye to eye, he’s just slightly taller than me now since he’s still standing. I tenderly cup his face in my hands and smile as I begin to move them down along his supple neck, trace his tanned and sun kissed shoulders, and down his pre-teen pecs that are just beginning to show some definition. I finally reach his beautifully toned waist as my pinky fingers slip under the top of his pajama bottoms. I tilt my hands slightly so all of my fingers slide down below the hem of his trousers until just my thumbs hook onto the elastic. His boyhood erection pushes against the fabric. I slowly and sensually start pulling his pants down, savoring every new centimeter of exposed boy skin until I reach that gorgeous patch of blossoming pubes that I got a sneak peek at while tucking him in last night. I can feel my mouth go dry with anticipation. My continued removal of his pajamas begins to tug down on his cock as the base of it is exposed, nested in his pre-teen bush. Ever-so-slowly I expose more and more of his smooth shaft until all 4 inches spring free and bounce up. I’m faced with my first sight of a pubescent boy dick… and I’m in heaven. It looks slightly more tanned than his brother’s, and about twice the size already. His erection points straight up to the ceiling, allowing me to examine the tender skin of his shaft as it envelops his tip. I let his pj’s drop the rest of the way to the floor as I reach up to grab his boyhood in one hand and grip his still-hairless balls with the other. I methodically pump my fist slowly, up and down his throbbing hardon, revealing his perfectly formed cock head and beautiful little piss slit. Hunter throws his head back and moans, his voice cracking just a bit. This catches Cam and Tanner’s attention, just off to the side of us, and I spot a glimpse of Tanner’s gorgeous little cocklet being fondled by his dad. Two naked brothers, each in their prime, in ecstasy as their dad and his best friend sensually stroke their youthful cocks together. This is a true bonding experience if I’ve ever seen one! Hunter regains his composure and looks down at me. “I wanna see yours, Uncle Dave,” he quietly pleads. “Whatever you ask for, little stud,” I playfully reply back. I rise to my feet and my pajama bottoms once again stick straight out with my hard cock straining at the front. Cameron takes this opportunity to move closer to the shower with Tanner and turn on the various handles. An amazing stream flows from dual rain shower heads in the ceiling and accompanying heads coming out of opposite walls, as well as steam jets mounted in the wall that I hadn’t even noticed before! The room begins to fill with a warm mist. Hunter follows my cue from before and places his hands on my sides, but immediately breaks the routine as he glides his hands inwards, across my belly instead. His delicate fingers move through my happy trail, and he slips them under my waistband. Sneaking lower, through my manly bush the tips of his fingers reach my ever-hardening rod and I feel instant tingles radiating from my crotch. My pj’s slide down with his movements as his hands trace along my shaft until he reveals my whole erection before his wide-eyed gaze. He wraps his digits around my thick girth and begins to tenderly stroke me back and forth, seemingly in a trance. His boyish hands look even smaller against my full-grown member, his fingertips can’t even touch around the width of my shaft. Hunter takes both hands and interlocks his fingers together around me instead, tightening his grip as he studies my manhood. Forward and backward, moving the length of my hardon until he caresses the ridge of my mushroom head and starts back to the base. Cameron surprises both of us as he reaches over and wraps his fist on top of Hunters hand, simultaneously gripping my cock together. I was so distracted by my young ward’s sensual stripping I hadn’t even noticed Cam was completely nude now too. His amazing, studly form fully revealed. He begins to pull me and Hunter by my dick towards him as I step out of my pajamas, leaving them in a pile on the floor. Guiding us through the open side of the glass-walled shower enclosure as a mass of flesh, the four playmates in awe of each other’s naked bodies. We move through the streams of water together towards the center of the space. We all stop in the middle, hot water spilling in from all sides and dousing our bare skin, as we form a tight circle. Cameron and my thick cocks just an inch away from the other, nearly touching tips, and the boys’ little pre-teen boners a foot or so below. We all look down to see the stunning sight of four horny erections, longing for what’s about to happen next. And almost all at once the trio looks up at me, their eyes pleading and lustful, waiting to see what I’m going to teach them.

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