Subject: An Easy Fix for Blue Balls 7 An Easy Fix for Blue Balls 7 Please give a donation to fty! If you want this site to remain open and accessible share some love , coin , Bitcoin ! Thanks for reading my work! I try to tell a story with some erotica. I feel it’s fun life events with spice. I truly hope you enjoy it! An Easy Fix for Blue Balls 7 Dad woke me up and said lets eat. We were at some steak place along the highway. I’d been sleeping for hours. Are you ok Dad? Yes CJ I’m fine the guy that got hurts going to be fine. I have a reservation for us at at Marriott just around the corner . I’m hungry and a drink would be awesome. We go inside and get a booth from a cute girl that flirted with me to the point that Dad smiled. He said she’s cute don’t ya think. I said yea she’s cute . Dad ordered a double bourbon and ice. I got a cola and we ordered potato skins I got a steak salad and Dad a rib eye. We drive across the lot to the hotel and carry our bags inside. The desk staff was uber polite and we got our room . We settled in and Dad fell asleep fast and well I texted Johnny. He was like sad that I left and thrilled about what we did . He said he finally felt complete. He wanted to know when I would be back? Labor Day weekend I think maybe a week in August. I messaged Benji and it didn’t go thru. I messaged Booger and he didn’t answer . I listened to music and fell asleep again. We were up and on the road by 6:30. We grabbed coffee’s and danish treats from the lobby on the way out. He called Chad and the spoke briefly. He said we are gonna go by the hospital on the way in you don’t have to come up if you don’t want too. Your Grandparents really want to spend time with you they feel they were wrong and want to fix that. I said they are a bit stuffy but cool. It’s the rest of them that honestly treat me like crap. Dad laughed and he said they treat everyone like that. Mostly they are ok but they are more social butterfly’s than I ever was. Don’t fret about them or give them much pause. He added a phrase , what others think of you is really no concern of yours! Be you son all day every day that’s what’s most important . We parked and went in the hospital. Chad was there and greeted us smiling. I got a shoulder sideways hug and he held it a bit. Really sorry to mess up the vacation he says. As we head to the room he and dad discuss the particulars . The dude broke his leg in a fall off a delivery truck. He is a kid I thought to myself. His boss was there and dad fussed over him and his girl and their baby. Dad pulled some cash out and gave it to the girl saying that he will make sure things are properly cared for. Chad Dad and the guys boss huddled up outside and I talked to the guy and his family . He’s 20 and they are hoping it all works out . I said my dads good people and will do the right thing. We left and I asked Dad will he be ok? Yes said dad he’s going to need a surgery to pin a bone his company will look out for him I will see to it . I got dropped at the condo and dealt with clothes and went to the grocery store. I switched the laundry and put away the shopping. I checked the mail and I had a package from a school . Well it was addressed to Dad but I opened it up and started to fill out the papers . I sent emails to dad with the records request forms for him to sign copied Chad and I knew it would happen. Chad called and said he’s got them signed and sent to my old school already. He said I needed to pack to go to Virginia and to get your Dads things ready if I didn’t mind. I’m on it I said . Pack for three days and pack light. Your flying charter direct. I said sure but didn’t have a clue what that meant. I need to pick you up and go to a lawyers office here to review some paperwork if that’s cool can you be downstairs in fifteen. I got downstairs and Chad was there in the Mustang. We rode to a office building and Dads truck was there. I asked is there anything you don’t do for Dad ? As we walked in he said I’m technically your dads executive assistant. I make things happen sometimes it’s business sometimes it’s family but I handle things for Charlie . Besides he said smiling I really like you a lot CJ. I like you Chad I said. He sat in a chair as the nice lady showed me to a conference room. Lawyers explained custody paperwork and asked If I wanted to live with my dad. I said I did and then we all signed papers and a lady stamped them. We took off in a small two engine plane and to be honest the flight up to Virginia was pretty sweet. We drove to a small office building and went to a lawyers office . We went over the same paperwork and he and I signed some things. Basically nothings changed the attorney cebeci escort said except where you live and who has principal custody. It spells out visitation and support. Mom came in with a guy and we hugged and she introduced him as Mark and that they were engaged. She and I walked to a window and she asked if I was ok and happy. I assured her I was fine . We talked about my new school and plans . I packed up some things from my room and called friends. A group of us met at a pizza joint and laughed and caught up. We flew home the next morning. On the flight back Dad asked if I was ok in the condo or would I prefer a real house with a yard. I thought and then said I’ve never lived anywhere but a condo or a townhome. I said the place we live is nice it’s got a great view a sweet pool and weight room . I like it fine . If you change you mind let me know ok . We went by the condo after we landed unpacked and both of us sorta just exhaled . Dad said how about dinner. Where ya wanna go ? I said get comfy I’m gonna make us some salads . I busied myself in the kitchen . Being raised by a fitness nut I learned how to make chicken fun. Blackened chicken blue cheese crumbles grapes walnuts and other fun flavors made it yummy. We ate and sat on the deck and watched the shadows get longer on the gulf. I was out of weed and really wanted to get stoned. I sent a message to Booger it was delivered but no reply. I messaged Benji and he said hey man where the fuck are you? Been to Tennessee and Virginia but I’m home now at the condo and will be here for a long time. No shit really ! We will dock after midnight and I’m here for a week or so. Generator took a shit so repairs need to happen. I’m gonna walk to the arcade see what’s going on. Be careful was Dads reply. I walked to Boogers and eased up the steps tapping on the girls door. She opened it up wearing a t shirt and seemingly flustered. Oh hey CJ what’s up ? Can I get a bit please . Yea come on inside . She said did you go up there referencing Boogers with a gesture. No I said he seems occupied so I’m keeping space. She’s a bitch was her comment. I wouldn’t know. An Asian dude walked into the kitchen area wearing a towel he had long wet black hair and really dark eyes that were squinted like. Smooth defined body and a lump in the towel. He was muscular but not bulky and as tall as me but a bit older I guessed. She said you boys introduce yourselves I need to get this cutie pie a package . We fist bumped and he said Po. I replied CJ . She says you and Booger are buddies and he made a gesture that was his index finger poking thru a circle in his other hand. Yea I’m just a hook up for him. Po said he’s not the relationship type to be honest . Not since I’ve known him so don’t get fooled ok. Are you two a thing I asked and he laughed . Angel baby only has fuck boys and I’m just a fuck boy. That’s cool by me tho she to damn crazy for more than getting hi and fucking. You the gay he asked . Probably I respond. I like sex with both he said . Cool I replied and Angel Baby back and said here sweet baby that’s $100 she gave me a brown bag lunch sized and I pulled out my cash. Po said hand me your phone and he tapped away for a brief moment . I send text to my phone from you phone . Cool I say . I head out and send another message to Po just a smily face. I get back to the condo and sit on the balcony and separate my buds and such and get pretty hi. Dads asleep in his room. I get a message from Benji saying they won’t be in till early morning. I message him that we can get together tomorrow . I cleaned up and went to my room. I found some hot porn to watch and I spent time edging myself and pulling my nuts and sliding a finger up in me. I really didn’t wanna cum fast but oh well it happened and I had a really good nut! I cleaned up turned off the tv and crawled up under the covers . I made it a point to keep my phone out of reach when I’m sleeping at home . When I woke up and stretched I thought about jerking but didn’t . I grabbed up my phone after my morning pee and sat on the balcony checking the sites and replying to friends comments and pics. I made a veggie omelet and had some juice. I was headed to shower up and there was a light knock on the door. I opened it up and it was Mr G from the top floor. Hiya Mr G how are you as I opened the door . He stepped inside smiling he had on slides and a t shirt and gym shorts. What’s up I ask him. I need some help moving some boxes and I was wondering if you could help me. Sure I said without pause. Let me grab a shirt I said and he said not necessary unless you want one. So I grabbed my phone and we headed up the çeşme escort elevator to his floor. Things inside were in a huge mess. He asked me to carry boxes from the these rooms to the space by the door. Most were lightly packed and the piles moved quickly. I did break a slight sweat and Mr G seemed pleased with my progress. The kids want me to move closer to them but I’m not moving north anytime soon. He gave me some cash rolled up for my efforts and thanked me several more times. I left and went to our condo to shower up. I went to the sandwich shop and ordered and Cindy sat with me. I filled her in on the family details but just glossed the surface. She fussed about Scooters plight and how no one cared. I held her hand and said more folks care about what happens than Scooter cares about what happens. I said he’s not gonna change I bet. She looked worn and beat. I said find a decent guy with a future. She laughed and went back to work. I walked out and headed to the beach . My phone chirped and it was Benji , what’s up he asked . Headed to the beach I suppose I replied. Come over he said and hurry the fuck up. I changed direction and after a bit I was in his neighborhood. I walked to the garage and went up the weird steps the music thumped. The smell of weed was thick and pungent. He was sitting Indian style on the floor his bong in front of him. His skin was super dark and his hair was bushy. We smoked and he talked non stop about working the fishing boat. Then he asks can we do it ? I was how about we head to my place and we can like shower up. He said dude I got an hour and then I gots to be back on the boat. So you wanna suck me off Benji. Uhm I was kinda thinking that well maybe you wanted to do me he said. I ain’t got much time cause we are leaving again. He was almost pleading with me. I almost agreed then he farted a long loud one and we both got to laughing about that. His phone rang and he was like I’m on the way already ok. He got up and grabbed a big bag weed shoved it in his backpack along with his bong. I gotta go he said and we left the cramped garage bedroom. He was dealing with a chubby dirty board shorts and overpowering body odor. I walked away stoned and realized that I could say no anytime I wanted too. I found a bench overlooking the gulf and was just zoning. That weed was way enhanced and well I like getting a buzz but this was a bit much. I saw a dude in a one wheel gliding up the sidewalk. His long black hair was flowing and his lean muscles drew my eyes to him. I’m sorta guessing that my stoned state had me staring openly. The guy waved at me and I waved back as he zoomed by. I turned to watch him and he went a another fifty yards or so then stopped. He spun around and zoomed back raised his shades and said hey CJ! It was Po his board shorts rode low on his hips and his vans were just about worn out. He smiled at me and dude you are baked. I laughed and he said who you been smoking with. I said Benji had a big bag and we hit his bong. He was like keep away from that weed bro they buy it out in the gulf and who knows what it’s been mixed with. He added that kids full timing on his dads trawl boat now isn’t he . I nodded a yes . Yea that crew will have him strung out on pills and H pretty soon. What’s up wanna come over and hang out for a bit . I got up and he picked up his one wheel and we walked behind some retail shops and then up the stairs to a row of apartments. He tapped in a code and we went in. Me and my cousin live here, he at work now I go in later. You work he asks and I shake my head no. You rich then. I laughed and said far from rich my dads building the new condo building and I gestured towards it . My Mom lives in Virginia. They just switched to me living with dad . He said oh ok then wanna smoke some . I laughed and said sure . The apartment was tidy and neat. He packed a bowl and said we get high we shower we do the sex ok. I smoked with him and then we went into his room it was small and old but neat. We went in the hall to get to a super small bathroom with a old tub and we showered up. Touching washing exploring he washed my hair then I washed his . Each part of me he washed then we swapped and I washed him. We were both super hard and he was uncut with a nice Dick seven inches or so with really tight balls not like mine that sorta hang and swing. We get out and it’s hard for us both to stand in the cramped space. We dry off each other and he swigs mouthwash and hands it to freshen my breath. We go into his room and he flips on a table fan. We kiss it was a hungry kinda kiss I was drooling pre and he had drop coming out of his forskin. He gently eased me back cim cif yapan escort onto the bed and kissed along my face and neck. Down across my chest nibbling lightly in my little dot nipples. They stood up hard . He pushed up my arms then licked in my pits. It tickled some but it wasn’t bad . He worked across to my other pit and then back to my nipples . Then he trailed down my chest to my belly button. He sat back and lifted my legs and kissed along the insides of them till he had my feet in his face. He put my big toe in his mouth and sucked on it. Then took each of my long slender toes one at a time in his mouth. He licked my arch then pressed my knees back to my chest and said hold them and he slipped down and began to mouth and probe my butt with his tongue. He drug his mouth along my balls and up along my drooling Dick. Then he pulled my legs down laid on me and we kissed and he rolled us over so I was on top of him. I mirrored all the attention he gave me as I explored all of his body. He offered encouragement and hints as I moved along his slender body licking and kissing each part. The feet for me were fascinating anyway and his were slender with long toes with nicely trimmed nails. He stopped me when I tried to mouth his Dick . Eat my ass he growled. I dove down and feasted on his tight pucker. I came up for a breath and he pulled me towards him and we kissed. He said now we do the fuck ok. He picked up a bottle of water and we drank from it . I was tingling and fired up my nuts ached for a release . He opened a tub and dipped a finger in it then rubbed it on my butt. He spun and said do me too. I dipped in the slippery cream and slid a finger into him. Enjoy this part he said getting prepared is erotic. He had me all steamy and I wanted to feel him inside me now. I growled fuck me please ! Soon soon he said but first you fuck me . I added a finger then another and he did the same to my butt. He licked my drool from the tip and I almost came on the spot . It took some serious will not to explode. He pulled back got on his back pulled his knees way back opening up his ass so the pucker was right there and ready. I pressed my boner down and pushed in. Pop said go gently watch me there’s a ring that has to give and let you in. It happens you can feel it relax he said. And he breathed and I felt his grip on my dick relax and I slipped further in. Hot and moist and silky and I just growled and started to cum. It ok said Po just stay inside and cum again . I had that super sensitive moment but it passed quickly. I started to pump his butt, between the slippery stuff and my load he was all squishy. It was hot as hell just saying and I started slow and built up a rapid tempo and Po was moaning and groaning and leaking like crazy. I stayed at it pumping fast and hard like there was no tomorrow. Po said we switch now ok . I slowed down and eased out of him. We switched roles and he scooped up the drool off my Dick and put it on his Dick and slowly eased inside me . I felt my tight spot relax and let him in. He picked up a bottle called rush and took off the cap and pinched his nose and inhaled deeply. Then he set it under my nose and said just breath normal like . The weird smell made me feel hot sorta and extra horny. He screwed the cap back on. He fucked me slowly fast moving about rubbing a spot inside me that made stars shoot across my eyes . He kept me on edge of screaming in pleasure for a long time . He’d randomly open the bottle and we both would sniff. Then he would hammer away at my butt. He flipped me and had me in all fours and was banging away at me when my orgasm rocked thru me. I could feel my butt squeezing his Dick with each shot of cum. I was panting and sweating when he jammed in me and flooded my insides with his cum. We flopped on his bed and lay there panting. He had an arm and leg draped over me. We just laid there basking in all that had just happened . He moved smacked my ass and said shower time. We got back in the shower and washed up. My butt was puffy and sorta loose feeling. We toweled off and got dressed . One little bong hit before I go work. We hit his bong and he said did you like . I nodded and added a hell yea ! We do again soon take longer and learn more how to make it wild! I go work now you go do what you do . But remember keep away from the weed from the fish boats that stuff bad for you. Go see Angel Baby for weed she get the best. We walked down the steps and this cute guy yelled at Po and gave a thumbs up. I don’t think I knew that guy but it didn’t matter. He gave me a shoulder bro hug and off we went in different directions. I was headed to the condo honestly my legs were a bit rubbery. My phone chirped and it was Chad , can you cut my yard tomorrow please. Sure , was my reply . Remember the codes? Yep I said I got it . Thanks CJ I owe ya big time! I’m gonna end this one here folks! Hope you are enjoying the series . Remember a donation to fty is awesome !

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