Subject: Turning Cop Higgins (A Rookies Tale (8) This is a supplement story to the “Cop Higgins” tales i had recently written.It is a point of view of the closeted Rookie I had some fun with Officer Watkins This is his hopeful experience with the bull stud Clay and how he may have gotten him. It is only fiction as I know that Higgins is a straight homophobes. So it is only a fantasy that he would play with gays other than just a blowjob. Enjoy.. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Turning Cop Higgins (A Rookies Tale (8) …… Watkins went back to work after the incident with Bo. He hoped that the guy would not say anything to Higgins. He didn’t want to lose his job. And worse, Higgins was known for his hatred of gays. So he worried about what else the man would do to him. He had seen what he did to the gay guys that came through here. And he didn’t want to be next. “I hope he keeps his fucking mouth shut” he said to himself. Well several days later the phone rang at the front where he was working, yet again. It was Higgins. And he sounded pissed. “Get your fucking ass back here” the man growled Watkins sat there for a moment as the gravely voiced daddy ordered him back to his office. He sounded upset. Watkins then assumed that Bo had spilled the beans on what had happened. He was gonna be fired for sure. He could feel his legs shaking as he got up. He then walked back to the bosses office. He paused at the door before going in. He considered just leaving the building and going home. But he took a deep breath and then he knocked “It’s me boss, Watkins” he said to the door “Get in escort bayan here boy” he commanded The voice hard and stern beyond the door. Watkins opened the door and then he saw the hunky man sitting there at his desk. He was so freaking sexy as he sat there arms folded over his chest. Clay was tapping on the desk as he waited for Watkins to come in and sit down. He offered him the seat. “Watkins” he said with a sigh “I didn’t expect you to so easily fall prey to this” “With all my talks with yer dad” “All the tough training, all the hard work” “And then, Bam! You crumble” It was about what had happened. Watkins felt sweat start to form on his brow. His hands began to shake, and his stomach began to turn. But he tried to faign it off. Like he had no idea what he was going on. “Wh-what do you mean sir” he said nervously His heart started to thump harder in his chest. He just waited for the boss to say that Bo said… But that never came. Clay just motioned him to look over at his computer monitor “Come here son” the man said, waving him over Watkins swallowed hard as he stood. Then he stepped around to look at the monitor of the mans computer. His eyes widened as he looked at the camera. It was a view of this office. The bosses office. He looked back to where the camera was. Somewhere against the back wall. But he still could not see it. There was a cabinet there. But the view seemed higher. And he still did not see it. But there it was, on the screen before him. Watkins bent over Higgins desk and that gay guy slamming his ass. Fucking him hard as grunts and moans echoed through the speakers on the computer. “Fuckk!” He huffed kocaeli escort to himself. “He saw that?!” Then Higgins started to berate and verbally humiliate him. “Seriously boy” he stated “Do you think ole clay does not know what the fuck goes on around here” “I see every God damn thing that happens in this fucking building” “From this office, to the cells” “And even outside the building” Atkins heart was now pounding hard in his chest. Pounding at a furious beat. He was acriad he may have a heart attack. “You have embarrassed this department boy” clay continued “And you have embarrassed me” “And your father….” He mentioned his father. Was clay gonna tell his father. It would surely be his end. That man did everything to qwell his gay tendencies. And to find he failed, that all his efforts failed. That would surely be unecepatble. Clay may fire him, but his father would kill him. “Noooooo!” Watkins shouted “Noo boss. Don’t tell my dad man” “He will fucking kill me!” “You are lucky I don’t fucking kill you” Clay crowed sharply. But then clay sat back. Watkins couldn’t help but look down at the man’s crotch, especially since Higgins did reach down and adjust himself. There between the man’s legs was a very big bulge of man crotch. His eyes widened as he saw it. Big and full under tha man’s hand. “Sit down boy” Higgins growled Watkins went back to the chair. He sat there shaking in fear. He looked up at Higgins as the man glowered at him. “Please boss.” Watkins continued to say “Please. Don’t tell him. Please!” Then Clay stood up. Placing both hands on the desk to lift himself. When he stood, Watkins could izmit escort bayan see alot more of that huge crotch. It was truly a sight bigger than he remembered it ever being. A big thick tube of cock flesh pushing against his upper thigh to the one side. Watkins couldn’t help but lick his lips as he stared at the sight Higgins came around the desk. Slowly he moved from his side and around to Watkins. That big bulge moving as he walked. “Fuck. Look at that thing” his head screamed “It’s massive” “I think I need to figure what I am gonna do with you” Higgins stated “You need to be fucking punished” “Fags in my department” “Fuck no!” Then Higgins reached down and groped his huge package. His big hand moved over the big thick shaft confined in his jeans. He looked down at the rookie that was just staring at his dick. Watched as the young cop instinctively licked at his lips in hunger. “I am thinking that I should hand out the punishment” Higgins then said “Teach your pussy ass a lesson in being gay” “Teach you what it’s like to get a real man” “Not some little gay fucker” “But a real man’s dick” Then the big man squeezed his crotch and shook it at Watkins. He could see the big club as it swelled under his fingers. The thing was actially growing there before him. “Get down here and do this faggot!” The man then ordered. Watkins just stared at the huge bulge. The boss was gonna give him cock. The cock he had seen only like this, but not like this. A big bulge, but not this huge tent before him. And Watkins wanted it. And then Higgins said something that made him give into the man, and his own lust “I won’t tell yer pa boy” he growled “Cuz yer ass will belong to me. And only me” Then Watkins gave into desire and lunged for the huge covered cock………. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Next: Watkins gets Clay’s cock

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