Subject: A Boy’s Encounters This story is entirely fictitious any resemblance to any real people is completely coincidental. This story is meant for adults so if you’re underage then you need to leave, then again I can’t exactly stop you so fuck it hope you enjoy it. Please consider donating to this wonderful site and keep it running. Any comments, criticisms, or suggestions can be directed to ail ————————————————————- Chapter 1: A productive day at school ————————————————————- I was sat squirming in my chair in class counting the minutes until lunchtime, the constant droning of the old man that was my teacher was making the day feel longer. Finally, the bell rang and I was the first one out of the door, I ran as fast as I could towards the toilets on the top floor. I was sure to anyone watching I’d just look like a boy desperate for a pee, that wasn’t the case though I was desperate for something else entirely. When I reached the toilets the place was empty, I let out a deep sigh and went into the last cubicle and locked the door. I put my bag on the back of the toilet and put the seat down before having a seat, I lowered the fly of my uniform trousers and reached in to fish out my already hard dick. I lifted my feet against the door frame and leaned back a little, I bit my bottom lip and slowly began to stroke myself as I waited. A smile formed on my face as I heard the main door open but it quickly disappeared as I heard footsteps going to the urinals, the faint sound of a zipper and then someone peeing followed. I continued stroking and opened a button on my shirt so I could slide my fingers in to rub my nipple. The door opened again as the mystery pisser left and I was left alone again, about 5 minutes later I was about to give up and leave when the door opened once more. Heavy footsteps approached me and I quickly pulled my hand out of my shirt and pushed my dick back into my pants, they tried the door and I looked down at the shoes under the door and bit my lip again. “You need a number one or two?” I gave the guy my line. “A n-number three,” the nervous sounding reply came. I gave a quick smile and reached out to unlock the door as I lowered my feet, the door opened and there stood who I’d been waiting for. He stepped inside and quickly pushed the door closed, he looked down at me and I noticed his face was bright red. “You’re late,” I sighed and pulled at a strand of my thick blonde hair, “I was just about to leave.” “I-I’m sorry,” he sputtered out “I was asked to stay back for a few minutes.” I smiled internally as I watched him nervously make excuses, it made me so hot to see the power I had over older boys. “Well, you got my money?” I finally asked him holding out my hand. “Yeah,” he nodded quickly and handed me a �5 note. I pocketed it and reached out to grab his cock through his trousers, he jumped at the contact but I could feel he was hard. “Nervous?” I asked smiling up at him. “Y-yeah,” he nodded, “I’ve never done this before. W-with a boy I mean.” I almost laughed that he had to add that at the end, it was obvious that he was a virgin and truthfully I could see why. He wasn’t a handsome boy by any means, he was pudgy with greasy black hair and a face covered in acne, even under his shirt I could tell his belly hung over his trousers and he was nervous as hell. All in all, he was definitely not the kind of guy I go for but five quid was five quid, I loved cock so as long as I focused on that I could look past how he looked. I didn’t bother loosening his pants and just pulled his zip down, he stood there watching in fascination as I reached in and grabbed him through his underwear. He felt tiny but I didn’t mind and pulled it through the fly, I slipped through the fly in his boxers too and brought it out in the open. A heavy musky smell wafted from it and entered my nostrils, I loved the smell of cock and I moved closer to inhale the pungent odor. I licked my lips as I looked at the stiffy in front of me, for a 16-year-old he wasn’t packing and only looked about 3 inches long, it had a little thickness though but my fingers still wrapped around it no problem. “Just relax and let me take care of you,” I smiled up at him and flicked my tongue across his tip. He flinched wildly and held his hands over his mouth to stifle a moan, a drop of precum appeared on his swollen uncircumcised head and I wrapped my puffy lips around his glans and sucked it out of him. He fell back against the door and screwed his eyes shut, I looked up at him and pushed my face against him swallowing his unremarkable length. I held him there as he failed to suppress a moan, I pulled back taking him out of my mouth fully and slammed back down on him. Again I pulled off him and wrapped my dainty fingers around his spit-soaked cock, a bittersweet taste filled my mouth and I ran my tongue around the inside trying to taste as much as I could. “Did that feel good?” I smiled and stroked him coaxing out more sweet precum. He couldn’t even answer verbally and just nodded vigorously. With my other hand, I reached out and pulled his balls out of the fly too, they were quite big compared to his cock and I rolled them around trying to feel how full they were. “Grab my hair,” I told him and he did so nervously, “I want you to pull it and fuck my face.” I let go of him and grabbed onto his hips, my fingers dug into his flabby flesh as I brought his cock to my lips again. I nodded letting him know to start but just as he was about to the main door opened again, I quickly lifted my feet against the door and held him tightly as he tried to back away. I pushed my mouth down on his cock as we heard a couple of voices speaking as they moved towards the urinals, his hands went back to his mouth again as I sucked him harder. His knees seemed to buckle as my tongue wrapped and curled around him, I smiled as he tried to pull away but wherever he went my mouth followed. I had him back against the door so he couldn’t get away, the voices continued as I felt him twitch and all too soon his salty load filled my mouth. Swallowing as fast as I could I almost gagged as the first shot konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort hit my throat, I was able to swallow it all though as his load wasn’t that big. The voices faded as the door opened again and we were once again alone, I sucked up every last drop of his cum before spitting his cock out. I leaned back and looked at him his face was so red I thought he was about to pass out, his hands dropped from his mouth and he quickly put himself away. Without a word he opened the door and ran out, I wiped the spit off my mouth and grabbed my bag and walked up to the sink. I washed my hands and looked at myself in the mirror, I ran my tongue across my puffy pink lips and smiled at my reflection. I ruffled my thick blonde hair and shook it out as it fell back around past my ears, I put water on my face and leaned down so I could rinse my mouth, the after taste of his cum wasn’t very pleasant and I made a mental note not to see him again. If he couldn’t even say thank you then fuck him, not that I ever would, I pulled some perfume out of my bag and gave myself a spray, I liked to smell good. Giving my reflection another smile I blew myself a kiss and left the bathroom to get something to eat, when I got my food I saw a friend of mine so I went and joined him. “Hey Sam,” I smiled sitting next to him, “did you miss me?” “Oh hey Seb,” he turned to me, “I wasn’t sure you were going to be coming.” For the record my name is Sebastian, Seb for short, apparently, my Mum loved the little mermaid growing up. I have an older brother called Eric and Mum was hoping I’d be a girl so she could call me Ariel, no such luck but as a little gay boy, I’m still pretty feminine anyway. I was just glad she decided on Sebastian cos I’d have hated to be stuck with Flounder. Anywho, I hung out with Sam for the rest of dinnertime. He had been my friend since primary school and knew I was gay, he didn’t care though, which was great, he knew I charged the older boys so I would blow them but he didn’t want to hear details, he was straight but since he didn’t have a girlfriend I took care of his urges. Nothing of note happened over lunch and it passed pretty quick, my next lesson was History which I hated, it wasn’t the subject that I hated I hated the fact that my teacher was a woman. Luckily history passed without incident and I walked happily to my favourite lesson of the day, P.E. I loved P.E for 3 reasons, 1st because I liked to stay active and was pretty limber because of it, 2nd because I loved looking at all my classmates in the shower and 3rd my favourite reason, Coach Summers. He was a total bear of a man standing just shy of 6 feet tall, he was in his 40s and his once black hair was starting to turn silver at the sides. He always wore a tight polo t-shirt which had a thick tuft of his chest hair peeking out the top, the only problem was he always wore track pants which were pretty loose so I never got to see his cock through them. I sashayed into the sports hall and straight into the locker room, I wasn’t the first one in there but I was the first to start undressing, my coat and bag went first followed by my tie and shirt leaving me bare-chested. My belt was quickly undone and I kicked off my shoes as I loosened my trousers and pushed them down, I was stood in just my two sizes too small briefs and my little white ankle socks. I made sure to face away from everyone and bent over keeping my legs straight to pick up my trousers, I could feel eyes on me knowing my briefs clung tightly and exposed the lower half of my butt cheeks, I didn’t look back though. Standing back up I hung my uniform on the peg and pulled my sports kit out of my bag, before I got to put it on Coach came in and told us what we would be doing today. “It’s gymnastics today gentlemen so I want everyone out there barefoot, once you’re all dressed I want you in the hall and line up.” My bulge was nicely squeezed in my briefs and was clearly noticeable, I had turned towards coach and saw him glance at it before he left. I felt myself begin to chub up again and I turned to get dressed, or sports kit was a pair of light blue shorts and a matching polo t-shirt. As with the majority of my clothes, I got them a couple of sizes too small, the shorts molded around my bubble butt and ended mid-thigh leaving a lot of my leg on display, it helped that the legs of the shorts were practically skin tight. The t-shirt was like a second skin and showed off the shape of my slim body, I was the only boy in class that was completely hairless, well I had pubes which I liked so that was the only place I didn’t shave, I liked being a hairless little femboy. I threw on my uniform and pulled my socks off before throwing them into my bag, I was the first one ready and sissily walked out of the locker room and into the large sports hall. I was the only one in there and I sighed in disappointment, I was hoping Coach would be there. I was just about to go check his office when a couple of the other boys came in, we just lined up and waited for everyone else. Once everyone was there Coach came in and walked in front of us, he looked back and forth down the line and grinned. “The girls will be running cross country today and you guys will be in here doing gymnastics, now I want this side to set the mats up and this side to get the equipment out. Any questions?” One of the boys put his hand up, “shouldn’t Sebastian be running cross country then?” That got a couple of sniggers. “That’s enough of that Cooper,” Coach yelled at him. With no other questions we got started and within a few minutes we had everything set up, there was a balance beam, a vaulting horse, a frame with a climbing rope and an area for stretches and exercises. “Alright get into four groups of three,” we did so and he put a group onto each area, I was put on the vaulting horse first. Despite my best effort, there was nothing I could do to make the vaulting horse sexy, unless I actually straddled it which I’m sure would have gotten me some attention. I did manage to have a bad tumble which I made look genuine enough, I told coach I twisted my ankle and had his strong konyaaltı otele gelen escort hands massage it. Next, I moved onto the climbing rope, which was a disaster too and while I made it to the top it wasn’t thick enough to wrap my legs around it seductively. The balance beam was a little more successful and I was able to make some sexy movements without falling, Stretches and exercises came last and I was in my element, firstly I did a couple of push-ups and sit-ups to get them out of the way, then I made sure my back was to Coach and sat down with my legs wide open, I reached out to touch my toes which lay me forward and I pushed down as if to put my chest on the floor. This had the bonus of spreading my bum having the crease of my shorts push deep into my crack. I leaned down as far as I could to try and make sure the bulge of my boy balls was also visible between my legs, I wasn’t entirely sure if they were but I held that position for as long as I could making sure I was on display for him. All too soon Coach blew his whistle and had us put everything away, we did so and Coach disappeared into his office, I wanted to follow but I resisted and went to shower up. Again I was first to get undressed and threw my clothes in my bag, completely nude and very hard I strode unashamedly into the showers and turned it on. The others weren’t as confident and held there hands over their cocks as they stepped under the shower for a few seconds and went back to get dressed, I made sure to take my time washing every inch of my body. A couple of the guys weren’t too bothered about showing them and kept them uncovered, I took full advantage and openly ogled them. Shame or discomfort quickly took over them though and as quick as they got washed they went to get dressed. It didn’t take long before I was the last one left, I wasn’t in any rush though and was quite enjoying the warm water on my skin. I lifted my face up into the spray and closed my eyes letting out a content sigh, all of a sudden I felt a hand around my neck and I was jerked backward. My head made contact with something and I opened my eyes, Coach was looking down at me with a smile on his face. “You need to control yourself in class you little bitch in heat,” he snarled and grabbed me tighter. I reached behind me and wrapped my fingers around his hard and hot cock, “I couldn’t help it Coach, I just wanted your cock so bad.” He was standing naked behind me and I stepped back so I was pressed tightly against him, I loved feeling his hairy body pressing against my hairless one. He leaned down and locked my lips into a kiss, my tongue immediately lashed against his mouth and pushed inside, he let go of my neck and I turned to face him as his hands ran down my back and squeezed my butt. I moaned into his mouth as his fingers dug into my crack and lifted me off my feet, I let go of his cock as my legs wrapped around his waist as my arms went around his neck. I thrust my hips feeling my dick rub against his hairy stomach, his finger found my hole and rubbed against it applying the tiniest amount of pressure. As my hips thrust I pushed back against his finger trying to get it in me but he would always pull back teasing me, he broke the kiss and looked at me with primal hunger, lowering me to my feet grabbed the top of my head and pushed me down to my knees. Smiling up at him I lunged forward and pressed my face against the underside of his hard 7-inch cock, I inhaled deeply his powerful musk, he had clearly been sweating most of the day and I went a little light-headed with lust at his smell. Dropping my face a little I placed a kiss on each of his balls. “Stop teasing you little slut and get your girlish lips around that cock,” he growled and pulled back so he could slap me across the face with his heavy cock. “Yes Sir,” I grinned and reached my hand out to grab his base, I placed a kiss right on his crown and ever so slowly parted my lips around him. “Oh that’s it,” he hissed, “I’ve been waiting for this all day.” My lips quickly made contact with my fingers and I let go of him to take more into my mouth, his cock was uncut and 7 inches long, he wasn’t all that thick and I was able to take him all down my young throat. My nose was pressed up against his pubes when his hands grabbed my hair and held me with his cock impaled in my throat. I panicked as he held me longer than usual and I gagged hard, my hands pushed against his hips trying to catch my breath but he’s too strong. Just when I think he’s going to make me pass out he pulls me back letting his cock slip out of my mouth, I draw a deep breath and look at his cock to see a thick string of spit still connecting it to my mouth. I struggled to take a big breath when I felt his soaked cock splat wetly against my cheek. “you’re getting better at that bitch,” I look up at him and smile with pride, “but a blowjob’s not going to satisfy me, assume the position.” I eagerly got to my feet and stumbled over to the shower wall, placing my hands against the tiled wall I slowly and seductively slid my foot backward, with a little wiggle of my rump I slid my other foot back making my back arch teasingly. My legs were spread and I stood up on my toes as I looked back at him over my shoulder, I bit my lip in anticipation. Coach was liberally coating his cock in lube, “don’t expect me to go easy on you,” he sneered, my hole twitched in anticipation at the upcoming rough fucking. Throwing the bottle aside he stroked himself as he approached me, I twerked as I looked back at him. “Fuck me Sir, please give it to me I’ve been a good little boy.” “A good boy?” He questioned and slapped my butt hard, “good boys don’t try to seduce their teachers, you’re not a good boy.” “You’re right Sir, I’m a bad little boy, please use your throbbing cock to punish this bad boaaAAAHHHHH!!!” My words dissolved into incoherent moans as without warning he aimed himself at my hole and slammed in balls deep, I let out a deep grunt as the force of his thrust pushed me forward and pressed me against the wall. He wouldn’t let me stay there though and roughly grabbed my hips and pulled me back so he could konyaaltı rus escort get as deep as possible. I felt him slowly pulling out of me and I tried to move back but he held me in place, he pulled halfway out before slamming had back in as he pulled me back to meet his thrust. My moan echoed around the empty shower room, he did it again and the wet slapping of his hips against me caused a grunt to escape my lips. He pulled me back over so I was away from the wall, leaning forward he bent me over and had me hold onto the pipe as he lifted me back up onto my toes. “Stay right there you little faggot,” he gave me a powerful thrust and held deep. “You fall off your toes and I’m pulling out.” “Yes Sir.” With that he dug his fingers into my hips and pulled almost all the way out of me before slamming back in, it was a hard thrust and with his angle, he almost pushed me onto my heels. “UUUUGGGGHHHH!! YESSSSS!! FUCK MEEEE SIRRR!!!” I yelled out under the force of his thrusts, my 4-inch dick swung back and forth slapping against my stomach every time his hips made contact. My legs grew weak as he mercilessly pounded into me, it felt like I was nothing but a sex toy at that moment. I loved every second of it. “How many cocks has been inside you today bitch?” He asked never missing a thrust. “Uugh! fuck! j-just one Sir. Aaah! I only sucked him.” “Who’s cock is better?” “Yours Sir, fuuuck yessss! He was smaller than me.” “Then why did you suck him?” “He, Uuugghhh! P-paid me Sir.” He came to a dead stop inside me and held me still, “pleeeease Sir, don’t stop.” “So you’re a prostitute boy?” He said in a way that made me a little afraid. “Yes Sir, I’m a dirty little boy prostitute, other boy’s pay me to suck their cocks and I happily do it for them. I love the taste and feel and smell of cocks Sir. Sometimes I let them fuck me too but they have to pay me more.” I felt his cock throbbing inside me as I told him nasty things about myself, I knew it turned him on when I told him about other boys I’d been with. He pulled out of me completely and let go of me, I didn’t move and waited for him to order me or move me himself. “Get on your fucking back boy and hold your legs back you little slut.” “Yes Sir.” I did as he asked and exposed my gaped hole to him. Not wanting to wait anymore he got to his knees and aimed his angry-looking red cock and pushed back inside me. “YESSSSSS!!” I hissed out as I dropped my legs and wrapped them around him. “Fuck your little boy prostitute Sir.” Wasting no time he began to piston back and forth inside me, he dropped his weight on me and I felt my dick squished between our stomachs. My dick was right on the edge and it didn’t take long before I was moaning out my orgasm. “AAAAAGGGHHHH!!! SIR I’M CUMMINGGGGGG!!!” And cum I did, right between us I let loose my thin watery load as he never stopped pounding me. “There’s a good boy.” He said and lifted himself up. He reached back and grabbed my ankles and pushed them back so my knees were near my ears, I was completely open and defenseless against this big strong man. “You want me to fill your butt?” Coach’s eyes were heavy with lust as he fucked me harder. “YESSSS!! P-PLEASE I-I WANT IT SO BAD. FILL ME UP SIR. PLEASE!!” I was desperate to feel Coach’s load shoot into me. “As you wish,” Coach moaned before he grabbed my hips and gave me a few more deep thrusts. “Are you ready boy?” “Yeeessssssss!!!” I hissed and nodded my head. “TAKE IT YOU FUCKING SLUT!!!.” The sounds of skin slapping against skin mixed in with our loud moans, for a couple more thrusts until he came to a complete stop within me. I felt the force of his first thrust inside me, another followed and another, I couldn’t feel them after the third shot I just felt a warmth spreading through me. He dropped his weight back on me and I was practically folded in half as my knees were still next to my ears, I could barely breathe but luckily he was quick to roll off me and lay next to me. I felt empty as my legs dropped to the floor, I turned to say something but he pushed his lips to mine and kissed me. We lay on the shower floor making out for about 10 minutes until he pulled away and stood up, without a word to me he started washing himself under the still running shower. I slowly got to my feet and padded behind him and wrapped my arms around him in a hug. “Thank you Sir,” I smiled and pressed my face against his back. “I should be thanking you boy,” I heard him chuckle. “Come on let’s get washed and dried and I’ll take you home.” That’s what we did, we washed each other up and I could feel his cum leaking down my thighs, he fingered me and tried to get as much out as he could. I didn’t want it out but I also didn’t want Mum to see a load of cum on the back of undies either. Back in the locker room I saw Coach’s clothes strewn all around the floor, I watched as he picked up a towel and dried us both before we both got dressed, I wanted a second round but if Coach had plans he couldn’t cancel. Once we were both dressed he unlocked the door to the sports hall, I waited outside while he turned the lights out and locked up. I only lived about a 5-minute drive from the school so we got there pretty quick, I wanted to kiss him goodbye but the fear of nosy neighbours stopped me. “Thank’s Sir,” I said getting out of his car, “same time next week?” “I’m sure it’ll be sooner than that you horny boy,” he chuckled, “enjoy the rest of your day.” With a wave I closed the door and he drove off, I turned to my house and entered the gate. Now, what was I going to do for the rest of the day? ————————————————————– Wow, long time no see, sorry about the lack of updates on any of my stories but things have been manic here. A touch of writer’s block and other issues are to blame, this story came to me and I quickly wrote it out before I lost the idea. I hope you enjoy it. As always please feel free to email me about anything at all 🙂 My new email is: ail ————————————————————- Oh and as I get asked about any other stories I’ve written I figured I would start to add them here on my future releases. Gay/Adult-Youth: My Brother’s Best Friend – https://www.//gay/adult-youth/my-brothers-best-friend/ Cabin Fun – https://www.//gay/adult-youth/cabin-fun After School Boys Club – https://www.//gay/adult-youth/after-school-boys-club/ Bisexual/Incest: Jack’s Adventures – https://www.//bisexual/incest/jacks-adventures/ Transgender/Control: The Lady at the Bar – fty//transgender/control/the-lady-at-the-bar

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