Subject: Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 15 Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 15 By JJ { ail } NIFTY IS A GREAT SITE TO HAVE SOME FUN WITH WHILE WE ARE SELF ISOLATING PLEASE DONATE TO KEEP IT ALIVE AND FREE. Thanks to the following people for their praise and encouragement with my story, Charley, JustinK, Chuck, Leo, Jim, and to my proofer Derrick, which goes to prove 2 sets of eyes still aren’t enough. Chapter 15 The day was perfect the sun was shining, traffic was unbelievably light. The only time it got hairy was around Boston which was typical. I let him drive once we hit the Connecticut state line. We didn’t make any pit stops. But I made him stop for gas at BJ’s and fill up before we hit home. We pulled into my driveway a little after 11am. The ride was kind of mellow and quiet we had talked a little bit and of course he tried to get frisky. I tried to keep the conversation upbeat; I could tell he was a little preoccupied. After all we were going back to the real world. We talked about the garden he had some lettuce in the ground and some herbs potted, and the tomato seedlings were still in the basement. I wanted to uncover the pool today and put some Shock and chemicals in it. That kind of perked him up. We unloaded the car; I emptied out the cooler, gave him the dirty clothes to sort and start to wash. Put the clean clothes away and brought his stuff up to his room. I needed to keep moving after sitting for that long. I was sweeping off the back and I realized he was watching me. The little shit was getting good at sneaking up on me, don’t know if that was a good thing or not…ha-ha. He was just staring and I say “what”, he replies “nothing just enjoying the view”. I scoff and roll my eyes; he flips me the bird and walks over to me. Again I go “what”. He puts his arm around my waist and leans and puts his head on my shoulder. I ask him “what do you want lil man”. He rubs my ass and whispers “I want you to fuck me now”. “I want you bad”. The ballbuster I am I asked “are your chores done”, he goes “what chores”. “Did you unpack? Is the laundry done? I don’t see it hanging on the line” I asked. He goes “I unpacked, both loads are almost done”. I looked confused “both loads”. The fucker replies “I brought some of my things across the street and I thought why not separate the wash and do one load here and one load in Noni’s machine.” Then he gives me the “Hell-ooo I’m not spending the whole day doing laundry”. I go “you are going to be a good husband to someone”. “I was hoping you would think so” he coos blinking his eyes jokingly. I roll my eyes again and say “there is an old saying, why buy the cow? When you can get the milk for free”. It took him just a second to get it and roared “you old folks have a way with words” “I show you old folks” I put down the broom, put my hand behind his head and brought his lips to mine. He just moaned and when I broke the kiss ankara escort his eyes were glazed over. I asked how was that for an old folk. He took both my hands and led me over to the picnic table. He sat on the table and positioned me between his legs. He reached up and pulled me down into a kiss. I asked him if he locked the front door and the gates there are no way to get to my back deck other than through them. The back of his grandparent’s property and mine belonged to the Water Company; there was a fenced in reservoir behind us. Holy shit he was already lubed and ready to go. I informed him the position he liked best was called the missionary position. He asked why? , I told him google it. I put both his legs on my shoulders and moved him to the edge of the table; I had to bend a little to get inside him. He was meeting my every thrust. We couldn’t really kiss; I couldn’t lean forward to kiss him without dislodging. Needless to say he was not happy. My shorts were around my ankle, his were hanging off one leg on my shoulder, and we both still had our shirts on. I wanted to see if he could figure out the logistics of making this a comfortable ride for him. He was too into being slammed at the moment, I couldn’t wait my back was starting to ache. I picked him up, his legs still on my shoulders and in one swoop. I spun around and sat on the table and told him to ride me. I got his legs off my shoulders and lay back on the table. I could play with nipples and his cock. He could lean forward and kiss me. I told him you control the deepness and pace. I gently stroked him and I knew he was getting close, his cock was actually throbbing. He was huffing saying yes, yes, yes…..awwwww. Again he shot almost hitting my chin but got my neck. I was learning control and wasn’t ready to cum, I was enjoying laying back and having him take control. After a few minutes he was getting hard again. I asked if he thought he could cum again he said maybe. I pinched and played with his nipples. I kind of sat up so we could kiss some more. I knew that would do especially if I could get my mouth into his neck. I did and it worked I massaged his cock and could feel it starting to swell. I started meeting his thrusts. I wanted to see if we could shoot together. Using his ass muscles he tightened his grip on my cock. I reached up and he bent forward and we kissed and both unloaded at the same time. I really am turning him into a little perv. He collapsed on me, we laid there wrapped in each other’s arms. I popped out because of our position and he said “fuck no” I laughed. I said “let’s shower and how is it I’m always the one covered in cum”. He just giggled. We showered fast with just a little fooling around. Only because there were things I still wanted to get done, we dressed in the same clothes we had on. He had to run across the street to get the clean laundry, threw it in the dryer and hung some out on the escort ankara line. It was early afternoon. We uncovered the pool, he checked the seedlings. Poppa and he already turned both gardens over last week. I put the chemicals in the pool and started the filter. While I was outside he faced timed with his grandparents and dad. I was finishing sweeping the deck and he says the family wants to talk to you. I say Hi to everyone and the first thing Noni says is my God, both of you have gotten a lot of color did you boys use sunscreen? At the same time we both answered “yes Noni”. Then she said the both of you look very happy, you must have had a good time. Poppa and Dan are just smiling and rolling their eyes. Then Poppa goes Maria enough. He goes “Jared we want to stay till Sunday is that a problem for you to keep the boy”? I reply “of course not”. Zachary says “Poppa I am 18 I am not a boy”. Poppa says “hush, like your dad you will always be my boys”. He then says he knows Zachary will, but to check the plants and seedlings, and the grass will need cutting by the end of the week. Zachary says “yes Poppa”. Dan is just amused at the whole thing and told me once that living with his parents has made him feel more like a brother to Zachary then his dad, but he does have the final word. Now it’s Noni’s turn she tells us there is lasagna in the freezer, plus containers of sauce and soup, to take what we want to eat. I find it easier to say ok then to argue. I excuse myself and let Zachary finish up with the family. I grab a water and a piece of fruit and realize we have only been picking on fruit all day. Zachary comes out some time later. He is smiling like a Cheshire cat, and here we go again I say “what” and he replies “what”. What are you up to? He says nothing I can’t believe we get to spend the whole week together. Let’s talk about what do you want for supper? We really haven’t eaten anything all day. What are you up for? He replies nonchalantly “tube steak”. I choked on my water. He just shrugged and said “I do”. I said do you want to run to the store and get some lamb chops and salad fixings or maybe chicken breasts? I had that stuff in the freezer but there wasn’t time to defrost. He said can we just do salads with some tuna fish and hard boiled eggs? Go see what greens Noni has and I will see what I got I have plenty of eggs. We should use this stuff up before it goes bad. Both houses have been empty 4-5 days. We had enough to make a huge salad. I let him prepare it while I fiddled with the pool, and cleaned off the table. It was fun to watch him work and to get him all worked up while I fondled him and nuzzled his neck. He says to me can we do it again before we eat. My cock was already chubbing up and I said why not. I dropped his shorts and got on my knees to tongue his puckered pink hole. He still smelled of baby powder. He put his 2 hand s on the counter to brace him and started ankara escort bayan to shudder. I asked where is the Palmer’s he pointed to the chair I lubed myself and him. I mounted him and he let out a whimper. I could almost shoot when he whimpers (what a turn on). I nuzzled his neck and reached my hands under the tee and massaged his nipples. Then with one hand I put a little Palmer’s on it and slowly jacked his boner. I picked up the pace and he was panting “oh shit, shit, shit”. I got close to his ear and whispered “sshhh” he quieted down to a whimper again and was nipping at my arm. I was getting close and let him know and he said he was there. He shot all over the floor and I shot in him. He turned and kissed me so hard I thought he was going to draw blood when he sucked on my bottom lip. We cleaned up again for the umpteenth time, sat and ate dinner. I cleaned up and did the dishes and suggested let’s go for a walk. We walked around the neighborhood which was relatively quiet. No one was actually that close to us. We went to his grandparents locked up and set the alarm again and continued walking. I said tomorrow we have to food shop for the week, hit the post office and get our mail and he said “fuck”. I laughed and said that is a given. I estimated we must have walked a few miles we were gone almost 90 minutes. We finished up the laundry and I facetimed with my kids and grandkids. My daughter commented on the early tan and how she had never seen me this happy and relaxed. She also commented I looked younger. I laughed and said thank you. They all wanted to see Zachary and I called him. My kids liked him and treated him like a kid brother. They were proud of him. My daughter asked him to come along when I go visit them in Virginia this summer, my son said he was more than welcome also whenever I visit them in Mansfield Center. In fact my son said he was disappointed that Zachary wasn’t going to UCONN. They only live 15 minutes from the campus. Zachary said in all honesty he didn’t want to be that far from his grandparents. All the while looking at me as he said it. He then excused himself so that we could talk and went to take a shower. Both my kids praised him that he was becoming a fine young man. We talked a little bit more then the grandkids were getting restless and some had school the next day. So we said Goodnight. I found Zachary on the couch and sat down and he put his head in my lap. I asked if he was tired he said yes, but it was too early to go to bed. I said not really it’s almost 9. He sat up and sat he was going to shower; I said go I would lock up and wanted to make a shopping list and don’t use all the hot water. By the time I was finished he was drying off. I asked “do you want me to shave”? He came and rubbed my face and said “NO”. I brushed my teeth and showered. Maybe I should grow a beard again. I was beginning to get use to not having to shave so much. I cracked the windows and turned on the ceiling fan and climbed into bed. He met me in the middle. I snuggled next to him and he was sleeping I turned off the light and fell asleep myself within a few minutes. JJ PLEASE DONATE TO NIFTY!!!

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