Max’s Freudian Slip 22

by ail


Author’s notes:

At the end of the last chapter, Craig spent a restless night thinking about the nature of man boy love and concluding there was nothing wrong with it (at least under some situations).. Situations like with him and Max (for example)…. He awoke and admired Max’s naked body beneath the covers and couldn’t resist sucking Max’s succulent cock again…

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Chapter 22 – Best day ever

I managed to lick and kiss Max’s amazing cock for several minutes before he woke.  He did one of those ‘startled jerks’ before going still once again.  He remained silent.  I knew this meant he had woken up and just decided not to announce his consciousness.  I’m not sure if it is because he didn’t know what to say or if he was afraid I might stop if I knew he was awake.

His perfect little cock had sprung to attention rather quickly when as soon I had started gently licking it and bathing it with soft, airy kisses.  I had to pull back and watch as it slowly rose off his leg and pointed up to his ripped abs. By the way, his perfect little cock wasn’t nearly as little as I had thought yesterday.  I would have sworn it wasn’t more than 4” in length when he sat on my chest and fed me, but I was mistaken.   I was blessed with thumbs that are a perfect inch in width.  So once his cock was hard and pointing upwards, I measured it off and was shocked when I got just shy of 5 thumbs.  Heck, my dick is really only 5 ¾”, so his was at most an inch shy of mine!  But he was definitely thinner, much thinner.

Yesterday when I sucked Max off, it was a mad frenzy.  This time, I slowed down and allowed myself to admire and enjoy this beautiful boy.  My god, his body was perfect: toned and muscular, but yet still smooth and boyish.  Even though his pubes were starting to reappear, he was still plenty smooth for my tastes.  His tanned legs and stomach perfectly framed his rock hard cock and hairless balls.   The image will forever be etched in my mind.

I toyed with his cock and balls for several minutes, limiting my contact to just gentle kisses and licking.   I had just taken him into my mouth for the first time when he jerked.   So I let his cock slip back out and covered it with warm breaths and soft kisses, waiting for him to say something, but he never did.   I wanted desperately to peek out of the covers and see if his eyes were truly open, but I was afraid it would ruin it, so I just returned to my work.  I knew from Max’s many confessions that he loved waking up to Cam sucking him.  I just hoped he would be as enthusiastic about me doing it to him.

I don’t know that I’ve mentioned it before, but the smell of Max is intoxicatingly beautiful.   There was no ‘funk’ at all to the boy, yet he had a scent that was unique to him.   I used to think it was his shampoo or bath soap, but even in Mexico using the hotel’s toiletries, he still smelt the same.  There was certain sweet and spicy air about him.  I inhaled it in as I worshipped his amazing slender five inches of teen cock.

As I continued to lick and kiss his dick, I had an idea: to edge him for as long as possible before making him cum.   I immediately fell in love with this plan.  It would allow me to suck him longer and it would also likely give him an orgasm he’s wouldn’t forget anytime soon. Being young, I doubt he or Cam ever took the time, at least not yet anyway, to make things goes slowly.

As I grinned to myself, happy to have come up with this brilliant scheme, I remembered something else.  Max had told me several times how he always reaches orgasm really fast compared to Cam.  I had seen it myself yesterday.  I realized that maybe if I could teach him some orgasm control, he would be better in the sack with Cam.  Which triggered another thought…I know this will sound stupid, but I thought that if years down the road he becomes uncomfortable with what we did, maybe knowing that I made him a better lover will keep him from completely regretting what happened between us in Mexico.

So I had a plan. I was going to work his cock until I felt him starting to get wound up and then I would back off.  And I would do it as many times as I could until he finally busted.  I had a feeling it could be an amazing experience to watch him edge over and over and then finally blow.   And I wasn’t wrong.  It was spectacular.


I started sucking him gently and slowly, caressing his cock head with my tongue and probing his piss hole.  I realized the hole was narrow, which maybe explained why his piss flowed with such force.  I worked him up and down until I could feel his pulse quicken.  Then I pulled off and slid down and kiss his thighs on each side, then worked back upwards until I kissed his smooth balls.

Once I was sure his cock had calmed, I slowly kissed up the length of his stiff rod and took the hard cock back into my mouth.  I sucked a little harder this time.   Once I knew he was revving up again, I moved down and took his balls into my mouth and rolled them around on my tongue.  Max finally could be silent no more. “Oooh,” he moaned.  I left his balls coated with my spit and resume my assault on his dick.  I worked and up down faster, but for only a few seconds each time before I would divert my attention back to his balls or thighs.

Finally I decided I would let him get closer to the brink.  I sucked him again, this time a little faster.   His breathing was picking up and his hips began to arch, so I immediately stopped.  I gripped his cock below his cock head until I felt the pulse and his breathing slow, then I let go.   I moved up and licked his muscular abs and tongued his innie belly button, the beauty of which I’d never gotten to admire so closely.  He stomach instinctively flinched. I think I even heard a stifled giggle.  I was sure he was awake, but as long as Max was willing to be ‘asleep’ and let me continue with my plan, I was happy to play along.  I was anxious to know how long he could take it before eventually speaking up and begging to cum.

 I took him through a couple more cycles, each time pulling off once I felt his arousal peaking and gripping his skinny teen cock to kill his orgasm as I kissed and licked elsewhere.  Finally, the last time, he started to buck his hips, pressing his cock into me.  When I forced my head away, he finally spoke.  “Oh fuck Craig,” he complained.  Or maybe it was more of a complaint.

“Good morning my little Spartan warrior,” I commented as my mouth kissed up his chest and lapped at his nipples.  I had no idea what made me say that, other than dreaming about the joys of being a Spartan warrior all night.  It made me giggle actually.   His nipples got harder than I would have expected given their small size.  They were still very much, little boy tits.  (I liked that actually). 

“Morning,” was all he could muster.

I pointed my tongue and started tracing it back down his stomach.  It flinched as I moved over his belly button.  As I got close to his cock, he lifted his hips up, pushing his dick towards me.  “Please,” he whimpered.  Oh god I loved that I had him begging!  I could hear the desperation in his voice.  I knew I was driving him crazy and THAT was making me hornier.   I could feel my rock hard dick pressing into the sheets. I am sure I was leaving copious amounts of pre-cum beneath me.  I will have to tip the maid extra today.

I started sucking the entire length of his cock up and down, very slowly.    I would press my lips against his hairless body when I had swallowed it all and when I came up I’d let it almost escape my mouth before letting it press back through my wet lips and into my mouth.  His cock was oozing a steady stream of delicious pre-cum which I savored immensely.  He managed to take about five rounds of that before desperation set in.   He started to buck his hips, trying to fuck my mouth.   No! No! No! Max.   Not yet.  I put both hands on his hips and pushed them into the bed, holding them still as I let his cock slip from my mouth and drop against his body.

 “Why won’t you let me cum?” he whined.

I kissed his stomach.   “You’re always telling me Cam says you cum way faster than him, right?”

“Yeah, so?” he replied.

“So, I’m teaching you how to control when you cum.  I’m going to suck you again and when you get close to coming, I’m going to stop.”

“NO!” he yelled. “Please god! Make me cum,” he begged.  I loved it.

“You’ll thank me someday Max.  I want you to squeeze those muscles inside your abdomen that you use to stop your piss once it’s been flowing. You know the ones? Squeeze them really hard.”

“What???? No!  I just need to cum, please!” he continued to beg.

“One more time, and if you stop yourself from shooting I’ll take over the edge the next time.  I Promise.”

“What?  No! Fuck!” he complained.  “Okay, okay,” he eventually added, giving up. “PLEASE!  Just suck!”

I took his cock into my mouth and instead of just sucking, I started humming a song.  (The title is unimportant.  Okay, it was Chlorine by 21 pilots).   ankara escort I’d had guys do that to me and it adds a vibration to the blow job that is mind blowing.  I thought it would really drive him nuts, and I was correct.   His hips started to push up again and I once again held them firmly against the bed.  His torso began to twist and his arms were actually thrashing, smacking against the bed.   “Arggh! Oh shit! Oh shit! I’m gonna cum Craig!  Sorry, I can’t help it,” he whined between gasps.

I ceased everything and let his wet cock twitch above his body in mid-air.  “You CAN young Spartan!  Squeeze those muscles.  Do it now,” I ordered.  I could hear him grimace.  His teeth were clinched and he was grunting in desperation to hold in his orgasm.  I helped him out by gripping the base of his cock with my thumb and forefinger and squeezing tightly.   After holding his breath for almost a minute he finally let it out and gasped.   “See, I told you that you could stop it.  Now….  Are you ready to cum Max?”

“God yes! Fucking PLEASE!” he begged.  “If you don’t let me cum this time I swear to god, I’ll never talk to you again.  EVER!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his desperation.  There was something cute about it.  I’d never been a guy who loved being in control, but there was something special about edging him and controlling him like this.  I knew he wouldn’t hold a grudge once he finally got to cum either – because I knew it was going to be mind blowing.  “Still try to see how long you can hold it off, ok?” I told him before engulfing his cock once again.  I fondled his balls as I sucked up and down, a little faster this time, humming off and on.  I threw the blankets all the way off so he could watch.  Plus, I honestly wanted to see how far his spunk would fly.  

I jerked the bottom of his dick with my hand as my mouth worked the crown.  He started bucking his hips, but to his credit, he was doing it slowly.   He was beginning to moan, increasingly louder.  His breath was picking up.  My free hand was resting on his chest, and I could feel his heart rate quicken.  I could feel him squeezing his pelvic muscles, trying to delay it.  That a boy Max!

He managed to hold things back, but it only for maybe a minute.   He began to whine and moan and thrash and buck.  His hips bucked madly.  His torso was twisting, and his arms flailed again.  I’ve honestly never seen someone react so violently when they were about to orgasm.  It was great!  I was having a hard time keeping his cock in my mouth he was moving so much.  I kept licking and sucking as I could when I could get my mouth on it, but otherwise I just keep jerking him with my hand. 

Finally he yelled out.  “Ahhhhhhhhhh fuuuuccccccccccck,” he bellowed loud enough for the entire floor to hear.   His legs started involuntary spasms, opening and closing as the spunk began to fly from his cock.  The first jet shot over his head and landed on a pillow behind him. The next two eruptions were more watery and splattered across his chest with one big glob landing right on his upper lip.   A couple additional small squirts oozed out and then he was done.   His hands were shaking still as his cock twitched a few more times and then became still.

I looked at his cum covered torso as he looked up at me, licking the cum into his mouth from his upper lip.   “Holy fucking shit,” he said. “That *gasp*  …..was…. *gasp* … amazing.”

“Uh huh,” I concurred.  I couldn’t let all that sweet boy jizz go to waste.   I bent over and started licking it off his chest.  I worked from his belly button upwards, getting the last few drops off his neck.   Then I remembered the first shot that soiled the pillow.  “The first one ended up all the way up here,” I told him as I moved above him.  He watched as I licked his cum from the pillow. 


I was exhausted after wrestling with Max and getting him off.  Who knew sucking a teenage boy could be such hard work? It was well worth effort of course, exceeding even my wildest expectations.  It reminded me of some of the over-the-top encounters I’d read in Nifty stories that I usually considered overly idyllic.   I rolled onto my back and leaned against the head board.  I grabbed my shirt from the floor and wiped the sweat from my brown.   I was keenly away my cock was still arching into the air. 

Max promptly climbed onto me and lay atop my chest, snuggling into me.   I even got a kiss on the cheek.  I hugged him, pulling him into me.  I loved the feel of his hairless body pressed against me.  “Thanks Craig.  That was awesome,” he said.  Then he added, rather sarcastically, “But I thought we weren’t going to do this again though?” It wasn’t a matter of him challenging me about it.  His tone was more like he was making fun of me for thinking I could resist his hot little body.

“Well my little Spartan apprentice, I thought after yesterday you needed a reward,” I replied with a grin.  “And some training.”

“Oh yeah?” he replied. “Well I think I definitely got the best Spartan warrior to teach me stuff. But what was that training all about?” he continued as he slid down my hairy body a few inches.  I was keenly aware that his bare ass had slid under and was pressing against my throbbing cock.   I wasn’t complaining.

I tried to concoct some reason Spartan warriors would need longevity.  My memory of my college history professor’s lecture on the Spartans had waned, but I think what I told Max might have been somewhat correct.  “Well, Spartan warriors can’t be blowing their loads too fast.  When we win our battles we always fuck their women and their men AND BOYS that we take as slaves.  We have to show them who is in charge.   It wouldn’t be proper unless we gave them a good fucking now would it?”  He looked at me like I was retarded.   I added in a whisper to him, “And Cam might not mind either.”

He got a grin on his face and he moved his ass up and down, causing my cock to rub into his crack.  He pushed back harder and my erection wedged in tighter.  The warmth felt wonderful.  He got a strange look in his eye.  He reached back and gave my cock a couple of strokes.  

“Maybe if my big strong warrior would give me some of his seed, I’d grow stronger faster,” he said with a heavy dose of facetiousness.   Lord this boy knew how to lay it on.  He was a boy-lover’s dream.   He lifted up again and before I realized it, he had pressed my cock right against his hole. 

Alarm bells went off.  Don’t get me wrong, sliding my rock hard cock into Max’s amazing ass had been something I’d jerked off too at least a dozen times since New Year’s Eve.  But, fucking him without a condom was out of the question.   I had just been fucked by Cam’s dad, and had a few other hook-ups over the past couple of months.  I had no reason to think I was carrying anything, but I couldn’t be 100% sure.  I knew if I were to pass anything onto Max, and thusly his friends, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.  This had to be shut down.

 “Whoa there tiger!”  I said, sitting up and grabbing his waist.  “A warrior can’t be fucking his young apprentice.  That’s considered degrading and I’d be banished from Spartan society,” he said.  “But there’s something else we can do that is almost as good,” he said.  “Hop off.” 

He rolled off me, obviously a little disappointed.  I climbed out of bed and retrieved the bottle of lotion from the bathroom.  I had him lay flat on the bed.  I lifted his legs straight into the air and coated the inside of his thighs with the lotion.  The one thing I did remember from that history lecture was the Spartan men simulated fucking each other by pumping their cocks between each other’s thighs.  It was all the fun, none of the degradation.   It had a name, which I knew back in college but it escapes me now.  I was surprised I had not tried it ever.

I added the remainder of the lotion to my cock and pushed his legs together.  I started pushing my cock in and out of his thighs.  And you know what?  It felt pretty fucking awesome!  Maybe it was just a matter of who I was doing it with, but it was right up there with fucking a hot pussy or ass.  It was surprisingly similar to both!  Max must have been turned on by it too, because his cock had regained its rigidity and he was slowly stroking himself as he watched my cock head push through his thighs. 

So there isn’t much else to tell, other than I was a bit ashamed that I was reaching the brink after only fucking his thighs for about two minutes.  Who was I to be lecturing Max on lasting longer?   But damn, after spending so much time orally on his gorgeous dick, it was impossible for me hold off any longer.

I grunted and covered his chest with several bolts of my cum.  He managed to move his arm just in time.   What Max did next will forever cement him in my mind as a sex god.   The last of my load was oozing from my cock and slowly dripping down.  He took it from my cock and promptly rubbed it into his own erection and started jerking off, using my jizz as lube.  If I wasn’t so spent, I swear to god I could have cum again right then.

He didn’t last long this time either.  I let his escort ankara legs fall and watched him as he jerked off. I could tell he was anxious to finish.   His second orgasm in the last hour wasn’t nearly as explosive.  In fact, he only managed to work out three medium sized droplets of beautiful boy juice.

If I didn’t think he was already a horny little fucker, he further cemented my image of him by running his fingers through our loads, mixing them and smearing them all over his chest.  I lay next to him and watched him play with our jizz, captivated.   “I’ll get you a towel,” I said, starting to get up.

You won’t believe what he said.  “No! Wait.  Don’t,” he said.  “I kind of like having it all over me.  It makes me feel dirty,” he told me.

My eyes about popped out of my head.  Good god!  This boy is nasty!  Nasty hot that is!  Good lord! I hope Cam knows what kind of powder keg he is sitting on in Max.   It’s going to take a lot to keep up with him.

Max must have thought I was turned off or alarmed by what he said.  He explained further.  “Dirty in a good way Craig.  In a good way.” 

Duh Max.  Trust me buddy, I know it’s in a good way!  He had a bunch of cum on his finger and he wiped on my chest, laughing. 

It made me laugh too.  “God I love you Max,” I told him.  “You’re…. amazing.”

“Love you too,” he replied.

We lay quietly for a few moments.  “Should we shower and get going?” I suggested.  I was getting hungry. 

“OK, yeah.  I’m starving,” he replied.

“You want to shower first?” I asked.

He grabbed my hand and looked up at me.  “Can we maybe shower together?” he asked hesitantly.

Oh you bet your cute sweet pasty-white ass we can.  We definitely can.


Now I know you all would love to hear about how Max and I got frisky all over again in the shower and how I pinned him against the tile wall and fucked his brains out.  But that would be pure fiction.  We actually just showered, taking turns washing under the spray.   I can tell you that his body IS quite a sight to see all soaped up and shiny.

As we were drying off, Max got my attention.  “Craig, can I ask you something,” he said as he dried his penis off, as if nothing were more natural than talking to me as he dried his most private part.

“Of course.  What is it?”

“What made you change your mind about doing …you know…stuff,” he asked in a serious tone, before adding more facetiously, “you just couldn’t lay off my hot bod or what?”

I chuckled.  “It was just our conversation last night Max.   When you asked why things had to be so complicated and why people couldn’t just enjoy having sex, it got me thinking as I went to sleep.”   He nodded as he continued to dry himself.   “Well, I just realized sometimes things that are normally wrong, can be right, if that makes any sense.  I think we both are ok with what happened yesterday.”

“Right.  Well, I was.  It was you that was freaking, remember?” he replied.

Our conversation carried into the other room as we started to get dressed.

“Right, but I got over it.  I get now that we are both ok with this.  I don’t think it’s going to be some sort of traumatic thing for you.  Not now, and hopefully not when you think about it years from now.”

“I don’t know Craig,” he said, grinning as he pulled on his underwear – the AE trunks I got him for his birthday.   “That was fucking torture this morning when you wouldn’t let me cum.”

“But it was worth it in the end right?”

“Totally,” he agreed grinning.

“Now Max, this morning was fun, even better than yesterday. But once we get back to Minnesota, I think we better go back to just doing the things we normally did and put the sex play on hold.   It’s too dangerous to keep this up when we are back around our friends and family.  I trust you to keep it a secret, but I don’t think we can risk getting caught.  Besides, once your back with Cam, my old man body won’t seem nearly as interesting.”

“You’re not bad at all Craig,” he said shaking his head.  Then he got a little solemn.  “I guess I understand about not taking chances when we get back.” I could tell that he was a little bummed that this couldn’t be an ongoing thing.  But then his face lit up.  “But we still have five more days here, right?” he asked, with the broadest of smiles.

“Damn right,” I told him.  “But one more thing Max.”


“I’d probably prefer it if you were the one to start things.   It would just make me feel like I knew for sure you were OK with whatever we do.  I mean if you want me to wake you up by sucking your dick, I’d love to, but just ask me to do it the night before or something, ok?”

“Deal.  Now what are we going to do today. You said something about a Jeep?”

“Let’s do it.   There’s a place across the street that rents them.   Let’s go load up on food and talk about where we can go.”


While we ate breakfast, we talked about the places we could stop around the island on our jeep adventure.  There are plenty of places to stop and snorkel, play in the water, eat, drink.  By the time we had stuffed ourselves, we had a pretty solid list of places we wanted to stop.  It would take most of the day.  I figured it would be a good break from hanging at the resort and maybe give Max a reset with the various social cliques that had formed at the resort.   By tomorrow a whole new crew could be arriving. 

When we were finished, Max told me he wanted to go back up to the room.  “I need to take a dump before we go,” he whispered across the table.  I thought to myself it was a good thing I didn’t fuck him – his ass was full!    I told him to go on up.  I wanted to finish my cup of coffee and have another doughnut.

While I was at the table, I noticed Eduardo go up to the buffet and get in the omelet line.   I hadn’t noticed his family come in, but that’s not a surprise, our table was towards a corner and Max and I were deep in conversation.   I had briefly pondered the previous night about perhaps saying something to Eduardo.  I had even formulated what I thought I might say to him.  I thought a simple statement in passing might give him some food for thought.  I had settled on something to the effect of “You know, betraying a friend can be a bigger sin than playing with his dick.”  I had even looked up a few of the words I didn’t know to make sure I could deliver the message in Spanish.

As the omelet line dwindled, Eduardo was the only one left, waiting as the chef cooked up his breakfast.   It was my chance.  I walked up to him.  He gave me a very muted ‘Buenos dias’, clearly a little uncomfortable to see me.  I motioned him towards me, just to make sure the omelet lady didn’t hear me.  Then I gave him the words of wisdom I had formulated, hoping I didn’t butcher them too badly:  “Sabes…. traicionar a un amigo puede ser un pecado más grande que jugar con su pene.”

The look on his face was gold.  He about died.  He fumbled his plate and had to catch it to keep it from crashing on the floor.   I could tell he was in a panic that I knew about what they did.   I put a hand on his shoulder.  “Relax.  It’s ok,” I said in Spanish.  “Think about what I said, OK?”

Then I left him.


I’ll spare you the detailed travel log, but suffice it to say we had a great day.  We started up on the north end of the island where there was some good snorkeling.  Then we headed back south and stopped at a beach club that had those blow up slides things in the water.   We moved on to the light house, where there are sea crocodiles and then stopped at Coconuts for a drink.

Coconuts is a bar on the undeveloped side of the island up on a cliff.  It has great views and a cool vibe.  They have parrots that talk.   One of their claims to fame is a photo album full of polaroids of women baring their breasts.  I had to laugh when the server offered to bring it out for us.   I declined. Neither Max nor I had much interest.   “They should start a second one of dick pics,” Max suggested.

We moved on to a near empty beach and spent some time playing in the waves.   We had tired and were lying quietly on our towels drying off when Max got my attention.  “Hey Craig?” he said.

“Yeah Max?”

He was uncharacteristically sheepish as he asked his question.  “Um… I just was wondering.  If we fool around again, you know like this morning.   Instead of being your apprentice, can I maybe be one of opposing warriors that you have captured.”

I had no idea what he was getting at.  “What Max?  I’m not sure I understand.”

“Well, you said you couldn’t… you know…. really fuck me because Spartans didn’t do that to each other but they could give a good humping to captured slaves or whatever.”   Holy shit?  That’s what was on his mind? Hving me fuck him.  This kid never ceases to surprise me.  But then, I remembered how much he told me he liked it when Cam topped him, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

“I don’t think that would be a very good idea Max,” I told him.

“Why not?”

“Well, for one, I’m not sure you’re ready for an adult cock Max.  ankara escort bayan I’m quite a bit bigger than Cam, I think anyway.”

He frowned at me and patted me on the shoulder.  “Sorry Craig, but you’re not THAT much bigger than Cam.  Maybe a little thicker is all.   It’s still nice though,” he added, clearly afraid he might have offended me.  Geez thanks for reassuring me Max.

“Gee thanks bud.  But I’m afraid it wouldn’t be wise without rubbers. Remember my speech Max?  And some lube would be required too.  That smelly lotion wouldn’t be good.”

“You really worried about me having a disease or something? Already?”

I laughed.  “No, Max, I’m not worried about YOU.  It would be me I’d be anxious about.”

“YOU?  How would you not be clean?”

Oh boy.  I was silent for a while.  Then I decided I would just spill my guts.  He already knew my darkest secret, why not let him in on the rest of the story?

“Well, Max, I’ll explain.  It’s a longish story.”

“Ok,” he answered and waited..

“You have to understand that when I was your age, 35 years ago or so, things were quite different.   Boys like you wouldn’t even THINK of coming out at your age, or even in high school for that matter.  Even being gay as an adult could get you fired or disowned from your family.   It’s way better now.”

“Yeah, I know.  Sooooo????” He clearly didn’t get where I was headed.

“So, when I was in high school, your age.  I knew I liked guys.  Heck, I’d been playing around with all my friends since I was 10 or 11.  I mean girls held an interest too, but most of the time I was wanking to images of dick, not pussy.”

“I get THAT,” he said, chuckling.

“But, given the times, and my own insecurities I guess, I did what most guys at the time did.   I buried my desire for cock and tried to live a completley straight life.  I went to prom, dated girls, got one pregnant even – that’s a whole other story – and of course eventually got married and had kids.  I wanted a family, so being with guys was never going to give me that.  There weren’t options then for two guys to adopt back then or anything.”

“So you are totally bi then?” he asked. 

Really, he had to ask?  “I kind of thought that was obvious by now,” I said laughing.

“Yeah,” he said, facepalming himself.  “Duh! Go on.”

“So where I was going… so yeah, I was married, and it was all good.  I’d still find a free moment to watch some gay porn from time to time and have a good wank, but it was no big deal.   We were building a house, having kids, building another house – the one we have now, going to all the kid’s games and stuff.  There was hardly any time to dwell on what I was missing.”

I continued.  “But then the kids got older and started driving and then one went to college.  Suddenly, I had more time on my hands.  More time to think about guys and cock and what I’d been missing all those year.  I’d not fooled around since college with another dude.   So I ended up doing what a TON of other older married guys do.   We find each other, thanks to the internet, and meet up to satisfy the itch we’ve been ignoring for decades.”

“So you’ve been fucking other men?”  His face was surprised.  “No wonder you knew I wasn’t joking back on New Year’s eve when I slipped up and said I wanted a boyfriend.”

“Yep.  I knew right away you weren’t joking.  I was just so glad I was there to hear it, aren’t you?”

“Yes!  Shit this year would be so different, wouldn’t it?”

“Different for both of us.  But not as great, huh?”

“No way!” he agreed.  “But back to my question.  You are fucking other dudes?”

“Well, usually it’s just a blow job. But yes, I’ve fucked a few.  Or to be honest, mostly it’s me getting fucked.  I’m a better bottom than a top.  Plus I kind of like it more on the receiving end.”

“Just like me,” he commented, smiling at our similarities.

“Yeah, only my ass isn’t quite as amazing as yours.”

“Thanks,” he answered.  He went quiet, lost in thought for a minute.  “But like does your wife know?”

“Hell no!  And I’d like to keep it that way, okay?  I don’t do it very often Max.  I love her and I love my family.   There isn’t any reason they should have things turned upside down just because I sneak out for a little fun every few months.”

“That makes sense.  I won’t tell.  But you really think you could…you know…have something?”

“Probably not.  I haven’t noticed anything, and I get tested every year.  I’m also very careful and always play safe.  But it’s been almost a year since I’ve been tested and I’ve had a few encounters since then.  It’s just there’s no guarantee.  And god forbid Max, if you got something from ME and passed it onto Cam or your friends…. Oy!  I’d honestly not be able to live with myself.  Seriously! I’d want to die.”

“I understand,” he said, frowning – apparently understanding that getting fucked by me was off the table.   (While I had been talking I had considered that we could stop at the Chedraui or Mega in town and buy some condoms, but I thought best to just leave it.)

Then Max’s eyes lit up.  “Hey! I HAVE Condoms.  And lube!”

“What are you talking about Max?”

“In my backpack! I brought them!”

“Max!  What?  Are you saying you planned this all out – sucking my dick the other morning and stuff?”

“No! I swear.  It’s not like that.  I just had them in my backpack from when I spent the night at Cam’s last.  I forgot to take them out.  I found them when I was unpacking but then forgot about them.”

“Seriously? Good things you got through airport security with those.  Man that would have been embarrassing to have them pull your lube out, huh?”

“That would have been bad,” he said, covering his eyes.

“They would have thought I was some sort of pervert.  Traipsing off to Mexico with a boy packing rubbers and lube,” I said.

“Craig.  You ARE a pervert.  But I like that,” he answered, grinning.

“Gee thanks Max.  So there it is Max, you know all of my secrets now.  Nothing private between us any more.  I can trust you, right?  Now that we know all of each other secrets?”

“Of course you can. But you don’t know ALL my secrets Craig,” he responded.

“Oh yeah?  What are you holding out on me buster?” I asked as I started tickling him all over.  The tickling turned into wrestling and no surprise he managed to end up pinning me.  The little fucker is strong!

“I’ll tell you, but you have to promise to do whatever I want the next time we get naughty.  And you can’t tell of course.”

I looked up at him.  We both stared at each other, quiet.  “Okay,” I agreed.  I was dying to know his untold secrets.

“Well, I’ve done stuff with a couple people I never told you about.”

What? My mind raced.  My first thought was that Bob actually fooled around with Cam and Max after confronting them.  Holy shit! That would be an unexpected plot twist.  “Who?” I demanded.

“Noah,” he said.  “And Jackson.”

“No way. Really?”

“Yeah, I’ve sucked them both off.  Noah twice.”

“They’re gay?”

“Noooooooo!  They just like getting their dick sucked.   They didn’t return the favor.”


“Noah asked me not to tell you.  He thinks of you like a dad and would be mortified if you knew.”

“I won’t tell, promise.  Jackson though?  That one surprises me.   When did you do that?”

“A couple weeks ago.  He caught me jerking off in his bathroom and I ended up asking him not to keep calling me and Noah homos because I was gay.”

“He was ok with that?”

“Yeah, totally. He had a friend in middle school that he did stuff with but they haven’t seen each other in a long time.  He really wanted to get sucked again, so I did it for him.  It was that day after we went swimming.  I had gone up to take a shower that night and Cam and Noah were in the basement.  I like cock Craig.”

“Oh, I get that Max.  Loud and clear buddy.  Does Noah know you sucked his brother?  Or does Jackson know about Noah?”

“No.  Fuck no.  They would both die I think.”

“Max you have the most interesting life.  I think I’m jealous.”

“You should be.  I’m living the high life babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” he crooned as he rolled off me.  “Let’s get going.  I’m starving.”


As we drove towards town on the transversal road, I wondered to myself just what Max had in mind for us to do.   I didn’t know for sure what it was, but knowing Max there would be something unexpected about it.   Like this morning, when he lay in bed and spread our drying semen all over his chest, because it made him feel ‘dirty’.  Or when he jerked off, using my load as lube.

I did know one thing though.  He had my trust.  I wasn’t worried any longer about him being upset down the road because we fooled around.  I wasn’t worried about him keeping it a secret either.  I knew his secretes too.  And he had one more thing too.   Max had my heart.  Oh did he ever have my heart.

** End of Chapter 22 **

Author’s notes:

Could Max and Craig’s day get any better?  Indeed it can!

I really did have a history professor in college who gave a lecture on Spartans, including their interesting sex practices.  One of my favorite classes ever! 

Thanks as always for the continued feedback ail




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