A Workshop Date with Ashley


She had asked me for a favor but it was something that I was eager to do. It was a simple build really just drill, then bolt, and weld some steel together. She offered to bring me a drink while I worked. All of the thoughts of the last time we were together flooded my mind. The raw desire in her kiss. The feel of her body, the taste of her skin, the smile on her face as I pounded into her.

It was a Saturday so the shop and office were empty. I toiled away, lubricating the 11 gauge steel as the ½ drill bit chewed away at the metal, the shiny shavings left like crumbs after eating cookies. She arrived wearing jeans and a pink sweater. Her eyes smiling. I on the other hand, was covered in dirt and grime from handling raw steel, cutting oil spitting all over me, carbon dust from the abrasive blade. She was undeterred. Her lips met mine and she pulled me close. The electricity between us sparked brighter than the MIG welder I was just using. I grabbed her hair as our tongues danced rhythmically to a tune that neither of us could hear but both knew well.

I reached down and slid my hand in her jeans and grabbed that luscious ankara escort ass. I looked down at her and she replied, “What? You told me not to wear them” I smiled recalling that I told her that I prefer her not wear underwear so that I can have access whenever I want. What a good little slut for me. My cock was growing as hard as the steel that I was working with. “Keep that up and I’ll fuck you on my desk” I growled in her ear. “Fine with me,” she purred.

I was nearing completion for the day when she said she had to get back home. I stopped what I was doing to say my goodbyes. We kissed a little more and I couldn’t help myself any more. I grabbed her arm and guided her into the office from the shop. I washed my hand in the kitchen as I steered her down the dark hallway to the last door on the right. I escorted her through the door, drew the shades and closed and locked the door. I leaned her against my desk as we renewed our kisses. My hand finding its way down the front of her jeans. My fingers finding wet folds. I lubricated my fingers with her sweet juices and used them to massage her clit. My cock was straining against çankaya escort my pants. I freed my cock from its cloth prison and my sweet little slut began stroking it. I asked rhetorically, “What do you want baby girl?”

“I want to suck your cock” was her reply. I backed off and fed her my fingers coated in her juices. How someone so sweet can be so dirty is such a turn on for me.

She sat in the chair, my hand in her hair and took my turgid cock in her mouth. Her sweet mouth adored my cock until I couldn’t take it any more and I began to fuck her face.

Her talented mouth almost made me cum right there and I NEVER cum from just a blow job. My desire took over me as I guided her to her feet by her hair. I bent her over my desk and drove my hard cock into her warm pussy. I began to fuck her with a primal passion. Taking her, owning her. I grabbed her arms and began to plow deeper into her. “Take Daddy’s cock” I hissed. She cooed as I fucked her harder and harder. I began to feel sentimental and wanted to see the look in her face as I fucked her.

I pulled her jeans off and laid her kızılay escort back on my desk. All of my papers flying. Her wet pussy was perfectly aligned for my throbbing cock. I held her legs as I began to rhythmically pound into her… nearly machine like. This is some good pussy, I thought. With the smile on her face, she was enjoying my dick, too. I pounded harder and harder. My thrusts meeting hers. I growled, “That’s a girl, be Daddy’s good little slut.” She smiled wide and said, “Yes, I am your slut.”

I decided to bend her over again. A few thrusts and I was nearing my orgasm. I sat her back in the chair and she took my swollen cock in her mouth, then worked her way to my balls. I stoked my cock while she licked between my legs like she was licking cake batter from the beater. I felt my orgasm nearing… She has yet to swallow my full load. This was only our second encounter and swallowing isn’t her favorite thing. I grabbed her head and she opened her mouth awaiting my cum like it was a prize. I erupted in her mouth splashing it with my hot fluid. She engulfed my cock with her sexy lips and took every drop and swallowed it down like a good girl. I got her a drink from the office fridge while she got dressed. I walked her to her car and kissed her goodbye.

I sit at my desk and look over at the chair, I realize she truly is Daddy’s little slut.

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