A Wife’s Secret


It wasn’t like her, but she couldn’t help it. Bryan had been gone for six months now, and Jamie was lonely. She logged onto the computer and connected to the net. After a few minutes, she signed onto one of the sites that promised quiet affairs for a small price. She had met a few other guys here, before she had settled down with Bryan, and had been pleased. She entered her credit card number, her screen name, password, and pressed enter. Within 20 seconds, she was connected. She updated her profile with a pic she had taken a few hours ago, and clicked on the tab at the top of the page marked “Browse Profiles.”

Within minutes, she found a guy that was only a half hour from her. She clicked on his profile, and up popped the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. Green flecked with gold, they startled her a few seconds. She scrolled down the page, seen he was her age, 24, and clicked “connect with me.” A window popped up, and she typed in her personal info. She also gave him her screen name on messenger, and sent it. Surprisingly, he responded quickly.

Lonely Hard: Hi, sweetheart. Want to talk?

Sweetheart? Sexy and sweet. Jamie quickly typed in a response.

Married and Searching: Sure. See you’re from around here…I mean, near me.

Lonely Hard: Yep. Your screen name must say it all. You lonely too?

Married and Searching: Yeah, hubby’s in the army. Gone for a while. What about you?

Lonely Hard: Not attached but sure am lonely.

They talked for an hour, give or take a few minutes. They described themselves, flirted, and exchanged phone numbers. When an hour and a half came, he asked if she wanted to meet sometime soon. Jamie stared for a few minutes at her screen. Did she want to meet? Her relationship with Bryan wasn’t bad. But ever since he had left, she had felt as if a huge part of her was missing. But did she really want to risk losing him? But one date couldn’t hurt. Right?

They set up a time and a place, a bar about halfway in between them at 7:30. Looking at the clock, and seeing it was already 5:45, she told him she was going to get ready and logged off. Jumping into the shower, she quickly washed her hair, lingering in washing her body, dreaming about Bryan’s hand running over her naked, wet body. She was getting turned on fast and with a quick sigh, decided she wasn’t getting her goals accomplished.

She got out of the shower at 6, quickly shaving her legs. She had waxed since the night Bryan had said he loved the feeling of a smooth pussy, so she didn’t have to worry about that. She slathered on lotion, humming a song as she walked to her closet. She ended up picking out a cherry red halter dress that was amazing against her smooth, pale skin. She slipped it over her head and slipped into black thongs. She walked back into the bathroom and blow dried her hair straight. It fell in a black sheet straight down her back, a little bit past her shoulder blades.

By 6:45, she had her make-up done and was checking her reflection in the mirror. When she was satisfied, she slipped into black stilettos and headed out to her car. Climbing behind the wheel of the Corvette, she took a long deep breath. This was it. After a beşiktaş escort bayan few seconds she pulled out of the drive way. Well, she thought, here goes nothing.


Chris was nervous. He had seen her picture, but in person, her beauty was magnified ten times. She was tiny! His 6′ 1″ frame was gigantic compared to her. But, knowing that he a chance to be buried deep inside of her kept him in a state of continuous arousal for the whole night. By 11:30, they had downed a few beers and were getting along famously. He had already gotten a dozen glimpses down her top when she bent over to hit the cue ball. Playing pool was something Chris was normally good at, but tonight he couldn’t concentrate to save his life!

He was tired of going home to an empty home. Since the last relationship he had, almost 4 years ago, he just couldn’t seem to figure out what he wanted in dating. After a one night stand, he figured out that whatever he decided, he needed to keep a steady sex buddy. And he had a few. He was good in bed, or so the girls he’d been with said. He took care of himself, and it showed. He wasn’t ripped, but it showed in the way he moved, graceful and seriously.

The bar closed at 12:30, and they sat outside on the hood of her Vett, talking and grinning at each other. He wasn’t drunk, he only had a buzz, but the beers seemed to be taking the toll on her. She closed her eyes and asked him if he wanted to come home with her. At her words, Chris’ dick jumped to life in his jeans. She was actually inviting her home!

After storing her car in the empty lot behind the bar, they sped off in his truck. Giving directions to her house, she slid over to him in the dark and rested her head on his shoulder. Slowly, her hand found it’s way to his thigh, dancing dangerously close to his hard dick. It was only a 20 minute ride, and as they pulled up into her driveway, she sat up and started looking for her house key.

As she climbed out of the truck, with his help, she started to giggle. She laughed all the way inside. Chris couldn’t find what was so funny, and after guiding her hand to the knob so she could unlock it, he asked what was making her laugh.

“Nothing in particular. I just get happy when I’m drunk and about to get laid.”

“So, I’m going to get to sleep with you after all, huh?” He took in her face and chuckled. “You sure you’re not too wasted to fuck me?”

“Oh, honey, I’m more sober than you think.”

With a sly smile, she slid her arms up his and around his neck. He groaned and crushed her in his embrace. Tongues dueling, she melted in his arms. He knew she’d be good at this but damned if he could ever remember being this turned on. Her tiny body pressed so close against hers, he knew it was going to be one hell of a night.


God her head was spinning, but pleasantly so. Jamie didn’t know if it was the beer or him. She had broken the kiss just long enough to drag him on top of her on the couch. With his body completely covering hers, she felt as if she’d died and gone to heaven. When he undone the buttons of her dress, she just moaned a reply. He slowly revealed her beşiktaş escort breasts. With a hand pressed against the back of his head, she said: “I want your mouth on me. Now.”

At the first touch of his tongue, she instantly became dizzier. He drew her hardened nipple into his mouth and slowly increased the pressure he used. And the more intense it got, the louder her moans got. She just happened to glance at his face and saw him gazing up at her, his mouth still latched onto her, and she almost lost it.

As an afterthought of the glance of his face, she began to push him up inch by inch, wanting to explore his body, too. When his head was resting on the arm of the chair and he was fully stretched out, he was open to her hands. tongue, body, and mind. She took advantage of this. She slowly undressed him and caressed him with her hands first, then slowly her mouth. After she had gotten rid of his shirt, she took off his belt. It was just starting to warm up. She knew she wouldn’t be able to take it slow, not if she was this turned on. She climbed atop him, straddling his thighs. With an wicked glance, she started to undo his belt.


Oh, god, Chris thought. He just shut his eyes, head going back to the arm of the couch. With slow movements, she undid his zipper and pulled them down his legs. He was hard as a rock, and he knew by the time she touched him, he’d probably die from pleasure. But at least he’d die a happy man. She slowly teased him, running her hands all up and down his body, never once touching his aching prick. He had on black boxer briefs, which outlined his member flatteringly. And he knew that she could see where he was streaming pre-cum. It was hard to miss!

Finally, she touched him. And when he did, a long, low moan escaped him. He seriously couldn’t remember being this turned on. He placed his hands on her shoulders as she teased him with long, slow strokes. He almost came as she knelt down to suck on his head through his briefs. Then, in a flash, she had him out of his boxers and was sucking him hard and fast. The change of events had Chris holding on tightly as she gave him one hell of a blowjob. Tongue flexing and hands working his hard dick, he knew that he had to come. And soon. He couldn’t help it. Knowing he had quick recovery time, and knowing that she’d probably let him return the favor, he lifted his hips and pushed his pulsing cock down her throat. And to his amazement, she swallowed every last drop.

Looking up into her blue eyes, Chris smiled. Revenge was his.


Now, it was her turn. Sucking his hard cock had made Jamie hot as hell. She loved the feeling of a guy cumming down her throat. And he had had plenty of it. She stood up slowly, letting the rest of her dress fall to the floor, revealing her tiny thongs. She could see him gulp, and was satisfied with his reaction. Who was she kidding? She had so worn these for him! She took a few steps backwards, letting him take all of her in. Clad in nothing but the thongs and stilettos, she turned provocatively for him as she slowly swayed her hips.

“Like what you see?”

“Yeah, but I’d like it even more if you’d sit on my face.”

Shocking her for a few moments, Jamie let his reply sink in and then smiled. She walked back over to the couch, and gave Chris instructions to make her cum. She happily straddled his face and instantly felt like she had been shocked. His tongue touched her swollen clit and she began to spasm. She moaned in response and started to slowly rock on his face. After a few minutes, she was sensitive and ready to cum. “Oh, god, yes, don’t stop baby!” As her words echoed in the room, Chris inserted a finger into her sopping cunt. With this invasion, she started to cum on his hand.

“Oh fuck, god, I’m coming….don’t stop….harder baby please…”

As her vibrations faded, she slid back down his body, shaking and panting. She knew she needed this, but hadn’t known how bad. As her head cleared and she could think straight, she realized that under her thigh was his hard dick. As she grinded down on it, he moaned.

“Ready to fuck me yet?”


He was hard again. Hearing, seeing, tasting, and feeling her cum had brought his cock back to life. He now wanted to be buried deep inside of her. He pulled a condom out of his jeans on the floor and, sitting back up, ripped open the packet and started to roll it down his dick. She stared at him, dazedly, for a few seconds, then smiled as she laid on her back. He got on his knees at the edge of the couch and teased her with long strokes up and down her pussy slit. But, after a few rubs, he was anxious to be inside of her.

He placed the head of his prick at her hole and pushed slowly in. Feeling her squeeze down on him almost sent him over the edge. Struggling to hold on, he grabbed her under the ass and plowed all the way into her. He stared down into her face as she closed her eyes and moaned. Slowly pulling back out, he watched her face as she moaned louder and begged him to fuck her.

Happily, he powered his hips forward and started to fuck her. He felt her cunt walls grip him as he slid in and out. He threw his head back and moaned as he leaned forward to place his arms on the back of the couch. Now, he could really let loose, and he did. Within seconds, Jamie was screaming his name and telling him she was going to cum on his dick. He felt his control starting to slip away. Determined not to lose it yet, he waited till her screams subsided and flipped her over to her knees.


Damn he was good at this! Jamie moaned as he slammed his dick into her wet hole. She felt the cum rising in her again, and she felt her self start to shake uncontrollably. She felt her knees give way and fell face first into the couch. Letting it sweep her away, she had another orgasm. He was still pounding her hard as she came back down to earth. Looking over her shoulder into his eyes, she begged him to cum on her ass. He just grinned, and within seconds had the condom off and was jacking off.

As she watched his hand slide up and down his own dick, she started to slowly massage his nuts. As his head fell back, and he screamed he was going to cum, Jamie stuck her ass in the air and felt the huge splat as he came all over her round ass. As he started to calm down, Jamie looked him in the face. He was smiling.

“How about making this a regular thing?”

Oh, Jamie thought to herself, that was a possibility.

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