A Weekend Alone


Hey guys! This is my first submission on here so go easy on me! Hope you like it!


It had been a long week. Between work and taking care of our five-year-old son (who has just started kindergarten), I was relieved when it was finally Friday afternoon.

It was my husband’s turn to pick up our son from school.

When I got home, Ben sat in the living room with a smile across his face, waiting for me.

“Hey baby. How was he?”

“He was fine.”

“Is he asleep?”

Ben’s smile grew even wider. “I don’t know to be honest with you. I dropped him off at my parents’ house an hour ago.”

“What?” I asked, confused. “Why?”

“Because,” he said, standing up from the couch and making his way towards me. “We both need a weekend to ourselves, don’t you think?”

“A whole weekend?”

“Mmm hmm,” he nodded, placing his hand gently on my shoulder, rubbing my bare skin.

“Oh wow. What to do with all this freedom!” I exclaimed, ready to relax for the rest of the day.

“Well I was hoping that I could treat you to some much-needed relaxation time.”

“Oh yes, baby. That sounds wonderful!”

He then moved the strap of my dress down the side of my arm and kissed my shoulder gently. He leaned up to kiss my lips and I obliged, placing my fingers in his soft, light-brown curls.

He leaned back, smiling down at me, his light blue eyes full of joy.

“So what’s the plan?” I asked, curious.

“Well, first off, let’s get you to the bedroom.”

And before I knew it, he leaned down and picked me up with both arms, and carried me to the bedroom.

He laid me down on my back. “Second, we need to get you undressed.”

He leaned up, kissing me on the mouth. I sat up, meeting his soft, yet promising kisses.

He then placed his hands on my back, motioning for me to sit up. When I did, he put his hands on both sides of my thighs, gripping the bottom of my dress and pulling it over my slim stomach, my enormous, pale breasts, and my head.

He stood up to admire me. “Mmm,” he bit his lip.

I crossed my legs, already feeling the wetness sopping up from pussy.

“You’re still just as beautiful as you were the first day I met you. Maybe even more kurtköy escort now, because you’re now the mother of my child.”

I felt as if I were on a pedestal that only he could see, and I loved it.

“Baby, I love you so much,”

“I love you too,” he replied. “Now, let’s get you on your belly.”

I rolled over without a second thought. He walked around to the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lotion.

Leaning over my body, he unclasped my bra, removed it, then lathered his hands in the rich creams of the lotion and began massaging my back.

Immediately, I began to feel the stress disappearing. I let out a moan of relief. He moved his way to my shoulders before making his way down my spine, rotating his index and middle fingers, instantly relieving my tension.

“Oh baby, that felt so good,” I said when he stopped.

“Good, I’m glad, but we’re not done yet,” he said, leaning over me more, and by then, I felt his erection pressing against my thigh.

“Oh,” I muttered.

He gently flipped me over, onto my back.

“Damn baby,” he said, looking directly at my breasts.

His eyes only made my breathing more intense, causing my chest to rise and fall faster, making my boobs move more.

He placed his hands on them and suddenly, both my nipples were hard.

He squeezed gently and I could still feel a trace of lotion rubbing against my breasts from his hands, which felt both erotic and calming at the same time.

He slid my body up so that just my legs were hanging off the edge of the bed. He then sat on the floor, on his knees. He was at eye-level with my pussy. I lifted my head up and saw him staring directly at it, almost close enough to taste it, if only my g-string wasn’t in the way.

He gently slid his fingers into each side of my g-string, pulling the fabric down my legs and onto the floor.

He smiled. “You shaved recently.”

I nodded. “Today,”

“Good girl. I love it when you shave for me. And what’s even better, you didn’t know you were getting anything today.”

I could feel his breath against my sex and I turned my head, trying not to make any noise.

Suddenly, he lifted both of my legs straight up tuzla escort in the air and kissed my pussy lips.

The act was so unexpected and hot, it made me moan.

“Did you like that, baby?”

“Mmm hmm,” I nodded.

“Well then, you’re certainly going to love this.” Just then, he shoved his tongue straight into my sopping wet pussy.

I sat up, holding myself up by my hands as he went to work on me. I moaned over and over again, feeling his tongue all over me. When he pushed two fingers inside me and began stroking my clit with his tongue, I went crazy, moaning his name frantically as I ground my pussy into his face.

I began to feel an orgasm wash over me, and pretty soon, I had fallen over the edge. I laid on the bed, my whole body in blissful shock over the amazing orgasm I had just experienced.

He wiped his face and joined me on the bed. “How was it?”

I nodded my head, trying to catch my breath.

“Don’t get too comfortable. You’re about to cum a second time.”

I kissed him on the mouth, tasting myself on him. I raised my hips off the bed, letting him know I was ready.

“Uh-uh,” he shook his head before sliding at the front of the bed. “I get to be on my back this time.”

I smiled and leaned over him, kissing him once more and removing his shirt. I leaned down and undid his pants. His slid them – as well as his underwear – off for me.

His long, hard dick demanded my attention, and I was going to give it to him. I brushed my hair from my face and took him into my mouth, as deep as I could.

He started flexing his hips, thrusting into my mouth. His dick tasted so good to me and I was dying to taste it as much as I could.

Feeling his dick slide back and forth in my mouth turned me back on, and before long, I sat up and slid my pussy over his dick.

We both let out a moan of appreciation, and he placed his hands on my boobs as I bounced up and down on him.

My hair feel down my back in long, dark brown waves. My breasts bounced in rhythm to our lovemaking. My head was pushed back, neck exposed, in pure bliss. I felt so sexy.

He pulled my body down until my breasts were directly over his face. He latched onto my right tuzla escort nipple, sucking vigorously as he fucked me.

“Oh, Ben!” I cried out. He sucked my nipple while striking the other one, then switched, all the whe continuing thrusting into me..

He continued this glorious pattern until he released my nipple from his mouth, causing it to make a pop sound, and began grinding into me harder, faster, placing his hands on my hips, desparately seeking release.

I continued sliding up and down, back and forth on him, faster and harder, wanting him to have as good of an orgasm as he had given me earlier.

When he let out a loud moan, I felt the muscles in my body tighten and I began to cum with him. We fucked harder, deeper, faster, rocking the bed back and forth as we came together.

When the last of the waves of pleasure coursed through our bodies, I laid down beside of him. We were both sweating at that point and were too tired to find a comfortable cuddle position, so instead we simply held hands before drifing off to sleep for the night.


I awoke the next morning to a wonderful feeling.

My boobs felt slightly sensitive, but I could feel a strange and wet, yet pleasurable warmth on one of them. I opened my eyes to find Ben leaning over me, one of my breasts pressed into his mouth.

He released it. “Good morning,”

“Hi,” I mumbled, still not completely sure what was going on.

“I woke up pressed against you, completely naked, and I knew my boner didn’t have anything to do with the morning time.” He explained jokingly.

“Oh, really?” I said, playing along.

“Yeah, see for yourself,” he slid his hand down to his cock and gripped it firmly. Sure enough, it was completely hard, waiting for me.

“Well what are you waiting for? Fill me up baby. You know I love the feel of you cumming inside me first thing in the morning.” I spread my legs for him, inviting him in. I was already wet from seeing him naked before me, sucking my breast and showing me his hard cock.

He climbed over me and inserted his penis in me. Immediately my juices flooded all over him, and we began thrusting rhythmically, meeting each other’s strokes.

After we had both finished, we laid down, this time cuddling with each other.

“I need to shower,” I announced.

“Wait for me to get hard and I’ll join you.”

“We just finished!”

“Yeah,” he smiled, “But it’s not like we’re in a rush. After all, we have all weekend.”

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