A Trip to the Store


It was a rainy Saturday and you said you just needed to run a few errands. I’ve been busy lately and you had been neglected for too long. I needed to make a stop of my own. As we walked down the bustling boulevard, I glimpsed the store that I had in mind. I quickly grabbed your hand and led you across the jammed street to a little out of the way shop.

As we entered the store through the multi-colored beads that lined the doorway, you let out a gasp. Yes, you were amazed that innocent little me even knew about a taboo shop like this one. I squeezed your hand to let you know that there was no escaping now! We made our way to the over 21 section of the establishment. The owner gave us the eye of approval. I just smiled a wide grin as you blushed! How cute!

We tuzla escort teased and taunted each other by holding up various toys and gadgets. Expressing just what we would like to try or not try. We were laughing over a humungous dildo, when the salesgirl told us about the rooms in the back. What the hell, you only live once. Besides, I had a pocketful of quarters to unload from my heavy purse.

We cautiously tiptoed into the forbidden backroom, being careful not to disturb the patrons. I tried to control my giggles, but failed miserably. We found an empty room with a little bench opposite a computer screen. I quickly relieved my wallet of the quarters. You started to feed the coins into the machine while I read the titles of the selections. tuzla rus escort Soooooo many to choose from. We randomly picked a button and immediately a throbbing penis was being inserted into a hot pussy! The close-up showed all of the steamy fluids being exchanged. Now, I am starting to get horny and you are fidgeting with the crotch of your pants! Then WHAM! Blackness fills the screen. We look at each other and grab for the quarters.

While you feed the machine, I start to loosen clothing. First yours and then mine. I simply unzip your pants and VOILA, with a mind of its own, your beautiful, thick cock appears ready for action. I slip my panties off from under my skirt. Using your fingers to check if I’m ready for you, you tuzla sarışın escort comment on my preparedness. At last, we are ready for the feature presentation. I ease myself down on your mighty sword only to whimper when it stretches me wide. You bend me over gentle, making sure that I can easily view the show from my position as you hold me around the waist. Slowly, you guide my body up and down on your cock to mimic the rhythm of the appendages on the screen. Noise is not an issue, since the actor and actress in the movie are very vocal. As my orgasm rises through my body, I feel you tense underneath me. I can feel your cock shudder within me and your hands begin to massage my back.

As we straighten our clothes and gather our leftover coins, we hear moaning coming from an adjacent room. We both chuckle and smile! As our eyes adjust to the lights in the shop once again, we make our way toward the door. The owner calls to us, Come again! No doubt about that! I’m sure we will make that store a regular stop on our Saturday afternoon errand run!

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