Subject: Man Cam (Willy Winker (5) This is a fictional story about guys from an online chat site. It is pure fiction as all the guys live far away. Some gay, some straight and some bisexual. But all guys are hot. Enjoy. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Willy Winker (5) …… “Aweee you smell so good” I said to Willy I was there in a hotel room with my face buried in the hunks crotch. Taking in his aroma. It was so wonderful. I wanted to do nothing more than smell him at that moment in time. But Willy was pressing at my head to go further. To go where we both wanted me to go. I reached up and grabbed his underwear. I pulled down and freed his cock. The soft flesh coloured dick fell out and into his Rosy crotch bush. Willy lifted his legs, one at a time so I could pull him free of his briefs. “Yumm” I said as I looked up between his legs. izmit escort I then tossed the briefs to the floor. I then quickly moved up on him. Reaching for his dick and grabbing it in my hand. I lifted it up off his furry crotch. I then held it as I again buried my face into his crotch again. Ince again inhaling him. “Damn that smells so fucking good” I declared once more “All man” I then moved in to his dick. I pulled my mouth to his cock and took it. Imediately I tasted his dick. The slightly salted flavour of sweat and man. The soft skin on his hardening cock growing taught around his fleshy meat. Willy moaned as my mouth engulfed his hardened cock. “Yeah man. That’s good mate” he moaned His hand moved down to me. Touching my head and neck. He pulled me to his cock. I downed more of his delicious dick. “Suck ma dick man” he growled “That mouth feels real nice” “Get down on ma dick man” izmit otele gelen escort I swallowed down his dick like a greedy whore. Grasping at his cock base. Gripping hold of his meaty balls also. I pulled on them as I came up off his delicious cock for air. As I tugged on his nuts, his cock sprang up from his crotch. Like a wet from rain tower, it glistened. The drool from my hungry mouth covering the length of his big dick. “Damn this is a beautiful dick” I declared as I stared at it I leaned back in and kissed the big shaft. Then stuck my tongue out and licked up the cock in my hand. Willy just continued to moan as I worshiped his cock. “Yeah man. Do it, suck it” he moaned out “Swallow ma cock dude” I then opened up and went back down his dick again. “Ughnnn fuckk” he groaned “Sooo fucking good mate” He grabbed my head and thrust in response darıca escort to my taking him down again. I gagged as his whole dock slammed into my face. But I held on. I wanted his cock. All of it. “Yeah man” he moaned aloud “Soo good. Take ma cock buddy” “Hmmmffuclk” Willy pulled me from his big dick again. I gasped for air. Sucking in a bunch of it. But I stuck my tongue out for his cock. I still wanted it, baldy “Give it to me stud” I begged “Feed me that big dick” “More” My tongue found the tip of his cock. The sensation on his head got to him. Then Willy drove his dick back onto my face. Again I gagged. But I slathered his dick! Up with more spot. More drool. We continued to do this. Him pulling from me. Me licking at him, making him RAM his cock back into my gullet. I could do this all day. As long as Willy was feeding me his big dick. All was good. “Fuckkk!” He howled again Yanking his cock from my throat again. The sounds of my drooling mouth filled the room. I looked up the guy. His face twisted in pleasure. “Fuck me Willy” I then said……………….. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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