Subject: Man Cam (White Guardian (6) This is an fictional story of sex with men from an internet chat site. This is completely fictional as most of the men live far far away. Some are straight, some gay and many bisexual. But all are hot, hot , hot. Enjoy… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (White Guardian (6) ….. We lay there after Alex’s great cum dump into my hungry mouth. I was petting his gorgeous furry body. Just taking in his beautiful form. His smell and his handsome face. I was in a state of bliss next to the gorgeous hunk. I didn’t want him to ever leave. I wanted to have him for always. I started to get horny laying next to him. I reached down his awesome chest. My hand moving through his yummy fur. Then I pulled my hand back to his softened cock. I started to play with Alex’s dick again. “Such a gorgeous man” I said as I kissed him “I want you to fuck me stud” I then said “I want to feel this inside” He looked at me and izmit escort bayan smiled. “You are a horny fucker aren’t you” he stated “Turn around then” I flipped around and crawled up on him in a 69 position. I offered him up my ass as I grabbed his dick again. I swooped down and started to lick and suck on his cock. Alex moaned as his fingers started to fiddle around with my but. He spit up at my hole and then I felt him rub his thumb against me ass. Then he pierced my entry way with it. I cooed as I felt Him do so. I went down on his semi erect dick. Slurping up and down his delicious cock. “Hmmmm. Soo good” I stated as I licked on his awesome dick for him “Can’t wait t have this in my ass” Then I felt him pull me closer to his face. His strong arms aimed my ass to his mouth and then he shoved his tongue into it. I whimpered as I felt penetration of his tongue. That hot wet organ slipping into my wanton ass. I released his dick as I cooed under his tongue assault. I buried my face izmit escort between his hairy thighs and his crotch. I inhaled his man/sex scent. Moaning as kissing at his fuzzy crotch area as he licked up my hole with his talented tongue. I kissed the sides and up the length of his hardening cock shaft as I ground my ass to his face. I was in delirium from his moves on my hole. But then Alex pulled his tongue from my ass. Then he moved under me and stretched. His cock was all but taken away from me as he did this. “Gonna like this” he then said Then I felt him insert something into my ass. Then I heard a light humming sound. Then the click of a switch. Then I felt the first shutter inside my ass. He had inserted that mechanism. The thing shot jolts into my ass and my body spasmed. He had just given me his favorite toy and shoved it into my ass. I squirmed and cried out from the shock it reverberated through me. Now I knew why he licked it so much. I was about to say something izmit kendi evi olan escort when it went off again. I shook violently as the machine did its duty on my hole. Then Alex grabbed my cock and took it into his mouth. “Ohhh myy God” I cried as the machine went off again. “What the…” The shutters rippled through me again and again as it kept going off. “How does that feels. ” he said as he released my dick “This thing is so…. Aweeee fuckk” Again another jock went through me. I didn’t know how he could take it soo much. It was great, but the constant shock in the ass was jarring to say the least. I actually climbed off him and turned over on my back as the thing went off again. My body quaked again on the bed as his machine took my ass again. “Fuckkk” I cried out again Then Alex also turned and knelt up over me. He was a gorgeous sight to see. I then looked down to see I had a huge hard on. The machine was causing my dick to respond like nothing ever before. He clicked the switch on the thing and the twitching in my ass stopped. I reached up for him touched his beautiful chest. “I want you to fuck me Alex” I said almost pleading…………………. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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