Subject: What I Saw 31a What I Saw 31 Here is another long delayed installment of the epic saga. Feedback is welcome. After Mr. Berton left Lane by the pool aching with need and sick with lust I snuck away and did my best to keep my eyes and ears open to see what would happen next. I definitely sensed a change in my Dad’s mood. He was stalking around the house with a sneer permanently pasted on his face. He was doing his best to avoid Lane and the kid was definitely suffering. Lane was moping around the house. He was clearly still following my Dad’s rules around wearing the ball strap and cock ring as he had an almost permanent erection. He did his best to conceal it but it seemed like almost all the pants he owned were tight and they not only called attention to his super hard dick but prominently displayed that ridiculous ass. It was a couple days after the pool incident that I finally caught them in a hushed whispered conversation out by the garage. My Dad must have just come from work as he was in dress pants and a shirt and tie. He had his sleeves rolled up and his tanned heavily veined forearms flexed and tensed as he clenched his fists. “Fuck you Kid…you’re the one that couldn’t follow the rules and couldn’t keep your hands and that fucking hole to yourself.” My Dad hissed Lane was once again in his faded pink swim suit, barefoot and a white baggy tank top. He leaned in close and spat out, “You promised…it’s been forever…I haven’t jerked off, I haven’t cum…had sex…I NEED something…you said you were going to let those two guys …do…stuff…to me…’ His voice dropped off. “That was before you tried to get the neighbor to fuck you…now I know you have no restraint…self-control or respect for what I say…so forget it.” Lane swore,” Please…I’m begging…just set up something…anything…please.” His voice broke with need. My Dad took a step closer to him…”tonight. In my study. Another session in front of the computer…if you follow instructions and do exactly as I say then we will see…” And he turned and walked into the house. That night I could barely choke down dinner. Around the table it was a lot of clinking silverware and stilted conversation. My mother kept sending appraising looks to Lane, my father and myself. After dinner Lane and I just hung around my room. He clearly was agitated and couldn’t wait for my mom and me to go to bed so he could sneak down to meet up with my dad. Finally I pretended to bed down and waited. I forced myself to control my breathing so Lane would think I was asleep. Sure enough in a few minutes he couldn’t wait any longer and slipped from the other twin bed in my room and snuck downstairs. I waited a few minutes and followed. I heard their hushed voices as I approached my Dad’s study. The door was closed and I crept up and oh so carefully turned the knob and pushed it open a crack. Lane had come down in just a pair of drawstring grey sweatpants and no shirt, he was barefoot. Christ he was practically naked. His incredible body gleamed in the low light cast by the computer screen on the desk and he sat stock still in the chair. He was sort of slouched down on the old wooden seat, his hips angled up. His cock tented out the front of the sweats and he was already breathing heavy. There was nothing on the screen but the usual family photo wallpaper. My dad was in position standing behind him. He was dressed in loose pajama bottoms and a tight khaki green t-shirt. The muscles in his arm bulged and his chest strained against the cotton fabric of the shirt. “So…I’m going to turn on a movie…you are to keep your eyes on the screen. You’re wearing the cock ring and the strap? ” my Dad asked. “Yessss…” Lane hissed. “Good…remember, stay in control…no cummming.” Dad whispered in his ear as he clicked the mouse and started the movie. The screen flickered and then came into focus. A young guy casually dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt and nylon jacket was walking down a sunny street. He had sandy blond hair. He was thin with pale skin…cute. The neighborhood looked seedy…graffiti and boarded up buildings. He entered a blacked out glass door and the movie cut to an interior shot of a booth. The camera was clearly in the open door and three sides of the small booth were visible in the shot. The walls were a filthy white, cement floor and there were several large holes cut into the wall. The kid shucked off the jacket and let it drop to the floor. He knelt down in the middle of the booth and began to knead his jean clad crotch. “You fucking asshole…” Lane hissed My dad chuckled and let a big hand fall onto the kid’s naked shoulder. Lane jumped at the skin to skin contact and his full lips parted and his let out a slight moan. On the screen a long pale cock had been fed through one of the holes. It was only semi-erect and hung down in an arc, the big round head pointing towards the floor. The kid leaned over and ducked his body down so that he could capture the dick head in his lips and sat up as he slid his mouth down the curved shaft. He sucked up and down the full length of the cock and it visibly started to thicken and harden. In a matter of seconds it was fully erect. The kid slid his mouth off it and leaned back to stare at the cock. It was about nine inches long and stood up straight, blue veins running all along the thick shaft. The bloated head was flushed a deep red and it was slick with spit. He ran a hand up and down the stalk while he bursa escort snapped open the button on his jeans. He caught movement out of the corner of his eye and turned on his knees as another dick was eased through a hole on the opposite wall. It was already fully hard and was a bit shorter but thicker than the first cock. He scooted over a bit and lashed out with his tongue, swiping across the mushroom shaped head. Lane was squirming around in the chair. His cock was visibly throbbing in the tented sweats. I could see he had already developed a small dark wet spot where his piss slit was pressing against the fabric. As the kid on the screen began to alternate sucking on first one then the other cock coming through the glory holes my dad put both hands on Lane’s shoulders and began to slightly stroke down the kid’s muscular arms. Lane moaned and kept his eyes glued to the screen. The kid on the video now had three big, hard white cocks to play with and was scooting around on his knees deep throating each one in turn. He was cupping and tugging on the heavy swinging balls and licking all around the cock heads. The boy had skills and clearly the men on the other side of the wall were appreciative as loud deep moans were coming from the computer speakers. Lane shifted around in his seat and as he sat up a bit straighter it caused the waistband of the sweats to ruck a little lower down. The deep cuts in the muscles of his hips were just visible and the beginning swell of those super round ass cheeks were now showing. He stared in rapt attention at the computer as now a fourth cock came through the wall. The kid was center screen facing the camera, a rampant erection in each hand, his head thrown back in lust. “Oh fuck Lane…look at that little pig…playing with all those big hard dicks…fucking hot…” my Dad hissed in Lane’s ear as he ran his hands lightly down the boy’s heaving sweaty chest. “Oh god…touch me…” Lane moaned. I could see my Dad had a painfully hard erection himself. The light pajamas seemed barely able to contain it. The engorged head was insistently pressing against the front of the pants as his dick throbbed in time with his heartbeat. Lane watched as the kid was in a cock frenzy working the four dicks over with his spitty mouth. The men’s erections were even harder now and slick with saliva. They bobbed and glistened jutting through the holes in the wall. The kid had shed his shirt and let his jeans unzip. A super hard, straight as an arrow eight inch cock jutted up out of the V of the undone pants as he sucked the cocks in rhythmic succession. “Looks like fun…huh Lane?” my Dad said. He was now running his hands all over the kid’s naked torso. Precum had totally stained the front of Lane’s sweats. My father looked down at Lane’s crotch. “Shit…are you not wearing any underwear?” he asked swallowing hard. Lane just shook his head. A noise on the screen caught my Dad’s attention and he tore his eyes off the kid’s body and looked up. “Oh look Lane…one of the men is going to shoot.” On the screen the kid was frantically sucking on one of the first cocks that had come through the wall. The big nine incher. He was powerfully sucking on the head and using his slick hand to twist up and down the long hard shaft, working for the man’s load. With a loud cry the guy began to ejaculate. The kid kept his slightly open mouth around the spasming head and let the sperm shoot directly into his mouth. The load was so big that the pearly white semen spilled over his bottom lip and ran down his chin, dripping onto his sweaty chest. Lane stared in rapt lust as the kid swallowed the huge cum load. “Fuck.” He swore. My Dad stared at the kid’s face. “You aren’t going to cum are you?” he asked Lane kept his eyes on the screen as he watched the kid lick cum from his hand and forearm and shook his head in the negative. “Okay…so far so good…you deserve a little treat…lean forward…sit up.” Dad instructed. Lane braced his hands on the desk and leaned forward. My Dad reached down and slowly slid the back of the sweats down over that huge ass. He made sure the front of the pants stayed in place, trapping Lane’s dripping cock. In the dim light of the study Lane’s bare ass looked beautiful. The indent of the muscle on the side was deeply shadowed and the creamy white skin glowed. Lane reached down and with a shaking hand tried to frantically shove the front of the pants down, desperate to be naked. My Dad trapped his wrist with one big hand. “No Kid…leave them or I’ll stop this.” My Dad reached both hands down and slid them sensually down the heavily muscled smooth back. He trailed his fingers into the deep as crack as he cupped both full, hot round ass cheeks. Lane had lifted his bottom off the chair to give my dad full access. “Kid…your ass is incredible…even after all these months it still gets me fucking harder than anything else…mmmm” He ended his murmurings in a low moan as he tensed a long thick middle finger and slowly let the tip penetrate the tight hole of the kid arching his back, face almost smashed into the computer. I saw Lane’s cock jump in the now wet sweat pants and he bit his lower lip to stifle a scream. Just a light clicked on in the upstairs hallway. I could see it behind me but Lane and my father couldn’t. My heart pounded in my ears as I heard the distinct sound of my mother’s footsteps coming down the stairs. Shit if she discovered this… Never mind what it would do bursa escort bayan to my family but my running live porn show would be over. I had to think fast I stood up made sure I was decent, stepped back a few paces from the door and…coughed…loud… Lane and my dad jumped and scrambled. Lane pulled up his pants and my Dad reached around him and shut off the computer. They both struggled to adjust their clothes and I stepped out into the hall to intercept my Mom. ” Oh…It’s you?” she said. “Your father wasn’t in bed and I thought he was down here.” She said looking over my shoulder into the hall. “I had a tickle in my throat and came down for a drink…I think Dad is in his study” I said. Mom went around me and poked her head in the study. Dad was sitting at his desk with an excel spread sheet on the screen. Lane was nowhere in sight and must have slipped out the other door. I went and got my drink hearing low talking coming from the study. I went back upstairs and into my room Lane’s back was to me and he was fully covered up feigning sleep. I lay down letting my heart return to normal. Would he and my dad catch on that I had seen the empty bed… The next day I kept a close watch on them. They clearly were shaken up and steered clear of each other. Lane hung around the house in a baggy sweatshirt and jeans. The shirt was long and oversized enough to provide coverage of his crotch that despite last night’s scare still seemed to be straining the denim of his pants. I didn’t catch wind of them talking alone together till much later in the day. Lane and I had gone out to the mall and just hung around. Truthfully when the kid wasn’t having sex he wasn’t much fun to be around. We had just gotten home and I had run upstairs to make some phone calls when I heard a whispered frantic conversation in the upstairs hall. I crept to the doorway and listened. “Shit kid that was way to close…the games have to stop here in the house…I will not have my wife find out about this sick shit you make me get up to.” Dad said Lane broke in “…me… you’re the one that did this to me…I need it…just call this off and let me jerk off then…or let’s meet up outside somewhere and you can fuck me.” Lane’s voice was thick with desire. “No…no…Kid, I’ve got something better figured out. It doesn’t involve me…but I owe a guy a favor and you are just the thing to get me out of his debt. He’s into sick stuff and you are right up his alley.” Lane breathed out “When…I can’t wait much longer…and what do you want me to do.” I could hear the smile in my Dad’s voice. ” Tomorrow…it’s supposed to be a nice day. This guy will come and pick you up. There is a small lake about two or three miles away. It’s kind of a cruising spot on the off hours. You’ll go…lay out…have some relaxation on the beach and do as your told by my friend.” “Is he going to film me?” Lane said breathlessly. I smirked. It wasn’t long ago Lane was protesting any attempt to catch his exploits on film…now I could hear the excitement in his voice at the thought of being filmed taking on as many hard dicks as he could handle. “No…this is strictly a repayment situation…I am going to post on the message board that something will be going down but he will give you direction…should be good.” Dad said. “Will there be…enough…men there?” Lane asked. My Dad laughed audibly this time, “Enough…how many is enough for you? Don’t worry about it…just do as you’re told and make sure you wear the ball strap and the cock ring…also…a speedo please under your clothes.” Lane let out a loud exhalation. “A speedo…it will barely cover anything…especially since I’m rock hard 90% of the time now…and I’ve had to wear them for swim team and…they barely fit over my ass…” he trailed off. “Exactly” said my dad. I could barely sleep that night. I had put my plan into place. Lane had made some lame excuse about connecting with some old friends so I said I was going to head out early as well to hook up with old high schoole friends at their college. I got up extra early and hastily got dressed. Lane was still under the covers. I don’t know if he was asleep-I do know he tossed and turned all night. I imagine he was so excited about the idea of what was going to happen the next day sleep was almost impossible. I drove to the lake my dad was talking about. I knew it well as it was a place we used to go to when I was a kid. It was a small lake with a sandy beach, picnic tables, snack shack and a couple of public bathrooms. I hadn’t been back in years so I was not aware that it had a reputation as a cruising spot but I wasn’t surprised. It was pretty secluded and as we lived pretty close to the ocean and some pretty nice actual beaches this place was usually pretty deserted. I pulled into the dirt parking lot and parked as far away from the entrance as I could. It was a pretty nice day…this early it was already about 75 degrees and likely to get a lot warmer. There were a few cars in the lot already. I grabbed a towel and walked over the slight grassy hill from the lot to the beach. There was a small stand of trees off to the right. There were some broken wooden picnic tables there. The spot overlooked the lake and the beach but was more secluded and shady. I sat on my folded towel behind a tree and made sure I had clear line of sight to the small beach. I scanned the scene. I immediately noticed two older guys sitting together on a big faded army escort bursa blanket a little ways back from the water. They were both about late thirties maybe. One had sort of sandy blondish grey hair and a bit of a beard scruff. He was pretty hot actually. He had on a maroon t-shirt that was sort of lose but I could tell he was pretty built. He was wearing a faded pale blue bathing suit. They were fairly short and he was semi reclining on the blanket chatting with the other guy. His friend was about the same age…darker. Maybe taller, kind of hard to tell as he was sitting up hugging his knees. He had dark hair, almost black and a glossy close cropped black beard. He had on a stripped tank top the showed off his more olive skin and veiny muscular arms. His legs looked thick and a nice coating of dark hair on them. The guys were casually chatting about work or something but they definitely set off alarm bells in my head. They looked like the exact kind of older bull studs that were right up Lane’s alley. I sat back just watching the tow hotties. There were a couple of other blankets out scattered a good distance away on the beach. One was an old man and woman who appeared to be dozing in the morning sun. The other occupants were a middle aged heavy woman with a young girl. The kid was down by the water digging in the sand. It didn’t take long before I heard talking and looked back towards the parking lot and saw Lane and another guy approaching. Lane was wearing faded jeans and converse sneakers. He had thrown on an old faded black t-shirt which clung to his body showing off his rounded chest and broad shoulders. Shit…the guy with him was the punky older guy Ryan who had filmed the filthy gang bang scene at the adult book store. He still looked pretty seedy but hot…rough trade would sum him up. He had the gaged ears and nose ring and was wearing a tank top which showed off his muscular tattood arms. He had on jeans and black motorcycle boots. They hit the beach and threw down a blanket closer to the water but directly in front of the two guys. I could see everything and because it was so quiet here I could hear everything as well. “Kid… calm down…we’re going to take this nice and slow…I am going to enjoy my day…all day to have you do exactly what I say…” Ryan said. They were both still standing by the rumpled blanket. His eyes dropped to the front of Lane’s jeans. “Christ Kid your crotch looks like it’s about to explode…that cock ring and ball strap really doing their job…huh?” he said. Lane looked down at his swollen crotch. “Yes…I’m fucking dying…it’s been weeks since I’ve had sex or even jerked off…he’s been torturing me…making me watch porn…touching me… giving me blue balls every day for the last two fucking weeks.” Lane hissed. Ryan laughed, “Well if you do as I say and follow instructions we’ll see if we can take relieve a little bit of that pressure…how does that sound?” I could see Lane nod his head and bite his lip at the thought of what might happen. “…but here…there are people here…we are in public?” he said leaning in a bit. Ryan stepped back from the kid, “You’re not going to suck dick in the middle of the fucking beach Kid…I’m not that stupid…but again you will do as I say. If it tell you to strip naked right here, right now you better fucking listen…understood?” Lane moaned. Ryan smirked again, “You’d like that wouldn’t you? To be naked right now…that fucking rock hard dripping dick on display…that ass out begging to be used…” I saw Lane struggle to catch his breath and his cock pulsed and a dark spot appeared on the front of his jeans. Ryan looked around and caught the eye of the two men on the blanket. They were intently staring at the kid. “You’ve already go an audience…so take it easy…sit down…relax for a minute. Hide that wet dick” Ryan instructed the kid. Lane turned his back on the men and sat down on the blanket. He pulled his knees up and keened forward wrapping his arms around them and stared out at the water. His t-shirt rode up a bit in the back exposing the defined tan line along his lower back just above the first slight swell of those big ass cheeks. The edge of a maroon waist band showed above the line of his jeans. The first hint of cleavage could be seen as the pants rode so low on his hip and the bathing suit was clearly tiny. Ryan sat down next to him and dropped an old battered back pack down. They both sat silently just staring at the water. The two guys on the blanket behind them kept their eyes locked on Lane. The grey haired guy leaned in to the other guy and said, “Did you see that…he has a fucking full blown hard on…right out in public…shit…” He shifted around a bit and slightly adjusted his own crotch. The other guy let out a low whistle, “I know…it’s so fucking obvious…what the fuck?” Ryan looked over his shoulder quickly and said, “Slut…why don’t you go put your feet in the water…kick off the sneakers.” Lane shucked off his Chuck Taylor’s and stood up. His ass stood out prominently displayed to the two guys behind them. He took a step towards the water and Ryan said, “nice and slow” Lane walked slowly and deliberately to the water’s edge his ass flexing and churning with each step on the soft sand. When he got to the water he slowly bent over…I heard one of the guys let out a quick breath…his ass cheeks pressed tight against the confining denim. He rolled up the cuffs of the jeans and walked a few inches into the water. He turned sideways and the outline of his massively erect cock protruded out from his groin. He was onto the game now…Ryan was going to have him tease the two men…God this was going to be good.

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