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None of the story has been posted until it is complete. Posting on fty takes a while, but the entire story will be posted in due time. This story is the backstory of characters who will be included in a book to be published in the Fall, 2019, tentatively titled “The Deputy Boys Book 2: The Induction.” The story of the Cooper Family is entirely separate from this book, although several Coopers are characters in that book. At the beginning of each chapter and occasionally within the chapter, you will see a name written on a line by itself with no explanation. This is the name of the author of that section. The point of view shifts between various members of the family to tell the most detailed story. Hopefully, this will not prove confusing to you. Without further ado, enjoy “Training the Coopers”! Best Wishes, Kenneth Kirk Chapter 12 Donald Before I start this I just want to tell you, Mr. Reader, something. As you already know, David just can’t seem to shut up about how great it feels to have Darrel fucking him up the ass, not to mention every faggot in South Carolina at that disgusting party. In fact, he seems to have taken over this whole family saga. Excuse me, Dwight, but aren’t you supposed to be in charge of this story? Anyhow, I am being ordered to contribute, so, in the interest of family harmony, I am, but don’t expect a detailed description of every fucking thing they do to me! So, read carefully! I was ordered to go to Dad while Darrel and David were away at their queer party. I’d recognized that I enjoyed getting off with Darrel, even kissing him, which I thought was nearly as queer as sucking dick. So, if I was taken away from Darrel, going to Dad was okay. The first night with Dad he told me to start calling him Denny. That seemed strange, but it made it less weird to be with him like that. He’s one great-looking dude and is the nicest guy in the world and I love him a lot. It had been a very long time since he and I had been alone together, so I enjoyed being with him more than I expected. Darrel and I had been beating off together for a few days and there was that first time when he sort of fucked my belly without getting inside me, you remember? But he hadn’t done that again. Oh, and he had started feeding me his seed after he would cum. He would eat mine, too. I have to admit, it is weirdly tasty. Dad, I mean Denny, said he would continue my training in Darrel’s absence. He took me into the shower and he washed every inch of my body with just soap and his hands. It felt really nice, like soothing to my skin. When he started soaping up my dick, I jumped and tried to pull away. “Stand still!” he ordered, and I knew if I didn’t obey, he would force me. He’s a little bigger than Darrel so I knew I would do what he wanted either voluntarily or… not. When he washed my butt and stuck his finger into my ass, I jumped but didn’t pull away. Besides, it felt good, not quite as good as when Darrel had lubed his finger and massaged my prostate, but still nice. When I was clean, he made me wash him the same way, including washing his cock and probing his asshole. Now, that was really bizarre but strangely exciting! Cleaning Denny’s asshole made my Little Donny perk right up. When we were dried off, he took me to bed and cuddled me against his chest for a while. We talked quietly and he apologized for not being present much while Mom was sick and also for not giving me my training a couple of years ago when he should have. Then he started kissing me, just little pecks on my face and hair at first, but eventually he moved to my lips and the little pecks became longer and pressed harder against me. I figured he was going to French me and, sure enough, he finally started licking my lips. Geez, that felt so good! And I started getting hard again while he was deep kissing me. Finally, he looked me right in the eye and told me he wanted me to kiss his cock. I said no and he said yes and I said no and he said YES and I said okay. He pushed on my shoulders and I started sort of sliding down along his torso toward the big cock I could feel against my body. When I got low on the bed, Denny held his cock up for me. I stared at it for a moment. I’d never looked at an erect dick from this perspective before. His piss slit looked big, but the smooth rounded head looked somehow harmless. He shook it at me. I leaned a little closer. He shook it again. There wasn’t any getting out of this, I knew. I figured it wasn’t really queer if you were forced, so I puckered up and leaned down until I felt my lips touch it. In a flash, I pulled my head back and looked up at Denny. He had an amused expression and a smile. He tilted his head in the direction of his cock and I knew he was telling me to look at it. I took a breath and looked. He shook it at me. “Again, babe,” he said so softly I barely heard it. Obediently, I pursed my lips and bent until my lips touched his hot, smooth, rounded flesh. I started to pull away, but Denny’s big, strong hand held the back of my head immobile. “Relax, Don,” he said. “Nothing is going to hurt you. You’re just learning how to please your partner. Now, I’m going to release your head, but you are not going to pull away. Understand?” I tried to nod my head, but that made my lips brush up and down on his cock, so I grunted, “Um hmm.” “Good,” he said and released my head. I stayed immobile, praying this would soon be over. “Now, Donald, you need to show interest in this amazing organ before you. Show your partner you want to please him.” “How?” I mumbled against the big cock. “You could take hold of it.” I put a few fingers on the shaft. “Okay.” He took his hand away. Now his hands were on my shoulders, gently massaging me. “Don’t be afraid, Donny.” He hadn’t called me that since I was about ten. “Now, I want you to lick it.” I didn’t want to be that queer, so I hesitated. “It’s just a little skin, baby,” he cooed. “Just open your mouth a little and let your tongue touch it.” I did, allowing contact for about two milliseconds. “That’s pretty good, Donny, but I don’t feel like you really care about my pleasure. Now, this time I want you to lick it, like a lollipop. And keep licking until I tell you to stop.” How did I get into this mess? I felt Denny’s grip on my shoulders, gently keeping me in place. I breathed deeply and put my tongue out. I started licking. In a kind voice, he told me to move all around the head. Then to lick the flange. Then I spent a couple of minutes licking a lot of inches of shaft. His dick seemed huge from this vantage point. Why do the Cooper men have to be so well-hung? “You’re doing really well, Donny. Now, I want you to lick back up to the head.” I did. If I didn’t think about it being queer, it wasn’t so bad. “Lick it. Lick the piss slit.” Fuck! This is so queer! I licked it and discovered it had precum on it. It tasted milder than Darrel’s cum; rather nice, actually. No! I am not going to like cum! “That’s my boy! You’re making me feel that you want to please me. That’s very nice.” I kept licking the head of his penis. It was almost fun if you didn’t think about what you bursa escort were doing. “Now, baby, I want you to move your lips apart about an inch and then kiss the head.” I did. “Oh, that felt good! Now, do that a few more times and while your lips are touching the head, lick a few times.” I knew where this was leading and I was not going there! I pulled back and started to move my body. Suddenly, the grip on my shoulders tightened like a vise. “Oh,” he said in that same sweet voice. “You don’t want to do that. You haven’t yet shown your partner you want to please him. Open your mouth and kiss it like I told you!” His voice was a little harsher, demanding now. I did as I was told. He held me in place for a minute and then relaxed his hold on my shoulders. I kept kissing and licking his penis, getting another drop of precum as a little reward. “That’s really good, baby. Now, come up here.” I moved back up his torso until we were eye-to-eye again. He smiled warmly. “You’re doing so well, my sweet boy!” He kissed me gently, then passionately. He turned us over so he was on top of me. I thought he would begin humping me like Darrel had the first night, but he didn’t, just kissed me so deep! Damn, this I liked! My cock throbbed. I felt like the center of his world as he certainly was the center of mine. After a few minutes, he did start gently moving on my belly, pushing his big dick alongside mine. Then he stopped kissing. “I’m going to show you one important way to please your partner. Pay attention to what I do so you’ll know how to do it, too.” He slid down my torso until he was looking at my dripping cock. He kissed it and licked it as I had just done for him. It throbbed so hard I was afraid I was starting to shoot my load, but I didn’t. Then he kissed the head with his lips parted. He licked the precum off my cock, but instead of licking some more or pulling away, he opened his mouth further and the next thing I knew my entire cockhead was engulfed in incredible warmth. He sucked on me! It was un-fucking-believable! The sensations in my dick were so much more than I had ever felt before! He moved his head up and down, making my dick go deeper in his mouth and then out again. I only lasted a couple of minutes before I blew and filled his mouth with my cum. He swallowed, which felt amazing, and then was still when I stopped shooting. He just held my dick in his mouth and rubbed my abdomen lightly for a minute or two while I moaned and whimpered. It felt so-oo good! Then he crawled up me and kissed me, dribbling cum into my mouth when I opened it to receive him. I swear my cock, even though it was only half hard, released another drop of cum when I realized it was my cum he was feeding me from his own mouth. We kissed for a few minutes and we both got rock hard. He flipped us over on the bed so that I was lying on his torso. He broke the kiss and smiled, “I like the way your cum tastes!” I said nothing, but I did smile. “Did that make you feel like I wanted to please you? To give you pleasure?” “Uh, yes. Of course!” “Do you think you could show me the same way?” Here it comes! “Um! Dad, I’m…” “Denny!” he said sternly. “When we’re in bed together call me Denny.” “Yes, sir. Denny. Um. I’m not queer.” “Nobody said you are.” “But sucking cock is queer; everybody knows that.” “Do you think I’m queer?” I’d never thought that before, even after I figured out that he had been having sex with men for a long time. “Well, I don’t know. I mean, you suck cock, so doesn’t that make you queer?” He smiled at me. “No, baby. You could do anything with a man and it wouldn’t make you queer. The word `queer’ is usually a put-down. If you use `gay’ instead, it’s a little easier. But sucking cock doesn’t make you gay either. `Gay’ is more about wanting to be with men instead of women. It’s about falling in love with a man like most men fall in love with a woman. I just sucked your cock because I wanted to give you a great pleasure. How did it feel?” “So much better than anything I’ve ever felt!” I said with a shit-eating grin. “I’m really happy. I didn’t suck your cock because I just have to suck cocks. I did it because I knew how great it would feel to you. I had a lot of fun because I knew what a great gift I was giving you while I did it. Do you understand?” “I think so.” “Good. Now, do you want to show me how much you want to make me feel good?” When he put it that way… “It won’t make me queer, or gay?” “Nope.” I knew it was inevitable because he would never let me avoid this so-called training. I could fight and be miserable or I could do what he and Darrel wanted and get it over with. I reasoned that people do what they have to do to survive and it doesn’t define them. Let’s just get it over with, I thought. “Okay, then.” He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. Within seconds, I was kissing his cockhead, opening my lips further, and sliding down onto it as my mouth was filled with his thickness. If I’m truthful, I have to say it wasn’t disgusting at all. It tasted a little like our soap smells and, other than the drop of sticky stuff at the end, was spotless. I guess it should be since I just washed it a little while ago. Even though he wasn’t moving, it somehow felt strong, like a solid rod of steel, but covered with a thin layer of skin that was as smooth as glass. It took me a minute to set a good rhythm of going up and down and sucking. But once I was in the groove, it was quite exciting, especially when he started moaning and his breathing got a little ragged. It was amazing to think that it was so easy for me to make this big, macho man squirm and gasp and whimper so much. I guessed that Denny’s ramrod was half an inch shorter than Darrel’s, but the same girth. I kept jamming the back of my throat as I performed my first BJ and I knew there were a couple of inches of shaft that just didn’t fit into my mouth. Nevertheless, I guess it felt good to him as his moaning continued, getting a little louder as time went on, and just before my jaws gave out, he grabbed my head and held me down until his cockhead slammed into the back of my throat. He yelped and began flooding my mouth with hot, sticky sauce that trickled down my gullet and backwashed around his throbbing cock shaft to fill my mouth to overflowing. The taste was different from mine or Darrel’s � does each guy’s cum taste unique? I wondered. Remembering that he had fed some of my cum to me, I tried to hold a good amount in my mouth as the fireworks ended and he lay quietly resting. Finally, he released my head and I moved slowly off his cock. I climbed up his body and aimed my mouth at his. Eagerly, he turned his face to me, opening his mouth as mine came near. I placed my lips against his, parting them to match his open mouth. Since I was above him, the cum began dribbling onto his lips. Quickly, his tongue darted between my teeth and began licking his deposit off my tongue, teeth, and the roof of my mouth. Fuck, it was hot! My cock throbbed against his abdomen, drooling a bit, too. When he had taken almost all his cum back, he withdrew his tongue and we broke the kiss. He smiled at me as he licked his own lips. “That was very good for a first-timer, baby! I know that wasn’t what you wanted to do, but you did very well. It’ll get easier each time.” Fuck, he expected regular blow jobs! “You definitely showed me you wanted to give me pleasure. That’s the mark of a great lover.” He kissed me for a moment. “I think there’s some more reward for you if you will lick my cock clean.” In spite of myself, I grinned at him. Shit, I thought, now he thinks I’m a cock-hungry queer like David! Still, I returned to the scene of my crime and began to lick the light film of his cum from his slightly deflating cock. When that was done, he pulled me back up and told me he would teach me how to get the cock into my throat tomorrow, so I could have it all. He emphasized that made the experience even better for the partner and, since most guys cannot do a very good deep throat, those who can are prized by horny guys everywhere. I didn’t tell him I wasn’t interested in being considered a prized cocksucker! The next day, as promised, I entered a new phase of training, this one characterized by me lying on my back across his bed with my head hanging down over the side of the mattress. It was not a very pleasant experience. It was a little uncomfortable, it made me feel very vulnerable, it made my neck hurt, I had trouble breathing, and I gagged and gagged and gagged. He worked me pretty hard for an hour before lunch and then again for a while before bed. That time, I did manage to get a couple of inches of his cock past my tonsils and then I really couldn’t breathe. He pulled out after maybe ten seconds and then shoved back in. My throat actually spasmed a few times, which he seemed to love. Just before my throat exploded, he shouted and creamed my throat several times. I was disappointed bursa escort bayan that I didn’t get to enjoy the taste of his cum (oh how queer!) when he shot straight down my throat. After about the third cumshot, he did pull back into my mouth. That allowed me to breathe and taste his great cum, too. When he pulled out, I was rock hard and dripping so we swapped places and he showed me how incredible a deep-throat BJ is. Add one more item to the top of my list of my favorite things. Clearly the nun in The Sound of Music had never been deep-throated or “bee stings” wouldn’t be one of her favorite things! Shit, what a sacrilegious thing to think! I guess I’m on a one-way trip to the queer section of hell. On the third night, Darrel and David got home just as we were going into Denny’s room for my next lesson, whatever that might be. Immediately after we all said hello, Denny sent me upstairs to wait for instructions while he and Darrel went into his bedroom and closed the door. I helped Dave take their bags upstairs, so I asked how the party was. He launched into the queerest description of the party, describing each guy, even to who had the longest cock and whose was the thickest. Like I wanted to know that! Thankfully, Darrel interrupted before the party queen got into the details of who did who. Darrel said he got a good report on my progress from Denny and told Dave and me that I would be with Denny one more night while Dave got a night off after the party. That didn’t seem fair to me. Darrel said I would be back with him after breakfast and Dave would go back to Denny. Darrel and Dave each kissed me with full tongue before Dave gave me an evil grin and slapped my naked ass. “Go on now,” Darrel instructed. That night I deep-throated Denny without too much trouble. Then he deep-throated me. Then we blew each other at the same time in what he called “a 69.” I was enjoying my training more each day, but I hated myself more each day, too. David About 9:30 I went to bed in my own bed for the first time since my training had begun about five weeks before. I was exhausted and thought I would fall instantly into a deep sleep. However, I found I could not sleep. Thinking Darrel was alone in his bedroom, I sneaked into the hall outside our rooms. In a very rare event, his door was open. I could just make out his body lying naked on top of the sheets in the moonlight. He was lying on his back with his legs spread and arms opened across the bed. His cock lay half-hard across his thigh. Softly I closed the door and walked to the side of the bed. He was sprawled across the whole bed, but I managed to slide onto the mattress beside him. I moved my body against his side and gently lay my leg across his so that it was between his substantial thighs. I laid my head on his bicep and gingerly placed my arm across his chest, cupping his pectoral in my palm. He didn’t move in response, but he whispered, “I’m glad you came to me, baby!” Then he rolled onto his side, tossed his other leg across mine and put his hand on my back, pulling me against his firm pecs and ridged abs. “Now we can sleep,” he sighed. “I love you,” I mumbled. “I love you, too, baby,” he said. The next thing I knew, it was morning and I had to get ready to go to the ranch. Dwight With Darrel and David away, the house had seemed rather dull all weekend. Most of the time, Denny was occupying Donald, who didn’t seem to be having much fun. That left Dan and Dwayne and me to fend for ourselves a lot. Since Mom had gone, we hadn’t had much time without some pretty close adult supervision. It was actually nice. Dan spent the whole time with us. We played in the yard a lot, went to the swimming hole a couple of times, and played a lengthy game of Monopoly, which I finally won with hotels on the yellow properties including Marvin Gardens. After that Fourth of July weekend, things got even stranger around the house. Most nights, Don was with Darrel and Dave was with Dad, so we three younger boys could watch anything we wanted on TV, not that there was such great stuff, summer reruns mostly. Of course, we could hear occasional screams from upstairs or downstairs, but we’d learned to ignore them, no matter how horribly painful they sounded. David The first night back with Denny was fantastic. He praised me for moving so far in my progress on how to please my sexual partners. He was obviously impressed by how much bottoming I had done in 48 hours. He asked if I thought I was still attracted to women. “Yes,” I said. “Even after all that fucking with men, I still hope to marry and have kids someday. I hope I can make my wife as satisfied and happy as you made Mom.” He kissed me and said he thought that would be possible. Then we got down to the business at hand. Since Don’s training had just begun, Denny had not fucked him while we were away. So, he was raring to go. I was feeling the need for a good fuck, too, having gotten used to a lot of action over the weekend and having had nothing at all in about 30 hours. We had our usual preliminaries: douche, shower, kissing, rimming, fingering. But neither of us wanted to linger so we moved through each step as quickly as we could. The first time he fucked me into the mattress until I shot into the sheets and he shot into my ass. Then he pulled out the “step 2” dildo Darrel and I had gotten at that adult book store. The clerk had said it was 7 � inches long and almost 2 inches in diameter. It was comparable to Denny’s own wanger. “Are you ready to try this?” he asked calmly. “Oh,” I grinned, “hell, yes!” He fucked me with the dildo for a long time, maybe 30 minutes, for a while on my belly and then flipping me onto my back. Eventually he pulled it out and mounted me in the missionary style. He fucked me that time for 20 minutes before I unloaded, which brought him off, too. Morning brought another cum-load deep in my butt and a smile to my face. The next night was a carbon copy of our first night back together (which is not a bad thing!) until Denny had creamed my ass the second time. He reached back into the nightstand and brought out the “step 3” dildo said to be 10 inches long and 6 � inches in circumference. As soon as I saw it, I smiled, remembering the gorgeous Art, whose real-life cock was almost the same size and had felt so wonderful inside me. Denny, noting my smile, smiled, too. “You seem ready for this, too, huh?” I explained the connection with Art and that I was looking forward to it. Frankly, it was just a bit fatter than Art’s biggie, but a little extra pushing and it went in. Denny finished me off that night with 15 minutes of super-stretching. After that, my morning training was a fairly straight-forward fuck from Denny’s 7 � inches. That got me going each day and I enjoyed knowing that I had a little bit of Denny inside me as I worked at the ranch. My nightly training was a Denny fuck-and-cum, a “step 2” dildo-fuck, a second Denny fuck-and-cum, and a “step 3” dildo-fuck. Every day was nearly as good as the Fourth of July party! And, kissing and cuddling with Denny daily and nightly was the best part of all. Donald After Darrel and David returned from Hilton Head, David went back to Denny and I went back to Darrel. We were not consulted as we were the trainees and we did as instructed. Before the queer party trip, Darrel had taught me to enjoy mutual masturbation and initiated me into the practice of eating cum. Three nights with Denny had turned me on to the joys of getting head. And, yes, I would now give head without objection if it was an exchange. (You know, give a BJ, get a BJ. That wasn’t queer; that was friendly!) When I was behind closed doors with Darrel once again, he told me he thought I had done well while I was with Denny. The first night was almost like being with Denny. Darrel and I showered, washing each other, then we kissed and cuddled a while. Eventually he told me to give him a BJ without deep throat. Since he is actually half an inch longer than Denny, I was very aware of several inches of his shaft that got no attention from my mouth. But he moaned appreciatively and rewarded me with a good load of his jizz, which was a nice familiar taste. He cuddled me for a while and then told me to deep throat him. We moved around on the bed until my head was hanging low and my throat lined up with my mouth. As Denny had done, Darrel took charge and fucked my mouth and throat as he saw fit. Still, I found it exciting to have the whole big dick deep in my throat. Each time I kissed his pubes as he reached maximum penetration, I felt pride in my ability. Wait! Am I becoming proud of how queer I’m getting? I need to think about that. After I had fed him some of the second cumtail (a word I invented based on cum and cocktail), he lubed my dick, rolled me onto my back, and humped me like he had that first night. I came very hard and screamed loudly. The next night, he delayed our shower to show me how to douche my ass. I didn’t like escort bursa that and I didn’t like the implications. He was trying to push me to another level of queer and I couldn’t really figure out how to avoid it. So, reluctantly I went along. When the training session was over, I was very glad I had done my douche. After we went to bed, he asked/demanded that I deep throat him, which, of course, I did. By this point, I really didn’t mind and found it pretty exciting. When he had recovered from a screaming orgasm I thought would fill my stomach, he pulled out of my mouth, twirled me around, flipped me over, pulled me onto my knees with my face in the sheets, and pushed my legs apart. I was terrified! Darrel had the biggest cock I had seen and I knew it would hurt like hell if stuffed up my asshole. “Darrel, uh, I don’t…” My thought was interrupted as something wet touched my hole. It just touched, but that was enough to create the most intense non-orgasmic sensation I’d ever had. “Oh!” I gasped, not from pain but from surprise at the intensity. He began licking my hole. Amazing feelings flooded me and made my asshole itch. When his tongue actually pushed into my ass, I was shocked, but overjoyed by the sensation. My cock lurched and dampened the sheets below with a major oozing of precum. The next 15 minutes or so was the most unexpectedly wonderful experience of my life as he lovingly ate my ass, bringing me much closer to cumming than I’d ever known without any direct cock stimulation. When I was completely into it, he stopped and flipped me onto my back. He threw my legs back and dove in again. My cock throbbed, jumped, and oozed throughout his magnificent tongue-fuck. Without a conscious decision, my hand wandered to my cock and I started lightly stroking. On about my third stroke, Darrel grabbed my hand and threw it aside. He backed his tongue out of my ass and said forcefully, “Don’t touch your dick!” Then he went back to work for another ten minutes or so. I kept having to remind myself not to touch because I was really wanting to cum. Just when I thought I would die, he stopped and came up to my face. We kissed for a few minutes and then he rose on his knees above me. He moved up until his cock was hanging right above my face. “Suck it,” he said. As I grasped it and pulled it down to line up with my mouth, he moved again to bring it into perfect position. He started lowering his cock into my open mouth. He fucked my face in this new and not-entirely-comfortable position for six or eight minutes before he began filling my mouth with his tasty load. Afterwards, he gave me a truly heinous rule. He told me I could not jack off or in any way make myself cum until he said I could. When I protested, he told me he would make me cum, but that if I did it myself, the consequences would be severe. Right from the start I didn’t like this rule. Hell, after deep-throating Darrel, receiving that spectacular rim job, and then getting powerfully face-fucked, I needed to cum right then, desperately! But he didn’t take care of me that night. Instead he cuddled me tightly and I slept all night in his arms. That was very nice! When we awoke, he pushed his morning hardon into my throat and received a good BJ, if I do say so myself. By the time he blew his wad, my dick was rock hard and dripping like a sieve. But we got up and went downstairs to cook breakfast for the family. I was edgy all day because I couldn’t ignore my constant hardon and need to shoot. I hadn’t gone this long without an ejaculation for, I don’t know, a couple of years. After lunch we all worked out (except for David, who was working). When we were done, Denny took me into the shower and we exchanged one of those very sexy showers where we soaped each other. He managed to soap my dick without really stroking it. I think two strokes would have brought me off. I sucked him off in the shower and then he put me on my knees on the bed. He gave me a wonderful, slow, probing, caressing rim job with a lot of tongue-thrusting and twirling that got my juices so high I thought I might cum. Shit, my balls were in pain! All of a sudden, Denny just stopped and told me to go to Darrel. What the fuck? So, I walk from the basement to the second floor holding a towel over my enormous cock to shield the twins and Dan from a traumatic view. When I got upstairs, Dan was in Darrel’s room talking with him. When I appeared, he told Dan to leave and close the door. When we were alone, he pulled me down onto the bed, rolled me onto my back, straddled me, and shoved his dick down my throat. By this time, I’d gotten sufficiently queered that I actually enjoyed the masculine power of a big cock assaulting my mouth and throat and I liked the taste of Darrel’s and Denny’s cum better than a Snickers bar or even a beer. Eagerly I licked and sucked, assuming that he would let me cum after he had. He moaned a lot and grunted as he pounded me, calling out loudly when his nut popped. He rolled off and I kissed him, feeding him most of his own jizz, which he eagerly accepted. It was romantic and very pleasant. Instead of getting me off, he told me to go douche. “Could I just rub out a quick wad first?” I whined. He frowned. “Of course not!” “But I’m in pain! My hardon won’t go down. Please?” I was embarrassed and humiliated to be begging him to let me beat off. But, I was desperate. Kindly, he said, “I know you need relief, baby.” Then he shifted into lecture mode. “But, it is a very important step that your body needs to learn how to have an orgasm without giving any attention to your cock. You know about a man’s prostate?” Having given some thought to becoming a doctor someday, I had devoured my Biology text and even read some more books about the body. I knew the biology of an orgasm. “Yes.” “Okay. Most orgasms happen after a suitable amount of stimulation in the form of friction on the penis, right?” I nodded. “That triggers an orgasm when the sensations have built to a certain point.” He paused and caressed my cheek. “But there is another way an orgasm can be triggered. It’s a way that you need to learn. And, trust me, you will be very glad you did. Direct prostate massage results in a very strong orgasm that seems to involve more of you than just your dick. But right now your body has never experienced that.” He kissed my forehead. “Baby, I want to give you that experience, but you need to be in major need beforehand. So, follow my instructions. Douche. Shower. Relax. But do not make yourself cum! Then, I will give you something you will never forget.” It all sounded good, except I was a little uncomfortable with the idea of “direct prostate massage.” And I was so horny, I was half crazy. I douched, which was a little awkward working around my rigid prick without touching it. When that was done, I climbed into the shower and let the water soothe my oversensitive skin. When I soaped up my nipples, I felt a drop of precum released. I moaned. When I rubbed soap on my ass cheeks, my breathing got ragged. When I stuck my soapy finger into my ass to clean it for Darrel’s tongue, I felt another drop of precum come out. I moaned again. Gingerly I placed a soapy palm onto my swollen and purple cock. As I rubbed the soap across the surface of my shaft, my cock jerked and I felt a bliss in my loins. My hand moved up and down my cock slowly, spreading the soap and spreading the sensations, too. I could feel the deepest, most all-consuming need not just in my cock, but it seemed to be throughout my body. It felt so good! I did think I had to stop, but my hand seemed to have a mind of its own. Just a few mores strokes won’t hurt anything, my crazed brain thought. It feels so incredible. Just one more stroke. God, that was so amazing. One more won’t hurt. I’ve gotta have one more. I was so horny! I had been hard so achingly long! My fuse was so short, it only took four or five strokes until my body got what it desperately needed. The hot tingling came all the way from my feet, racing up my legs like a rocket taking off at Cape Canaveral. As the sensations raced up my legs, I felt energy being drawn into my groin. My balls became as hot as if a blow-torch had been pointed at them. No! I thought. Stop! But it was too late. I had a millisecond of panic before I was utterly overwhelmed by the feelings. Hot globs of cum shot out of my prick, cauterizing my insides before smashing against the wall in front of me. I screamed like a hot poker had been rammed into my urethra! My knees buckled and I sank to the shower floor just as I heard laughter from the bathroom door. For several seconds, time paused while the last three or four wads splattered against the floor and I sat on my heels, whimpering, or was I crying? Holding my still-rigid cock, I looked through the glass shower wall at Darrel in the doorway. He leaned against the doorframe, a crooked smile curling his lip and his head shaking from side to side. “Oh, Donny, you are in such deep shit!” There was no defense as he’d caught me red handed, er, red dicked. He turned around and walked out. I dawdled as long as I could, but I had to face him eventually, so I rinsed and dried off, screwed up my courage, took a long breath, and went into the bedroom, the empty bedroom.

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