Subject: Storm King Part 1 This story is an entirely fictional work of adult erotic fantasy. Copyright Brooding Muscle and Boy Mercury X 2017. If you’re under the age of majority in your jurisdiction, please come back when you’re of legal age. Nifty is a free service that depends on your donations to survive. Please help by giving at fty/ donate.html Important stuff: Our book BEARDING THE LION will be published on November 16, 2917 – look for it on Amazon, iBooks, B it was our first time. Winter lost its appeal shortly thereafter but Luc and I enjoyed keeping each other warm. The pleasant reverie fades and I look back down at my phone. I respond. Fuck, my underwear dampens as I imagine that. I moan and hump my mattress thinking of Evan staring down his opponent with those dark brooding eyes. I reply. Damn that Hayes brothers sex magic. I’ve fucked thirty-seven guys since I last touched either of them and one text conversation with Evan and now they’re all I can think about. I pull a plastic box out from under my bed and take off the lid, looking down at my collection of sex toys. I smirk, wondering what Mom would think. I pull out the long dildo, the only one I could find that’s a match for the Hayes’ bros heavenly dicks, not that a piece of plastic is any comparison to the real thing. I close the bedroom door and slam the suction cup of the sex toy on the lower wooden panel. I dump a mass of lube all over it and coat it up good, rubbing the leftovers into my ass crack. I turn around to stare out the window at the bare trees in the back yard, the spring buds just beginning to form, and get on my knees. I push back and feel the stretch of the head on my pucker. Fuck yeah, it’s been so long that I’ve been focusing on topping I forgot what this was like. I think I’m going to fantasize about Evan opening me up, but instead it’s Brian who come to mind. I think of his strong arms holding me tight against his chest and he pushes into me. I gasp and slide down his golden cock, and open up more to take him in. I feel his lips and tongue on my ear as he starts fucking me, and I moan loudly. I gyrate my ass to feel his dick stretching me to the limit and picture his achingly beautiful face in front of me. His lips part and I hear his soft voice, “I miss you Zach. Don’t forget about me.” GAHH! I slam my ass right back on the door and cum hard, five spermy streaks splattering the dark hardwood floor. I collapse, exhausted. Damn, that felt good. I pull a sweaty white tank top from the laundry basket and use it to mop up my load. Still semi hard, I lie back on my bed and grab my phone to text Brian. I wait a bit, but there’s no response. I shrug and toss the phone on my bedside table and I’m asleep in seconds. 4. Kelsey Hickson was my best friend back home, and sure, most of our friendship was about listening to her girl issues and girl gossip. When you’re the only out gay kid, that’s the deal. Her brother Todd was hot as fuck, but such a dude. I jerked off probably a dozen times thinking about him. Maybe ten dozen. I wasn’t counting. Honestly he was such a part of my mid-teens fantasy life sometimes I think he made me gay. More than once he caught me tenting my pants while watching him work out in his basement gym and it led to a rather unfortunate nickname. Kelsey’s car pulls into the driveway of the off-campus house whose second floor I share with Luc. Todd leans out the driver’s side window when he sees me. “Stiffy!” he shouts. Kelsey gets out the passenger side and squeals. “Zaaaach!” “Welcome to Syracuse,” I say from the veranda, arms outspread, “Founded by Lutherans, taught by atheists and attended by Jews!” Kelsey squeals again as we hug. Todd gets out of the car and, as always, I am checking him out. He’s grown taller and more muscular since I last saw him and he’s wearing a sleeveless basketball jersey that shows off his long, strong arms and powerful shoulders. His jersey has the Silverbacks gorilla sports mascot of our high school. I think about the team cheer, HOO HOO HOO, and remember how uncomfortable it made Brian because of the racist connotations. Of course, the Syracuse teams are called the Orangemen, who were the Protestant extremists in the Northern Ireland conflict, so it seems that most mascots have their problems. I look at Todd’s tall, leanly muscled body as he hauls Kelsey’s big suitcase up on his back, his right arm raised up to display an armpit thick with golden blond hair damp with sweat. Fuck if it were up to me sports teams would go back to Shirts and Skins. And I’d definitely pick Todd for Skins. He comes up the veranda and stands looking down at me, now a couple of inches taller than my five-ten, carrying two huge suitcases as if they weighed nothing. “Stiffy,” he drawls, “nice place y’all got. Y’all been working out?” I start to breathe a little faster as he comes closer and I smell his stink from spending thirteen hours in a car. Hell, you’d think Todd would be a dumb jock but he picks up on a lot. “Y-yeah, I’ve been taking up a little boxing to keep in shape.” “Cool.” I stare into those pale blue eyes. God, this dude just keeps getting hotter. Todd smirks as I continue to stare. “Uh, Zach, hello?” Kelsey interjects, rolling her eyes, and I flush slightly, and turn to bring them into the house. I let Todd go on ahead up the stairs with his big load and I turn to bursa escort Kelsey. “Kels, you didn’t tell me Todd was coming. Doesn’t he have two months of high school left?” “Yeah but turns out he’s had interest from some college basketball recruiters, including Syracuse, so it worked out for him to drive me up.” “So he’s got, like an audition?” Kels grins and pokes me. “I think they call it a tryout, in the sports world, Mr. Artsy Fartsy.” “Whatever,” I laugh. I have a warm feeling as I enjoy our banter, which I’ve missed. We reach our second floor and I show Todd where to dump the suitcases in the common area as there’s still a couple of days before Luc moves out. Luc walks out of the kitchen wearing an apron and does a double take when he sees Todd. “Ben–qui c’est?” he asks me, “Who is this?” “Surprise guest, Luc, sorry I thought it would just be the three of us. This is T–” I turn to indicate Todd, but he has already plopped down on the living room sofa and is out cold, snoring loudly. Kelsey yawns too and I guess naptime is next on the agenda. I tell Luc to put dinner on hold for a couple of hours. I tell Kelsey to take my bed and pull Luc into his own room. We lay down to cuddle but I am so horny from seeing Todd show up looking so hot that my hard cock pulsates and I slide it up and down his crack, moaning with lust. Luc grins, flexing his toned ass while I frot and he reaches into his bedside table drawer to get lube. “One more for the road?” he says, handing me the bottle. I coat my rigid prick with the slick lube and finger Luc’s hole with the remainder. “Just one?” I say into his ear, then lick his earlobe. “You don’t leave for two more days.” I enter him, and he sighs adorably. “Do not read too much into this, Zach, but…hunnnh, I am going to miss this. Miss you, I guess.” I hug Luc tight across the chest, and start a slow grind as I drop my voice low and husky. “Look at you, all sentimental. When we met you were the slutty one.” He starts to breathe more rapidly as we fuck. “Oui, come ça s’il te plait,” he whimpers, encouraging me. “And now I have little else to teach you.” We switch positions and Luc gets on top and rides my hard cock. He gets a mischievous look on his scruffy handsome face. “Well, maybe one more thing. Hand me le truc in that drawer.” I grin curiously and reach blindly for the drawer while we keep our eyes locked. Damn he’s sexy. I pull my arm back and in my hand is a dildo, about the same size as Luc’s dick. I look up at him quizzically. “Huh?” Luc arches an eyebrow and all of a sudden I get it. “Whoa–seriously?” I say. Luc nods. “Welcome to the advanced class, Zach. Now lube that thing up.” 5. “It’s so small,” I say, squinting. “Can you make it bigger?” It’s the next day and we’ve met up for lunch at Varsity Pizza after Todd’s tryout. “That’s what she said,” Todd guffaws, sitting opposite the rest of us in the booth wearing his sleeveless basketball jersey. He puts his hands behind his neck and his smooth biceps pop. A cute girl walking by with her take out slice stares and Todd winks at her and smiles. She blushes and scurries away. Luc and I crowd Kelsey on either side, looking at a video she uploaded to YouTube from the tryout. She turns her phone ninety degrees to enlarge the video. I can’t see much, there are about six players shooting baskets, aiming just above the angle of the video. Suddenly several of them stop and point at a player approaching backwards from the opposite half-court. It’s Todd. He’s in the middle of the court and nails a free throw all the way to the opposite hoop. “Whoa!” one of the players yells. Cheers erupt from the sidelines. Someone passes another ball to Todd. He moves back another five feet, and tosses off another free throw that passes through the net with a swish. “Holy Fuck, go for it, bro!” someone says excitedly. Another five feet back. Another free throw. Another smooth drop. People are starting to lose their shit. Finally Todd stands just below the net, the full court in front of him. He looks like he’s just about to try for a final throw when he turns around and faces the camera. “The name’s Todd Hickson, bitches,” Todd sneers, and still facing the camera, he hocks the basketball back over his head, blind. Luc and I both hold our breath. The ball hits the rim and bounces high, but then drops through the hoop cleanly. Pandemonium erupts and the video ends abruptly. “That’s when I basically got trampled,” Kelsey says. “Oh my god, you guys planned that!” I say, amazed. Luc, who doesn’t impress easily, says: “I know nothing about basketball, but that looked hard, mon ami.” He slides back to his side of the booth, next to Todd. “Naw,” Todd drawls, “It’s all geometry, bro.” He smiles at Luc and reaches behind him to rest his muscular arm on the back of the seat. Luc grins in a way I have never seen him grin before, almost goofily. I look around the restaurant and I see several students looking at their phones and then pointing toward our table. I take Kelsey’s phone and check the view count. “Dude you’re a star, two thousand views and it was just posted an hour ago.” Todd just grins and flips up the menu. “Well this star is starving. Let’s eat.” He waves the waitress over, and I swear she moves faster than I’ve ever seen a waitress move in this place. “Hello, darlin'” Todd smiles, and she returns his smile wickedly and leans down slightly to show bursa escort bayan off her nice tits. “What can I get you, handsome?” she flirts. “Oh you mean food?” he grins, “Let’s go with this: two extra large meat lover’s, one extra large chicken pesto, and two pitchers draft beer.” “Todd,” I say, “Don’t forget the vegetarian, y’know, your own sister?” Todd gives me a dismissive look and tosses the menu on the table. “Y’all can order what you like. That’s for me.” Kelsey makes a face. “Todd, don’t be a pig.” I stare at Todd and then look back at Kels. “Is he serious?” Todd drains his glass of water and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. “Just watch me.” ** Our food comes and Kelsey turns to me as Todd dives into his pizza. “So, Zach,” she says softly, “we should talk about Brian.” I raise an eyebrow. “We should?” I didn’t think Kelsey cared a whit about the Hayes boys, even before their fight at her end of year party nearly destroyed her house. “He’s not doing well,” she says seriously. I look out the window, avoiding her gaze. “And how would you know that exactly?” “Hello? It’s me, I have my spies, you know that.” It’s true, even going as far back as middle school if you wanted to know the gossip, you asked Kelsey Hickson. I didn’t realize her network extended to Tulane, where Brian was taking a business degree. I look back at her. “Okay, so what do you mean, not doing well?” Kelsey studies my face. “I know that look, it’s the same one you had on your face when you ran into my mother and me at the store after that disaster of a party. You look guilty.” “So one year as a psychology major and you’re already reading minds? Pretty impressive, Hickson.” “Deflecting with sarcasm. I must be right. What happened between you two at Thanksgiving?” I sigh. “Look Kesley, I’m not sure whatever it is has to do with me, it could be about him and Evan. But since you’re so eager to tell me about Brian, why don’t you just do it.” Bingo. I love Kelsey, but sitting on juicy gossip is not something she’s capable of. She takes a deep breath. “Okay, so my friend Madison who’s also at Tulane for business was telling me that Brian was kicked off the football team and he’s barely been attending classes. The only thing he’s done through the winter term is drinking, partying and going to the gym. There’s even some rumours he’s juicing. You know, steroids.” “Yes I know what juicing means, Kels,” I say, annoyed, but not really at her. Kelsey is right, I am feeling slightly responsible for this turn of events, but honestly, I never asked to be thrown in the middle of the Hayes’ brothers sibling drama. “So supposedly the football thing,” she continues, basically talking right over me, “was `cause Brian was getting a lot of homophobic crap from his teammates, can you believe it? In 2017? Apparently one day he had enough and snapped. Madison’s boyfriend Hank said he literally picked up the team’s star running back and threw him clear across the locker room. Then when the team captain tried to hold him back, he decked him and broke his jaw.” “Jesus,” I say. “The captain and the star running back? No wonder they kicked him off the team.” I remember that Evan played running back in high school. “So that’s it for his scholarship too,” she says, “which sucks, though I guess the Hayes can probably afford to pay his tuition. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in the room for that conversation with his mom and dad.” You don’t know the half of it, I think, as my mind goes back to my encounter with Dr. and Mrs. Hayes Thanksgiving morning when my impromptu sleepover with Brian led to a house-trashing brawl between him and Evan. “I’m sure the only reason he wasn’t charged is that everyone on the team saw the abuse Brian had to go through and nobody wants another hazing or sexual harassment scandal on campus, so the university hushed it all up.” “Wow,” I say, stunned. I try to imagine how Brian must be feeling, but it’s difficult. Football was his life in high school, but he had seemed different at Thanksgiving, like he was growing out of that jock stereotype. Even so, this is big. “So what happened to him?” I ask. “I texted him about a month ago but I never heard back.” “Nobody knows. It seems unlikely he passed his courses, but you never know, Brian’s smarter than he lets on. But when the term ended, he just disappeared, nobody’s seen him around Atlanta or New Orleans.” I turn to look out the window again. I haven’t forgotten about you Brian, and I hope you’re okay. ** I turn back to see that while Kelsey and I have been talking, Todd has been methodically consuming his three extra-large pizzas while the rest of us nibble on slices. He doesn’t rush, just one slice after another. Luc is absolutely fascinated and stares at Todd the whole time. Todd’s lip-smacking and chewing and the bobbing of his prominent Adam’s Apple as he swallows is inexplicably giving me a hard on. I kick off my shoe and reach my foot under the table to put it in Luc’s crotch and I see he is rock hard too. He smiles, nods at Todd and mouths to me: “holy shit!”, then grabs my foot under the table and massages himself with it. As Todd eats he takes sips of beer from the first pitcher; by the time he’s down to the last two slices, it’s empty. Todd takes a deep breath and let’s go a few small burps. He feels his chin and realizes it is slick with grease. He looks around for a napkin and Luc passes him escort bursa one. Todd winks at him. “A gentleman,” he says amiably, as he takes the napkin and wipes off the grease. I feel Luc’s cock throb. Todd’s eyes weave back and forth between the last piece of chicken pesto and the last meat lover’s slice. “What’s it gonna be?” I ask, feeling a newfound camaraderie with Todd. “When faced with an impossible choice,” he responds, “I say why not both?” With that Todd takes the chicken pesto slice, flips it and drops it onto the meat slice, making one double decker gooey mess, folds it slightly and slides the pointy end into his wide open mouth. “OHHmygod sooooo gross,” squeals Kelsey, watching her brother rally to mulch the last two slices. Todd takes deep breaths and like a snake that swallows its prey whole begins to gulp down the pizza. At every swallow I expect him to barf up the whole meal. Todd sits back and I nearly lose it as he lifts up his shirt and pats his distended belly. Though you can still faintly see his abs, he looks pregnant. Goddamn. He sees my look and chuckles: “Look Stiffy, I made a baby! A big pizza baby.” Luc adds, laughing and batting his eyes: “I think you will have twins, mon beau.” “Aren’t you forgetting something,” I say evilly, pushing the full second pitcher of beer toward him. “Zach! Don’t encourage him, this is so gross,” Kelsey complains. “I will absolutely encourage him.” “Fine, it’s your house he’s going to barf in.” Todd hikes the two quart jug up like an Oktoberfest beer stein and clinks Luc’s half full pint glass. “Bottom’s up,” Todd says, and tips the pitcher up to his lips. The three of us stare astonished as he starts to drain it in large gulps. Some guys from a local fraternity in the next booth, who must have seen the basketball video, notice and start to chant his name: “Todd, Todd, Todd…” Soon the whole restaurant is chanting. Todd swallows the last drop and sets the pitcher down gently on the table. Everyone seems to sense that something is up and you could hear a pin drop. Todd makes another few small burps, and then hikes the bottom of his shirt up again. Now he really does look like he’s pregnant with twins. He tries to sit forward but his big belly is shoved right up against the built-in booth table. He makes another couple of small burps and then opens his mouth wide. “Oh shit.” says Kelsey. “BBBBBRRRRRRRAAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!” Todd lets loose an epic belch beyond anything I have ever heard and the vibrations from his abdomen shake the table so hard it is knocked loose and and tilts, spilling Luc’s beer sideways. It splashes over to my side and drenches my shorts. The group of frat boys erupts in cries of disbelief and cheers, and some come over to slap Todd’s shoulders and shake his hand. I shake my head. Todd Hickson, Syracuse University BMOC and not even yet out of high school. *** That night, Luc and I are spooning again in his room while Kelsey sleeps in mine. Todd was carried off by the frat boys like they were tribesmen with a new idol to worship. We didn’t know what he’d get up to but presumably it involved more beer and more food and more belching. In any case, Todd can take care of himself, I once saw him drop a grown man twice his size for harassing Kelsey, with one punch, so we weren’t worried. He sent us a text later inviting us out to the frat house for a party, but Luc was leaving tomorrow and I needed to get my head into study mode for the summer term so we declined. I’m startled awake by the bedroom door opening noisily. Todd stumbles in and hoarsely moans: “Stiffffyyyy”. I sit up and as Luc groggily turns to see what’s going on, Todd climbs onto the bed and drops his full weight between us, crowding us to the edges of the mattress. “Stiffy,” he says, “my stomach hurts.” He rolls his shirt back to expose a swollen belly, bulging over the waistband of his loose track pants which–holy shit–are sporting a big tentpole. “What did you do?” I ask. “Ate at the party,” he said, tenderly running a hand over his beachball belly. “You ate MORE?” I ask, astonished at Todd’s epic appetite, but my eyes are locked on the swaying tent in his pants. “And they put something in my beer,” he groans, Suddenly both I and Luc are wide awake. “Tell me who did it, I will kill them,” Luc says, so solemnly I turn to look at him, alarmed. “Slow down, crazy,” I say, then turn back to Todd to ask, “What did they put in your beer?” “Unnhhh Viagra I think,” he says, giggling until he winces from the pain in his belly. “Stiffy… you like me right? We’re bros”? “Not the word I would have used in high school,” I say, “But sure… we’re bros. We practically grew up together.” I think of all the time spent in the Hickson’s basement, yakking it up with Kelsey and watching puberty transform Todd from an annoying younger brother into a sleekly muscled high school jock. “As for liking you, duh, that nickname you gave me didn’t come out of nowhere, huh?” I can see Todd smile at me in the moonlight. He stares lovingly at me the way straight guys do with other guys when they’re plastered. “I know you like me that way”, he says, whispering the last two words like he’s a six year old avoiding a naughty word. “But I mean, you got my back, right? You’d help a bro out?” “Sure,” I answer. “Would you rub my tummy?” Todd asks, hiking up his jersey with one hand, “It’s the only thing to make it feel better.” His smooth, swollen belly is shocking but nothing could prepare me for what happens next as Todd hikes his shorts down and lets his massive, throbbing erection thrust up toward the ceiling. I gasp. “Mon dieu!” Luc chokes. TO BE CONTINUED

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