Subject: Little White Pills Chapter 16 Hi Guys, it’s been a while, but I hope you like the latest installment. If you do, help keep the lights on by donating to Nifty fty/donate.html. Share the love! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chapter 16: “Our Men In Uniform” “Sarge, are you awake? Sarge? Wake up!” The harsh whispers finally resolved into actual words, and Jakovski opened his eyes as he shook off his confusion. It slowly sank in that he’d been strung up, padded cuffs around his wrists and ankles stretching his 250-pound frame taught. He was also stark naked. As his vision came into focus he recognized PFC Chesterton as the whisperer. Like him the muscular Private was also naked, but he had been tied to a chair facing Jakovski: arms bound behind him and then to his ankles, which in turn were tied to the chair legs. His broad pecs strained as he struggled against the constraints; he wasn’t as big as the Sargent, but his well-muscled frame made it worth a try. Whoever had trussed him up knew what they were doing though, and after a futile struggle he gave up, panting in frustration. Jakovski tested his own bonds, but without much hope: they were far to thick to snap, and were attached to a solid metal frame. Even if he’d had good leverage he doubted it would have helped. Sure enough, he wasn’t going anywhere. “I’m awake,” he whispered back. “What the hell is going on?” “I dunno Sarge.” Dark eyebrows furrowed in concentration as Chesterton chose his words. “I remember we were in that little bar in old Havana, and we were getting drinks with those chicks…” “Shit. I knew that was too good to be true. We got roofied son.” The two of them were actually both in their early twenties, but “son” felt like the right thing for a leader to say. Chesterton’s handsome face showed confusion. “But why? I mean why not just take our wallets or whatever and dump us somewhere?” “An excellent question Private.” Two men had just entered the room. The speaker was a stocky blond man, young but with icy blue eyes. His chiseled, smooth-shaven features conveyed an air of command that both Americans associated with officer material. Both of them were dismayed to see him wearing a Soviet army uniform. The other man was physically the opposite of the Russian: short and compact, with Hispanic features that contrasted with his partner’s Slavic looks. He was clad in dark-green fatigues that were the standard garb of the Cuban military. The American marines exchanged a worried look. “Our governments are very interested in certain pieces of information, and it has come to our attention that the two of you can help us obtain it.” His Russian accent made Jakovski shiver–he’d heard stories about Soviet interrogation methods, and had no desire to experience them firsthand. No sense letting the Private know his fears however. He put some bravado in his voice. “I thought you boys were done slinking around with the Castros. Shouldn’t you be back in Mother Russia _comrade_?” “It is true we do not have as close a relationship as we once did, but we still collaborate on certain strategic matters. And access to your STAR database is certainly one of them.” Jakovski kept his face a careful blank, but he could see the shock on Chesterton’s: the existence of STAR was supposed to be classified, never mind who had the access codes. “Well you’re wasting your time buddy. Those codes change all the time–ours are already useless. And none of has all the codes anyway.” Chesterton looked triumphant. The Cuban leaned over from behind, speaking into the Private’s ear while looking up knowingly at the Sargent. “Only partly true, amigo. They do change every two weeks–but yours were issued just two days ago, before you went on leave. No one knows you are missing, so we have plenty of time to get your access codes. And the other set that Sargent Jakovski has, of course.” He left Chesterton to his shocked expression, then turned away to start fiddling with the contents of a box he’d brought in. “You may have heard,” the Russian said, “certain unpleasant rumors regarding our…questioning methods.” He began circling them slowly as he talked, forcing them to turn their heads to watch him. “I cannot speak personally of these matters, but you will be happy to know that if all goes well then you will have no personal experience of them either. Thanks to some innovative work from my Cuban colleagues we have much more effective, and…pleasant means to learn what we want.” The Cuban officer looked over his shoulder. “Don’t thank me–it was you Americans who developed this technology. In fact, I believe a product very much like this one may soon be available for sale in your country. Lucky for us we got our hands on this prototype some time ago.” “You are too modest comrade. It was you who made it effective, as they shall soon see.” The Russian had circled around to stand behind Chesterton, where he smiled wolfishly over the bound man at Jakovski. The Sargent sneered. “It’s gonna take more than hugs to get us to share those codes you scum.” “Perhaps.” The Russian shrugged. “We can always consider…traditional methods if necessary. But we have a very long time to try the new techniques on you both.” He rested one hand on Chesterton’s head and looked down, considering. “I think we’ll find what we need in Private Chesterton’s head. Sooner or later he’ll realize it’s in his own best interest.” One finger slowly traced through the Private’s thick black hair and down the back of his neck, raising goosebumps. “As will you.” He looked over his shoulder. “Is ready?” “Si. The inst–the protocols were not clear.” The Cuban’s brown face flushed slightly in embarrassment. “Good. Begin with the Private.” Chesterton looked up at his Sargent, visibly struggling not to panic as the Cuban knelt behind the chair. Jakovski couldn’t see what was happening, but he appeared to be setting something up underneath it and attaching it to the chair base. He turned cold as he realized that the seat webbing had been partially cut away, leaving the Private’s genitals exposed from below. If the Cuban’s apparatus involved some clips and a car battery this interrogation was going to be ugly. When Chesterton started cursing and thrashing around he feared the worst, but the man didn’t scream, or seem to be in pain. A minute later it was all over and the Cuban stood up, a satisfied look on his face. “Is done?” the Russian asked. “Yes. The remote will handle it how we like after the initial setup.” He held up a small button-covered rectangle. “Oh–one more thing.” He pulled two small disks from the box, peeled off a backing, and stuck one to Chesterton’s chest and the other to the side of his forehead. “The sensors.” He attached leads from the box to each and then looked down, apparently satisfied with what he saw. “Now we are ready.” He pressed the remote and a short chime sounded from below the chair. “Good. We’ll prepare the second unit. Gentlemen, please do not go anywhere.” He gave the Americans a wintry smile, and then the interrogators left the room. “Private, are you okay?” The man in the chair gave a short laugh. “You mean except for the fact that I’m about to be interrogated until I give up the codes, and after that they’ll probably kill us? And nobody even knows we’re missing for the next three days?” “We’ll figure out a way to break out Private, so don’t go losing your head. You gotta hang tough until we get rescued–you can do it if you keep your cool. Now, did they hurt you at all?” “No.” Chesterton looked baffled. “They just jammed something up my butt. Piece a plastic tube or something.” The Sargent nodded. “Probably some advanced sort of lie detector probe. You remember your training on how to fool those?” “Yeah, clench up on the truth, relax on the lies so they can’t tell ’em apart.” “Good man. You’ll do fine.” Chesterton’s confidence was returning. “Yeah, I got this. Just never had anyone put anything up my butt before. Feels kinda weird.” “Not hurting you or anything is it?” “Nah, it was kinda cold but it’s warm now. No big DA FUCK?!” The ropes strained as Chesterton bucked his hips, shock written on his face. “Private. Private! Are you okay?” “Yes. Um, sorry sir. But…it moved.” “The thing in your butt? The lie detector probe?” “Yeah. It twitched kinda. Scared the crap outta me.” He gave a shaky laugh. “What’s up with that bullshit? Mmmph! Fucker did it again.” He bucked, but not nearly as much. “Is it injuring you? Do you think you’re in any danger? I’ll call them back here if I have to.” “No, don’t call ’em back–we gotta stall, remember. It just feels weird, like I got flicked in the gooch or something. Mmph!” He twitched. “Fuckers.” “Okay, just ignore it then. We need to stay calm and focused, so just tune it out as much as you can. Let’s figure out how we’re going to get out of here.” That conversation ended up being depressingly short. They were tied up and naked, with no idea where they were, and no sign of their weapons or even clothes. They decided that they’d just have to wait out this interrogation session, then overpower the Cuban and the Russian once they were released from their bonds. Flashes of annoyance crossed Chesterton’s face periodically as they talked, but he’d kept focused on the discussion at hand. “We should hold out as long as we can, but if we have to give them something slip them last week’s codes. It’ll take them a while to check probably–that’ll buy us some time.” “Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing Sarge. And that way your old code and mine’ll match, so they’ll seem more legi—hhhhffffff!” Chesterton’s eyes opened wide and he sucked in his breath, then began breathing rapidly. “Private–what’s wrong?! Answer me son!” “It–I dunno. It just got bigger all of a sudden.” He resumed his shallow panting. “Bigger? What do you mean, bigger?” “Like, it’s all swollen up, like it inflated or something.” He sucked in a deep breath. “My asshole was not meant for this Sarge. Jesus Christ!” He gritted his teeth. “Okay, try…um, try to take deep breaths and relax. If you fight it you might injure yourself.” “Easy for you to say sir. No offense,” he grunted. He did begin breathing more deeply though, and his respiration began to slow. “Is that helping son?” Jakovski was concerned: internal injuries would leave them in an even worse place. “Yeah. Phew! Yeah. I think I’m getting used to it. You sure know it’s there now though–Christ amighty.” He took a few more deep breaths. “Okay, I got this.” “Good man. I think they’re just trying to freak you out, make you uncomfortable before they start asking questions. Just try to roll with it and we’ll get you through this, okay? Chesterton met his gaze squarely. He was still off balance, but the gaze said that he’d see this through. “Yes sir.” “Good man.” Jakovski projected confidence, even if his own was shaken a bit. What was the Russian up to?… His thoughts were interrupted by a barely-audible sucking-in of breath. His gaze snapped back to his subordinate, who looked surprised and mildly confused. “What is it now?” “It’s…um, the tapping sir. Sort of.” “Whadyou mean, ‘sort of?'” “Well, it’s a little more of a, a pressing I guess you’d say, and it’s farther up there for sure. And, uh…it kinda felt good maybe?” He looked unsure of himself. “Okay, well you know the drill Chesterton. Ignore it as best you can and–did it just happen again?” The Private had just sucked in a short breath and twitched, brown eyes widening. “Yeah. A little stronger this time. It…kinda got to me a little more.” “All right, eyes front. I want you focused on me 100%, not paying attention to that thing. Attenhut!” Years of training kicked in and the Private instinctively sat up straight as well as he could, eyes locked forward as his Sargent gave him a fierce glare and held it, demanding he maintain silent discipline. Twice more he twitched and his eyes lost their focus slightly, but he quickly recovered. The third time though a small whimper escaped and he bit his lower lip, while his back arched slightly. “Is there a problem Private?” Jakovski hoped his menacing tone would bring back Chesterton’s focus. They couldn’t afford this distraction so soon or they’d never make it until they were rescued. “Sorry sir.” Chesterton looked abashed. “It’s just that…it’s starting to feel really good. I’ve never felt anything like this before, and it’s…kinda getting to me. Aaah!” His eyelids drooped, and he didn’t so much twitch this time as rock his hips. The motion drew Jakovski’s eyes to his lap, where he could see the Private’s trimmed cock pulsing and growing. It’d be fully hard soon, and then what? No one had ever trained them for this sort of interrogation. He looked up grimly and met Chesterton’s eyes, making the Private flinch. “I’m sorry sir, I am! I just can’t help myself. I really can’t!” He sounded and looked desperate, but then the machine did something again that made him shut his eyes and groan briefly, hips pressing down instinctively into the chair’s opening. His cock twitched and began to rise out of his lap, a clear bead of liquid already forming at the piss slit. When he opened them again his voice held a note of urgency, a need to convince. “It’s not just the tapping any more Sarge. It’s doing other stuff. It feels better each time, and it’s like it’s just wired right to my dick or something.” When Jakovski was 15 he and his best friend Ben had found a box of Hustlers in the dumpster behind their apartment building. Ben’s mom worked days and they were horny teenagers, so of course they’d taken the whole stash back to his friend’s room and started leafing through them. One thing led to another and pretty soon they were jerking off together, each with his own magazine. They’d never done anything to each other, but it’d become a regular ritual. If neither one had jerked it in a while it’d be over in a few minutes and they’d go do something else afterwards, but if they’d both just gotten off, say that morning, they could spend hours at it, raunchy centerfolds in one hand, dicks in the other. He hadn’t thought about that in years, but then again he hadn’t been around another guy getting off in years either. It gave him a ray of hope anyway: if the Private had taken care of himself recently he might be able to hold out long enough for them to try…something. Stall, at least. “Chesterton.” While he’d been thinking the Private’s attention had returned to the sensations in his ass. His eyes had slid shut, and his lips had parted slightly as his head leaned back; his hips were rocking gently but steadily. He had a decent-sized cock, and it was at full attention now, bobbing in time with his hips’ rocking; the clear droplet had made it halfway down the shaft to his shaved balls. “Chesterton!” The Private snapped out of his reverie, although his hips continued to move slightly. “Sorry sir. I’m just…having trouble concentrating. This thing is making my dick so fucking hard.” His gaze lowered from the Sargent’s face and became puzzled. “Did they do something to you too Sarge? Your dick looks bigger too.” Jakovski bent his head down. Even with a bit of manscaping his blond bush was dense enough to obscure the view, but his cock was much bigger than the Private’s, coming in at over 8″ when hard. It was nowhere near that, but it was definitely swollen and heavy feeling. “And you’ve got a little juice coming out the tip.” Chesterton kocaeli escort sounded almost thoughtful as he said it, his tongue absentmindedly licking his upper lip just a bit as he said it. His eyelids drooped and he gave another small moan. Something about the tone, or that look, or something, hit a nerve, and Jakovski felt a little twinge that said he’d fluffed up another notch. Shit. He’d been so busy wrapping things up before his leave he hadn’t had time to jerk off in almost a week. If he were with Ben and those Hustlers he wouldn’t have lasted two minutes. Less if the Private had been there, cock wagging in the breeze while he made those little noises and gave him that look. “Never mind that for now Private. How long has it been since you’ve strok–gotten off?” He’d started to say “stroked yourself,” but that sounded too sexual. Best to keep this clinical. “It’s been like a week Sarge–I’ve been so busy and tired I just never had time. Why?” “Damn. I was hoping if you’d just gotten off you could last longer.” “I wish I could get off Sarge. This thing is starting to drive me nuts I’m so horny.” He paused to pant a couple of times, squirming. “How long has it been for you?” Jakovski sighed. “About the same.” “So is that why you’re getting hard too?” He stared at the growing shaft in front of him, twitching in time with the Sarge’s pulse. The clipped head hung well below the furry blond base, but was rising up as it continued to swell. Jakovski’s mouth was dry. This whole situation was fucked up, but it was also starting to turn him on in a big way. “Guess I picked a bad week to give up stroking my dick,” he said weakly. Chesterton’s eyes were hooded as he watched it continue growing, occasional soft noises coming from him as he slowly ground his hips in time with the machine’s rhythm. Finally the monster reached it’s full size, jutting out proudly from the Sargent’s flat belly. Chesterton’s voice sounded almost reverent at the sight. “It’s so big sir. And it’s dripping so much.” He licked his lips again without even noticing it, but the Sargent did. “Do you always do that?” “Yeah,” Jakovski said hoarsely, “when it’s been a while.” He hadn’t touched himself, no one had touched him, but it didn’t matter: the Private was doing it for him, like a strip show with no touching at all allowed. And the Private wasn’t some titty dancer hoping for a tip–the stream of precum coating his cock was proof that he was into it for real. They were only a couple of feet away from each other, so close he could see every move and hear every little sound Chesterton made; it was like he was back with Ben all over again, but they weren’t doing their own thing now: the Private was looking right at him the whole time. Especially at the Sargent’s furry crotch dead center in front of him: his eyes were locked on it right now, following the tip as it swayed, tracking the fluid running down the shaft. The look on his face suggested he’d be interested in doing something with that fluid and his tongue, if only he were free. Jakovski grunted in frustration: if he could just reach his dick he knew he’d drop a load in a heartbeat, and the knowledge that he couldn’t just made him crazier. Chesterton made a weak attempt at a laugh. “Guess you are really horny sir–you’re leaking like a faucet. I mean, I thought I dripped a lot when I was horned up, but man….” His voice dropped. “I can even smell it” he said, half to himself. His nostrils flared as he took in a deep breath, then blew it out with a sigh. The Sargent grunted at the sensation, cock twitching automatically as it released another droplet. Chesterton tore his gaze away from the Sargent’s groin briefly. “Sorry sir. I guess that was kinda the blow without the job, huh?” Jakovski nodded. The mix of warm breath across his crotch, with spots of coolness where it blew over the wet areas, made him shiver. He strained against his straps, instinctively trying to grab the Private’s head and pull it onto his shaft. “Yeah, kinda. Let’s not do that again, okay Private?” The cool trail where his precum was running went all the way down to the underside of his balls now, and there was no sign it was letting up. He took a deep breath and let it out, trying to calm himself. “Yes sir. No more tickling your balls.” “Yeah. And uh…we should probably not talk about that stuff either. We’re just getting each other worked up.” He had to tear his gaze away from Chesterton’s shaft just below him–his imagination was starting to play scenarios of taking it into his mouth. “Eyes front soldier, stay focused.” “Yes sir.” They lapsed into silence, trying to rein in their hormones. The little noises Chesterton kept making weren’t helping though–it was obvious the machine was still working him over, maybe more than before. “Um, sir?” Jakovski glanced down. “What is it Private?” “I know you said eyes front sir. And focus. It’s just that, um…you’re right in front of me. Nnnnnnggh!” It was his loudest groan yet, and his eyes slid shut in pleasure. When he recovered and opened them again his face was flushed. Both their faces were. “So, um, anyway, all I’m doing is staring at your…you know, at you and it feels so good inside me while I’m doing it. It’s just messing with my head, y’know. I mean, I shouldn’t be thinking this stuff but this thing is making my dick ache, and I’m just watching the juice dripping off your balls and I know you’re horny too and that just makes me wanna get off even more but all I can do is stare at your hard-on while my ass…it just feels so good.” He took a deep breath. “Sorry sir, I know you said not to talk about that stuff but I just had to say something.” He looked down in embarrassment. Jakovski opened his mouth to reply, but didn’t get the chance. Their kidnappers had returned, satisfied looks on their faces as they saw the state both men were in. The Cuban was carrying another box with some pharmaceutical company’s name on the side, and both men seemed to have significant bulges in their pants. Jakovski’s ass gave an involuntary twitch of fear mixed with anticipation. “So,” the Russian said smugly, “the initial run is proceeding well I see. For both of you. You are enjoying watching the Private interact with our little machine, Sargent?” “This is some twisted shit you fucker,” Jakovski snarled. “Oh, I agree.” The muscular blond’s smile was predatory as he approached the helpless NCO. Jakovski may have outweighed him by a good 50 pounds, but there was no question who was in charge. He reached out a calloused index finger and crooked it under the Sargent’s shaved balls, and Jakovski sucked in his breath as it slid slowly up, collecting a layer of fluid as it went. “But I think you like this ‘twisted shit,’ yes?” He looked over his shoulder at the Private, who was shuddering as the Cuban reached over his shoulder and rolled a nipple between two fingers. “Your subordinate certainly does. How is he doing?” he asked the stocky Hispanic. White teeth showed in a grin. “He’s responding very well, comrade. Very well.” He reached down and began playing with the second nipple as well, making Chesterton suck in his breath. “As you see.” “Yes.” The Russian turned to them. “Private, it is good to see a man who knows what he likes. Here, this is a small reward for your cooperation.” He extended his glistening index finger. “You see how much your Sargent enjoys what you do for him. Here, take your reward. Show him your gratitude.” He pressed the finger to Chesterton’s lips, and as it slid in the Cuban’s fingers tightened their grip on his nipples. The Private groaned, arching his smooth chest instinctively as he suckled. The Russian looked back at the Sargent where he was bound, hypnotized by the spectacle. “You see Sargent, how much your subordinate loves the taste of you? Satisfying, isn’t it?” There was no need for Jakovski to answer: his throbbing cock said it all. The Russian pulled his finger out, then crouched in front of the chair to look into the Private’s eyes. “Did you enjoy your reward, Private?” Chesterton didn’t speak, just nodded weakly. “The taste of another man, it is enjoyable yes?” His finger traced the bottom of Chesterton’s flushed penis, collecting droplets, and the Russian sucked it clean appreciatively, pale blue eyes boring into the Private’s brown ones. “You see, we are not so different. I would very much like more of this myself. Would you? Would you like to taste your Sargent again?” “Yes.” Chesterton’s voice was almost a whisper, husky with lust. “Of course you do, it is natural. And we can do this. But even your Sargent needs some help to produce more fluid in the quantity you want. Enough to fill your mouth with its flavor rather than just this little taste. You do want to taste more, yes?” He gave the Cuban a nod, and when the shorter man hit a button on the remote Chesterton whimpered. “Yes. Yes.” His voice rose, eager. “Good, good. We will do this then, to help you. But–” he raised a finger “there is one thing. One small thing. If we help you with what you want, you must help us, yes? A fair trade?” Chesterton nodded warily. “All we ask is the first call sign. Not all of them of course. But just the first one, as a show of good faith. We can do nothing with it, but it will demonstrate that you are worthy of the gift you desire. Can you do this?” His gaze was open, honest. No harm will come of this, it promised. His finger lightly grazed the underside of Chesterton’s shaft, up and down, promising even better things to come if he cooperated. Goosebumps raced over the Private’s body and he shivered in excitement. “Hotel. It’s hotel.” A wave of guilt swept over him as he saw the Sargent’s dismayed look. He was supposed to have used the old code, but he’d been so caught up he’d used the real one by mistake. “Sorry Sarge. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.” Jakovski’s scowl softened: he understood. “No one’s perfect Private. No more though.” Chesterton nodded in agreement, but his eyes were focused on the swollen hard-on directly in front of his face. The Russian stood up. “Indeed Private, you are only human and your desires are natural. In any case, no real harm has been done to your precious program, and you have earned your reward. And I think your commander will approve of it as well.” He looked at the Cuban, who had left off teasing Chesterton’s nipples and was lightly stroking the side of his neck. “Please, hand me the other box.” He took it and turned to face the Sargent. The man’s square features were set in defiance, but a few lines of sweat had appeared, dampening his shaggy blond hair. “No need to be concerned Sargent Jakovski. I promise this will not hurt you in the least.” From out of the box he procured a white plastic shaft of irregular diameter, roughly 6″ long and as thick as a thumb; silvery lines webbed its surface. It sat at an angle on top of a bulbous base roughly the size of a baseball, studded with LEDs and buttons. “On the contrary. This is a more advanced version of the system that Private Chesterton has been enjoying so much of. It has less variable physical dimensions, but I think you’ll find the additional features more than compensate. Shall we?” He walked behind the towering blond, who frantically turned his head to try and follow him. “Keep that thing away from me you fucker!” The Russian ignored him while he consulted some instructions. Partway through he looked up. “Senor, perhaps while we are waiting you could change Private Chesterton’s settings as we discussed.” The Cuban grinned. “Yes sir.” He pressed a button on the remote, and Chesterton’s muscles bulged as he let out a yelp. “No need to panic Private. The probe is just growing in size; it will increase your pleasure I promise. Just take deep breaths and relax. Right Sargent?” “Yeah,” he said slowly, gaze transfixed. “You got through this before son, remember? Don’t fight it.” He couldn’t tear his gaze away from the Private’s crotch though: there was no mistaking the way his shaft had swelled and turned a deeper shade of red as he adjusted to the new settings on the probe, or the fresh leakage moistening his glans. “Good advice, Sargent.” With that the Russian pressed the lubricated tip of the rod against the big man’s defenseless pink hole. With the ankle straps holding his legs in place he could only twitch his hips ineffectively, the motion doing nothing to stop the invader. He cursed helplessly. “Now Sargent, no need to struggle. This will not injure you, I promise. Just follow your own advice and the discomfort will pass soon enough. Is this not true, Private? Are you not feeling better?” Chesterton’s panting had slowed as his body adjusted to the probe’s new girth. “Yeah, he’s right Sarge. Mine’s feeling better already. Just,” he took in a deep breath, then let it out slowly, “breath real deep and relax. Let it in.” There was a note of anticipation in his voice, almost eager. The Sargent sagged, blond head bowed in defeat. This was a battle he couldn’t win. His sphincter loosened, and the bumpy rod worked its way in. The others were right: by the time it was halfway up (the Russian working surprisingly slowly and carefully) it didn’t hurt at all. He was so relieved he didn’t even notice the way his cock twitched when each new bump entered him. The Private and his minder did though. “Good advice Private Chesterton: see how he’s responding to the machine? Not painful at all. And soon you’ll have your reward. He’s a magnificent man.” The Cuban stood next to Chesterton and unbuttoned his fly, pulling out a fat brown piece of meat with a modest foreskin. It was already swollen, and growing further as he started stroking it. Chesterton turned to look, fascinated as it became fatter and fatter, until it reached its full size: not much longer than his own, but certainly bigger around than the Sargent’s. Noting his expression, the Cuban smiled down at him. “I think you like looking at the big cocks, don’t you?” He skinned the head, exposing the plum-sized glans. “See?” He moved it closer. Jakovski watched this exchange with fascination, the presence in his ass temporarily forgotten. Would his soldier do it? He knew it would be another step towards them giving in completely, but the thought of the Private’s handsome face buried in the other man’s black-furred crotch was almost irresistible. When the probe powered up, stimulating him with a tingling buzz, he wasn’t sure if the moan he made was pleasure at what it was doing, or frustration at what Chesterton was not. Like the devil on his shoulder, the Russian was there, stubble brushing his neck as he whispered in one ear. “That is lowest setting. If you were to encourage him to taste what my comrade has to offer I would be pleased to increase the intensity.” Jakovski’s ass clenched and unclenched, unsuccessfully trying to increase the maddening stimulation on its own. It really wasn’t a choice: he couldn’t take this gentle yet relentlessly pulsing warmth. “Private,” he whispered. “Private.” Louder this time. Chesterton tore his gaze from the Cuban’s meat. “Sir?” “It’s okay son. Do it.” “Are you sure sir?” “Yes, it’s okay. Aaaaaahhh!” The Russian had dialed up the stimulation as promised, and a pulse of pleasure spread from his hole, through his balls, to the head of his dick. A drop of cloudy fluid emerged and began sliding down the well-traveled route to his balls. “I’m fine. Just suck him off.” “Tell him it’s what you want to see,” the Russian whispered kocaeli escort bayan in his ear. Well it was true, wasn’t it? If he was being honest? “Take his cock Chesterton. I wanna see you take him in your mouth and suck him.” A strange look crossed the dark-haired man’s handsome features, then cleared. “Yes sir,” he breathed, then turned his head to take the fat glans into his mouth. He kept his eyes turned towards the Sargent the whole time though. No question whose pole he wished he was lapping with his tongue. “Your man learns quickly, Sargent. Truly you are an inspiration to him. As he is to you I think. Certainly to me–I think I will sample his skills myself. Consider the possibility that there are several more settings on this device, and that I might use one of them if you continued to be…supportive.” The Russian walked over to stand at the Private’s other shoulder. His cock was already jutting out, and when he rubbed it against the bound man’s cheek it left a wet smear. This time there was no hesitation: Chesterton’s head snapped around at the touch, and then his lips were locked around the Russian’s pink shaft, sliding back and forth. Jakovski gasped and squirmed as he watched. The other soldier had been right: it was impossible to feel what he was feeling in his ass, watch what was happening in front of him, and not be turned on by the sight. “Yeeess Chesterton, suck him. Take him deep son, just like that. Take his cock. Yeah, that’s a good man. Deeper…deeper…aw fuck yeah, all the way to the root. Show him what an American soldier can do! God that’s hot. Okay, switch over Private. Show me how much of that chorizo you can get down your throat. That’s it…keep going. Pretend it’s mine Private–show me how you’d suck my cock. Fuck yeah! Get it all in there….” Jakovski panted with lust as he urged Chesterton on. The feelings in his ass were getting more intense as he egged on the Private, encouraging him to give in to his rutting instincts. The kidnappers made use of the Private’s mouth for what seemed like a good half hour; by the time they backed away his lips were swollen and a trail of saliva was running down his chin. All of them were panting. “Your man is very skilled Sargent–you have trained him well. And he enjoys his work.” Chesterton groaned when the Cuban squeezed the base of his shaft, and a quarter teaspoon of white watery fluid poured out over his fingers. “See?” He reached over and held them under the Sargent’s nose. “Smell that? He nearly came right now. Do you want to know what he tastes like?” “Yes.” It smelled like the distilled essence of fellatio, flowing straight from his soldier’s balls. His own churned heavy and full from their nonstop stimulation; to be able to drink that fluid would be…. “Yes, let me taste him.” “Certainly senor. What is the first call sign?” “No.” His voice was hoarse with struggle. He couldn’t…. The fingers moved closer until the rich smell of Chesterton’s spunk filled his nose and his head spun with lust. “It’s okay sir.” It was Chesterton. “Take my load. I wanna see you take him in your mouth and lick him clean.” Jakovski gave up the fight. “Sierra. It’s sierra.” “Very good amigo, very good. Enjoy your reward.” He groaned as the machine increased the sensations in his ass yet again, then closed his eyes and sighed in contentment as he tasted Chesterton’s warm juice. Rich and nutty, slightly bitter maybe–the exact flavor didn’t matter as long as he could get it. He groaned again as a warm hand squeezed his shaft and balls, then collected his own almost-cum. When he opened his eyes again the Russian had his fingers in Chesterton’s mouth. The two Americans locked gazes as they hungrily sucked each other’s juices; Jakovski had never done anything this erotic in his life. His hard-on throbbed with the need for release. Too soon the fingers were clean; he grunted in frustration as the Cuban pulled his fingers free, even if there was nothing left to taste. “Delicious isn’t it?” The dark-skinned man gave him a knowing smile; his own enormous shaft was still erect. Jakovski said nothing, just watched as Chesterton tried to keep the Russian’s slippery fingers in his mouth as long as possible. Had he looked that desperate for another taste a minute ago? The Russian thumbed his remote as he nodded at his colleague; Jakovski felt the warm electric throbbing in his ass slow to a gentle pulse. At the same time he could see Chesterton take a deep breath; his hips no longer grinding in desperation, but just rocking gently. The look on his face was a mix of relief and longing. “You have enjoyed this, yes? You have tasted each other, as men should.” The Russian sounded pleased with them. “Rest now for a few minutes; we will continue our conversation later.” “One moment, comrade.” The Cuban broke in. “Private, you have enjoyed this, si?” Chesterton gave an exhausted nod. “Of course you have. And perhaps you have noticed that as the machine’s probe has increased in size, your pleasure has as well. Now I leave you to think. You see your Sargent’s prize possession? His magnificent cock?” The Cuban’s brown hand stood out vividly when it wrapped around the pink shaft and shook it slightly; Chesterton couldn’t stop watching. “So big, si?” He shook it again. “Have you wondered what it would feel like to have this inside you? Here, you shall find out.” He held up the remote and pushed a button, and immediately a strained groan rose from the Private. “We will be back in a few minutes. Until then, relax and breath deeply.” He chuckled as the two of them exited. For the next few minutes the room was quiet except for Chesterton’s grunts and deep breaths; his eyes were closed as he adjusted to whatever the Cuban had done. Slowly his calm returned however, until at last he opened his eyes again to see his Sargent watching him intently. “You okay Chesterton?” the big blond asked. “Yessir. It just took a bit of getting used to.” He chuckled weakly. “I guess now I know how all those chicks you banged felt.” He looked up. “Just don’t think about that right now Private; you need–” “Fuck that Sarge!” The Private continued, more quietly but no less fiercely. “This is all I can think about and you know it! We both know what these machines are doing to us. I saw the look on your face when that Russian shoved that thing up your ass–I thought you were gonna nut right then and there! And now I’ve got this thing up my ass, spreading me open, while your dick is hanging right there in front of me! How can I not think about what your dick would feel–” “That’s enough!” Jakovski’s tone warned the Private that he was going too far, but the muscular soldier was too far gone to care. “Admit it Sarge, you’re as horned up as I am! I never thought I’d say this, but I thought I might nut when I started sucking that Cuban’s dick. Because you told me to. Because you wanted me to.” He stared up defiantly. Jakovski sighed: Chesterton was right. “I’m sorry son. It’s not your fault. And…yeah…I did tell you to do it. That’s on me.” “At least…I mean, it was the right thing to do, right Sarge?” “Yeah. You did what you had to. It’s okay.” “Man, I can’t believe it did. I mean…you know, all of it.” “…Yeah. Yeah, it was–you were…. I mean, this is a pretty fucked-up situation we’re in, you know?” “Yeah.” “But…um…yeah, it was…you did real good.” Jakovski meant the way the Private had held out as long as he had–hell, longer than _he_ had done once that thing went up his ass–but that’s not how the dark-haired man took it. Chesterton breathed out a loud sigh. “Phew. I mean, I kinda thought I was doing it right coz of how they were leaking in my mouth, but I didn’t know. I’ve sure never done that before. Or the other part.” He blushed slightly. “That was something else, I gotta say. You were right Private: that got my engine going good.” It was the Sargent’s turn to blush. He could still taste the liquid he’d cleaned off the Cuban’s fingers. Chesterton gave a small snort of agreement. “Yeah, you could say that again. Watching you leak all over your balls like that…when he grabbed my dick I seriously thought I might blow my load. And then you ate it all up like that…holy shit, that was something else.” “Well, like you said, it’s hard not to like anything going on in front of you when those things are working your ass over.” “Right? That’s some whole next level shit going on Sarge. I mean, I’ve never felt anything like this, have you?” “Nope. It’s…” Jakovski sucked in his breath slightly. Their interrogators had turned down the machine’s intensity but it wasn’t gone, and he’d just felt an especially potent twinge. “It’s something else.” Chesterton knew what the pause meant. “It’s better than getting your dick sucked, right?” “Yeah.” Another twinge. “Hell yeah.” A new droplet arrived and began its journey down the bottom of his shaft. “Yeah…. Sarge?…” Jakovski tore his mind away from his groin for the moment. “What is it?” “What’re we gonna do?” “We’ve gotta just get through this Private.” “Yessir, I know, but how?” “I don’t know Private. I don’t know. But we have to fight our instincts and hang on until we’re rescued.” “I know, but how sir? Every time this thing gets bigger it feels better. If it starts moving again…I don’t know what I’ll do. You know what I mean–I saw your face when the Russian started moving that thing inside you.” “Yeah. Yeah, I understand.” There was a pause, and then Jakovski made the most painful admission of his life. “Private, I’ll be honest. I don’t know what we’re going to do here.” Maybe it was a bad command decision, but it felt good to tell the truth. Surprisingly, Chesterton looked relieved. “It’s okay sir–it’s not your fault. Maybe if we cooperate they’ll let us go eventually.” “Well when they do we’re going to need a hotel room for a couple of days.” “Sir?” “I think we’re going to need some time to figure out how much of this fucked-up shit was just because of their machines.” “Yes sir!” Chesterton breathed. They both noticed how his cock twitched when he said it. “It just makes sense, right?” “Yeah, just to, you know, help realize how this is just because of the fucked-up situation we’re in.” Jakovski’s dick pulsed. “Yes sir! I mean, I’m sure I wouldn’t be like this normally if I didn’t have something the size of your dick up my ass.” His dick flexed as well. “Right! That would be crazy. You riding my cock like that. Or fucking me…” he added in a low voice. “Fuck, Sarge…” Chesterton breathed, “I wanna go down on you so bad right now.” The Sargent swallowed, imagining just that. “Would you play with my ass?” “Yes sir. Whatever you wanted.” Jakovski gave a frustrated grunt. “Damn, I wanna taste more of your spunk too son. Looks like that’s not gonna happen anytime soon though.” “Yeah, I think we’re both headed for a major case of blue balls, aren’t we?” “Maybe not.” They both jerked in surprise: they’d been so focused on each other they hadn’t noticed their interrogators’ return. Both their flies were still open, and the Cuban’s shirt was unbuttoned, revealing a smooth, well-muscled chest. Jakovski swallowed at the sight of his half-hard unit just visible through his fly. “You two are discovering the benefits of cooperation I think.” He turned to the Russian. “Perhaps we could offer them some additional benefits?…” The Russian stood with his hands on his hips, appraising them both. “Da. Maybe. Let us see if they show appreciation.” It seemed lust had made his accent thicker. He pulled his remote out and pressed a button, and Jakovski sucked in his breath as the probe began to pulse again, slowly but steadily, while subtle vibrations flickered on and off. His cock felt full and heavy even as it stood rigidly at attention, and he could feel the cum churning in his balls. The blond gave him a small, satisfied smirk. “Good Sargent. It seems you show proper appreciation.” He jerked his head towards the seated man. “Now him.” The Cuban smiled down at the Private and cupped a hand under his chin, forcing the man to meet his gaze. “Private, are you comfortable?” Chesterton nodded weakly. “Good. You should be proud of yourself: the apparatus is at maximum size, and here you have accommodated it completely. Not many could do this so quickly–I think you must be very motivated, si? Perhaps it is because it is now the same size as your Sargent? Look at it–” he turned Chesterton’s head to stare at the mammoth tool dripping in front of him, “–imagine what it would feel like if it were him, inside you. Moving.” He hit a button on his own remote and Chesterton’s eyes closed in pleasure while his hips rocked. “This is only a low setting of course: very little movement really. But you can imagine now what it might feel like to have him inside you. Do you like it Private?” Chesterton swallowed, eyes still closed “Yes,” he whispered hoarsely. The Russian had pulled out his pink shaft at the sight of Chesterton’s reaction, and was already hard; he began stroking himself slowly. “Truly an erotic sight, isn’t it Sargent?” Jakovski couldn’t tear his eyes away. Watching the other soldier suck cock, imagining it was his sliding into that handsome face, had been hot enough. Now, imagining that they were fucking, all he could do was whisper “yes.” “Perhaps a bit more then? Would you like to see that?” Jakovski nodded, eyes still glued to Chesterton’s muscular body and what it was doing. The Russian gave the Cuban a nod, and he hit a button. The effect was immediate. Chesterton gave a low groan from deep within his chest, and his head flopped back. A surge of white liquid poured out of his piss slit as the newly-intense sensations pushed him closer to the edge. “!De puta madre!” the Cuban whispered, and whipped out his own piece of meat, thumb peeling back the foreskin to work over the swelling head. All three watched as Chesterton’s head rolled from side to side, grinding his hips in an attempt to increase the stimulation. Frustration grew on his face as his bindings prevented him from doing anything more. “Deeper!” he gasped, and the Russian and Cuban exchanged a knowing look. The Cuban brought his crotch close to Chesterton’s face, and when his wet head came within range his captive didn’t hesitate: his mouth closed around it instantly, forcing the fat piece of meat as far down his throat as he could manage. The Cuban enjoyed his attention for a couple of minutes while the other two watched. The Russian’s stroking had picked up pace slightly, and his free hand idly pinched Jakovski’s nipple, causing an occasional whimper of pleasure. Satisfied by the state of affairs, the Cuban reluctantly pulled out, leaving Chesterton gasping while a fresh trail of drool ran down his chin. The Cuban hit a button, and his captive’s squirming slowed down. “Very good, Private, very good. I am glad to see you enjoyed a taste of the possibilities. Perhaps you are worthy of a higher setting after all.” The Private nodded eagerly. “Just provide me with your second code, and it is done.” He tapped a button briefly and Chesterton twitched. “I can leave it on that setting, once you provide the code word.” Chesterton’s athletic frame shivered as the probe pulsed once more. “Oscar. Oscar.” He sagged in defeat, but his erection didn’t soften one bit. “Very good Private. We are grateful for your cooperation.” He tapped a button and the Private sighed in pleasure. yahya kaptan escort “But before I increase this from the lowest setting, I think we should get approval from your superior. Sargent?” “Yes.” The thought that Chesterton was imagining it was his cock inside made Jakovski dizzy. “Do it. Make him come.” Immediately the sensations in his ass intensified, and he groaned. “I think you misunderstand Sargent,” the Russian explained, “Your man will get the stimulation he desires when we have the next call sign from you as well.” The Russian bit down briefly on one nipple and Jakovski whimpered; he could feel another droplet fall from his balls. “Please Sarge,” Chesterton was almost whining with need, “I need this real bad. Do this for me, please!” His face was flushed and a light sweat had broken out on his body, the masculine scent irresistible. The Russian slid his fingers through the trimmed black fur at the base of the Private’s cock; precum had soaked it thoroughly and he easily coated his fingers with it. When they slid into the Sargent’s mouth he groaned at the intoxicating mix of musk and semen. “So good, isn’t it Sargent? Imagine how much more there would be if we increased the machine’s intensity. What it would be like to watch your man grinding in pleasure as he imagines it is you inside him. And perhaps we could find a way to make it more enjoyable for you as well….” “It’d be you Sarge,” Chesterton promised in a husky voice. Jakovski nodded weakly; he couldn’t fight it any more. Didn’t want to. He just wanted to ride this to the end. “Echo.” “Echo? You are certain Sargent?” When Jakovski nodded he turned to the Cuban and jerked his thumb up, and Chesterton began to groan in earnest. Precum ran down his shaft in a visible stream now, and he whimpered when the Cuban’s tongue found a nipple. Jakovski watched mesmerized, barely aware of the way his hips thrust and twisted in response to the probe. He could smell the clean sweat of Chesterton’s body, along with the raunchier scent coming from his groin, and he growled with lust. Their kidnappers could think what they wanted, but his soldier was putting on a show just for him–one he’d never forget. His imagination took over, picturing their bodies together for real, sliding and thrusting; he hardly noticed at first when the stimulation he was receiving diminished. It wasn’t until the first bump slid past his now-loosened ass ring that he registered what was happening. “Whaa?… No, don’t stop,” he said, thickly. “God, don’t stop.” They couldn’t leave him like this, not when it felt so good. “Shhh…don’t worry my muscular American friend,” the Russian whispered soothingly. The stubble on his skin rubbed Jakovski’s shoulder as he talked, sending shivers down his back. “I promised you we would make you feel better, yes? And now I will.” He slid his hands across the big man’s furry chest, seeking and then pinching his nipples until the Sargent bit his lower lip and groaned. The Russian had stripped, and when his body pressed into Jakovski’s back, the American could feel everything: the muscular warmth, the stiff hairs from his trimmed chest, the soft fur of his crotch, and above all the hot shaft pressed into the cleft of his ass cheeks. Jakovski said nothing, just arched his buttocks to grind them against the Russian. “Yes, very good,” the Russian murmured, and deftly positioned himself at Jakovski’s eager hole. The Sargent closed his eyes in anticipation. For the moment even the Private’s show wasn’t enough to distract him: his hole had become accustomed to being pleasured, and it ached with the need to be filled again. When the slick head pressed and began stretching him open he shivered. The machine had been pleasurable in a mechanical way but the warmth of a real cock, hard but flexible as it entered him, was unbelievably erotic. The Russian was bigger than the machine too, stretching him in a way that made him gasp. Accommodating him meant Jakovski had to submit utterly, and he willingly did so. “Fuck me,” he whispered. “Please, fuck me.” “Yes, my friend, yes.” The Russian rubbed his hands over Jakovski’s furred torso, palms caressing his bush and wet balls, but avoiding the one place Jakovski was desperate to feel his touch. “Here is what you need.” Jakovski arched his back in pleasure. “Yesss,” he hissed. He writhed under the Russians touch, turned on all the more by his fellow soldier’s presence. He was supposed to be Chesterton’s superior, and somehow that made it all the hotter. Letting himself be used, begging to be fucked, while the soldier under his command watched, squirming with his own pleasure–nothing had ever made his cock this hard before. The Cuban stood next to Chesterton, stroking himself as he watched the beefy Sargent surrender to pleasure. He looked down, noting the mix of arousal and jealousy on the Private’s face. “Look Private. See how much better your Sargent enjoys a real cock? I think you want to try this too, si?” Chesterton nodded, then glanced at the Cuban with a mix of lust and apprehension. The Cuban leaned over to gaze into his eyes. “Yes, part of you is nervous because I am bigger than your friend–but a bigger part of you knows the truth. Knows that the more you are filled, the more you feel pleasure. Knows that when I take you the feeling will be unbelievable. This is what you need. Admit it.” Chesterton took a shaky breath. “Yes.” His hips ground to the machine’s rhythm, but his eyes and thoughts were turned to the warm shaft so close to him. He whimpered. The Cuban nodded. “Yes. And now you will give me the last call sign. And then I will fuck you in front of your Sargent as you both want.” Chesterton’s nostrils flared, picturing what he was about to do. Picturing it in front of the Sargent. “Tango.” “Veeery good, Private. Very good indeed. I will make you very happy, I promise.” The Cuban hit a button on the remote, resetting it to its original size. While it was deflating he knelt down in front of the chair to undo the straps on Chesterton’s ankles, then took advantage of their freedom to spread his thighs wide and run his tongue slowly up the bottom of his shaft, once. Arms still bound to the chair, Chesterton could only whimper. When he looked up he saw Jakovski watching them, eyes half-closed in bliss while he licked his lips. The Cuban smiled knowingly and stood up, cock wagging as he walked behind the chair and undid the cord binding his captive to it. “Time for your reward Private.” The soldier’s wrists were still strapped tightly together behind his back, but the Cuban was as strong as he looked and easily hoisted Chesterton to a standing position in front of the chair without any help, the probe sliding out of him as he stood up. The Cuban slid the chair out of the way and took its place, the wet head of his cock lightly touching the sculpted ass in front of it. He placed his hands on the taller man’s shoulders and pressed him down until he was leaning forward in a kneeling position, knees spread wide. The Cuban knelt behind him and began sliding his glans through the Private’s lightly furred crack until he found the warm slippery pucker he was looking for and began to press. He shivered as he sank into the tight warmth–“Oh yes, amigo. Very nice indeed.” The American bent over to rest his head on the ground, panting as he his ring was relentlessly opened. It was too much for Jakovski to bear. To have Chesterton so close, watching the Cuban mount him while the Russian bred his own helpless hole…. “Suck me. Suck my cock Chesterton,” he gasped. The Cuban smiled up wickedly at him, saying nothing for a long minute as he bottomed out and his balls were snugged firmly against the American’s taint. “Now that one hole is full, you think he might like his other filled as well?” He began rocking his hips, slowly but insistently, and Chesterton’s hands clenched in their bindings. “Would you, Private? Like to taste your Sargent’s cock again?” “Oh God…nnggh…oh God yes! Fuck me while I do it!” Still pumping his hips gently, the Cuban hauled him up by his shoulders, then tangled one hand in his hair to pull his head back. “Here he is Sargent. So close you can feel him panting on your cock. He can smell your sweat, practically taste your juices.” Jakovski grunted and thrust his hips forward, the tip of his cock an inch from the Chesterton’s eager mouth. “And all you have to do is give us your last call sign.” Jakovski’s mind paused, even as his body continued pushing back instinctively into the Russian’s thrusts. He knew that this was the last boundary to cross: if he submitted here they would have access to the government systems he was sworn to protect. But if he gave in to them…he’d tasted the things they could do to his body, and he couldn’t refuse his needs any longer. “X-ray. Now for Christ’s sake get me off!” “Not yet Sargent!” the Russian grunted through gritted teeth. “Not until I do!” He began ramming the huge blond with renewed vigor, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh loud in the room. The two of them began to groan in unison. “Here,” the Cuban said in Chesterton’s ear, “something to tide you both over.” He pushed the Private’s head forward, but steered it to one side until his face was pressed into the blond fur of the Sargent’s crotch. Chesterton took a deep breath and moaned in need, his ass clamping down on the sliding cock inside. And then he maneuvered his mouth to where he could finally take the Sargent’s slick musky balls into his mouth and begin licking them clean. Jakovski spasmed, cloudy liquid running down his shaft to replace what Chesterton slurped up. The pounding in his hole, the warm mouth on his nuts–he was so close! If he hadn’t been strung up his hands would’ve been wrapped around his meat long ago, but all he could do was buck helplessly, completely at the mercy of the Russian’s cock and Chesterton’s tongue. “Fuck me harder! Do it! Fuck my brains out you bastard!” He squeezed his exhausted sphincter as hard as he could, desperate to milk the Russian dry so he could finally drop his load. “Harder!” The Russian gave a bellow and slammed into him, pubes grinding hard into his ass as he spasmed. Jakovski could feel the cock in his ass swell and ground against it enthusiastically, picturing the semen flooding into him. “Breed my hole fucker!” he shouted, and let out an ecstatic “GAAAAH!” as Chesterton’s warm mouth engulfed him at last, lips sliding exquisitely over his length until his head was nestled at the back of the muscular Private’s throat. His vision greyed out as he blasted jet after jet, Chesterton grunting with the effort to keep up. The Russian was still thrusting, and each time the head raked his prostate another volley went down his subordinate’s eager throat. With the straps holding him in place he was completely at their mercy, begging incoherently to be fucked harder, sucked more, anything they wanted as long as they didn’t stop. For a few seconds it seemed like his orgasm might never end. When it finally did and he opened his eyes, he saw that he wasn’t imagining how hard he’d come. White goo was running down the Private’s square jaw despite the man’s best efforts to lick it up, and a jet had somehow managed to streak his face and land in his thick black hair; he looked ecstatic. Jakovski wished he could lean down and slide his tongue into the man’s open mouth, sharing his taste, but that would have to be another time. For now, he deserved to experience the same pleasure Jakovski had. He thought about the size of the thing buried to the hilt in Chesterton’s muscular ass and shivered, partly in dread and partly in renewed lust. The Russian’s thrusts had nearly made him pass out–what would something like that do to him? What would it do to his comrade? The thought of finding out sent a pulse of blood back to his cock. “Fuck him. It’s what he wants. Ride his ass and make him cum.” Chesterton looked him in the eye. “Yes Sargent, I need it. I need that thick cock fucking me,” he finished in a low voice, then bent over to rest his head on the floor. Droplets of cum had landed near him, and he began licking up the ones he could reach. The Cuban gave him a knowing look. “I think he is not the only one Sargent. Maybe when I am done with him, you will want to know what the Private is feeling….” He began hunching his hips, hands pressing down on the bottom’s back, and Chesterton started to whimper again. “Can you imagine Sargent?” He gave a harder thrust and the muscular man beneath him gasped. “Can you?” He shifted his focus to the hole he was penetrating and picked up speed until the gasps merged and rose into one nonstop moan. The Sargent watched fascinated, his cock rapidly returning to a full erection. Fucking or being fucked–images of both whirled through his head. He was barely aware of the Russian slipping out of him and coming to stand at his side, but when the man’s muscular hand wrapped around him and started jacking him off he gasped. The man grinned at him. “I knew you wouldn’t make it.” “Fuck you. Just…” he sucked in his breath as the grip tightened and twisted, stimulating the sensitive ridge of his glans. “Just jerk me off. Please.” “Which one do you want to be?” “I dunno. Either one–both–whatever. Hsss!” The stocky blond was working him over in earnest now, grinning cruelly as his stroking increased. “Fuck! Chesterton, I wanna be Chesterton!” “You want that fat cock all to yourself, dontcha?” He leaned over and let a glob of spit fall onto the bound man’s shaft for lube. Below them the Cuban had picked up speed, sweat running down his face as he pounded into Chesterton’s ass. Despite having his hands bound behind his back the Private was pushing back hard, his yelps and moans signaling his desire for more. “Nnnnggh…yeah…fuck yeah.” “That’s the spirit. Show ’em how much you want it. Shoot that load all over them both.” Face intent on his own orgasm, the Cuban managed to reach one hand around to grope at the bottom’s crotch, and Chesterton wailed as he finally experienced the relief Jakovski just had. “OH GOD! I’M FUCKING COMING! FUCK ME! FUCKIN’ FUCK ME! AAAAHHHH!” The sight of it triggered something primal in Jakovski’s brain, and from out of nowhere his own orgasm hit. “Fuck! Fuckin’–stroke me man! Jesusaaaaahh!” Blasts of cum launched from him, basting both the brown and white skin below him. It was as though he hadn’t cum at all 10 minutes ago. The big blonde’s orgasm didn’t last as long as the record-setter he’d just had, and by the time the two on the floor had subsided he was done too. All of them were panting heavily as they recovered. A young blond man wearing sweats poked his head in the door. His hair was cut short, and he sported a cropped Van Dyke. “Hey guys, game’s on in five. You told me to tell you.” He cocked an eyebrow at the men in uniform, and the two naked ones still bound and panting. “Team building exercise?” The Hispanic grinned and slapped the ass of the man below him; his cock was still engorged, and he hadn’t pulled out yet. “Community relations night. Right Officer?” The black-haired stud barely moved; all that he could muster was a faint “Oh Jesus Christ,” followed by a faint “mmmMM” as the enormous piece of meat inside him started to slide out. The visitor grinned. “Nicely done boys. Kickoff in five–see ya! Or not.” He disappeared. The Hispanic finished pulling out and stood up, cock slick with juice as he eyed the big blond. “So you wanna be Chesterton next time huh?” The other nodded. “Well my girlfriend’s out of town all weekend and I don’t need to have the costume back for another four days big boy. You know where my room is.” He winked. “Gimme an hour,” Big Dave groaned. “I’ll meet you then.”

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