Subject: Leo Gives 29 Thank you for reading my stories. Questions and comments are always welcome at ail. This is a fictional story, any similarities are purely coincidence. The story does involve intimate relations between men over the age of 18. Nifty has been able to provide this service for us to read and share our stories. Please consider donating fty/donate.html Thanks! Levi Leo Gives Chapter 29 Leo left the executive offices and made his way back to this townhouse. Gina was almost finished with the cleaning as he got there. She waved to him as he walked in and booted up his laptop. After his conversation with Nate he had some ground work to do for the trip to China if he was going to go. Leo snagged a bottle of water and set up on the couch. Leo spent the next hour or so talking with his offices and then some of his manufacturing and designer contacts in China. In the short time that he was working, Leo had secured the projects he needed to and even scheduled a photoshoot opportunity for some wintersport models. His thought was if the guys made the team, they would then be able to earn some sponsorship money and advertisement deals. Leo kept the specifics of how many models and who they were to himself, his contacts did not press him. “Leo, I am just finishing up. There is one load of towels in the dryer and those are the extras. The beds have been changed and bath linens replaced.” Gina said as she came into the great room. “That is wonderful. Thank you again.” Leo said. “Question, do you like spicy foods?” Gina asked and then continued when Leo nodded yes, “I made a huge pot of green chili verde to bring to work today. Unfortunately most of the staff had a luncheon and the pot is mostly full. I have another full pot at home. Would you like some of it?” “Oh yes. I have tried ordering it when I am in other places, but the taste is never the same.” Leo said. “Excellent, I will bring some when I come back by. Do you think that the ski team would like some as well? I could bring it all over here.” Gina asked. “What a great thought. I am sure they will love it. I can make up some potato burritos and serve the green chili with it. They can have their lunch here after their morning practice runs tomorrow.” Leo said excitedly. “Wait, you know how to make potato burritos? I have not met many non-Coloradans that are familiar with that dish.” Gina said with some amazement. “Yes. It is one of my favorites. A model friend of mine from when I first started modeling was from the Eastern Slopes of Colorado. He would make potato burritos smothered in a chili sauce. He would sub other chilis as he usually could not get the green chilis he was used to from home. Every once in a while he would get a care package from home and his family would send homemade chili verde that they had canned. It was such a treat. We cooked together often and he taught it to me.” Leo said with a fond remembrance. “He must have been a good friend. Most Latinos do not share family recipes.” Gina commented. “Manuel was a great man. Smart, funny and loyal to a fault. We ended up working in New York, Milan and Paris together. He stopped modeling after his mother took ill and he moved back home to care for her. He and his partner now do some talent coaching and photo editing from my company. They moved to Mexico City after Manuel’s mother passed. I do miss seeing him regularly, though I do get to talk with him often.” Leo explained. “That is close to impossible. Is your friend Manuel Rojas?” Gina said in a hoarse whisper. “Yes. His partner is Miguel Chavez.” Leo said with a puzzled look. “Ay Dios Mio!” Gina said as she started to clap. “Manuel is my second cousin. His mother was my mother’s cousin. You will love the green chili then, it is the same recipe that we would can and send to him. What a small world, Mijo!” “That should not be possible. Wow! Manny and ‘Guel will be so excited to hear this. I will tell him after my meetings tomorrow. Yes, I am now so excited for this meal. Gina, your cousin… Wow” Leo said as he stood and hugged Gina. “I need to run. Do not worry about making the burritos. I will make those up as well and bring them in the morning.” Gina said with some excitement, “My mother will be so happy. Manny’s model friend!?!” Leo sat back down and shook his head after Gina left. He quickly sent a message to the coach to let him know that lunch was covered for tomorrow. Coach replied back that it was great and they would be in tomorrow. Leo put his work things away. He figured that he would talk to the coach and the skiers about the potential for travel to China during the lunch meeting. Leo grabbed a glass of wine and settled back onto the leather couch, watching out the window from the great room as the sun set. Leo walked upstairs and started his shower. He striped quickly and looked in the mirror before it fogged up. His figure was still firm and tight from his continued workouts and healthy eating. He pulled his hair up into a loose ponytail before walking into the steam billowing shower. He quickly soaped and cleaned his body, letting the warm water work into his muscles. Soon he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, toweling himself off. Leo browsed his closet for what to wear for when Nate was to arrive. Just the thought of the black haired general manager made Leo’s cock twitch. Leo pulled out a pair of his low, hip hugger jeans and an almost sheer tank in a warm golden color. He skipped shoes as he walked downstairs letting his hair down. Leo ran his fingers through his hair, the curls bouncing. He turned on the fireplace and went into the kitchen. Leo izmit sınırsız escort bayan pulled together a quick meal of mostly finger foods and fresh veggies and fruits. On a whim he put all the food on a large platter which he placed on the kitchen dining counter. Then Leo searched and found the largest wine glass he had and filled it with his preferred white wine. Leo had just put the wine bottle back in the chiller when there was a knock on his door. Leo walked down the hallway and opened the door. The raven haired executive sucked in a breath when his eyes saw Leo. Leo’s body seemed to glow (the iridescent tank helped), highlights of the gold in Leo’s curly hair sparkled. Leo reached out and grabbed Nate’s slightly loosened tie as he made a slight growl. Nate swooned as Leo pulled him into the townhouse, an almost inaudible whimper broke through Nate’s lips. The door shut as Leo pulled Nate up close, his lips attacking Nate’s. Leo’s tongue snaked in quickly, starting to wrestle and dominate Nate’s. Leo hugged his body tight against Nate’s, letting his body heat to press the suited man. Nate moaned into Leo’s mouth, Leo could feel Nate’s body respond, his crotch was starting to firm up. Nate gasped as Leo pulled back and separated the hot kiss. Leo tugged on the tie and led Nate into the great room. Letting go of the tie, Leo licked his lips as he looked Nate up and down. A shiver of desire ran through Nate’s body as he was scrutinized by Leo’s gaze. Nate’s cock was now hard and a wet spot had formed over his hip in the direction of his turid cock head. Leo reached down and lifted off his tank, leaving his chest fully uncovered. “Strip. Leave on the tie.” Leo said with command in his voice. “Yes, Sir!” Nate huffed as he watched Leo walk to the kitchen bar. Nate struggled to pull off his coat and unbutton his shirt and pants. Nate kicked off his shoes as his pants fell to his ankles. He then stepped out of the pant legs while he lowered his stretched boxer briefs. When his feet cleared his underwear, he pulled off each sock. He quickly dropped to fold and place his clothes in the side chair. Nate did not rise, but stayed on his knees as he turned back towards Leo. Leo sat the platter of food down on the coffee table along with the glass of wine. He surveyed the nude Nate, whose uncut cock was at full attention. The only article of clothing was the tie, that was lifting and falling with Nate’s ragged breath in his excited state. Leo sat down on the couch, spreading his legs wide. Nate waited until Leo settled before he bent forward and kissed the tops of both of Leo’s bare feet. Leo smiled as he pointed at the food. “Feed me.” Leo ordered. “Yes, Sir.” Nate answered in a breathy voice, his body flushed with further excitement. Nate selected a slice of apple, lifting up on his knees, he placed the apple between Leo’s full lips. Nate went to lower down, but Leo snagged the loose tie and held Nate in place. Leo chewed the apple a few times and then pulled Nate’s face to his. Sealing his lips around Nates, Leo passed some of the chewed food to Nate’s mouth. Nate moaned when Leo pulled back and swallowed. “Swallow.” Leo said. Nate gulped down the apple pieces, “Yes, Sir.” This pattern continued as Nate fed Leo and then Leo in turn would feed Nate. Leo held the tie so Nate could not fully lower back down. As they worked through several bites. Leo pointed to the wine glass. Nate lifted the glass to Leo’s lips. Leo let the cool liquid swirl in his mouth as Nate lowered the glass. Nate moved back in place and then took the liquid in his mouth as Leo gave it to him. They moved between the food and drink as Leo indicated. Leo’s cock was distending the crotch of his jeans, his cock head snaked down his pant leg. The fireplace had been turned up so his flesh started to glisten. Nate’s fair skin was flushed from head to toe, due in part to how turned on he was and the temperature. As the last of the food was shared, Leo released the hold on Nate’s tie. Nate sank back down to rest his legs against his feet. Leo still had his legs spread wide as he lifted a foot up towards Nate’s chest. Leo then slid his foot down to Nate’s hard cock before moving it upwards to Nate’s face. Nate opened his mouth and sucked in the toes that Leo proffered. Nate’s tongue and mouth slurped and sucked each of Leo’s toes. Leo moved his other foot to rest right on top of Nate’s hard crotch, grinding slightly as Nate sucked his toes. Nate grunted and groaned as he continued to service Leo’s toes. Leo pulled his spit soaked foot out of Nate’s mouth and moved his other foot up. As Nate started to suck and lick this foot, Leo moved his moist foot lower. Leo then slid the toes under Nate’s balls and pushed further back. Nate gasped out as Leo’s big toe brushed against his pucker. Leo worked the toe at Nate’s opening as Nate worked the toes in his mouth. Leo moved his toes up and down Nate’s crack, each time it pressed against Nate’s pucker Nate would moan. Nate’s cock was leaking globs of pre-cum that glistened in the firelight as it trailed down the hard member then pooling around his balls. Leo’s cock was still trapped tightly in the jeans, pulsing with Leo’s heart beat, the wet patch now about the size of his hand. Leo pulled his toes out of Nate’s mouth and pushed Nate down onto his toe. Nate threw his head back as Leo’s toe pushed into Nate’s ass lips. Leo reached out and pulled on Nate’s tie again, bringing the dark headed man’s face closer to Leo’s body. Nate’s mouth opened to moan as Leo moved his foot under Nate. Leo then gripped the back of Nate’s head pulling it to evinde görüşen escort his chest, over his nipple. Nate suckled on Leo’s nipple as he sealed his lips around it. Now it was time for Leo to toss his head back moaning as his curly hair bounced. Nate sucked and nibbled on Leo’s hard nub while Leo shifted his toe to tease Nate’s pucker lips. Leo used his hold on Nate’s head to pull Nate back. Leo stood up. Nate’s face rubbed down Leo’s bare chest and abs, he licked the tight flesh. The change in position moved Leo’s foot and it was no longer in direct contact with Nate’s ass lips, but still in his ass crack. Nate’s mouth made it right to the top of Leo’s hip hugger jeans, the trimmed pubes were just showing. Nate took in a deep breath and smelled in Leo’s clean musky scent as he buried his face in the minimal bush. Nate kept his face where it was while he ran his hands up Leo’s jean covered legs. Both men moaned when Nate’s hands made it to Leo’s rock hard cock, trapped down the pant leg. Nate’s fingers began stroking and rubbing the hard member, the wet patch at the cock head got larger. Nate tipped his face up to look into Leo’s hazel eyes that were filled with lust. Leo nodded his head. Nate then reached up and opened the jeans. Nate then pulled the jeans down Leo’s legs. When Leo’s cock head cleared the constrictions of the fabric, it swung out and slapped against Nate’s close face. Leo’s cock left a wet mark on Nate’s cheek as the pre-cum had covered the cock head and strands stretched from the lowered jeans. Nate’s brown eyes looked up to Leo’s face as Nate inhaled the stronger musky scent. Leo gazed down with his smoldering hazel eyes as he moved a hand to Nate’s coal hued hair. Leo nodded as Nate opened his mouth. Nate sucked in the first half of Leo’s hard cock and began to suck. Leo gently pushed Nate’s head, Nate relaxed his jaw as Leo guided him further down on Leo’s cock. A shiver ran through Leo’s body as Nate’s lips touched the base of his cock and Nate’s nose breathed in the musk of Leo’s pubes. Nate was static for a moment, then began to wiggle his tongue along the bottom side of Leo’s cock that was now in his throat. Nate stayed in place with the large cock, trying to breath through his nose so he did not have to pull away. Leo shuddered again as Nate swallowed around the cock head. Nate swallowed a few more times to Leo’s delight. Leo held onto Nate’s hair as he pivoted his hips forward and back. Nate hummed as Leo’s cock shifted in and out of Nate’s throat. Leo shifted so both of his hands were on Nate’s head as he picked up speed in his thrusting. Nate softened his lips and tried to keep his throat relaxed as his face was being pounded with Leo’s balls. Leo’s need was increasing as his pace did. Leo’s cock head was bludgeoning deep in Nate’s throat, even though Nate tried he was now making gagging noises. A wet slobbery noise was sounding as spit and throat gunk were now added as Leo continued to skull fuck Nate’s head. Leo’s legs started to tighten up as a low growl sounded deep in his chest. The hold on Nate’s head got stronger when Leo’s thrusting became more jagged and forceful. Nate’s sputtering and gagging also increased as Leo went on, tears and snot were running down Nate’s face. Leo’s body began to tremble as he was thrusting. “AAAAAIIIIIIHHHHHHHAAAAA!” Leo screamed as his cock began to explode. Jet after jet of boiling cum was shooting down Nate’s battered throat. Nate was gagging and swallowing as he could while Leo’s cock spewed the ropes of jizz. Leo finally came to a stop, his cock still twitching in Nate’s throat. Nate was now starting to struggle for breath as the spit and snot were blocking his nose. Leo looked down with a lusty smile as he pulled Nate’s head back off his cock. Nate sealed his lips and sucked as Leo’s cock moved back. Leo twitched again as Nate’s puffy lips brushed Leo’s sensitive corona. Leo finally withdrew his still firm cock from Nate’s lips. Releasing the hold on Nate’s hair, Leo sat back down on the couch. Nate sunk back down to his knees as he was between Leo’s legs. Leo’s cock was still solid and now as slicked from Nate’s final suck. Nate’s face and chest were now streaked with the spit, cock snot and a little of cum. Nate’s eyes were gleaming with a lust that matched Leo’s. Taking some quick breaths, Nate looked down and saw that Leo’s jeans were still pooled at Leo’s ankles. Nate cocked an eyebrow up as he glanced down. Leo nodded. Nate pulled Leo’s jeans the rest of the way off his legs. Now the only clothing worn by either man was Nate’s necktie. Nate rocked back on his knees looking up from his position between Leo’s spread legs. Leo’s cock still was firm after the skull fucking blow job and with Nate’s attention it was filling back up to full hardness. Leo glanced down at Nate’s tight body and noticed that Nate’s cock was hard and leaking. Nate had not touched it while he was servicing Leo’s cock, so it was a mess of the leaking pre-cum. Leo reached forward and grabbed Nate’s tie, quickly removing it from Nate’s head. “Stand and spread your legs apart, hands behind your head.” Leo said in a firm, quiet voice. “Yes, Sir!” Nate yipped as a quiver of excitement ran through his body. Leo sat up and placed his hands around the base of Nate’s cock and balls. Again Nate’s body responded with a full body shiver and a whimper left Nate’s lips. Leo then slipped the loop of the tie over Nate’s cock and then under Nate’s balls. Leo pulled most of the slack of the loop closer around Nate’s surrounded member. Using the long piece, Leo then looped it around Nate’s balls and then back kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan through the snug loop at base. Leo adjusted the newly fashioned cockring to be tight but not dangerously restricting. Nate could only moan as Leo worked to secure his cock and balls. Leo pushed Nate around so Nate was facing out from the couch towards the coffee table. Then Leo shoved Nate’s upper body down over the coffee table and scooted Nate’s legs wider apart. Nate placed his hands on the coffee table and Leo spread Nate’s ass cheeks apart. Nate gave a little omph as Leo tugged the tie fashioned cockring, making it more snug. Leo’s face then pushed into Nate’s crack, the warm breath made Nate moan louder. When Leo’s tongue touched coal hair ringed pucker, Nate shuddered and groaned as a bead of pre-cum formed at Nate’s ridgid cock head. Leo then started to attack Nate’s puffy ass lips. He nibbled, licked and sucked the tight ring, making it looser. Nate was shivering and moaning as Leo’s tongue and fingers were opening and stretching his ring. As Nate would relax more he would shove his hips backward into Leo’s face. Leo would then tug on Nate’s cockring or balls and Nate would freeze and groan again. Leo slid his index finger up to the knuckle in Nate’s pucker, then using his thumb pressing on Nate’s taint, Leo began to massage his thumb and index finger together. Nate’s moan became shrill as Leo’s massaging was hitting his prostate from both sides. Leo worked his fingers while he continued to suck and rim Nate’s hole. The combined stimulation was opening and loosening Nate’s hole wider. Leo again tugged on the tightening part of the cockring and Nate grunted in a low mewling manner. Leo then slid his other index finger in beside the other into Nate’s loosened hole. Leo placed both thumbs on Nate’s taint and then used the index fingers to make outward stretching circles. Nate gave a shout and his whole body began to shudder as Leo’s index finger circles stimulated and opened his first ass ring. Nate’s balls began to churn, but the necktie cock ring was snug enough that only a larger dollop of cum leaked from Nate’s cock head. Nate’s head was thrashing as he gripped the coffee table for support while Leo’s fingers worked even more. Leo added another element by pulling the index fingers wider apart and making larger circles in Nate’s pucker. At one point Leo blew a warm jet of air in the opening between his spread fingers, caressing Nate’s chute with the moving air. Again Nate shuddered, his ass ring pulsed and his balls churned, but only a drop of cum bubbled out of his cock. Leo continued this for several more minutes. Leo used a wide open hand and swatted Nate’s ass cheek as he stood up. Nate groaned loudly then started to moan, as Leo’s hand rubbed up and down on the ass cheek. Leo then positioned his hard cock head at Nate’s spit soaked and finger loosened pucker. Reaching forward, Leo grabbed both of Nate’s hips and then thrust his own hips forward. Nate grunted as Leo’s flesh slapped against him, his hole filled with Leo’s cock. Holding Nate still, Leo pulled back until just the tip of his cock head was in Nate’s pucker and then he thrust forward again. Nate moaned and grunted with each impact of Leo’s body into him. Leo long dicked Nate’s hole for several minutes as he varied his speed and intensity. Nate’s body was on fire from the stimulation, the fullness, the heat, the veracity that was Leo. Nate’s cock was achingly hard and spewing strand after strand of pre-cum. Nate was so focused on how he could make the fucking better for Leo that he missed his bodies clues to how close he was to exploding. The tie cock ring was extending this feeling for Nate. On the next thrust in, Leo leaned forward and linked his hands to Nate’s arms, pulling them backward. With this tighter link, Leo then began to jackhammer his cock in Nate’s chute. Lost in the change of position and pounding that he was receiving, Nate screamed as his body contracted in climax. The scream became more shout like as Leo continued to plow into Nate’s now quivering and clamping hole. The tie cock ring could no longer contain Nate’s discharge. Nate’s balls had whipped up tightly to his body and they were pumping jet after jet of cum out onto the coffee table below him. The grip that Leo had on Nate allowed Nate to fully give into the mind blowing orgasm as his load was being milked from him. The extra clamping and pulsing on Leo’s cock was enough to push him to his next climax as well. As Nate was coming down from his hand free climax he heard and felt Leo start to cum. The solid grip was a firm anchor for Leo to use to push his cock deeper into Nate’s chute. Just as Nate felt the first splash of hot cum he gasped as Leo’s cock head pushed into his inner ring. Nate cried out and began to tremble as this new sensation pushed him into a dry climax from his newly milked balls. Leo was grunting and breathing heavy as his boiling seed filled Nate’s breeched inner ring. A few more solid thrusts from Leo as his balls emptied. Leo came to rest as his cock still pulsed as it was deeply encased in Nate. Glancing backward, Leo shifted his weight back taking both linked men down to the couch. Leo released his grip on Nate’s arms and then wrapped his arms around Nate to hug him close. Nate luxuriated in the closeness of the embrace, Leo’s cock still in his chute. Leo kissed and nuzzled the black haired man’s neck and face as they relaxed. Nate gave a small cry when Leo’s softened cock popped from his puffy pucker lips. The pair stayed like this for a few more minutes, just resting and enjoying each other’s closeness. Nate sighed contentedly. Leo sat up, taking Nate with him. The walked up to the bedroom, turning lights off as they went. Leo led Nate to his bed, pulling the dark headed executive into another embrace. There was a smile on each face as they slowly kissed before drifting off to sleep. Soon only light snores could be heard coming from Leo’s bedroom.

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