Subject: Jody, the Team, and the Navy Chapter 15 Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction and any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental and not intended. The author maintains full copyright of this material and licenses the use of it by fty as specified in information on the website. Please do not use it in any other published manner without the permission of the author. As this is erotic fiction featuring male to male sexuality, please leave this site if such stories are offensive to you. If you are under age in your jurisdiction, please leave this site at once. If you enjoy this story and others like it, please consider contributing to support fty at http://donate./donate.html . Thank you! I hope you enjoy this story, which concerns the sexual awakening and development of Jody through his college years and early career in the Navy. To add realism to the story, much of the story is set in real cities, college campuses, Naval bases, and places of business. No implication that these places are accepting of homosexuality is implied. Should you visit any of them, please maintain normal caution and do not assume you will be accepted. This story is set in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, before the AIDS crisis began. Therefore, it is strictly condom-free. However, please note that neither the author nor fty is encouraging men of the 21st century to ignore the consequences of unprotected sex. Please love yourself and your future partners enough to be careful! Thanks to those who have taken the time to send me feedback about the story. I’ve never received “fan mail” before, so this is very exciting! Just so you know, this story has 16 chapters, so please keep reading and feel free to send me your feedback or comments. This story is the backstory of a character who will be included in a book to be published in the Fall, 2018, titled The Deputy Boys Book 1: The Invitation. Jody’s story is entirely separate from this book, although he is a character in that book. Without further ado, enjoy Jody, the Team, and the Navy! Best Regards, Kenneth Kirk Jody, the Team, and the Navy Chapter 15 After a light breakfast, some of the guys started a poker game while some swam in the cove beside the boat and others just talked quietly, sipping coffee as they chatted. About 1100 hours, we were told to cover our privates and the boat got underway. We retraced yesterday’s journey to the York River Yacht Haven where we commandeered the showers for an hour as everyone took care of their hygiene needs. We had fish sandwiches and chowder at the marina restaurant and then piled back onboard for the short sail over to Yorktown. After we docked at the public quay, we walked the few blocks to the museum commemorating the colonies’ victory over the nasty Brits at Yorktown. I learned quite a bit about Cornwallis’ surrender at Yorktown, what led up to it, and what it really meant, but that’s not of much interest here. As active duty Navy men, we were treated very well by the staff and, all in all, it was a good time. From there we went to the Cannonball Pub � no surprise there � where again we took over the place and captured everyone’s attention. This place resembled a raunchy gay bar since it had a dozen or so bikers hanging out after their Sunday afternoon ride from D.C. or wherever and only three rough-looking women who were with them. I thought momentarily there might be a turf war, but when they learned we were Navy, they treated us like special guests. We wound up enjoying fine steaks and seafood with our new best buddies. When it was time for us to get back to the boat, it was a bit challenging to get away from the now-soused biker gang, some of whom were getting just a wee bit too affectionate for anyone’s comfort. As we sailed down the York River to its mouth at Chesapeake Bay and then turned up-bay for a little while, I enjoyed the sky, water, shoreline, gulls, and occasional jumping fish. Around us were big cities, a couple of Navy bases, shopping centers, factories, stores, and more, but on the water all that stuff faded into near-nothingness. I loved it! When our crew dropped anchor in Mobjack Bay, pretty much everyone also dropped trou to get the evening underway. Instead of passing out beers, several of the guys held court in the kitchen where large batches of margaritas and daquiris were whipped up while some of the heavier drinkers got vodkas on the rocks or scotch and sodas. I stuck with the very tasty margaritas Vern was making by the blender-load. Alex took me out to the deck, where we sat on the bench along the edge, our backs to the water. “Would you be willing to take on two guys tonight?” I knew what he meant. “Um,” I stalled as I thought about it. “Darren and I and Brandon, no doubt, will make sure you are not harmed.” “I knew that without you even saying it. And I thank you for watching over me so well.” “I’m glad you know that.” Still, I hesitated. “I’m guessing by your hesitation that you’d rather not,” he said quietly. “Actually, I’m intrigued,” I corrected him. “Then, why the hesitation?” He seemed puzzled. “I don’t want to come across as a complete whore,” I finally blurted out. Alex chuckled. “I appreciate that.” For a minute we were silent. “This is an interesting group, Jody. I’ve known most of these guys at least a year. I’ve had their dicks in my throat and in my ass on multiple occasions. More than half of them would never, ever bottom. As a guy who actually likes to take dick from time to time, I have wondered if they really respect me or if they think I’m some pervy degenerate.” “I guess that’s kind of what I’m wondering, too.” “I can’t promise much, but I can say that I know for a fact most of them do not look down on bottoms in any way. Over the past two years, I’ve had serious conversations with enough of them to know they’re quite appreciative of our willingness to give them such incredible experiences. I think they mostly see us as just different from them in certain ways and appreciate how important we are to their own lives in this special way. They consider themselves lucky to get to participate in this group with us.” “Interesting,” I noted. “I think they’ll be so turned on by seeing you taking two guys at once, they won’t even think about judging you.” “Thanks, Alex,” I stroked his forearm. “I would like to do that, but I think I need some time with the more hung guys before we go to that.” “Of course. If you’re okay with it, I’ll set up some of the less formidable dicks for later and give you an hour or two to loosen up.” I giggled. “You’re brilliant and wonderful!” Our conversation ended when Lawrence brought three margaritas over, handing one to each of us while he sat down next to me. Before I had finished my margarita, Fred came up to where I was sitting on the lower deck with Alex on one side of me and Lawrence on the other. He held his hand out to me like a shy boy at a school dance. “Come to the upper deck with me.” I couldn’t tell if it was a question or a gentle command. I guessed, since he was used to his every order being instantly obeyed, that he meant it as a question but didn’t quite know how to ask a much-younger and lower ranked guy. I looked up at his serious face in the twilight. He wasn’t particularly handsome and his musculature was a bit sub-par in this incredibly toned bunch. His cock was a nice seven and a quarter inches of average girth, but beside Brandon and Darren, Alex and Scott, you really wouldn’t look twice at his endowment. He was the oldest man onboard the Party Boy by probably five bursa escort years. He didn’t have a particularly friendly or kind demeanor either. In another place and time, I wouldn’t have even noticed the Commander. But there was something about Fred that was appealing. Was it his green and gray eyes? Or his dark hair with (I can’t believe I’m saying this) sexy gray temples? Was it his distinctive Dallas drawl? Was it the seriousness with which he seemed to take life, even sex? Was it his manly confidence? I suspected it was all of these. The reason I was attracted to him wasn’t really important because I did want to feel his masculine strength against and inside my body. At this moment, nothing else mattered. I felt complimented that he was selecting me for some intimate time. I smiled up at him, gripped my drink, and extended my hand to his. He pulled me off the bench and drew me into his chest with its light covering of dark brown hair and a patch of gray right between his pecs and above his sternum. His other arm circled my waist and he held me close. I reached behind his head and pulled it slightly down so his mouth fell to the level of mine. I held his gaze with surprising confidence for a couple of seconds before I stretched my neck a bit to bring our lips together. I kissed him delicately while allowing my tongue to lick his lips so softly it probably felt like a feather. Immediately, his tongue shoved its way between my own lips, past my teeth, and into the depths of my mouth, claiming me. He tasted of whiskey and manliness. After a few moments of exploring my mouth, he pulled back and nodded toward the stairway to the upper deck. I smiled and whispered, “Let’s go, stud!” Fred wasted little time in getting me on all fours with my ass arched up and waiting, my hole lubed up and twitching at him. He entered me firmly, bringing a small gasp out of my throat as he pushed through my sphincter and into my being. Fred’s thrusts were deliberate, long and moderately paced, forcing me to take him to the hilt. He hit my prostate in a very nice way and got me to moaning enough that we began to draw a crowd. After a few minutes, Earl stepped up to feed me his cock, matching Fred’s pace so I was getting simultaneously plugged from each end. One of the advantages of bottoming for a more mature man is that he’ll last longer in the saddle than a young buck, and Fred was no exception. He drove into me for about twenty minutes before he withdrew so he could flip me onto my back. He raised my legs to his shoulders as he stood over me. In a flash he was back inside me. At some point, Earl’s dick was replaced by Thomas’ pecker and then, later, by Vern’s. Being just a bit longer than the other guys, Vern was able to push his cock past my epiglottis and into my throat. Deep-throating Vern took some of my attention off the rhythmic plowing my asshole was getting from Fred. When Fred began to speed up his thrusts, my attention was pulled back to my asshole where he was pounding me with passion and the need to spill his seed. He began to grunt with each heavy thrust into me and soon I felt his cock swell within me. Of course, he shot off a few seconds later, coating my insides with his Navy swimmers. When Fred pulled out, I only had a few seconds to grab a deep breath before Arnie stepped close to Fred on his right side. He was claiming the next spot even before Fred moved out of the way. When Arnie pushed his hot throbber into me, I knew he was noticeably thicker and soon I knew he was noticeably longer, too. He didn’t have Fred’s patience and brought us both to a screaming climax about ten minutes after he arrived. Vern wasted no time in inserting his big sausage when Arnie was done and I could tell from Vern’s big circles that he was specifically on a mission to stretch me open. Even with an ulterior motive, Vern enjoyed his time in my saddle almost as much as I enjoyed his special attentions. Having just shot my load, I didn’t come with Vern, but still enjoyed our time together. After Vern filled my rectum with his hot juices, Alex stepped up to see if I wanted a break. Truth was, I needed to pee so I got up. Noticing all the horny dudes standing around as though they were enjoying the show, I snickered and said, “I’ll be back in a few minutes, so don’t go anywhere!” Everyone laughed as I dashed down the stairs to the lower deck, where I peed over the side of the boat. When I turned around, Brandon startled me by handing me another margarita. When I grasped it, he held out his other hand as if he was ready to drop something into my hand. So, I put my hand out and received a pill. I looked quizzically at him and he mumbled, “Muscle relaxant.” “Thanks!” I said as I popped the pill, chasing it with half a margarita. “That might be helpful.” Brandon pulled me into him for a warm hug. “Darren’s waiting upstairs for you. I’ll follow him and then you will be as loose as we can get you.” Obviously, the word about what I was going to do was getting around the boat. “Thanks.” I chugged the rest of the drink. Handing him the empty glass, I smiled. “I look forward to taking you on in a few minutes.” “Me, too,” he grinned. I walked back up the stairs, where about a dozen guys awaited me. Darren took my hand and walked me to the front of the deck where a tall chair was fastened firmly to the deck. It’s intended use was for the captain to sit securely even in rough seas. But we had a better use for it as Darren turned me to face the back of the chair. I put my hands out to grasp the top edge of the seat-back as I felt Darren’s wonderful dick press against my rosebud. “Oh, yeah,” I breathed as I arched my back, thus tilting my butt upwards and drawing the big dick into my sphincter. “Oooh!” Even with all the stretching my anus had been doing for over an hour, it still needed to stretch a little more to accommodate Darren’s daddy-stick. I was sure that he loved me in his way and that he wanted nothing but to please me. Like Vern before him, he made some extra effort to push against the sides of my sphincter, thus preparing it to be stretched even more than it was at that moment. Darren thrust upwards into my body as we stood against the captain’s chair, my head lolling back onto his shoulder. His big hand held one side of my head in a sexy loving way. As he pounded my ass, he gently turned my face far to the side so he could find my lips with his. He lasted about eleven or twelve minutes at a very aggressive pace before he finally swelled inside me, stretching me even more. His breathing into my mouth became ragged, short, fast gasps and then he released my mouth as he began crying out loudly and blasting my insides with a gigantic load delivered in eight strong blasts. By the time Darren’s spent cock slipped down and out of my hole, the entire group seemed to be milling around the upper deck, eagerly awaiting my next fuck. Brandon drew me back to the bench where my evening’s sexploits had begun about two hours earlier. Gently, he put me on my knees and stepped behind me. Expecting to be skewered on his Polish horse-dick, I almost shot in a blast of love as I felt Brandon’s tongue softly circling my gaping hole. He bathed my throbbing hole for several minutes as the observers moaned and commented, most casually stroking their drooling dicks as they watched. Finally, Brandon pulled away to say, “Are you ready, babe?” “Oh, God, yeah!” I cried when I could form words. His familiar, fabulous, freshly-lubed fuck-stick entered me easily. My roomie worked me hard as he plundered my gaping hole for almost ten minutes. He brought me up to my peak in horniness and need. “Yeah, baby!” bursa escort bayan I screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” When he plunged all the way through my guts in a millisecond, I cried, “Yeah! Like that! Hard! Fuck my ass!” I was turning into a pathetic, begging cock-whore, but I didn’t care. I was in the zone as a power-bottom and I loved taking his dick, even after so many others had already dumped their loads into me. When Brandon decided he was ready to spill his ball-juices, he upped the power in his thrusts and fucking pounded me like he’d never done before. He only lasted about a minute at that rate and soon screamed out, “Take my seed, Jody!” I felt his gigantic cock pressing into my entire asswall as he swelled for his finale. He gasped for breath before he fell forward over my back as his dick spewed out everything he had to give. As Brandon’s big cock slid out of my hole, I could feel remnants of many loads dribbling out as he lifted my torso to make room for a very hard Thomas to lie down under me. When the handsome Japanese Lieutenant Commander was in position on his back under me, he and Brandon helped me down onto him. Thomas kissed me as I brought my knees up along his sides so my bunghole was positioned above his cock. Brandon, I presume, guided Thomas’ well-greased cock to my hole and I sat down on it. Thomas, with a cock that measured about six and a quarter by four and three-quarters was perfect for this position. After being royally pounded by the much longer and thicker Brandon, Darren, and Vern, the more average Thomas was no challenge at all. However, I’d barely felt Thomas’ wiry pubes against my rosebud when another hard dick began pressing for entrance from above me. Someone placed a hand on the side of my torso as if he were steadying a skittish colt. I looked around to see Sam smiling down at me. “Hi,” he said in an excited voice. “I’ve never done this, but I’ll try to be gentle.” “Just give me a minute to adjust after you’re in and I’ll be fine,” I winked. “I’m lubed and ready to go,” Sam whispered. “So am I!” He nodded and began to push into my limited ass-space, causing my sphincter to open painfully to accept his pressing tube. I couldn’t stifle my cry at the searing heat as my poor muscle opened so wide. Sam immediately stopped moving, but he didn’t pull out. The pain was an eight or nine for perhaps fifteen seconds as my ass resisted this assault, but, as I knew it would, my sphincter finally gave in, relaxed, and accepted Sam’s cock alongside Thomas’. “Fuck!” Sam gasped. “You’re so tight!” When the hot pain faded away, I turned to look at Sam. He had a very concerned look on his face, but he relaxed when I smiled and nodded. “Okay,” I said, “come on in slowly.” His cock felt massive as it moved deeper, opening my hole more than it had been opened in a long time. He took a long time to move his cock the few inches until his pubes tickled my ass cheeks as the last of Sam’s cock rested inside my crowded colon. In this position, Thomas couldn’t move within me, but his cock did give Sam’s cock a welcoming throb, which, of course, seemed massive in my tight canal. Sam’s hard dick gave an answering throb and then retreated a few inches before pausing and then reasserting its control of the situation. As the top top man established a smooth rhythm, all three of us began moaning and grunting. In my peripheral vision, I saw several of the other guys encircling us and stroking their drooling dicks in tandem with Sam’s thrusts. When the pain had disappeared, I was able to feel the awesome reality of two dick’s deep inside me. I’m not sure if it was the physical feelings or the mental knowledge that two hot, manly men were fucking me at the same time, but I quickly became quite excited by this experience. I felt my body moving closer to orgasm with each thrust until suddenly Sam pulled all the way out. My sphincter snapped back to a more natural setting which easily accommodated Thomas’ still inserted cock. I felt empty, a weird feeling considering I still had a real cock inside me. That feeling only lasted a moment because soon I felt the insistent presence of another oily cockhead pressing my sphincter. This time as someone pushed into me, my anal defender immediately surrendered, and the dick started sliding into me. This time there was no sense of tearing and no searing pain, just a filling of my intimate parts. When I looked back this time, I saw the young MP Earl smiling at me. At first his cock felt like Sam’s as they had very nearly the same girth but, when Earl had reached the place where Sam had to stop advancing, Earl still had almost an inch to go. When he paused at the end of his drive, I could tell he was somewhat deeper than Thomas, who was thrashing around beneath me. During this transition, my looming orgasm had receded somewhat, but Earl’s steady rhythm brought me back to the edge of cumming within just a few minutes. Earl’s and Thomas’ verbal responses to our fuck surrounded me and told me I wasn’t the only one approaching a major orgasm. Like Sam before him, Earl suddenly stopped and pulled out of me, leaving me with that odd empty feeling in spite of the continued presence of Thomas’ reliable dick. Finally, after Earl withdrew, Miguel drove his cock into my squishy hole, aligned with Thomas’ trusty tool. These guys were doing a remarkable job of keeping me right on the edge without allowing me to crest into the orgasm I was beginning to need desperately. Miguel apparently decided he was the one to take me over the top as he pounded away, never slowing down until I screamed out and flooded Thomas’ abs, chest, and chin with my orgasmic juices. My cock-burst was so intense, it felt like my entire cockhead blew off in the explosion. In spite of how widely my hole was stretched, it sill managed to find the strength to grasp Miguel’s and Thomas’ dicks with such force they both joined me (and each other) in an enormous orgasm that triggered half a dozen more from the guys enjoying our show. Jizz was flying around and onto me like storm water during a Category 5 hurricane. Holy shit! As my mental processes returned to more normal functioning, I noticed that Fred was fucking the crap out of Alex on our right and Scott was reaming Ted on our left. Only moments passed before both tops and Alex all began shouting and cumming inside or onto each other. Since I was so distracted by my own direct experience, I can’t be sure if everyone actually came, but I know most of us came within a two-minute window. It was the biggest nearly-simultaneous orgasm I had yet experienced and it was fascinatingly scary. The screams and cries probably disturbed every fish, fowl, or critter within a couple of miles as the men responded to their primal releases. As the screams and shouts morphed into moans and sighs, Miguel and Thomas both slid out of my soggy, gaping hole. I lay quietly on Thomas as we both tried to catch our breaths. The smell of sperm permeated the air as much as the scents from the perfume counter at Lord and Taylor! As I lay atop Thomas, paralyzed with release and fatigue, an energetic tongue found my hole and initiated some very satisfying licking around my dripping hole. The cum hound turned out to be Lawrence, who spent probably five minutes soothing my body as he vacuumed out all traces of my tops’ recent loads. After a couple of minutes of exquisite tongue-work, Lawrence moved up to kiss me and feed me a dose of the cock-juice cocktail mixed in his mouth. When Lawrence left me, I felt strong arms lifting me off Thomas, our bellies momentarily glued together from my huge load. Soon I was drawn into Darren’s escort bursa massive chest as he carried me to the stairs, where he put me onto my feet and half-carried me down to the lower deck. We threaded through the boat to the bathroom at the back which actually featured a tub. Darren turned on the spigot, adjusting the temperature to a hot but not scalding level before lowering me into the water. He poured into the water a capful of bubble bath and swirled it around with his hands to make it bubble. He knelt beside the tub and silently held my hand for a couple of minutes. I almost passed out as the hot water soothed my entire body, taking all the strains and pain away in an instant. Eventually Darren said softly, “You were amazing out there, Jody.” I looked at him. “Yeah?” I responded dully. “Absolutely,” he said a bit louder. “I’ve never seen a guy get gang-banged in a double penetration. It was so hot everyone was out of their heads with sexual desire. Fuck, man, you are the hottest bottom I’ve ever seen!” I smiled as I wondered if I should be feeling the pride I did feel after this tremendous fucking I’d just received. “Is that a good thing?” I asked sincerely. Darren smiled. “Hell, yes! You’ve just given all of us a jerk-off memory we’ll never be able to forget.” He leaned into the tub and gave me a gentle kiss. “I mean that, babe.” “I doubt I’ll ever forget it either.” “You shouldn’t,” he grinned. By the time Darren and I shared a quick shower and got out, most of the guys had gone to bed. Outside the bathroom, we were met by Brandon. “I got us a room,” he said as he led us down the corridor and into one of the staterooms. I was exhausted and my sweet lovers cuddled me close as we all drifted off to sleep. We slept a little later on Monday morning as all the guys were beginning to get a bit tired from the activity of the high-energy weekend. As we came to life, Darren trotted down to the galley to make coffee, leaving me in Brandon’s strong arms. He checked in with me to be sure I was doing okay and we kissed gently for a few minutes until Darren returned with three mugs of coffee. “You’re all the guys are talking about this morning, Jody,” Darren said as he handed me my coffee mug. “Really?” I was concerned. “Do they think I am the worst cock-whore they’ve ever seen?” My beautiful friend smiled and caressed my shoulder. “No.” He shook his head like you might if gently correcting a four-year-old. “Not one unkind remark. They’re glad to be here with you. Some said they were proud of you. Some said they admire how you put yourself out to please others. Ted and even my Alex said they wish they could take dick as easily as you do.” I chuckled. “Um, they need to know the two-fers were not easy.” “Be that as it may, you did make it look almost effortless.” “I doubt I could’ve done it without all the prep work you guys gave me, not to mention the liquor and muscle-relaxant. “Well, dear, you won’t need to do that again for a while,” Brandon smiled. “We don’t want you to lose your ability to squeeze our little dicks so firmly.” I laughed. “Little dicks, my ass!” “Speaking of that,” Brandon said, “feel like a first fuck now?” I kissed him. “Always!” His tongue reamed my mouth as I felt Darren moving around on the bed beside me. Soon his big hands pulled my glutes apart and his tongue found my well-used orifice. “Oh!” I gasped when he made contact with my rosebud. “Oh, God, I love that!” For the next few minutes, I was probed by two of the most muscular and tender tongues I’d yet encountered in life. Darren pulled back to make room to insert a lubed index finger which coated the inner curve of my sphincter with baby oil. When he put a second oily finger inside and pushed both of them to my prostate, I moaned as my cock hardened into steel and belched out a sizable blob of pre-cum. “He’s ready,” Darren said. “So am I,” Brandon moaned. In a surprisingly well-coordinated series of moves, Brandon lifted me, Darren flopped into the center of the bed on his back, Brandon laid me face-down onto Darren, Darren plunged his tongue into my mouth, Brandon positioned my knees alongside Darren’s chest so my ass was open and available above Darren’s mid-section. Brandon put a finger into my hole and moved against his finger with his raging cock. He paused momentarily with his cockhead kissing my rosebud, but I arched my back and pushed back, causing my sphincter to relax so his glans slid into my anus. He paused briefly and then pushed forward forcing his dick into my ass inch by throbbing inch and drawing a great sigh of release from me, even as I kissed Darren. For almost 15 minutes, my man Brandon fucked me gently, tenderly claiming me as his own, ass and heart. Suddenly he shifted gears, moving the pace up a few notches almost instantly and carrying us from loving joy to passionate desperation as his fuck-strokes took on much greater intensity. I knew I couldn’t hold my first orgasm of the day back long at this pace and assumed he couldn’t either. As my cum gathered in my groin, poised for explosion, I stopped breathing, Lightly I bit Darren’s lip. I felt the snap within me as the cum began racing through my supersensitive urethra to blast out onto Darren’s abs and mine. My whole body spasmed and my asshole involuntarily squeezed Brandon’s super-cock within me. He yelped and drove all the way into me, holding his cockhead as deep as possible while he gave me my first cum-dose of the day. After seven or eight great blasts in my ass, Brandon paused for a couple of minutes. Then he slowly slipped his cock out. He put his big hands on my butt cheeks and lifted me off Darren, pulling me into a sitting position. Darren held his cock up and Brandon positioned my hole against Darren’s glans. “Oh, yes!” I moaned. “Put it in!” Brandon gently lowered me onto the big black cock, which fit comfortably into the space he’d just vacated. Darren only needed a few minutes of bouncing until he cried out and filled me with his first load of the day. I sat impaled on the lovely cock that had just given up its juices for me. Brandon dropped onto the mattress beside us. Together my lovers lifted me off Darren and drew me down onto their chests. Brandon brought his lips to mine and Darren’s. We shared a tender post-coital kiss for a couple of minutes as we waited for all our breaths to return to normal. There was a rap at the door and then it opened. Alex peered in to see us kissing. “Good morning, studs!” Alex said cheerily. “I see you’re up.” He laughed heartily. “Breakfast in five.” “Great!” Darren called over my shoulder. “We’re famished!” “No doubt,” Alex said dryly before closing the door. Quickly we all wiped up; we trotted to the rails and peed into the cove; we got to the gallery for breakfast in barely more than three minutes. During the two hours between breakfast and lifting the anchor, I sucked several of the guys and gave my ass to anyone who still wanted some, which turned out to be only a couple of the insatiable studs. As I was thus engaged, several other couplings were rounding out the cruise. Perhaps the most surprising was Darren’s fuck of the cowboy Doug, which was very erotic to see. Doug must have enjoyed it as he sprayed a huge load all over the deck even after dumping in me a while earlier. Fred docked the Party Boy at its home dock a few minutes after 1400 hours that afternoon and we cleaned up the ship for an hour before going ashore. As we drove back to our little apartment, I remarked to my roommate that I’d never had that much sex even considering end-of-the-season rewards parties back in college. That night I took a very long, very hot shower and went to bed alone, where I slept for over ten hours before I awoke to my Tuesday-morning work alarm.

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