A Seductive Swim

Double Penetration

I’ve been waiting for today, for my beloved William to return from the east. We all have, I suppose — it matters when an heir leaves home — but I think I missed him the most. More than his cold, dull wife. He never looked at her the way he looked at me, even though he never sought any warmth in my arms. He was too good for that, but I saw the look in his eyes the day he left. Well, today, our heroic crusader should reach home, and I know what he’ll do, where he’ll go, and I’ll be waiting.


I’m right, and pleased for it. As he approaches the castle, William turns off the main track, sending his men on, telling them to pass on word he has something to do first. He certainly has, although he doesn’t know what yet.

He’s always loved this section of the river, but now he approaches it with a sense of almost worship.

Slowly, he removes his armour, piece by piece, until he is in only shirt and breeches, his white lacing hanging undone. My gasp at the sight gives me away, but as our eyes meet, I see my own attraction reflected back in his. They still have the spark I remember.


“You remember me?”

“How could any man forget?”

Oh, his words are like honey. I step forward, admiring what I see; he is battle-hardened, fit and muscle-bound, his arms stretching the seams of his shirt.

“I’m glad you’re home,” I say, as I reach him, making the pretence of flicking dust from his chest. “But I think you need to bathe.”

He smiles, that delicious smile, and in one movement his shirt is off, lying in a heap at his feet. “Would you join me?”

“My pleasure.”

“I hope mine too,” he replies, as he unties his breeches, and drops them to the floor too.

He is naked before me now, and I pause for a moment to admire him further. The shoulder-length, raven-black hair, the taut chest, the scar on his escort bayanlar left upper arm.. and a sign that he is, indeed, pleased to see me.

“Now you?”

Slowly, I untie the laces at the front of my gown, and let the material pool around my feet. I’ve worn no shift today. He reaches for my hands and pulls me near. For half a heartbeat, I almost freeze. Will he be gentle, a noble knight, or a rough warrior? He has been away for over a year, after all.

His kiss answers my question. Softly, a breath of a touch to begin with, his lips caress mine, teasing of what else he could be gentle against. I feel my knees weaken, as he increases the pressure, our tongues entwined, tasting each other.

Suddenly, he stops, pulls away, and for a moment, I wonder if he regrets his actions. Then his arms are around me, lifting me from my feet as he turns to the water. We’re on a small sandy beach on a corner, with the water shallower here, making it easy to enter. It’s why this has always been his favourite spot, and mine. We’ve both swum here plenty of times. I have a feeling this is going to be my most memorable visit.

I feel him tense as the cold water hits him, then a moment later I gasp as he puts me back on my feet. It may be a summer’s day, but the water is still cool compared to the warm sun on our skin. It just heightens the moment though, as his mouth finds mine again, before tracing burning kisses down my throat, my shoulder, then my breasts, taking one erect nipple in his mouth as his hand caresses the other. I can hardly stay upright, as pleasure rushes through me. I’m no innocent, but it’s never felt this good before, and he hasn’t even started…

We let our hands explore each other, and I know I am committing every curve of his toned body to memory. Who knows when we’ll be able to escape like this again, tuzla anal escort or even whether he’ll want to; I want to make sure I don’t forget this, in the cold, dark nights of the castle, when I’m at everyone’s beck and call. In this moment, Alais does not answer to anyone. Well, except perhaps William.

He starts to try and lift me, to align our bodies. I can feel for myself he is ready for the next step, but the simple truth is that isn’t going to be easy, and although he is fit, he has been gone a long time. If we’re going to enjoy this, we’ll both need some support. Breaking away, I take his hand, and lead him back to the shallows, sinking to my knees once I know the water is just the right depth to keep us covered, but also allow us to lie back on the sandy riverbank.

William groans as he realises what I am about to do, and clutches for my hair, running his fingers through my blonde tresses. The sensation just heightens my arousal, and I take him deep in my throat, closing my eyes to focus on the cool water, and the muscles of his thighs as I pull him nearer. I’m only teasing him though; I have no intention of letting him have his pleasure without receiving my own.

Breaking away, I lie back on the bank, reaching for his hand to pull him down with me. He lowers himself to his knees, then reaches his arms around me, pulling me back up for another embrace and kiss before finally, we are both aligned on the riverbank. The sand is rough beneath my back, but I don’t care — a small price for the bliss I’m about to experience, I’m sure.

I’m right.

Wordlessly, he pushes my legs apart with his knee, and enters me in a single movement. Between the heat of the pleasure, and the cool of the water, I feel as though my skin is ablaze, as the sun beats down on both of us.

“William,” I murmur into his shoulder, escort tuzla bayan as I grip on to try and steady myself.

“I’ve longed for this for so many years,” he replies, before kissing me again, as we find our rhythm, moving together, lost in our own world.

My concern that this was going to be fast, furious, and over before either of us could get any pleasure from our coupling vanishes. If he has been without female company for the duration of his absence, then he can at least control himself, and I feel myself begin to drift away with each wave of arousal. He is taking his time, and I intend to enjoy every moment.

I can sense the urgency rising in him, as I begin to race towards my own climax. The pleasure explodes through us both, and we collapse back against the sand, a tangle of limbs, glistening between the cool water and sweat from the hot sun. We are silent for a few moments, as our breathing gradually returns to normal.

Finally, he speaks. “I need you in my life, Alais, I do.”

I smile. “I’m sure we can come to some arrangement, my love,” I whisper into his ear. “But now, your home awaits.”

He pushes himself up and away from me, dusting off the sand as he reaches for his clothes, pulling them on without taking his eyes off me. “I must see you again soon,” he says, leaning down for a final kiss before returning for his horse.


It is many hours before I see him again, entering the great hall of the castle, flanked by his father and wife, his devoted mother following in their wake. He doesn’t see me immediately. It isn’t until I make my way up to their top table, on the small dais at the front of the hall, that his eyes do register my presence, but the look of surprise and delight is pleasing when it happens.

“My Lord,” his wife says, turning to him. “You must surely remember Alais? She has been my companion since your departure; I do hope you will not object to her remaining so?”

The hint of a grin flashes across his face, before he hides it behind his courtly smile. “Of course not, my dear, it would be my pleasure.”

I smile back at them both. It would be my pleasure too.

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