A Passionate Meeting


I arrive at the front door, I feel my nerve endings tingling with anticipation at what lays ahead. We have been exchanging emails and photos on line for over a month know. We have explored the most intimate matters of the heart and the body. We have been as candid with each other as two people can be without actually ever having been in the same city, and yet I feel as if I already know what the sensation of having her body next to mine will be. The door flies open suddenly and before I know what hits me I am pulled into the entry and she is on me. Her mouth, her tongue, her hands. Her hunger is overwhelming. I feel as if I am being devoured. Her mouth is warm and wet and as she presses against me I can feel her hardened nipples brushing against my chest. And then, just as suddenly she pulls away, turns and walks down the hallway, leaving me breathless. Intoxicated, I follow. I drink in her body, covered in nothing but a flowing, sheer gown. Her curves are pronounced, her scent is alluring, I long to reach out and caress, squeeze and taste her luscious form.

We enter the bedroom at the end of the hall and just as I reach out for her, she abruptly turns and places a hand on my chest, stopping me in my tracks. She backs up and slowly begins to remove her gown. Her body is all woman. Soft, smooth skin, spectacular breasts that are heavy and full with prominent nipples that are aroused, engorged and pointing directly at me. I can see a smile dance across her lips as she watches my eyes drink in every part of her body. As she lets the gown drop away completely I see her perfectly trimmed bush. Barely hiding her full and already wet pussy. My rod is straining to be free, to be a part of the experience and she is loving it. She steps forward and runs a finger up the length of my thigh. I shiver with delight. Her mouth goes to my ear and as she licks my lobe she whispers that she needs my cock. I am speechless as she drops to her knees and releases my raging hard-on. Her mouth has trailed down my torso, and I can feel her breath catch in her throat as she catches sight of my rock hard cock.

Now on her knees, her face just inches from the throbbing head of my engorged dick, she smiles and looks up at me. She licks her lips as she runs a fingernail gently on the underside of my cock. I am trying to remember that I need to breathe but my lust and my need to thrust myself into her soft wet mouth is all-encompassing. She has started to lick, flicking her tongue from one end to the other, mixing her saliva with the drop of pre-cum that has formed. Her eyes are boring into me, savoring the way she is bringing me to such a point. I cannot take it any more, I grab her head and pull it towards me. I push my cock against her soft lips and let out a sigh as they part and I feel the soft, wet warmth of her mouth engulf me. She takes her hands and grabs my ass, hungrily pulling me in and out as we begin a rhythmic thrust that weakens my knees. Her tongue is swirling around as her exquisite warmth sucks on me for all she is worth. I feel my head go light as I can think of nothing anymore. My needs take over and I grab her more forcefully, thrusting, grinding and then in a spasmodic moment of release I explode with such force that blood rushes to my ears, my legs buckle and I shoot my load into her hungry waiting mouth. She doesn’t miss a beat, as she has surely sensed from both my frenzy as well kurtköy bayan escortlar as the throbbing of my cock in her mouth that I was ready to launch a mother load of cum with great force, she drinks me in, swallowing and licking each and every drop as I collapse against the dresser that was thankfully behind me. The ringing in my ears is unabated and as my eyes refocus as watch as she tends to me.

I see that one of her hands has been busily at work on her pussy and now as she backs away I see and hear her withdraw two wet, glistening fingers from her pussy. She looks at me again and rises to her feet. She draws her sopping wet fingers in a tantalizing line under my nose and above my upper lip. I breathe in her musk and my head swims once more with desire. She parts my lips and slips her fingers in my mouth. I suck hard on her juices, my tongue swirls in order to taste each drop.

She smiles and backs towards the bed. She wants me to enjoy the moment, while keeping me within her spell as my eyes roam over every inch of her form. She lies back on the bed, her eyes never leaving mine. Her hands begin to roam across her body, not so much to pleasure herself but to show me what is waiting for me. The lure is so powerful that I feel myself being drawn to her, and as I do, she parts her legs.

I am transfixed as before me the splendor of her glistening pussy is revealed to me. I see her swollen lips unfolding and drawing me in. As I approach I can see her thigh muscles twitch in anticipation of my touch. Even though she has not yet experienced my touch on her skin or felt the sensation of my tongue sliding across her body, I know that she has imagined it many times and that even now her mind is preparing to take her body to a place of ecstasy. Her breathing is short, her nipples engorged and the muscles of her stomach and ass are clenched as she closes her eyes and awaits me.

I am thrilled by the effect and the visceral reaction I am having on her body and feel the stirring in my groin once again. I know she needs me to bring her to ecstasy but I want savor the sights, the smells and the animal passion that is building with each second. I reach out a finger and touch the bottom of her arched foot. Like a pebble on a still lake I watch as a shiver runs up the length of her body leaving a trail of heightened nerve endings. She gasps and her hands move instinctively to her breasts. She cups them, raising them up so that her nipples appear as cherries on a magnificent sundae and then moves her fingers to the hardened points. I have taken my finger and begun moving in a tantalizingly slow, feathery light motion up her ankle, along the calf and towards the underside of her knee. Her fingers begin to knead the flesh of her breasts, working up to and squeezing the nipples with increased intensity. Her gasps have turned to moans as the lustful experience of the moment begins to take hold in the pit of her stomach. As my fingers pass her knee, her legs quiver and, as if on involuntary cue, spread further. I can see the pink lips of her swollen labia pulsating as if the beating of her heart were hardwired to it.

I move silently to the side of the bed, even as my fingers continue their path along the silky soft skin of her inner thigh. Her breath is coming in gasps now and I see drops of her juices begin to spill and slither kurtköy escort down the crevasses of her flesh. Her hands pick up the pace on her massive breasts, her fingers pinching, rolling and rubbing her now sensitive and remarkably erect nipples. My mouth is watering watching as the effect of my touch is igniting a raging inferno of desire. As my hand reaches the top of her thigh I take two fingers and run them up along both sides of her pussy. I feel the heat emanating from deep within her. She rises in anticipation and expectation of my touch on her, in her. Instead I lower my mouth over hers and dart my tongue inside. She inhales sharply at the unexpected sensation in her mouth, she sucks hungrily on my tongue, as her own tongue slides out to meet mine. Her desire is so inflamed now that her pelvis bucks up now searching for my hand, my cock, anything to fill her need. Her hand now leaves her heaving breasts and rushes to her pussy, she is all animal instinct now. That’s not how I want to play it though and I quickly grab her hand and stop its decent by interlacing my fingers in hers. She moans deeply, partly from frustration, but more so from the passion that is controlling her soul. I pull away from her mouth and I see as she attempts to open her eyes to but she only manages to flutter them and then shuts them tight again as all of her focus is on nerve endings elsewhere.

With one hand still tracing every part of her mound but still not allowing myself the gratification of probing deep inside we are both nearing a level of frenzied, lustful fusion that is ticking like a bomb within us both. As her free hand continues to tempt and tease one breast the other is alone now, heaving, swollen and ripe. She has no idea what will happen next which sends a shiver of delight through my body. I lower myself to her exposed breast and lightly flick the tip of her nipple with me tongue. She inhales sharply, her whole body clenched, her toes pointed, her hand squeezing mine tightly and I open my mouth wide and place it over as much of her tit as I can, sucking it hard into my hot, hungry mouth. Instantly her body bucks hard, her back arches and a half moan/half scream pierces the air. She comes with such a forceful release that I find myself sucking harder just to not be thrown. Her pelvis is now rocking wildly searching for my hand to complete the connection. I place my palm over her pussy to feel the explosion more intensely. She is convulsing wildly now and I feel the center of her soul in the palm of my hand as she continues to cum for me…….

As her wetness spreads onto my hand, my mouth salivates for her juices. I take my hand and bring it to my mouth, my tongue for a taste of her nectar. My mind swims as her scent, her taste and her musk enter my brain. My mouth wants to devour her juices but my cock has other ideas. Steel hard once again it needs to feel the orgasmic convulsions for itself. As she continues to thrust her pussy upward I quickly climb on the bed, grab her knees and push them up and outward, exposing her pink pussy that is now so swollen with desire that it appears closed. I need it and her now. I drive my cock deeply inside and slam against her. As our pelvic muscles collide she yelps and grabs my ass hard. She is cumming again. I stay still and allow her pussy to squeeze, contract and suck on my cock. The sensation is exquisite. kurtköy escort bayanlar As the initial wave subsides I begin to move slowly, riding her while she rises to meet my every thrust. She opens her eyes and looks up at me with a combination of lust and amazement at what her body is feeling. Her mouth opens and I lower myself onto it. We are in sync now, each holding on, each allowing our primal needs to drive us. The sounds, the smells and the sensations of our bodies joined together is rapturous. Our tongues are swirling, our hands are clutching and holding all while we thrust and move together. Suddenly she breaks our kiss, smiles devilishly at me and in one swift motion rolls over so that before I know it she is on top.

As I look up I see her hair fall down around her face. Her breasts are swaying tantalizingly in front of me, the still hard nipples grazing through my chest hair as they match her rhythmic pumping. She is in control and loving the power of both her position and the feeling which she is now commanding deep inside herself as my cock pushes deeper and deeper inside her. She stops sliding up and down my pole and begins to rock her pelvis against me now, grinding her clit against my hard pelvic bone. I grab her waist and find her rhythm, tilting her while keeping my cock buried deep inside her, delighting in the still pulsating walls of her pussy. Her head rears back as if to grab more oxygen and as she does her body follows. She is sitting upright on me now. She has found the spot that pushes the head of my cock against her hidden pleasure zone. She raises her arms and my eyes once again take in the supple sensuous beauty of her womanly figure. My hands reach for her breasts, tweak her nipples and slide down to the place where we are joined. I see the shaft of my rod momentarily as she keeps up her grinding. Now I can see the source of her intense focus. Peeking out from under its hood is her magnificently engorged clitoris. It to is throbbing as if it was reaching out for its own stimulation. My thumb and forefinger slide on either side and begin massaging, squeezing and pulling at her clit. The reaction was instantaneous. A low grunt was followed by a barely audible “Yesssss” hissed through her teeth. With one hand I grabbed her ass and began directing the motion of her movements, while the other kept up its clitoral concentration.

I knew what her clit needed, my cock knew what it needed and we were rapidly approaching the point of no return. She arches her back, trying to thrust further inside her while giving me more access to her clit which has nearly doubled in size. My cock is pushing against muscles buried deep inside her and I feel the power of my own climactic explosion nearing. She has surrendered completely to the sensations both in and out of her vulva. She too is just moments away from a deep release. Her eyes open wide, latch onto mine and in that instant I explode. My entire body spasms and I shoot my hot stream deeply inside her. The sensation of my orgasm and a flood of semen filling her brings her to climax as well as she shudders and drives herself down onto my still pumping cock. Her pussy muscles are quivering and extending my orgasm. Its as if she intends to drain me of every fluid in my body. We each try to breathe and as we do she collapses heavily on me. The slapping sound of the drenched surfaces of our sweaty skin colliding is like music. We are heaving together now. As we each try to catch our breath, we stop moving and allow only the muscles of our bodies to complete their now involuntary dance. We are spent and exhausted. There is nothing left to give. We have used our bodies and our minds to give each other the gift of exquisite ecstasy.

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