A Night with Barbie Ch. 01


Tonight is definitely the night! Yes! Yes! Yes! Tonight is going to most definitely be the night that I finally get to play with Barbie!

The anticipation has been building. Growing. Rapidly & endlessly gaining strength & momentum. Rarely a moment goes by without my attention be lost in the thought of her smooth & soft skin, her poutty lips, her sensuous gaze. Most definitely smitten I am. Completely entangled in the very vexing aura of this incredible vixen I call Barbie!

Whoa now big fella! Let’s not put the cart before the horse! We have to make this memorable. Special. Intriguing. Barbie enjoys the arousal. The care. The attention. We have to have a plan & not rush no matter how difficult it is to remain patient these days.

A memorable dinner at a very special place shall be the plan. There can be only one place … “George” it shall be. A nice chef’s tasting menu, complete with the appropriate wine pairings. I’m sure Barbie will enjoy the intrigue & surprise. There is nothing better than putting yourself into the capable & creative hands of one of Toronto’s most renowned & respected épicurians.

Barbie decides to meet me at the restaurant. I know this is just another way for her to tease & torture me. She knows me all too well already. For the true Virgo that I am, I must be in control of the situation. Yet Barbie too likes & savours control. Indeed this shall be interesting.

I await at the small bar that resides just inside the entrance to the restaurant. No hard alcohol for me tonight as this is to be special. I nervously position myself being able to view the front door with a nice Australian shiraz in hand. Trying not to look too often, my eyes focus upon the front door eagerly awaiting my Vixen’s arrival & entrance.

Suddenly I notice everyone’s eyes turn to the door. I know from experience that this can only mean one thing: Barbie has arrived! Every patron “Dam!” & “Holy Schmolly!” as Barbie strides effortlessly & with purpose towards my place in the lounge.

Her body contained in a perfectly fitted little black dress like a present just awaiting to be unwrapped. Flowing blond hair framing her absolutely angel-like face then cascading & draping onto her exposed shoulders & back. A simple, yet seductive lariat pendant dangles from her neck inevitably drawing your attention to the tops of her perfectly proportioned breasts. My eyes follow each & every sumptuous curve of kurtköy escort Barbie’s bosom, imagining their weight in my hands & their softness to my touch. My gaze moves from the outer edge of her breasts & continues down the sides of her form fitting dress. Hugging her wonderful curves absolutely perfectly, her dress entices yet does not offend, the absolute definition of class, elegance, sensuality & allure. As the material draws to an end & gives way to her tanned, toned, silky smooth legs, I turn my eyes up to hers fearing that I’ve already spent too long elsewhere & that any more will only result in an awkward situation for both of us!

I look up into Barbie’s eyes & quickly realize that this is not going to save me any more anguish & anticipation as her erotic glare conveys a sexuality rarely seen or experienced before. As if almost imploring me to succumb & devour her right then & there, her eyes burn into me with a passion that I know I cannot & will not be able to resist. “God Help Me!”, I mutter to myself as I try to regain some sort of resemblance of composure & normality.

Barbie slowly

“I assume you approve of what I’m wearing? Because what you see is what you get! There’s nothing else IF you know what I mean!!!”

I’m absolutely stunned. Unable to form anything close to a response. My mind drifts once again to the thought of Barbie’s silky smooth skin & my desire to touch, taste, tease & devour every delicious inch of her. Why did I do this to myself? Why did I think I could make it through a 7 course meal when all I want is to have her 7, 14, 28 different ways!

Knowing me the way she does, almost telepathically, Barbie brushes her hand down my arm “Not yet big boy! Hold your horses! Patience is a virtue that will be well rewarded. Trust me!” She accentuates her gaze & obvious thought by sliding her hand to the inside of my thigh, firmly digging in her nails to let me know she’s the one in command.

Almost thankfully, we’re interrupted as the bartender introduces himself “I’ll have what he’s having.” The young man responds to your request with a polite, yet playful; “Excellent choice I must say … You both obviously have exquisite taste!” His words, playful smile

“Here’s to the most amazing & spectacular & incredible girl in the whole world & the good fortune that allows her to be in my company this evening! If I had to choose kartal escort good looks or dumb luck I shall choose whatever it is that brought you to my side tonight!” Clink!

“I never could resist that talented tongue yours my dear!”, you respond with a delightfully devilish grin.

The bartender chokes & sputters as surprise to your comment overcomes him. After we both take a sip from our glasses you lick your luscious lips lingeringly in a manner that draws me in to give you a kiss & get my first of many tastes of you for the evening. Nothing too aggressive. Nothing to overt. My lips gently find yours as my hand softly sweeps your hair back as my fingers lightly brush the nape of your neck. As both my lips encompass your upper lip in a gentle & light playful lock, you feel a small shudder & twinge in your body as you attempt to bite my lower lip & regain some of the control you finally had lost. Once again, the first of many you hope as our evening progresses!

Almost on cue, the hostess arrives & announces that our table is ready. Politely & professionally, she instructs us to follow her & that our drinks will be delivered for us. I stand up from my chair offering my hand as I symbolically lift you from your perch. As you move your slender body to my side, I place my hand on your hip & guide you just ahead of me as my hand slides from your hip & across your lower back. You like the firmness of my gesture. You suddenly stop & turn back to me with a wide open, almost innocent look on your face that tells me you like a man that knows what he likes, knows what he wants & takes control!

“So Is that the way its gonna be tonight!?, you say without your usual confidence but tempered with an inquisitive playfulness.

“At times my dear. At times. Its all about different tastes, different experiences, something unexpected here & something unexpected there!”

“Well I hope there are some things that I have come to expect … Or rather anticipate from you tonight?”

“Oh don’t you worry about that Barbie! I’m sure we’ll enjoy everything … Expected or otherwise!”

With that, you slowly turn your lithe & limber body all the whilst keeping your eyes locked onto mine, still a little in shock of how I have taken command of the evening’s events thus far. Part of you likes it while part of you loathes it. The constant battle inside of you. To be in control … To kurtköy bayan escort be controlled.

You decide you must regain some of the balance quickly & you know precisely how to attain that & instill a weakness into my knees, a lump in my throat & stirring down below. You grab my hand & draw it to your side subtly brushing it across your hip & around your firm behind allowing it to find its way between your delicious buttocks. Just your little way of letting me know what you had said earlier was indeed very true. There was absolutely nothing more to your outfit than what the eye could see!

My knees tremble & shake. My jaw almost drops as a feline-like grin appears on yours. “Mission accomplished!”, you say to yourself. With the balance of power rightfully regained, you spin again & follow the hostess knowing full well that you are once again in control of the situation.

I follow your lead as you glide through to the rear of the restaurant. One foot in front of the other. Slowly. Seductively. Sexually. In such a manner that only an erotic, exotic & sensuous creature like yourself can move. Your hips sway almost rhythmically back & forth, up & down, giving your perfectly sculpted behind the kind of wiggle that instills only the dirtiest carnal thoughts. Wanting to drop to my knees & follow you like a dog, you glance back at me to make sure I’m safe as you know that I must be near my breaking point as even I cannot resist these teasings.

Yet I am nowhere near the only one being watching your slender curves slink across the room. Every man’s eyes are firmly placed on you tight little behind dramatically draped in your little black dress. You soak in all the patrons attention’s, knowing that each one would sell their soul just to sample your ample curves & features. To drink in your raw sexuality. To pay homage to your pure beauty. Its enthralling. Its invigorating. Every man & even every woman, fantasizing about what it would be like to be with you. You love every minute & ounce of energy being emitted by our newly formed audience, but you are more contented that you have affected your date’s attentions & focus so fully & completely.

We arrive at our table; The chef’s personal arrangement. Seated European style … together … side-by-side … We have the benefit of being able to watch the entire restaurant unfold in front of us, have an eye towards the bustling kitchen, yet enjoy the seclusion that our little corner offers us. As we recline into the crescent shaped couch & the table is snuggled in closer to us by two wait staff, our arms cross each other & find each other’s thighs, knowing that we’re going to have a long, enticing & wonderful evening ahead.

(To be continued …)

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