A New Adventure

Big Tits

This is a true story; only I have changed some names and details. I also skated over some bits to get to the good bits.


After a not very happily ever after I found myself divorced. I won’t say I was unhappy. The marriage was perhaps a mistake and in real terms we were able to end it amicably. It did mean that I was in my late thirties and single. The thing was I didn’t really know if I wanted any sort of relationship again, the break up of my marriage was hard on me. Emotionally I was drained. I was curious about maybe finding something more transient.

I signed up to a couple of online dating sites. Not really knowing what I was looking for. Mostly I singed up and looked around for the duration of the free offer period and gave up when I’d have to pay. The thing was I wasn’t very good at being single I was out of practice. Add to that most of the women on the dating sites seemed to be looking for a commitment that I was not ready give. I didn’t even want to commit to a months subscription. I was starting to give up on the whole concept of online dating when I stumbled on a site that was for people looking for more casual flings.

After reading through the terms and conditions took the plunge and signed up. This time there was no free introductory offer so I had to pay, but my curiosity was piqued and I was in a place emotionally where something more adventurous than I had been used too was just what I wanted. Of course what I wanted and what I got were two different things. Most of the women who contacted me were fronts for cam sites, porn sites and other scams and the ones I contacted never seemed to get past a few messages.

It was so bad that I was on the verge of giving up when I got a message from a woman named Amber, who lived in a city around 100 miles from me. Amber said that she liked my profile and would love to chat. It wasn’t much different from other messages I’d got until I looked at Amber’s profile. Amber was listed with her husband as a couple. The blurb said that they were in an open relationship. All of the photos on the profile were of Amber, although, unlike me who had used a normal head shot in her all her photos her head was either cropped off or blurred.

Well I liked what I saw; Amber was about average height and described herself as chubby. I’d have said curvy. She had nice firm looking breasts and just the hint of a belly and very strong looking thighs. She had the sort of figure that just does it for me. However none of the photos were nude. In all of them she was wearing lingerie or even more. But she looked sexy and so I replied to her message.

So for a couple of days we passed messages back and fourth. I will admit that at her request I sent her a photo of me nude, and aroused. Now I’m no Adonis but I do like to keep myself fit, and I have so far avoided getting a beer belly. I don’t think I look bad at all. I just hoped that Amber agreed. She responded with a nude photo of herself although still teasing me with the placement of her hand over her pussy. Not letting me see quite everything. But we had some more flirty fun messages and then she suggested that we swap phone numbers.

The first time that I called Amber I was strangely nervous. I think part of it was that I wasn’t sure if I could pull off being as flirty on the phone as I could in messages. There is a big difference between typing something and saying it. However in the end it was fine. It wasn’t really what you would call phone sex, although it was steamy, fun and more than a little flirty. I also noticed that more than once Amber said when not if when talking about what me might get up to in real life.

While I was on on the way to work the next morning I got a text from Amber asking me to call her that evening. When I got home from work I called Amber and I was a little surprised that she sounded a little more formal than she had the night before. It was something about the timber of her voice that was different. I soon found out why.

“I have something I want to ask you.”

She said.


I replied.

“I really like you and I would like to meet up for some fun. But I have one favour to ask. I’d like my husband to be there to watch.”

Of course I was more than a little taken aback by this. Now I had known all along that she was married, but I wasn’t expecting her husband to accompany her when we got together, let alone watch.

“That isn’t really what I was expecting, what do you mean watch?”

I asked.

“He would be passive, just sitting in a chair and watching us. I know it’s a bit different but it’s something I want to do and so does he. It’s why we joined that site in the first place.”

She said.

“Okay I think I’ll be able to handle it.”

I said after taking a deep breath.

We spoke a bit more. Amber told me that one night she and her husband had been watching a mildly erotic TV movie that featured a scene of a man watching his wife have sex with another man. Amber ataşehir escort had found this a huge a turn on, but had not said anything at the time.

A few months later she and her husband were discussing movies and her husband mentioned that scene in passing. It took Amber a little digging but he soon confessed that he had fantasised about watching her with another man. They spent a little bit of time talking it through before moving forward and placing the advert. When they placed the advert it was deliberately oblique, as they wanted to find someone who wasn’t a swinger or anything. Rather someone who was open to the idea but would be at the same place with it as they were, as Amber put it someone as nervous as they were. The important thing was that it be someone who Amber really liked, someone that she had picked and wanted to be with.

I think the more that we talked the more that I was sure that it would be an experience I’d enjoy as well. I was also very flattered that Amber obviously found me attractive. By the end of the conversation we had basically agreed to everything. I think both of us felt that if we put things off it might never happen and so we actually worked out the where, when and how on the phone, with both of us sat at our computers.

We were to meet in a travel hotel by the motorway. Have a drink in the bar then go up to their room. Amber was a bit flirtier once we had it all booked but did say that if either her or her husband, Dan, were not happy then it wouldn’t go ahead. We would part company in the bar.

I thought that we had everything sorted out but suddenly Amber said that Dan wanted to speak to me. I think that Dan just wanted to make a connection with me before we actually met up. He also told me that watching was something he wanted, and that he was sure that he would be able to handle it. Which reassured a little.

Dan and I also discussed a more practical issue, both he and Amber felt that to do this properly the sex should be unprotected. Dan requested that I have an STD test and send Amber a copy of the result the day before we were due to meet, and that she would do like wise. I wasn’t all that sure how to go about this but I agreed. Dan then reiterated that if either he or Amber wanted to back out on the day then nothing would happen.

After I hung up the phone I found that my head was spinning a little. I had just agreed to have sex with a woman who I had never met in real life while her husband watched us. I’d wanted adventurous and that is what I was getting.

I had a couple of days and got everything sorted out that I needed to do. Although I was more than a little unsure, I was worried that one of two things would happen. Either I would be so put off by Dan being there that I wouldn’t be able to get an erection, or that the whole thing would be so much of a turn on I’d shoot my load in seconds. I also started to have other doubts. What if this was all some elaborate scam, I had no proof that Amber was the girl in the photos. For all I knew I would get to the hotel be beaten and robbed. But I tried to put that sort of thought out of my head.

The day before we were due to meet I emailed Amber a scan of the test certificate that showed I was all clear. In reply she sent me the same plus a photo. This was different from the other photos that we had exchanged as it was a head shot of her and Dan. It looked like a shot of a normal couple sitting side by side. This was so I would recognise them when I got to the hotel bar, as till that point I had never seen Amber’s face.

I was struck by how pretty Amber was. She had long black hair but blue eyes and was stunning. Dan looked ordinary. He was around my age slightly greying I guess they didn’t look like the sort of couple who would be into swapping. Of course until a couple of days ago I wasn’t the sort of guy would have thought of doing anything like this.

The next day I got up showered and had a shave. I dressed casually and then drove to the hotel. With the nagging fears in the back of my head I only took a little cash with me and left my cards at home. The hotel was about two hours drive from me and on the way I stopped and had something to eat.

When I got to the hotel I walked into the public bar and looked around. I actually felt a bit out of place. I’d dressed in jeans a tee shirt and an over shirt more for comfort on the long drive, but although it was a Sunday most of the people in the bar seemed to be dressed for the office.

I was able to spot Amber and Dan sitting in the corner, Amber spotted me and smiled and I walked over to where they were sitting. Feeling both apprehensive and relieved that so far all was good. The introductions were very normal and a bit awkward although that might have just been my feeling. I sat on a bench seat with my back to the wall Amber and Dan were both sitting on chairs facing me over a small round table.

Amber looked even more stunning in the flesh. Her skin was very pale ataşehir escort bayan and her eyes seemed to sparkle. She was wearing a sort of 50s style dress and it emphasised her impressive cleavage. Dan was dressed in a dark shirt and black trousers. He looked slightly older than he had done in the photo. He was a little taller than me and a little heavier around the middle.

As I sat down Dan offered to get me a drink. I decided to play safe and just asked for lemonade. As Dan got up to go to the bar I could feel that Amber was studying me. This made me feel a little uneasy. After all I had agreed that if she said no then that was that.

“It’s great to finally meet you.”

She said.

“Yes it’s good to meet you as well.”

I said with a smile.

We had a brief conversation about the journey and the weather. It was all pretty ordinary. Dan returned and also asked me about the journey. As we chatted I started to relax a little bit, putting my fears about being robbed out of my head. Because we were in a public bar with lots of people about the talk wasn’t all that flirty.

After about half an hour there was a slight change, it was as if the tension had been ratcheted up a notch. I wasn’t exactly sure why at first. Then Amber and Dan exchanged a look. Dan nodded a little and Amber quietly moved from the chair she had been sitting on to the bench beside me. Once she had sat down she rested her hand on my thigh. I turned to look at her.

“You still want to go upstairs?”

She said in a very soft voice.

I nodded.

Amber smiled at Dan who calmly drank up the last of his drink and then stood up. Both Amber and I stood up and we walked together out of the bar and took the elevator up to the third floor. I started to feel my heart racing a little and hoped that I wasn’t visibly shaking.

The room was much like you would expect from a travel hotel. There was a large double bed a couple of chairs a TV and a small en suite bathroom. When we got into the room Amber put on some lights and then closed the blinds. Dan moved one of the chairs round so that rather than face the TV it was facing the bed.

Although it was still the middle of the afternoon suddenly the room had a very twilight feel to it. The light was dim only a couple of wall lamps and the blinds very thick. I could also feel the tension in the hairs of the back of my neck, as well as a large flock of butterflies in my stomach. I had serious performance anxiety.

Amber took my hand and led me to the side of the bed so I was standing in front of the chair that Dan had repositioned. I was unsure of what to do so I sort of just stood there. Amber then turned round and took both of Dan’s hands in hers and kissed him. Then whispered something in his ear.

Dan took Amber’s left hand and the best way I can describe it is he handed her to me. As I took her hand from him he smiled at me then sat in the chair. Amber looked me in the eyes and took both my hands, as she had done with Dan, and kissed me.

That first kiss was a little tentative from both of us. Amber put her arms around me and I put mine around her. I felt her body against me, and felt that she was trembling a little, but so was I. We kissed again this time deeper and longer. As we kissed the first of my fears started subside. The feel of Amber’s body against mine as we kissed had the effect of starting to give me an erection. In fact for the first time since I arrived at the hotel I started to relax a little.

At this point Amber pulled away from me and turned around, slipping off her shoes. She asked me to undo the zip of her dress. As she leaned her head forward I noticed that she gave a little look to Dan. I slowly pulled the zip down and as it opened revealing her bare back I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Amber slipped the dress off and placed it carefully over the second chair, all the time with her back to me. She turned around but had her right arm across her breasts. She was now wearing just a pair of black panties matching suspender belt and black stockings. She then slowly lowered her arm so that I could see her large full breasts. They looked even more impressive than they had in the photo she had sent me.

Stepping towards me Amber reached out her hands, starting to undo the loose shirt I had on. This was soon off and flung in the general direction of the empty chair. She then started to pull up the tee shirt I was wearing. This was tucked into my jeans so I suggested she open my belt. She smiled.

Before I could say anything else Amber had managed to undo the belt and was fiddling with the button. This took a couple of seconds to come free but once it did she was able to undo the fly. Once my jeans were open Amber reached inside with her left hand and was soon able to grasp my now throbbing cock. It had already pushed through the flap in my boxers. I sighed a little as I felt her fingers gently massaging my length.

As she started to gently stroke me I leaned forward to kiss her again. As I did I realised that I could feel the cool metal of her wedding band against my cock. I quickly glanced in Dan’s direction he was sitting back in the chair watching us impassively.

Amber moved back a little so that she was able to pull my tee shirt over my head. We were now both bare-chested. She moved forward and kissed me again. This time I could feel her large firm breasts pressed against my bare chest and my hard cock escaping from my jeans pressing against her stomach. She moved her hands down to the waistband of my jeans and started to pull them down. I had to sit on the side of the bed so that I could slip off my shoes and socks. As I did this I was sitting opposite Dan. I tried not to look in his direction but I was very aware of his presence.

I stood up and took off my jeans before I could do anything else Amber was tugging at my boxers. They fell to the floor and I was standing nude in front of both her and her husband. At this point I was worried that I might tense up again, or that my second fear would overtake me. By now I was standing side on to Dan and Amber threw her arms around my shoulders and kissed me again. The feeing of her body against mine again clamed me.

Gently Amber lowered herself to her knees in front of me. I looked down to see her big blue eyes looking up at me. Again she took my cock in her left hand and gently stroked it. Teasing me. She looked down for a moment then to her right towards Dan before looking me in the eyes as she gently took my cock into her mouth.

Amber knew exactly what she was doing. Her lips and tongue teasing me and making me feel more turned on. I gently laid my hand on her head and closed my eyes. I breathed slowly and deeply not wanting to get too carried away. I knew that Amber would not want me to cum in her mouth so when I was nearly there I gently told her to stop.

Standing up Amber told me to sit on the bed. I was again sitting directly opposite Dan I again tried not to look at him. But I could feel him looking at me. Amber stood directly in front of me and placed her left leg on the bed next to me. She unclipped her stocking and gently rolled it down her leg. Removing it carefully. She did the same with right leg then removed the suspender belt. She gave me a little smile and then sashayed out of her panties with a little wiggle.

I looked at her nude body in front of me. Her flawless pale skin and large full breasts the slight hint of a belly, her neatly trimmed pussy and powerful thighs. Although I hadn’t cum my cock had started to soften a little but as I looked at Amber I felt it growing hard again.

Standing up I put my arms around Amber, we shifted around and I gently lowered her to the edge of the bed and then slowly got down onto my knees. I placed my hands on Amber’s knees and she opened her legs. I moved forward and kissed the inside on her thighs trying to tease her a little. I planted a little kiss on her pussy. Amber lay back across the bed and I was able to start to gently search for her clitoris with my tongue. I soon found the right spot as Amber placed both her hands on the back of my head.

“Yes right there.”

She said breathlessly.

I took my cue from the pressure of her hands on my head and the movement of her body. Trying my best to tease her to orgasm. I was only taking short shallow breaths, and this coupled with the aroma of her juices was starting to make me light headed. She moved her hands from me and I sensed that I should stop. I sat up and Amber sat herself up on the edge of the bed. For a moment she looked past me to Dan then directly at me.

“I want to feel you inside me.”

She said.

I stood up and Amber moved so that she was lying on the bed properly. Her head was on the pillow and she moved away from the edge so there was enough room for me to lay next to her, facing her. We kissed and I felt her arms move to around my back. Then Amber rolled onto her back taking me with her. I was now on top of her and between her legs.

Pushing myself up onto my hands and I gently nuzzled my cock into her. As I started to push deeper Amber took her eyes away from me and looked towards Dan. She took a deep breath and moved her hips so that I could push all the way inside. Her pussy was warm and tight and I could feel her belly against mine as I began to thrust in and out of her. My heart was thumping and I could feel the vibration of her heart beating.

I lowered myself onto my elbows so that I could push harder, as I did so I felt Amber wrap her legs around my back. I could feel her pulling me deeper and deeper into her with each stroke. But I could also feel Dan’s eyes watching me, watching us. It was this feeling that was preventing me from fully letting myself go.

After a while I felt Amber mover her legs from around my back and then she put her arm around my neck and pulled me close.

“I want to ride you.”

She said.

Slowly I withdrew from her and shifted position so that I was lying on my back with my head on the pillow. Amber kneeled over me. This time there was no glance towards Dan; she slowly lowered herself on me. Then started to gently ride me.

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