Anna and Lacey’s Secret Ch. 01


Part 1: The Locker Room

It was a sizzling hot summer day and I was just finishing up a game of doubles tennis with my girlfriend Anna against her best friend Lacey and Lacey’s boyfriend. My girlfriend Anna and I have been going out for over a year and we are deeply in love. She is delicately pale with shoulder-length dark hair and a mysterious smile. Her breasts are small but very firm and though her body is incredibly slender, she still has a nice ass and hips.

Anna and Lacey have been best friends for as long as they both can remember—since grade school I think. So naturally I’ve found myself hanging out with Lacey a lot recently, seeing that the two girls are practically inseparable at times. Lacey is a little bit taller than Anna, more of an athletic type, with a tan slender body, large perfect breasts, and a bold feisty attitude. She is always throwing me looks and pretending to flirt with me, but we all know it’s in good fun.

Anyways, Anna, myself, and Lacey started to play tennis in the summer—to try and be more active, since we usually spend way too much time indoors. The two girls were ready to begin their senior year of high school in a few weeks and were itching to get outside and make the most of their waning freedom. Most times, we just fooled around and hit some balls, but on this day Lacey invited her boyfriend Craig so we could play a proper game. It was a lot of fun, and both of the girls looked amazing in their short tennis skirts and their pulled back ponytails. I spent half of the time watching Anna’s ass when she ran up to the net to hit the ball, and the other half drooling over Lacey’s beautiful breasts as they bounced around.

To be honest, I have always had a thing for Lacey. I love Anna more than life itself and would never break her trust, but I have always secretly lusted after Lacey. I always catch myself watching her perfect round breasts jiggle in the tight shirts she always wears. Or I’ll suddenly feel a desperate urge to reach out and grab her full gorgeous ass when she’s nearby.

Well, when the tennis game was over, Lacey’s boyfriend took off (good thing, because he wasn’t much fun, and I didn’t like the way he had been checking out Anna) and the three of us headed to the showers to clean up.

“Sheesh, I’m really sweaty,” Anna said once we’d reached the inside hallway. “I’m not used to being in the sun so much and working out.”

“You should do it more often, Anna!” Lacey said, placing a hand on the small of Anna’s back. “You were so great out there. You looked amazing!” She then gave my girlfriend a friendly hug.

Anna blushed. “Thanks. I hope I did all right.”

After a moment they parted, and Lacey turned to me.

“Ok, hot stuff. Why don’t you scurry off the men’s side while me and Anna take care of some business over here.”

Both girls were panting a little bit from exhaustion, and the sight of them in a state of near-sexual excitement really turned me on. But I reluctantly said goodbye to them and watched as they headed off to the girl’s shower, affectionately holding hands and speaking in low whispers.

After they had vanished around the corner, I turned the other way and headed for the men’s shower. When I got there, I took off all my clothes and was about to get in the shower, when I realized that I’d left my watch out at the tennis court. So I wrapped a towel around me and hesitantly wandered out to the courts, hoping no one would see me.

In the hallway, however, I nearly ran into Lacey who was also wearing only a towel. I had never seen her without her clothes on, so I immediately started blushing. She looked incredible, her long powerful legs smooth and bare, just the tops of them covered by the small pink towel. And her breasts bulged at the top of the towel, nearly exploding from the tight wrap. Her auburn hair had been let down from the ponytail and cascaded across her beautiful tanned shoulders.

“Whoa, hey!” She said. “Watch where you’re going. You nearly knocked my towel off.”

“Sorry, I uh forget something out here…” I stammered.

“No need to get embarrassed. We’re friends right?” She said, eyeing me. It seemed that her brown-eyed gaze could pierce the towel I had on and see my stiffening erection underneath. I tried to turn away so that it wouldn’t start to show.

“Hey, you are embarrassed, aren’t you?” She asked with a laugh, placing a soft hand on my bicep. “Anna and me are like sisters, so I guess that kinda makes you like my brother right?”

“Maybe,” escort ankara I said.

“So we should have nothing to hide!” A sudden look came over her, and she smiled at me slyly. “Hey, why don’t you come with me back to the girl’s locker room? Then we won’t have any secrets.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was totally floored.

“You just think about it, okay?” She said with a wink. “I think you’ll really like what you see.” And with that she pinched my towel-covered ass and skipped back to the girls’ locker room, leaving me there slack-jawed.

By now, my hard-on was straining against the towel, making it bulge out awkwardly, so I knew I had to quickly get to one of the locker rooms before someone saw me. I decided to get my watch later, and nervously jogged down the hall to the girl’s shower.

Other than the pink tile on the walls instead of blue, the locker room was very similar to the men’s one. It was incredibly steamy inside, and I couldn’t see very far ahead of me. I made my way slowly forward, hoping there weren’t any other girls in there among the mist. From somewhere in the far corner I heard a faint moaning and sighing. The voice sounded familiar, but it was so echo-y in the locker room, I couldn’t tell for sure.

I wandered toward the source of the sounds when suddenly the steam cleared up a bit. There on a wooden bench, next to a hot shower going full blast, was Anna: her tennis clothes were still on, but her skirt was flipped up and her white panties down around one ankle. Her slender legs were spread wide, and in between, Lacey was on her knees licking and fingering Anna’s tight glistening pussy.

I didn’t make any noise at first, and they didn’t notice me. So I just watched, a little bit horrified and a little bit aroused. Anna’s pretty face was contorted in pleasure, and her thin arms trembled as they gripped the bench tightly behind her. Her hips thrust forward rhythmically and slowly in time with Lacey’s lapping, and her toes curled slightly in the air on either side of Lacey’s head.

Lacey still had the towel wrapped around her, but it was slipping off a little bit. As she leaned forward to put her two fingers into my girlfriend’s wet cunt and used her tongue to lick Anna’s clit, the towel rode up and exposed the bottom of her round tanned ass. I let her work on my girlfriend a while longer, standing there stunned and unable to move. The sucking noises and Anna’s moans of satisfaction slowly got to me, making my cock strain in anticipatory agony, and then finally I couldn’t wait any longer and I called out, “What’s going on?!”

Anna’s eye’s opened in sudden terror, and her body tensed up, but she didn’t change position to hide her shame. Lacey looked up briefly from Anna’s lap and smiled at me, her two fingers still inserted halfway into my girlfriend’s tight dripping cunt.

“See, I told you it would be worth it!” She laughed.

“You told him to come in here?” Anna asked, angry for a moment. Then she let out a gasp as Lacey inserted a third finger and began pumping again.

I stood there watching, still in shock.

“I’m so sorry honey,” Anna said, in between gasps of pleasure as Lacey continued to work her pussy, resuming her gentle licking of the clit and the parted labia. “I didn’t want you to ever find out.”

“H-has this happened before?” I stammered.

“I’m so sorry… I should have told you sooner,” she said, starting to pant hard. “Lacey has been my lover ever since middle school. But I’ve loved you since I met you. The thing we share is,” here she moaned loud before saying “different.”

“So every time you and Lacey go hang out and I’m not around… you’re doing this??”

“Pretty much… sometimes I eat her out. Sometimes we use…ugghhhh… dildos.”

She stopped talking suddenly as her moans reached a fevered pitch, and Lacey’s assaults on her cunt became quicker and sloppier. Suddenly Anna exploded into an orgasmic cry, her whole body shaking in her white tennis outfit, and her legs twitching in ecstatic glee.

Once the shuddering cries ceased, Lacey removed her hands from Anna’s cunt, which was now dripping with sticky clear fluid. She licked them off, then rubbed a hand slowly up my girlfriend’s lean body. “How did that feel, Anna?”

“Incredible,” Anna whimpered.

“Did you get off harder with your boyfriend watching?” She asked, caressing Anna’s breasts through the thin linen of her shirt.

Anna nodded weakly.

“Do you want to let him join in?” Lacey sincan escort asked.

Anna nodded again, her eyes still closed in post-coital bliss.

Lacey stood up, still holding the towel around her and looked at me with a grin. “Well, you heard the girl. Guess you better strip for me.”

I blushed and let my towel fall to the dewy pink floor. My erection sprang forward, bulging with excitement.

“Wow, that’s quite a piece you’ve got there. No wonder Anna needs more than just a strap-on.”

Lacey walked over to me seductively and let her towel drop. The closest I’d ever seen to her being naked was when we all went to the beach once, and she had worn a bikini. That day her and Anna had gone for a long walk while I lay out sunbathing. Now I realized that they must have found a quiet spot down the beach and fucked each others’ brains out in the surf.

Lacey’s breasts were large, a handful each, but tight and firm, and her brown nipples were erect in the steamy air. Her cunt was shaved and it glistened a little bit between her legs. I could see her large clit poking out slightly, and wondered how many times my girlfriend had licked and sucked on it.

Then Lacey was there in front of me, staring me right in the face. I tried to look away, feeling embarrassed and uneasy, but she grabbed my chin with one hand and made me gaze into her deep brown eyes. Then with her other hand, she reached down and started stroking my cock with her smooth strong hand. It felt incredible.

“Don’t cum yet, little boy. We’ve got a lot of work for you to do.”

She let go of my chin and my cock and took my hand, leading me by the hand to a row of lockers next to the bench where Anna lay. Anna’s eyes followed us timidly, her legs still spread wide, and her swollen pussy exposed for all to see.

Lacey leaned up against the row of lockers and thrust her ass out towards me. I’ve always loved my girlfriend’s tight small ass, but Lacey’s ass was big and round—perfectly formed. I immediately started fondling it with nervous hands as Anna watched us.

“Yes that’s right. Touch me. Are you watching Anna?”


“Is this turning you on?”

Anna moaned a little, and I glanced back, and saw that she was stroking her cunt. I had never seen her masturbate before, and this really turned me on.

“Good. Now I need to get fucked. I’m so horny!”

Lacey reached around behind herself and grabbed my veiny cock, pulling it towards her waiting ass. I pulled her hips closer to me and guided my trembling cock between her beautiful legs. When I had it all lined up, the head of my swollen cock just brushing the edges of her wet tender hole, I paused and wondered if I was doing the right thing. Then I couldn’t resist and quickly inserted myself into her tight dripping pussy. It felt marvelous, and I immediately started ramming into her with all my might. One of my hands held her wiggling hip, while the other clenched her taut muscular thigh, and I could feel her tensing up every time I thrust into her, savoring the pressure of my seven inch cock as it burrowed up deep inside her.

“Yes, that’s right. Fuck me while Anna watches,” Lacey moaned grinding her ass into my cock. Her breasts bounced as she moved up and down in ecstasy, gasping at every thrust I gave her. The lockers banged metallically against her hands as we fucked, but no one else was there to hear the racket.

Right as I was on the verge of cumming in her marvelous wet gyrating hole, Lacey reached back and grabbed my wrist, digging her nails in and forcing me to stop. “Hold on there, tiger,” she panted. “Let’s try one other thing before you blow your load.”

I slipped my glistening cock reluctantly out of her pink hole, and took a few steps back, helpless to do anything but obey her commands. Over on the bench, Anna was still furiously masturbating, looking at my dripping cock one minute and then over at Lacey’s luscious body the next, her tiny mouth agape.

“Better slow down there hon,” Lacey said, strolling over to Anna. Anna realized suddenly that we were both watching her stroke her pussy, and she stopped, blushing deeply, with eyes downcast at the floor. A small pool of clear sticky liquid had accumulated on the bench under her lap.

“It’s okay, dear,” Lacey said, helping Anna to her feet. She then pulled Anna’s tight top over her head, leaving her wearing only her flimsy white bra, the pleated white tennis skirt, and the crumpled loop of panties still hanging demetevler escort off one ankle. Lacey kissed her deeply on the mouth, then reached behind and stroked Anna’s tight ass cheeks under the skirt.

“Now kneel down there at the other side of the bench… that’s a good girl.”

Anna did as she was told, and Lacey laid a towel down on the bench and then laid across it, her feet towards Anna. She sighed and placed a hand between her legs and slowly started stroking her cunt, giving off gentle groans as she began to work herself into a state of further excitement.

“You know what to do from here, right Anna?” she asked my kneeling submissive girlfriend.

Anna sat there in front of the bench, watching up close and personal as Lacey’s slender hands stroked away at her sticky shaved cunt. She blushed deeply and shook her head. “No, I don’t want to this time.”

“Why? You’ve eaten me out hundreds of times! Are you shy because your boyfriend is here.”

Anna nodded, seeming on the verge of tears.

“Hey, you owe me girl. Better start eating!”

Anna couldn’t resist any longer, and gave in to Lacey’s command. She looked up at me for a second, as if apologetic, then closed her eyes and leaned in between Lacey’s beautiful tan legs with her little pink tongue hesitantly stuck out. Then Lacey grabbed her dark head of hair and pushed my girlfriend’s face down into her pussy. Now Anna began licking in earnest. She grabbed ahold of Lacey’s thighs on either side of her head and rhythmically pushed her face down into the sopping wet pussy, grunting and sloshing as she licked the quivering cunt clean. I watched her eat out her best friend, her head buried between those tensed taut thighs while her cute little pale ass stuck up in the air shaking back and forth under her pleated white skirt.

“Ohh that feels so good, Anna. You’re such an amazing little dyke,” Lacey moaned, squirming around on the locker room bench. “Come over here, big boy. I want you to get off while you watch your girlfriend fucking me with her mouth.”

I walked towards Lacey nervously. She reached out with her free hand (the other one was still pushing Anna’s face between her legs) and stroked my cock, pulling it in toward her face. Then she opened her beautiful pouty lips and leaned her head forward, taking my seven inch cock deep into her mouth. She began sucking on it at once, those full soft wet lips pulling against the sides of my cock while its head rested at the back of her throat.

I kept looking back and forth between Lacey’s beautiful face as she sucked me off, and Anna’s delicate juice-smeared features as she ate out her best friend’s pussy. Lacey was an amazing cock-sucker, as she used one hand to gently stroke my balls while deep throating the whole thing until my balls brushed against her lower lip. Her tongue was so hot and wet and smooth as it wrapped around and toyed with my cock inside her mouth. She had to stop sucking me off occasionally, as Anna’s eager licking caused her to shudder and scream in orgasm. Finally, I couldn’t take the sensations any longer, and I blew my load into Lacey’s luscious mouth. It spurted up across her lips and chin, and as she pulled away from me, she had a big smile full of the goopy white cum. She then motioned for Anna to stop eating her out, and sat up. She pulled Anna close to her, and with her mouth still full of my massive hot load, tongue-kissed Anna deeply for several minutes. I could see Anna’s slender throat working furiously to swallow the gobs of cum that was spilling into her from Lacey’s hungry mouth.

Then they finally parted, swallowing the last of my sperm with delight.

“See what you were missing out on?” Lacey said.

Days later, my mind was still reeling at what had happened. I had lusted after Lacey ever since I had first laid eyes on her. And having had the chance to finally fuck her had been incredible. But knowing that she constantly possessed the tender young body of my true love filled me with irrational jealousy and rage.

I confronted Anna some time later, telling her that I couldn’t be her boyfriend any longer if she continued her affair with Lacey. Anna sobbed and repeated over and over that I was the love of her life, and that she never wanted to hurt me. The problem was, she explained, that her sexual exploits with Lacey had been going on for so long, that it was near-impossible for her to break the habit. But she promised to overcome all those years of overpowering lust and become my faithful partner. I trusted her when she promised this to me, and could only hope that our future together would be undisrupted by Anna’s beautiful and forceful best friend.

Let me know what you think or offer suggestions for further stories.

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