Angela Brief


Angela arrived for her 10.30am appointment at 10.15am so she decide to go in to the ladies room to freshen up a bit as the wind was blowing a gale outside & her hair was a mess. Angela was a recruitment consultant who so far this year had not managed to place anyone and her boss had told her on Monday that if she was unable to place anyone by the end of the week then she was out of a job. Her appointment was with a company run by James, one of her bosses former work colleague’s, who was looking to replace his Personal Assistant. Executive Personal Assistants were Angela’s specialty and she was determined to get the brief to fill this position and save her own skin at the same time.

Angela looked herself over in the mirror; she was 25 years old with shoulder length blond hair and a gorgeous set of clear blue eyes. She wore a very professional business suit with a white blouse underneath and the push up bra she was wearing gave shape to her 34B breasts very nicely she thought. She noticed that when she buttoned her jacket it showed off her hourglass figure and the stilettos that she wore accentuated her shapely legs even though they were hidden beneath her slacks. Happy with her appearance she checked her watch and noticed that it was 10.25am, perfect timing. She left the ladies room and entered the office to meet with James.

James came out of his office and met Angela and led her into the Boardroom. As they walked from reception, Angela noticed that he was not a “Tom Cruise” type, he was about 5’9” average build and had a Bruce Willis hairstyle with a goatee, but there was something about him that she thought ….. mmmm … he is rather attractive. The thought quickly disappeared as they entered the Boardroom. The cleaning lady was just finishing wiping the venetian blinds as James and Angela walked in and when she saw them she quickly finished wiping them and left, without opening them. The Board Room overlooked a park and Angela commented on the wonderful view and James explained that was one of the reasons he leased the office. They then sat down and started to go through the position requirements and why James needed a new Personal Assistant.

When they finished going through all the information regarding James’ requirements he asked Angela whether she thought she could find an appropriate person to fulfill the requirements of the position. James said that he was not trying to insult her, but how could she properly find someone suitable when she was barely in the workforce herself? Angela told James that she was 25 and had worked as a Personal Assistant for 4 years before changing careers and becoming a recruitment consultant.

Angela then got a wicked idea in her head, she had broken up with her boyfriend a month ago and had not had sex since the breakup. The blinds were closed and James was attractive in a rough sort of way. Angela leant over towards James and asked if he would like to see an example of how she knew she could get the right person for the job? James looked at her with a puzzled look and said OK. Angela then slowly stood up and removed her jacket as she sauntered around the Board table towards James. As she moved towards James she slowly undid the buttons on her blouse so that by the time she reached James her push up bra was sitting right in front of his face. James was transfixed by the angelic site of this svelte figure of a woman with a great figure standing in front of him that he didn’t even realize that his hands automatically reached out to grab her waist and pull her close. All of a sudden he awoke from his daze and apologized to Angela. Angela was having no apologies as she realized that she had a power over men when she used her body and she swiftly reached around her back and unclipped her bra letting it fall to the floor and thrust her pert little breasts into James’ smiling face. James suckled Angela’s breasts like he was a baby again. He had not had sex himself for 3 months and Angela’s perfumed scent was electrifying. Angela moaned as James suckled her breasts and rolled his fingers over the nipple he was not suckling. Angela’s breathing intensified as James lashed her breasts with his tongue & her skin started to tingle with a familiar excitement that she knew would result in pleasurable waves engulfing her body.

James sensed the tingle in Angela’s skin as he suckled her breasts and moved his hand down to feel that firm little ass that was hiding beneath a pair of slacks. James quickly undid Angela’s belt and zipper and let her slacks fall to the floor as he ran his hand over her ass cheeks. He was pleasantly ankara escort surprised to find that Angela wore only a G string and she moaned even more deeply as he pushed his hands under the G string and pulled it teasingly up towards her back, knowing that it would split her pussy lips and heighten her desire. Angela’s pulse was starting to race, she had never had an orgasm by merely having someone suckle her breasts and play with her G string, but she was sure that was about to change as goose bumps appeared over her skin and she felt that familiar welling of rapture building within her body. Angela started to grind her hips against James’ hand as he alternated between pulling her G string tight and massaging her ass cheeks. Her nipples were standing erect in between James’ lips and she pleaded with him to rub her clit with his hand. James moved his hand from her G-string to her clit and was surprised to feel how engorged it had become with so little effort from himself. As Angela’s body started to spasm he pushed the hood of her clit in ever so slightly and then ran his finger down over the head of her clit & pushed one finger inside her tight little pussy as her juices started to flow freely around his finger & down his hand. Angela was trying to muffle her screams of pleasure, as she didn’t want the receptionist coming in to see if something was wrong. With her juices flowing and her body spasmming, Angela quickly threw her leg over James’ shoulder and forced her pussy down on to his face. James, in 7th heaven, happily licked and sucked her pussy and juices like there was no tomorrow.

James was determined that if her body was offered on a platter, then he was going to savour every morsel. James hungrily used his tongue to roll her clit around inside his mouth as his finger explored Angela’s inner sanctum and made its way up towards her G Spot. James was amazed at how tight Angela’s muscles inside her pussy were grabbing at his finger and he could only imagine the thrill that would come from fucking her hard & fast with his cock. As his finger moved up the inner wall of her pussy, Angela had started to thrust harder & harder into James’ face while he sucked on her clit. Her body was in raptures and James could sense that she was close to an explosive orgasm. The excitement of feeling Angela close to orgasm made James’ cock stiffen and press hard against his pants as it strained for a release. James thoughts of releasing his cock were quickly removed when his finger felt the familiar ripple of skin inside Angela’s delightful pussy that was her G Spot. Angela bucked harder than she ever thought imaginable as James touched her ultimate erogenous zone. Angela had often had an orgasm but she had never had a lover find her G Spot and the feeling of it being touched was almost indescribable. James felt Angela’s body shiver and shudder under his touch and without a second thought he ran his finger over the G Spot firmly whilst sucking Angela’s clit as if his life depended on it. Angela instantly bucked so hard that James thought her thrust would knock his teeth out as she exploded in the most exhilarating orgasm that she never imagined she could ever feel. Her blood was boiling with passion and her skin was on fire with the excitement of the ultimate pleasure wave engulfing her body. Angela now realized that it was true what her girlfriends had told her ….. you’ve never had an orgasm until you’ve had your G Spot massaged … and Angela’s body knew that this was something to savour. Her skin tingled & her senses were heightened as she thrust and bucked like she was riding in a rodeo. Her legs had James’ face in a vice like grip and she never wanted to let him go if he could maintain the enjoyment that her body was feeling at that very instant. Angela was trying to restrain her screams, as she remembered where she was, but in reality she could not have cared less if the whole office came in to the Boardroom at that instant as she had never felt so alive and exhausted at the same time.

James, now certain that Angela was ripe for a good fucking stood up as her orgasm subsided and pushed her down on her knees. As he undid his pants Angela hungrily grabbed his cock and sucked the head into her waiting mouth. James gasped as she sucked not only the head of his rigid cock in to her mouth but she quickly deep throated him and he almost blew his load then and there. Regaining some composure he started a steady rhythm of fucking her face and feeling the back of her throat on every thrust. Angela would stop deep throating him every so often to run her tongue up and down his rigid çankaya escort shaft and suck his balls. James quickly decided that she was an expert at giving blow jobs as she could not only deep throat a cock, but also was great at sucking balls and she knew just when to stop doing both in order to enhance his sensations. His balls felt like they were on fire inside her mouth and she was doing a great job of massaging his shaft as she sucked one testicle and then the other.

James decided that his cock he had to have some of her pussy so he lifted her off the floor and laid her out on the Board table. Angela’s svelte body looked awesome laid out in full view and he wanted to savour her scent and body completely. James started to kiss and lick her feet and slowly moved up her ankle, calf muscle and inner thigh. Angela was burning with desire for him to simply fuck her brains out, but at the same time his gentle mixture of kisses and soft licks followed by his gentle blowing on her skin was sending her towards another orgasm. James was intoxicated by Angela’s scent as he continued on his journey towards her glistening pussy. When he reached her pussy he was tempted to just plough straight in to her, but he could sense Angela was almost at the point of another orgasm so he flicked his tongue lightly over her engorged clit and sucked into his mouth a couple of times as he felt her legs wrap around him and her body convulse and shudder as another wave of pleasure swept through her body. Angela had never had two orgasms before she was fucked and she usually had to take herself to orgasm after her boyfriend had blown his load and rolled back over to go to sleep.

James stood up after Angela’s legs released him from their grasp and positioned his cock at the entrance of her now sopping pussy. Angela was breathing hard and it was all the strength she could muster to simply say FUCK ME. James was only too happy to oblige and pushed his way through her outer lips and into the warmth of her tight little pussy. Angela’s pussy immediately gripped his cock hard and as he started to thrust in and out her pussy seemed to get tighter and tighter as her muscles gripped his shaft and tried to milk it of everything he had to offer. Angela, still on a high from the massive G Spot orgasms could feel every vein of James’ cock pulse with his blood as he thrust in and out of her tight little pussy. James wanted to unleash his load deep within her body, so he lifted her hips and without withdrawing rolled her over so that her feet were now firmly on the floor and her ass was slapping against him as he continued to fuck her. James fucked her as hard and as fast as he could, while stopping every so often to wipe his cock over her ass, smearing their combined juices over her tight sphincter muscle. The sensations were driving Angela mad as her body felt wave after wave of orgasmic bliss envelope her and take her to a new emotional high. Angela’s rigid nipples were brushing against the Board table with every thrust of James’ cock in to her pussy & her clit was ultra sensitive.

James could feel Angela’s desire building again and also realized that he was also ready to explode. With his cock deeply imbedded within her pussy he pulled Angela up into a standing position. James held her close and kissed her passionately as he stopped thrusting and just held his cock still within her. Every so often he would twitch it inside her pussy which amazed Angela as her boyfriends had only ever fucked her by thrusting their cock in to her, they had never just held her still and twitched their cock without thrusting. This new sensation was exhilarating as not only was she now being fucked in a different way, but also James was rubbing her clit & nipples while passionately kissing her. Just as she felt James explode deep within her she felt another mind-blowing orgasm sweep her body and she knew that she didn’t want the feeling to end.

As James shot his load deep within her womb, Angela could feel every muscle within her lithe body contact and release in a pleasurable manner that she knew would result in her legs giving way & her falling to the floor. As she lost her balance, James caught her as his cock slipped from her pussy and he lay her down on the floor. Concerned that something was wrong James asked if she was alright? Angela simply said the word “ecstatic” and closed her eyes to savour the joys that she had just experienced for the first time in her life. Then she felt a soft wet touch on her clit & she realised that James was lapping up her juices with his tongue and the kızılay escort flick of his tongue over her clit was sending her senses on another ride again. As she opened her eyes she saw James’ cock only inches from her face so she reached out & grabbed it and moved her lips to suck in the head and taste their combined juices. As soon as his cock entered her mouth it started to grow and become more rigid as she licked every vein that appeared along its shaft and started to massage his balls.

For James, feeling her mouth around his cock, was all it took for him to decide that he had enough left for one last big fuck ……… and he wanted to fuck her ass. He didn’t know whether she had ever been fucked up the ass but he was determined to taste her sphincter and open it to the world of his cock. Angela’s body was responding to James’ tongue bath of her pussy face between her legs as he continued to lick and probe her new opening. While rolling his tongue inside her ass James pushed a finger into her pussy and up her inner walls towards her G Spot again. Angela’s body convulsed as he once again touched her G Spot and her ass contracted down on his tongue trying to lock it in place, but she was bucking too hard for James to keep it inside her, so he removed his now rigid cock from her mouth and rolled her over onto all fours and told her to prepare for a feeling unlike any other before.

With Angela on her knees and facing away from him and still reeling from the massive jolt of pleasure that her body had just experienced, James resumed his tongue attack on her ass and once again inserted a finger in search of her G Spot. This time James was able to not only massage her G Spot with his finger but also rub his thumb over her clit as he licked her ass and sent her into a climatic high that Angela had never know before. Her whole body was shaking from the multiple waves of pleasure that engulfed her and it was all she could do to simply keep kneeling without falling down. As she exploded in a new flood of juices James took his free hand and gently inserted a finger into her now well-lubricated sphincter. Angela’s ass initially tried to repel the invader but after a minute or two relaxed to accept James finger and indeed started to contract on it to hold it in place. Angela’s emotions were now so high that James could have pushed a truck up her ass and she would have turned around and thanked him ….. but all James was interested in was pushing his cock up her ass and flooding her bowels with his cum.

As Angela’s juices leaked out of her pussy and down her thighs James pushed his cock into her pussy, as he knew he would have to be well lubricated to get his cock up her ass. Angela’s pussy immediately contracted around it as she whispered FUCK ME. Angela could once again feel every vein on James’ cock as he thrust in and out of her getting his shaft very slick with her juices. Just as she was about to explode in yet another orgasm, James pulled out of her pussy and placed the head of his cock against her ass and told her to hold her breath. Angela did as she was told and as James pushed the head of his cock into her ass she let out a shrill scream that she thought would surely bring the receptionist in, but she didn’t care. She was feeling a mixture of ultimate exhilaration and pain as James continued to slowly push his cock up in to her bowels. When he had fully entered her James held his cock still to enable Angela’s ass to adjust to his size. James also knew that he had to keep Angela an emotional high or the pain of his anal invasion would overtake her senses, so he re-inserted a finger in her pussy and finger fucked her as he rubbed her clit.

Angela was once again feeling more pleasure than pain as James started to slowly fuck her virgin ass while also finger fucking her pussy. The feeling for James was awesome as her pussy contracted around his finger and her ass gripped his cock like a vice. Angela was once again tingling with excitement and she felt both James’ cock and finger fucking both holes with only a thin membrane separating them. The tightness of Angela’s ass was such that James knew he wouldn’t last long as he thrust hard and fast into her ass. Angela told him to fuck her hard as she could feel another orgasm about to explode within her. James said he could hold on no longer as he deposited the remainder of his seed into her bowels. Upon feeling him cum inside her ass Angela pushed back against him as he continued to finger fuck her. Angela screamed at him to rub her clit, which James’ immediately obeyed as he felt a new stream of juices flood his hand and Angela fall to the floor in exhaustion.

As they both took deep breaths in order to recover their composure James smiled at Angela and said she had the brief to fill the position …. and …. if she wanted it, the job was hers!

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