And Then There Was Katie Ch. 01


“Yeah, I guess I’ll go. I don’t want to, but we need to make an appearance, I suppose.” Mike hated these professional association “gatherings,” as they were called. The one in question had the typical format: an hour of drinks and “networking,” then dinner and a presentation by a supposed expert in whatever was the topic of the evening. Being a construction industry association, the attendees would be primarily from up the supply chain, down the supply chain, or competitors. Mike didn’t particularly care to socialize with any of them.

“Thanks, Mike,” his boss said, his relief evident. “It’s great knowing I can count on you for these things.” The company owner hated those functions even more than Mike did, so being the good employee that he was, Mike agreed to go. He mumbled about it as he walked back to his office. Taking away family time on a perfectly good Thursday night was not his idea of fun. He already didn’t feel like he had enough time to spend with his wife Jennifer and daughter Hannah, much less indulge himself in the new “activity” that had piqued his interest. Mike sat down at his desk, sighed a big sigh, and put the date on his calendar for the following Thursday evening.

After making it through a typical Friday, Mike’s weekend was full of great time spent with his family. Both his parents and Jennifer’s parents lived in town, and the couple carted their little daughter around to see her grandparents throughout Saturday and Sunday. In the midst of it all, something reminded Mike of the coming Thursday evening’s event, and he began to feel somewhat less cheated by the prospect of it.

Sunday night, Mike’s in-laws invited them over for a cookout, as well as Jennifer’s younger sister Katie, Katie’s husband Thomas, and Jennifer’s younger brother Daniel. All were in their twenties, with Jennifer being the oldest of the three siblings at 26. Mike had gone to college with Thomas; both were 27.

Mike always looked forward to any occasion at which Katie would be present. Katie was three years younger than his wife, and Mike had always considered her gorgeous. He found himself frequently stealing glances at her beautiful 5’8” size-4 figure, and she was frequently the subject of his fantasies. He had a good relationship with all of his wife’s family, and Katie was no different. In the past, Mike had been careful of how he acted around his sister-in-law because of the feelings he knew he had for her. This occasion would be different than the norm, though.

It had been nearly a month since Mike and Katie had secretly decided to move their relationship onto a physical level, but they had not had the chance to consummate their agreement. Mike and Katie had made caution and absolute secrecy their number one priority. If they did not both feel totally safe in getting together, then they would wait until the opportune time. Since Katie was also married, finding such a time when both of them could be away from their spouses without causing suspicion was a huge undertaking.

The journey the two had taken from simply being in-laws to acknowledging the fact that they had a strong love and desire for one another was an interesting one of family crisis, risk, and increasingly honest e-mails back and forth. The end result was that they wanted their relationship to become intimate, they did not want to change their marital situation, and they would do whatever it took to be successful at both.

At the cookout, the two behaved as they always had around one another. They had always been completely proper and almost business-like, even though they discovered that their desire for each other had been there for years. However, on that Sunday night, Mike’s heart pounded and he got that familiar stirring below the belt whenever he was around Katie.

The only indication either of them were able to give of their thoughts was a wink and a quick smile Katie shot Mike as they passed each other in the kitchen. Mike was sure it was just his current state of mind, but he would have bet good money that it was the sexiest damn smile he had ever seen. He thought he might explode if they couldn’t find the chance to get together soon.

After dinner, the family decided to go down to the basement’s in-home theater and watch a movie. The seven of them spread out around the room, some sitting in recliners, some on the sectional sofa, and Katie sat in the floor to play with Hannah. Hannah was only eleven months old, but her curiosity was never satisfied and she constantly wanted to get into things she shouldn’t. She had been walking since she was just 8½ months old, and she thought she was pretty hot stuff. The entire family loved her dearly and frequently bickered about who got to hold or feed or play with her next.

The movie got underway, and despite offers to relieve her, Katie was satisfied with mostly missing the movie in order to watch over her little niece. About half way through the film, Hannah started her fussiness, which was a tell-tale ankara escort bayan sign of being ready to take a nap. Jennifer noticed first, her amazing maternal instincts knowing what her daughter needed without casting even a glance in Hannah’s direction.

As usual, several people offered to try to rock her to sleep, but Katie insisted. “I’ll just take her upstairs and get her down. Don’t stop the movie for me.” As she stood up off the floor with the baby, the movie was still rolling, so everyone else most likely didn’t notice the intent look she briefly gave Mike, who was watching her like a hawk.

To Mike, it now all began to make sense. Katie normally was more than happy to hand Hannah over to someone else when the fussing started, but her insistence on handling it herself and her quickness in taking Hannah for a nap told Mike that she wanted to get upstairs, away from everybody else.

As if to make certain that Mike knew her purpose, on her way out the door Katie said, “If I’m not back in ten or fifteen minutes, somebody come check on me.” Nobody answered, everyone being focused on the movie. But Mike definitely heard her. He nonchalantly glanced at his watch and noted the time, his heart racing once again.

At the seven-minute mark, Mike wondered if he should go ahead and go check on Katie. He contemplated using the bathroom as an excuse, but he knew that would probably set off everyone else’s bladders and cause a mass-exodus, movie-pausing break for all. His goal was to casually get upstairs and into the nursery and hopefully steal a few minutes alone with the woman with whom he wanted to begin a torrid affair.

Mike waited until exactly ten minutes had passed, then leaned over and whispered in Jennifer’s ear. “I’m going to go check on Hannah. I’ll be back in a few.” Jennifer just grunted approval, engrossed in what she was seeing on the sixty-inch widescreen TV.

Mike walked unceremoniously out of the room and started up the stairs at a normal pace. His mind was running a million thoughts per second, like some super-computer trying to calculate every possible scenario that might take place in the coming minutes.

Once at the top of the stairs, he stopped briefly at the closed door that was a few feet away to listen for sounds coming from within the nursery. He heard none, so with the deftness of a new father he quickly and silently slipped inside and closed the door behind him.

The room was very dark, and he stood still for ten or fifteen seconds to let his eyes adjust. When the finally did, he saw Katie standing about six feet in front of him, facing away from him, staring down into the crib. She turned around, gave him the thumbs up indicating that Hannah was asleep, then shrugged her shoulders like, “What should we do now?”

Mike’s brain had already prepared for this situation, and he pointed to his right and started walking towards the en-suite bathroom. His plan was that if someone were to walk in and find him and Katie in the bathroom area, he would simply say that Hannah had been screaming, so they hadn’t wanted to leave, and they were waiting to make sure that she was good and asleep before trying to sneak back past her to get out of the room. Mike thought it was a pretty good plan for the situation. He was surprised he was able to think of it with the amount of blood flow being diverted from his brain to his genitals.

Katie was right behind him as they turned the corner into the bathroom dressing area. Once sufficiently inside, they turned facing each other and silently threw their arms around each other. Mike’s stomach was in his throat as he held this sexy goddess against his tall frame. Katie’s arms were wrapped around Mike’s waist; his arms rested on top of her shoulders. He had one hand pressed firmly into the middle of her back and one hand entangled in her cropped blonde hair, gently grasping the back of her head. Their breathing was rapid and short. He could feel her heart pounding against his chest, and he knew his must feel the same to her.

Mike wasn’t sure how long the hug lasted. It seemed like a long time, maybe two or three minutes. He was lost in the feeling of embracing this woman who for so long had been the object of his fantasies.

Standing there holding Katie felt so right, even though intuitively he knew it was far from right – it was the beginning of a spree of cheating on the love of his life, but he didn’t care. Mike had spent numerous hours in the previous weeks contemplating all of those things, and he had decided that his love and desire to make Katie his own far outweighed any other feelings he might experience, not the least of which would be guilt.

Mike’s raging erection stood straight up inside his tight jeans. Katie suddenly tightened her grip around his waist, the result of which was a sudden gasp escaping her lips as she felt his hardness press into her stomach. The gasp brought Mike out of his contented trance, and they both loosened etimesgut escort their embrace enough to be able to look at each other.

Katie broke the silence. “I was hoping you were paying attention down there,” she whispered, not wanting to wake the lightly-sleeping baby.

“I’m glad I was,” Mike replied quietly. He smiled, “I can’t tell you how badly I want you!”

“You don’t have to,” she answered. “I feel the same way.”

Their eyes were locked on one another’s. Mike’s heart was pounding so loudly in his head that he feared he wouldn’t hear the door open if someone walked in. But he didn’t care; he slid his hands back over Katie’s shoulders, up her neck, to the sides of her face. Gently pulling her face to his, he closed his eyes as his lips met hers for the first time in all the years he had known her. The kiss was soft, almost like they weren’t even touching at first. After a few seconds, their lips pressed more firmly together. Mike slowly opened his mouth, with Katie matching his exact movements. His tongue skeptically slid just outside his own lips, wondering if hers would be there. To Mike’s delight, he felt the soft tip of her tongue lightly graze his own. In the normal rhythm of kissing, their mouths closed almost shut before opening right back up again. More courageous this time, his tongue slowly exited its home and again was met by its counterpart. Their tongues danced a wonderfully slow, passionate dance together.

Mike felt beads of sweat forming on his forehead. The moment was so unbelievably hot, in temperature and in excitement. As Mike made out with his sexy sister-in-law, he could feel every beat of his heart matched by the throbbing in his painfully swollen cock. A few times he thought he would explode in his pants right on the spot. He managed to hold back, but he knew one good squeeze from her would send his cum spewing out of him like a volcano.

Katie’s lust was running quickly out of control as well. Her kiss became more and more forceful, more and more frantic. It seemed to Mike as if she knew they didn’t have much time left and she was trying to pack all of her desire and lust into the few minutes they had together. She moaned into Mike’s mouth in an incredibly erotic way. Mike savored the deliciousness of her quiet sounds. He felt an involuntary twitch in his pants at the thought of the sounds she might make when they were finally alone and uninhibited.

Katie’s breaths were coming in desperate pants, like someone who just surfaced from being under the water for too long. The dancing of their tongues had changed to wrestling, each of them seemingly trying to force the other back into its own mouth.

Mike felt Katie’s hands moving slowly from his hips around to his front. They both knew the hands’ destination. Just when Mike felt her hands reach the pockets on his jeans, he heard the door open. Katie heard it too, and they pulled apart from each other with lightning speed. Mike stuck his head quickly around the corner and pressed his finger to his lips. His wife was peaking through the door; Jennifer nodded in understanding and closed the door back again, staying outside.

Mike looked longingly at Katie. They were both out of breath, both horny as hell, and both ready to piss on caution and secrecy and fuck each other senseless right there in the bathroom. But they knew they couldn’t, so they hurriedly composed themselves and walked silently from the room.

Jennifer was not there, to Mike’s relief. She must have gone to the bathroom. Katie went on downstairs and rejoined the group. While Mike waited he glanced at his watch. It had only been ten minutes since he left the basement. He stood at the top of the stairs trying to decide whether what just happened seemed much, much longer than ten minutes or only a fraction of that time. He heard the toilet flush. Out walked Jennifer, and he took her hand as she approached.

“What took so long?” she asked. “Did she not want a nap?”

“Oh, she wanted one, she just didn’t know it. She kept popping up and screaming, so we just waited in the bathroom until she was finally good and asleep. We were just about to sneak out when you peaked in.” He lied with much greater ease than he expected himself to be able to.

“Yeah,” she replied, seemingly unconcerned. “Well this movie is close to being over, but I couldn’t wait for the bathroom anymore so I thought I’d come up and make sure everything was OK.”

They headed down the stairs. “It’s all good,” Mike answered his wife. “Hopefully she’ll sleep at least long enough for the movie to get over with.” He pinched Jennifer’s butt as he so often did. As usual, she giggled and slapped his chest with her backhand.

“You’d better watch it mister,” she teased.

Mike sat through the end of the movie, not paying one lick of attention to it. He didn’t pay attention to anything other than Katie who sat across the room in a recliner. He was glad he had worn a long kızılay escort un-tucked shirt that covered the enormous bulge in his pants. His cock was aching miserably, needing that orgasm that Katie was supposed to have given him.

The evening ended and everyone headed home. Once home, Mike quickly put Hannah down for the night while Jennifer lay in bed reading. Mike entered his bedroom like a starved lion on the prowl, jumped under the covers, and made fast and furious love to his wife – twice. Each time, Mike imagined it was Katie he was pummeling with his incredibly hard cock, and he had to consciously keep himself from calling out her name when he climaxed.

Jennifer was ecstatic with his sudden interest and resilient performance. “Wha—what in the world has gotten into you?” she said, breathless and satisfied.

Mike tried to play it off. “Does a guy need an excuse to love up his wife?” It didn’t work.

“Well,” Jennifer came back, still panting, “of course not dear. But you never have before tonight, either.” Her voice trailed off, but Mike didn’t pick the conversation back up. He hoped she would just let it die, and she did. After another few seconds, Jennifer rolled out of the bed and headed to the bathroom.

Mike knew what had gotten into him. It was the same thing that he hoped to get into, or rather inside, very soon. It was his sister-in-law. It was Katie. He lay on his back and stared at the ceiling, re-living that legendary kiss in his mind.

Jennifer cleaned Mike’s cum off the insides of her thighs and returned from the bathroom. Mike watched her as she rounded the corner and walked towards the bed. She had always been a looker, and Mike had always adored her. He still thought she was a hottie, even though she had gained considerable weight through her health problems and pregnancy.

She climbed into bed and snuggled up in Mike’s arms. As the two drifted off to sleep, Mike’s mind drifted back to his kiss with Katie. Despite cumming twice inside his wife within the last hour-and-a-half, he felt his cock twitching back to life again as he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Mike headed to the office to start the week. It was the typical Monday, with phone calls and problems galore. Mike was the second-in-command for his father-in-law’s construction company. His official title was Operations Manager, which basically meant he handled anything and everything that somebody below him hadn’t or wouldn’t handle themselves.

Mike had quickly become fascinated with his father-in-law’s business and industry while he was still in school. John, his father-in-law and boss, never thought that Mike would want to come to work for him. He figured that Mike would instead want to move off to New York or Chicago and get into investment banking or some such lucrative profession. But Mike had no interest in taking himself and his wife away from their families, and once he got that idea through to John, John quickly put together a job offer that Mike accepted on the spot.

Mike took on full-time duties with eight months of grad school remaining, and his grades reflected that fact. Up until that point, Mike’s college/grad school GPA was the model of perfection. His untarnished 4.0 was quickly saddled with its first B that spring, two more B’s over the summer, and two more B’s and a C the final fall semester. Mike didn’t really care about it too much; he was enjoying working and knew even at that point that he would someday take over the company for his father-in-law.

Mike liked the thought of running the family business after John was gone. He liked the idea of being the Godfather or Daddy Warbucks or some other analogous character from the world of fiction. He liked the idea of providing for the family, of being the one responsible for the big Christmas gifts and the big family vacations. It is a good feeling to be able to take care of others, especially those you love, Mike frequently thought to himself.

Speaking of taking care of others…Katie! His morning had been so busy that he had not had a chance to dwell on their steamy kiss from the night before. The mere remembrance of it all sprang Mike’s cock to full attention. “Damn,” he muttered. How was he going to function with a near-perpetual hard-on, he wondered. He supposed he would do as he had done the night before: take out his sexual energy on his willing and able wife Jennifer. She wouldn’t complain, and maybe it would give him the relief he needed until he and Katie could finally consummate their desires for each other.

As he had done nearly every day for the past month, Mike typed a sexually-turbocharged e-mail to his sister-in-law. He spoke only limitedly about their oral encounter, not wanting to tarnish the perfection that was “the kiss.” However, he did tell Katie about going home and having to pound Jennifer mercilessly to keep from going insane.

Katie replied later that afternoon, also staying off the subject of the previous night. Amusingly, she too had gone home and seduced her husband. She told Mike it was “the wildest, hottest, most satisfying sex” she ever remembered them having. The thought of Katie thrashing around in the throes of a vicious orgasm made Mike shudder.

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