An Office Visit Ch. 02


“Damn, I can’t believe that I have to work late again tonight!”

Glancing at my watch, I see that the time is almost 9:00PM. For the third straight day this week, I have to work late. It’s the last week of the month, and I have to meet my monthly sales quota. My wife understands the situation, but I can also tell that she is a bit annoyed.

Anyway, I can’t help the fact that I have to work late. Sitting there at my desk, I lean back a little in my chair and rub my tired eyes and I let out a deep sigh. As my hands move away from my eyes, I suddenly look up and see you standing in my doorway smiling at me.

“Working late?” you say with a sweet smile.

A look of surprise crosses my face, and I say,

“Wow, I didn’t even know anyone was still here!”

“Yes, I have been down the hall quietly catching up on some work” you reply.

“I was roaming the hallways to stretch my legs, and I saw that your light was still on in your office.”

My look of surprise gives way to a smile. My eyes rake over your body, and my mind quickly reverts back to the hot sexual tryst we had in my office last month. That was the first time in 9 years that I ever had sex with anyone except my wife. Afterwards, I felt a little guilty, but I tried to reassure myself that it was a 1 time thing.

Seeing you in the hallways at the office, I would smile at you and say,”hi,” but I also tried to push any sexual thoughts about you out of my mind.

“It was a 1 time thing and it’s over,” I would tell myself.

But, damn the sex we had was so good. I had not fucked like that in a long time, and deep down inside, I knew that I wanted you again. Thinking about our encounter now, I feel myself start to get hard.

“Are you sure that you’re not an angel? You must be because I didn’t hear your footsteps in the hallway.” I say.

Pointing to your bare feet, you say, “A few hours ago, I ditched the pair of heels that I was wearing…they were killing my feet…that’s probably why you didn’t hear me in the hallway.”

“By the way, I am an angel” you say with a playful smirk on your face.

Smiling back at you, I wave my hand towards the empty chair in front of my desk, and you pad in and sit down. Looking at you I see that you are wearing another smart looking blouse/skirt combination. Your long, black hair is pulled back and tied up in a professional way.

Looking into your gorgeous, brown eyes, I smile across at you.

“Do you know what I am thinking about?” I say with a devilish grin on my face.

“What?” you say with a quizzical expression on your face.

“I am thinking about us right here on this desk and in this chair last month.”

A sexy, bashful smile breaks out across your face. Then, your expression turns a little more serious. Looking down at the floor, you say, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, you can ask me anything.” I reply.

“Why have you ignored me since then?” Your voice is quivering, and now, you are looking directly into my eyes. A look of incomprehension moves across my face.

“Ignored you? How have I ignored you?” Feeling my heart racing and my mouth going dry because I already knowing the answer.

“Well, when we pass each other in the hallway, you barely look at me, and you just say, ‘hi’ and keep going.” “I mean, you told me that you thought of me all of the time, and that you dream about me, and then we had sex right here in your office.” escort ankara “After that a full month goes by and you barely want to talk to me or look at me.”It just made me feel a little used.” You are now softly crying. Evidently, you have been wanting to get this off of your chest for a while now.

Feeling terrible, I stand up and walk around to you, and I kneel down in front of you. Looking up at you as you sit in the chair I say,

“Sweetheart, I am so sorry. I know that I have treated you awful.” I say softly to you. I pull my hankerchief from my pocket, and I softly dab your tears. “Well, if you knew, then, why did you act like such a jerk?” You ask through your tears. You take the hankerchief from me and use it yourself.

Taking your small hands in mine, I softly squeeze them. “I…I am so sorry that I made you feel this way. I have no excuses except to say that I guess that I felt a little guilty afterwards. Before last month, I never had sex with anyone other than my wife in the 9 years that we’ve been married. I never saw myself as someone who would cheat on his wife. I rationalized the situation by telling myself that having sex with you was a one-time thing.”

“A one-time thing!?” you incredulously ask through your tears. “Are you saying that what happened between the 2 of us did not mean anything to you?”

“No…no…I am saying exactly the opposite, sweetheart.”

You quizzically look at me.

“I am saying that having sex with you meant everything to me. For the last month, I’ve wanted you even more than I did before. However, I suppressed those feelings because I felt guilty. Then, I took the guilt out on you. And, I should not have acted that way, and I am sorry.”

Your gorgeous brown eyes meet mine. They are red from your crying, and your face is a wreck. My hands bring your hands up to my lips, and I gently kiss both of your hands. Your face softens a bit, and you smile.

“I knew that you were going to be working late tonight, and I knew that you needed to make your quota. I have seen your light on when I left the office each day this week. I figured if I stayed tonight, then I might have a chance of talking to you alone. I had to get these feelings off of my chest or I was going to explode.”

“Sweetheart, I am so sorry that this has been building inside of you for the past month.” I respond. “I should have talked to you sooner than now. This situation is all my fault.”

A moment of silence passes, and we both look at each other and smile. The tension that was between us is now totally released.

Standing up, I pull you to me, and we share a warm, tight embrace. Your head buries into my shoulder as you dry your remaining tears. My right hand gently rubs your back and my left hand softly cradles the back of your head. We gently rock against each other, and I plant soft kisses on the top of your head.

“I am so sorry that I made you feel used. I will never make you feel that way again.” I softly whisper to you.

You pull away from my shoulder and look up at me with your intoxicating brown eyes. My fingers gently push the hair away from your face, and I lean down and kiss you hard on the lips. My tongue teases along your upper lip. You groan and return the kiss, and your embrace tightens around me.

My strong arms tightly hold you to me, and our kiss deepens. My right hand glides down your back firmly gripping your ass. I hear you groan, and my tongue pushes into sincan escort your mouth…deeply swirling…exploring.

Your body melts into mine, and I feel your stiff nipples rubbing against me as they poke through your blouse and bra. As my tongue slowly and deeply swirls in your mouth, my right hand slides under your skirt and squeezes your ass through the lacy fabric of your panties.

Feeling my hand, you groan and press even harder into me. Your lips suck on my tongue as it swirls deep in your mouth. Our passion is fueled by the strong emotions generated by our recent argument. My strong hands slide under your skirt, and you feel your panties whispering down your legs.

Quickly stepping out of your panties, I back you up to my desk sitting you up on the top. As you perch on the top of my desk, my lust filled green eyes keep contact with your eyes, and I kneel down between your legs. You moan and spread your legs in anticipation.

My hands grab your hips and I pull them out so that your ass is hanging off the edge of my desk. My hands firmly grip your ass as my tongue starts lapping at your moistening pussy lips.

As my tongue makes contact with your pussy, you gasp and close your eyes. Laying back on my desk, you wrap your legs around my neck drawing me closer to your pussy.

Smiling, my green eyes stare up your body at you. My tongue laps your pussy lips like an ice cream cone. Starting at the bottom, licking up, and then pulling back. Relentlessly, my tongue plants feathery licks along your pussy tasting your sweet juices as they build. Your hips steadily buck into my tongue with each lick, and your loud whimpers and moans fill the office and the hallway.

Tasting how wet you are, my tongue easily snakes deep into your tight, wet little pussy. My hands firmly grip your ass. With my tongue buried in your pussy, I start swirling it in slow, tight circles. You gasp again. Your back arches and your hips start grinding your pussy…matching the rhythm of my tongue.

Your breathing coming in ragged gasps now as you grind your pussy. Looking up your body, I see that you have undone your blouse and pushed your bra down. Your fingers are pinching and tweaking your perky, stiff nipples. Damn, it is so hot.

My tongue picks up speed steadily fucking your tight pussy with wet, smacking strokes. I make sure that my tongue teases the soft roof of your pussy with each forward thrust. Steadily fucking my tongue in and out of your pussy, your hips steadily grind against me bucking against my tongue. Your eyes are closed, and your fingers tease your nipples.

I take my right hand away from your ass. Withdrawing my tongue from your pussy, I turn my right hand palm up and I easily slide my index and middle fingers into your pussy stretching you. My soaking wet tongue flattens on your clit. My fingers start steadily fucking your tight, wet cunt, and my tongue swirls in tight, clockwise motions on your clit.

You gasp and murmur, “Ohhh shittttt” as you feel my fingers and tongue go to work.

Slowly, steadily I fuck my fingers in and out of your hot little pussy, and my tongue steadily swirls on your clit. Looking up your body at you, I love watching your facial expressions as the intense sensations travel through your body.

Your moans and cries echo throughout the entire office now. Your fingers pinch, pull and tug at your rock hard nipples. Pressing my tongue more firmly into your demetevler escort clit, I swirl it faster and harder. My 2 fingers wantonly fuck your tight pussy. Your juices dripping down my arm.

Your back arches your mouth opens, and your body starts shaking. Staring up your body, I swirl my tongue faster on your clit and my fingers fuck you harder. Suddenly, your body convulses, and your mouth opens. A barely audible gasp emanates from your throat as a massive orgasm sweeps through your body.

Your cum almost sprays down my fingers and arms, and your clit swells under my tongue. My hands grip your ass hard keeping you from falling off of the desk as your hips wildly buck. You scream as wave after wave of orgasm sweeps from your toes to the top of your head.

Your body relaxes a little, and you loudly exhale while you try like mad to catch your breath. Standing up, my mouth dripping with your cum, I push you back a little so that your ass is resting on the top of my desk now.

Then, I quickly shed my shoes, socks, shirt, pants, and boxers. Stepping between your thighs, my hands grip your ankles and I place your feet on my shoulders. My left hand grips my raging cock, and I guide my big bulbous head between your soaking wet pussy lips.

Confidently, I thrust forward…entering you. Your wet pussy easily sucks in my thick cock. My hands move to hold your hips, and I start fucking you with deep, fluid fuck strokes.

Pulling almost all the way out then slamming back into you. My hands grip your hips tight, and I start fucking you faster, harder. My pent up desire for you over the last month is breaking loose, and the emotions generated by our argument fuel my passion.

I know that this is so naughty, but I don’t care. I want you and I have to have you now. Growling like a wild animal in heat, I start fucking you like a jackhammer. My eyes glazing over with lust fucking you with hard, powerful thrusts.

Your perky tits shaking with each fuck stroke. You have to move your hands behind you to grip the other edge of the desk to keep from being driven to the floor. My thick cock smacks in your wet pussy. Your screams and cries fill the office again the desk shaking under us with each powerful thrust.

I lean forward, and I take your arms and I spread them out beside you. My hands grip your hands, and my fingers intertwine with yours. As my green eyes fill with lust, I fuck you with every ounce of my being…fast…hard…primal forces inside of me breaking loose.

Wanting to spread my seed deep inside of you, my eyes close, and my body thrusts my cock deep inside of you. Holding it there, I let out a loud scream, and suddenly, you feel my hot, thick seed exploding into you. My hands tightly squeeze yours tightly holding you. 2 hot lovers becoming one in mind, body, and soul.

“Ohhh..fuckkkkk…” I growl…as my cock continues to pump my hot seed deep into your body.

Feeling my orgasm finally subsiding, I open my eyes and look down at you with a dreamy, spent expression. Your hair is spread out all around you with sweat popping out on your face.

Your cheeks and chest are flushed. My lips spread out into a smile, and I lean down and kiss you hard. Our bodies still joined, but my cock rapidly deflating inside of you. I pick you up off of the desk, and I move us around to my comfortable leather desk chair.

I sit down, and pull you into my lap tightly holding you to me as we trade gentle kisses. My finger traces up and down your leg and thigh as we kiss. Playfully tapping your nose with my finger, I say,

“I am glad that you decided to work late tonight.”

We both giggle as we tightly hold on to one another.

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