What Are Friends For Ch. 01-02


I moaned softly as my husband paid his homage to my most intimate parts. His tongue slid up and down my drenched pussy and God, it felt so erotic. Years of good marriage had honed his ability to arouse and bring me to multiple orgasms.

“Oooo, Yes Love, keep your tongue doing that and slip finger deep inside me and do your magic on my “G” spot. Yesss, right there. Ohhh, Yesss, I’m coming!” And I did, I was just on the edge and a massive orgasm shot through my body and my hips thrust upward against his mouth and waves of pleasure went through my body. Finally, spent, I collapsed as he gently slid his tongue along my spread pussy, tasting my juices.

I had taken a long hot shower and used a flavored douche and added a subtle perfume to strategic spots on my body. I had slid into my black see-through negligee and gave my husband a good view of my attire. My husband didn’t need any more subtle hints to get the message and fresh from his shower, joined me in bed.

I’d felt guilty as I had come down with diabetes a year before and that disease works it evil way in a person’s body to it’s detriment. My libido went down and I didn’t have the sexual passion I once had. I still remember one session where we were both almost insatiable one night and Bill gave me eight climaxes that I counted, one after the other, orally, digitally and with his stalwart penis. I think I remember at least four more after I lost count. We were both exhausted and a little sore the next day, but so very happy. We’ve never had that many again. We still talk about that night and laugh.

As I caught my breath he looked up at my smiling face and for some reason asked, “Have you ever made it with another woman?

I laughed, “What brought that on?”

“Just wondered. You know I love to eat your delicious pussy and wondered if you’d ever experimented with another women. The saying goes that ‘Only another woman can completely satisfy a woman’. “

“I’ve heard that tale before. Well, yes.”

“Have you ever thought about doing it with a lady friend?” He asked.

“Yes when I was young. My gym teacher came on to me and I turned her down. She gave me a C- and I went to her and told her in no uncertain terms that she had to remove that or I’d go to the Principal and tell him that she had done that because I’d turned her sexual advances down. She already had a couple of girls hint she was Gay. She stuttered and changed my grade back to my usual straight A’s. She got canned the next year. I was curious, but not ready to try that type of life,

“Maybe once or twice, I’ve wondered what it would be like since then. I think all women wonder about trying alternate sex with another woman. You are leading this discussion some where, aren’t you? Lick my pussy one more time, Lover. Truth now!” One lick later he moved up and held me close to him, arms around me and it felt so cozy.

“Well, yes, I have wondered if you ever wondered about Linda. She adores you and her eyes follow you wherever you cross the room. I think she lusts for you. When she comes in and kisses you, it is just a little longer then the casual kiss between friends.” He smiled and kissed me gently.

“Well, maybe. I never gave it much more than a passing thought. But yes her kisses are a little more intimate than is considered ‘normal’. Several times I’ve felt her tongue slip out to caress my lips when we’d been apart for a few weeks. And I did notice her eyes on my body several times when we were nude, undressing to go into the pool. She has a very sexy body too, incidentally. I took that in also. A mutual attraction perhaps?”

“It would seem so. I’d love to see the two of you making love!” He said as he looked deep into my eyes.

“You rascal, I know you love watching Lesbian videos a lot! I know you get a real boner when you watch them. I think a lot of men like that as opposed to watching male/female sex. Right?|

“You are a very perceptive lady, my Sexy Wife. Right on. We can do the heterosexual thing and have done it in front of the big mirror and even videoed ourselves making love and we both like that. Simply watching two women making love really excites me. I think if you gave Linda an opening, she would jump at the chance. She and Joanne lived together for several years, whether there was anything sexual to that or not, I don’t know. I never thought it was unusual for the two women to live at the beach in a two bedroom apartment to save rent money. If having an affair with Linda is what you would like to do. I certainly have no problem with that. In fact, I’m all for it. Your call, though absolutely!” He said with feeling.

I might add here that I knew my libido was low and I had given Bill my ‘permission’ to have an affair if he needed more sex than I could give him. He has always been sexually active with me until my illness. I just told him, if he did, I just didn’t want to know who it was. I held back a grin as I wondered if he and Linda were having and affair and he was planning on perhaps a threesome with her. The sneaky devil!

I let it escort london drop until the long Labor Day weekend was coming up and decided to see if I could help him and myself, and Linda too. I called Linda and we had a nice chat and then I asked her if she had anything planned for the long weekend. She didn’t and I asked her if she would like to come over for the weekend and spend it with us. She hesitated a moment then gladly accepted my invitation. I teased her and told her I was going to buy a new string bikini to tease Bill and why didn’t she go with me and we’d look as the really sexy ones and try them on. I knew that would really get her attention. It did and we made a date for lunch at the Mall and a visit to Victoria’s Secret. I’d bought naughty lingerie there to tease Bill and myself before.

I picked Linda up and she was a bundle of mischief, as usual. She really was a ball of fire and sat sideways and kept her eyes on me the whole time. We had a wonderful lunch and then went to Victoria’s Secret to shop for bikinis. They had many to pick from, from plain, to stylish, to downright wicked and sexy, cut very low and barely covering your crotch with a small thong in the back to hold it in place. We laughed and joked and picked matching styles of different colors. Linda led the way to the dressing room and to my delight, and it suited my reason for the visit, insisted we both share the same dressing room. I wanted to give her a real look at my body as well as let her know I was interested in her body too.

I’d dressed from the skin out to entice her and was certain she would enjoy what I had to offer in such close quarters. I had a half bra under my blouse and when I took it off it showed my breast bare almost to the nipple with lots of cleavage. Her eyes opened wide as she took her blouse off and she had one upped me as she didn’t have a bra on. She let me have a good look at her pert breasts and I noted she had put a little lipstick on her nipples. I gave them a good look and told her how beautiful they looked. She smiled and took in my bulging breasts as I unfastened my bra and let it slip off.

I have rather large areolas and nice long bulging nipples that in my state of desire, now poked proudly forward. She looked at them and her tongue slid out to lick her lips. “God,I’d forgotten how beautiful your breasts are. I’ll bet Bill can’t keep his hands off of them!” She said intently gazing at them. I turned to give her a better look and took my hands, cupped and lifted them toward her. Her face blushed and I thought she was going to kiss them.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with your champagne breasts. They look delicious with that touch of a little lipstick on them.” I quipped. She blushed. Her nipples are pale, but now with the lipstick on them were a deeper red. ‘Didn’t fool with me you Sex Doll.’ I thought.

I slid my pants down and slipped out of my shoes. I bent over and stood there for a long moment giving her a good view of my skin colored almost transparent panties. I stood up and turned toward her so she could see my pubic mound and the cloth delineated my pussy slit. I had my pubic hair removed a year before and this was the first time she’s seen it. I’d never told her I’d had it done. Her eyes went wide.

“Marie, you never told me you had your pubic hair removed. God, it looks positively delicious. Opps, did I just say that?” She added quickly. “Sexy, virginal, but , yes, delicious too!

“You did, Girlfriend, and that’s what Bill said when he first saw it and he loves it. He says it IS delicious and loves to, well, you can guess! Can’t keep his hands or ton–, uh, away from it.”

“Oh God, yes, I can see why. Take them off and let me see your sweet pussy. Please!” She whispered.

‘Gotcha’ I thought. “Not before you take yours off too. I’ve never seen your sexy puss close up. Fair is fair!”

She laughed and slid her pants off and she wore bikini panties that barely covered her pubic area. She looked at me, spread her legs slightly and slid them down and off in one motion. She spread her thighs a little more and gave me a good view of her bikini cut pubic hair that was a nice reddish brown. Her lips were slightly distended and wet with her juices. That made my clit throb and my pussy moisten.

Linda is small in height, but perfectly proportioned, nice breasts, small waist and slim hips and thighs all a delightful package to look at. A cute ass goes with all the rest including a lovely face. Just looking at her nude body made my pussy ache and I knew is was very wet.

“There, like it? Does it look delicious too. I may try your method and loose my pubic hair!” She said as she put one foot up on the dressing bench, opening her pussy a little more. She was WET.

We stood looking at each other and she moved close and pulled me close and kissed me. A soft kiss at first, then her tongue slid out and ran across my lips gently then a I let my lips open, her tongue slip into my mouth. I met her tongue with mine and that lady could French like I’d never had anyone dubai escorts kiss me that way before. After a long kiss she pulled back and whispered, “I’ve wanted to kiss you like that for years, but didn’t want to scare you off. I suspected you wanted it today and set this up.”

I kissed her lightly, pulled back a little and let it fly -“Where else would you like to put that tongue? My pussy is dripping from seeing you nude and letting you see me nude also.”

She moaned and her body pressed against mine and we devoured each other’s mouth. I could tell she was on fire and her hips thrust against mine. I caught her firm ass and pressed against her.

“I knew when you had it done.” She said.

“How did you know that?” I asked baffled.

“Because one of my good friends told me all about you when she found out I knew you. Joleen, down at the mall. She is licensed to do electrolysis and does a booming business on ladies like you. She kept telling me how sexy and beautiful and that you drove her nuts every time you came in for a treatment. She said you had the most delicious looking pussy she had seen and there you lay on the treatment table, thighs spread wide and your pussy literally dripped and the juices wet your pussy so it opened up and she could see inside your pussy.”

“Damn, I know! I couldn’t help it. When someone is that close to my pussy and looking at it, I get so horny. Can’t help it. Joleen is so pretty too and that made me even hotter. She commented a couple of times how wet I was. The second time she asked, I asked her if she was wet too. She grinned and said “Of course, you have one of the sexiest sex pots I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen lots of them.”

“She really wanted to jump your bones, but she held back. A wrong move could put her out of business. Every time you really got hot, she said your clit swelled and she could see the pink head poking out of the sheath. She said every time you came in, after she finished with you, she had to go in the lounge in the back, lock the door and masturbate or she’s go nuts. I’ll go to her and have my pussy totally denuded. I’ll bet the two of us wind up every time eating each other. Her pussy is clean too. Wait till you two meet. I know she has a huge crush on you and I don’t mind as she is my good friend also.”

“What a coincidence that you are her friend and she has a crush on me. Her fingers did stray just a little while she was treating me. Noting obvious, but a little slip of the fingers now and then. Her finger brushed my clit one time and my hips shot upward. She apologized and it didn’t happen again

“Do me a favor, when it comes time for us to get together, don’t tell her it’s me. I want to see the look of astonishment when she sees me again under totally different circumstances. OK?” I said giving her pert ass a light slap.

“Done” she said with a huge grin..

We caressed and fondled each other for several minutes till we heard the sales girl coming down the aisle. “Everything OK, Ladies?” She asked. We had been back there for quite a while.

“Couldn’t be better. We are deciding on the bikinis, see if they fit OK. We want to look real sexy in them.” I called out. We broke apart and giggling slid into the tiny bikinis. Two small cups for our breasts left lots of bare flesh to move when we walked or bent over. There was not a lot to the bottom, a small triangle in front to cover the pubic area and tapering to a thong in back to barely cover our pussy and rectum.” That was it. Sexy flesh everywhere, just what we wanted. We posed for each other, turning around and bending forward admiring the sexy fit of the almost/there bathing attire and letting our hands roam over each other. We wound up buying two each of slightly different styles and an after-the-pool-wrap to cover us in case anyone came over at an unexpected moment.

When we got in the car, Linda was very quiet for a while then reached over and stroked my cheek. She didn’t say anything for several minutes, then asked, “Were you serious about asking me if I wanted to eat you?’

“Bill loves to eat my pussy and he’s good at it too. You are one hell of a French kisser and I imagine you could be a better lover than he is. You have a very wicked tongue and, I suspect, have probably taught him some wicked lessons. He said only a woman really knows how to love another woman.

” I’ve had some really explosive orgasms lately. He’s tried techniques he had never used before, and I thought it was probably your handiwork. We thought this weekend might be a nice time to let you try your special talents on me. Think you could handle me and perhaps Bill too, if it’s OK with you, or are you only into women? I think I just might sample the bisexual route. My libido is down and I gave Bill my OK to have an affair. Did he tell you that? I just told him I didn’t want to know who, but thought it just might be my very sexy best friend. Who I thought, might be an excellent choice for him. “

Linda sat there speechless then leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and ran her Escort Dubai hand along my arm softly. “You really mean that? Yes, he did tell me that you weren’t the sex bomb you used to be and you’d given him your permission to have an affair, but I didn’t believe him. I thought it was just his way to make love to me without any guilt on my part, but I had guilt anyway. You really surprised me.”

“Lady, I look forward to a long and very erotic, fucking weekend. Pun intended. I can pull out all the stops with my lover and his beautiful very sexy wife who I’ve wanted to make love from the moment I laid eyes on you and had to put a reign on my passion as I did not want to loose your friendship. Never, ever, thought this would happen. Hot damn!!” She squealed in joy. We broke up in laughter.

Bill was home when we got there and we came in with our packages and Linda had a small suitcase with her clothes and personal items for the weekend. She sat her suitcase down, took my hand and led me over to Bill. She put her arms around us both and we had a group hug, then she pulled back, leaned over and kissed me full on the lips and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Her hand went to cup my breast. Bill’s jaw dropped as I held her close and returned the kiss. Then she pulled back, turned to Bill and repeated her French kiss to him while her hips pressing against his. They held the kiss for a couple of minutes and then Linda pulled back and looked Bill in the eyes.

“You devil you, you told me your sexy wife gave you permission to have a lover, but I didn’t really believe you, but she just confirmed it. I did feel guilty making love to you, and now I find I can without guilt, PLUS I can make love to your, God, SEXY WIFE TOO!” She shouted out loud and danced around in circles. We all broke out in laughter.

Bill said, “Well, it kind of slipped out while we were making mad, passionate love the other night and she guessed you and I were having an affair. I asked if she had ever made it with a woman and she said, she’ never done it before. She is one smart lady and caught on to the sex lessons you had taught me and then hatched up the long weekend plan to get the three of us together. Damn, I’m one lucky man.”

He hugged us both and we had a sexy three way kiss with lots of tongue included. When he rubbed against me, I could feel a nice firm cock growing against me. I reached down, but Linda’s hand slid just ahead of mine. I squeezed her hand and she laughed, “Caught me, didn’t you? He does have a magnificent cock.”

“What a homecoming! I feel a growing urge, plus and extra hand rubbing against my dripping pussy but we need to cool it for a little while. We have all weekend to make love in all sorts of ways. I’ll put steaks on the grill and let Linda settle in and then dinner and then —- after that, – – who knows?” I said as I toned down the sexual excitement for a little while. I’d let the sex feelings simmer. Good for all of us!

We had a very delicious steak dinner with all the trimmings including a nice wine and I’d made a tasty desert earlier in the day. We were well filled and the wine set us in a good mood. After clearing the dishes we moved to the den and the three of us sat on the long couch with Bill in the center and Linda and I on either side. We cuddled up to him and kisses moved from side to side till we all three were sexually excited.

“I have a good idea.” Bill said finally. “Why don’t I let you two ladies use the master bedroom and I’ll stay here and let you two have your first time together. I have some computer work to do that must be done tonight. Later I can watch, but let you have complete privacy for your first time together. That sound good?” He said looking from Linda to me.

“I think that would be a wonderful thought. You are so thoughtful. I can let myself go the first time with another very sexy lady. Thank you, Darling!” I answered softly giving him a wink and a kiss.

“He is thoughtful, isn’t he. So polite and such a sexy man too. Later, you and I both can enjoy him together.” Linda smiled and kissed Bill’s lips. “There are so many combinations to try, aren’t there?

We can go through the complete “Kama Sutra” and make up a few of our own too!

We got up and I led her toward the master bedroom which I had prepared that afternoon. As we walked down the hall, she slipped into the guest bedroom for a couple of minutes and came out with a small leather case in her hand, looked at me and just gave me a sexy smile. The satin sheets, a dark maroon, turned back waiting for us, pillows placed for easy reach if we wanted to use them. I lit candles around the room and turned down the overhead lights giving the room a soft golden glow that would show our naked bodies to their best advantage. I wanted us both to revel in the joy of viewing our lovers for the first time.

We moved to the bed and came together for our first love affair. My pussy had been wet all day and we both slowly undressed each other. Long minutes later we stood, holding each other close letting my hands roam for the first time over soft feminine flesh. It was so different from Bill’s firm masculine body, our breasts pressed together, nipples erect, and our hips pressed close as we kissed, slipping our tongues into our partner’s mouth.

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