Time Together


We have six hours. How to spend the time besides together? I’m wearing a short skirt and no panties and as we drive around looking for our destination, your fingers rub me between my parted thighs and feel the wetness you’ve created just by being near me.

We reach our destination, a private hotel on the other side of our small town, and when we get to our room, I tell you that I’ve always wanted to be submissive. You tell me that this can be taken care of with no problem and produce a black scarf from your pants pocket. After placing it on my eyes, you take my tongue into your mouth and let me boldly explore.

After you feel I’ve gotten enough, you turn me away from you and tell me to bend over the bed and ask you no questions. I do as asked obediently and while I’m in this position, you raise my skirt to my waist and very slowly pull my stockings down as you kiss and nibble my ass and thighs.

When you’ve removed my stockings, you tell me to kneel on the bed. The next thing I feel are your soft hands parting my ass london escort and then your warm tongue teasing me from pussy to my virgin ass. While feasting on me, you use your fingers to probe and play, readying me for your next assault on my body.

After you’ve gotten your fill of me (for now), you pull me to my feet and slowly remove the rest of my clothing as you lick and suck my budded nipples making me hotter and wetter for you. Your next directive is for me to sit on the bed and take off your pants and underwear.

My instinct is to take you deep into my mouth but you won’t let me- you do however, tease me my rubbing the tip of your dick on my lips and moving it away as I flick my tongue across its head. While you finish undressing, you tell me to sit on the bed with my back to the headboard and, when you are as naked as me, you kneel on the bed straddling my legs and feed me your thick, hard dick as you play in my hair.

While you fuck my mouth, you tell me to play with myself to get ready for your entry Escort Dubai into my waiting pussy. You’re close to cumming but don’t. Instead, you tell me to lie down and as I continue to play with myself, you position my legs so that you can play with my ass. After taking the wetness from my pussy, you gently ease your fingers into my virgin hole. You slowly finger fuck me until I’m writhing in ecstasy, moaning your name. Just when I feel that I can’t take it anymore, you take your fingers out of my ass and tell me to roll over onto my hands and knees.

In this position I’m vulnerable to you, but I eagerly anticipate what I hope will happen next. Now you spread my ass and wet your throbbing dick with the pussy juices that we’ve created, then ever so tenderly you slide your dick into my waiting hole.

Once inside my ass, you begin to move in and out with long strokes, causing my pussy to pulse as I beg you for release. You stroke deeper and faster, oblivious to my moans of passion, as I whimper your name. Your only answer independent escort girls is to finger my clit as you drive your dick deeper into my ass. You won’t let me cum because you’re not done with me yet and you prove this by taking your dick out of my ass and easing it into my aching pussy.

Inside me once more, you stroke hard and deep until we can’t hold out any longer- your goal in this sex capade is for us to cum together. With one last thrust, you push us over the edge and I scream your name in release. You remove my blindfold, roll me over onto my back and kiss me passionately as we slowly drift back to earth.

We’re now holding each other tightly and whispering words of love. You roll over to set the alarm so that we can fall asleep in each other’s arms until it’s time to shower, dress and leave.

Two hours later we’re checked out of our secret spot and headed home to our mates. We hold hands on the drive back to reality and talk about the hold we have on each other and the emotional bond that we share. With much sadness we reach our starting point of the day and just before you let me go, you give me your tongue in the sensuous show of love that I’ve become used to. As I get out of your car, we vow to each other to do this again… and again… and again…

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