The Thai Maid Ch. 05

Teen (18+)


I had angered Miss that afternoon by refusing for the second time to let her sodomize me with a monstrous blue dildo, and she had rejected my services as her maid, I feared once and for all. In a fit of quiet desperation, I climbed on the kitchen table and offered her my bottom: I told Miss that she owned me. Miss relented and sent X, my boyfriend, away. They agreed that she would have me to herself for the night: no interference, no rescue, only submission.


Miss took me by the hand and helped me off the table. I was still dressed in my maid’s outfit, and wearing leather cuffs on each wrist and ankle. The change in her demeanor was almost instant: she was the old, smiling Bee, and I felt once again there was a chance Miss could love me. She hugged me, and we kissed, at first tentatively nibbling each other’s lips, but progressively we grew more passionate.

She broke off the embrace, took me by the hand, and led me back out of the sunroom. There is a phrase in Nabokov: “my knees were reflections of knees.” This is how I felt as Bee guided me from the sunroom, through the master bedroom, to the bathroom.

The master bath was nearly as large as the bedroom, with his and hers sinks, a glass-enclosed shower, a dressing table and chair, marble tile floor, and a small attached room with a toilet and bidet. The centerpiece of the bathroom was a huge claw-foot tub, easily big enough for two. X and I had spent many an afternoon fucking in a bubble bath. He loved to lie on his back while I straddled him and held the sides of the tub, looking in his eyes and letting the water lift my body as he fucked my pussy. Thank goodness the floor had a drain, because we often ended up splashing half of the tub’s water over the rim. A shower curtain ring in the shape of the tub hung from the ceiling.

Miss sat me down on the edge of the tub and stood between my open legs. I pulled her closer, her stomach level with my mouth. I leaned forward and traced a circle around her belly button, and she giggled. “Vicky tickles,” said Miss. I could tell she was feeling playful. She ran her fingers through my hair, gently brushing my face with her hand, and popped her thumb in my mouth. I sucked it, and looked up into her eyes.

“Vicky so pretty,” said Miss, and my heart swelled.

Miss leaned past me, and turned on the water in the bathtub, part hot, part cold, just right. Instead of plugging the tub, though, she let the water run down the drain.

“Vicky,” said Miss, “Eyes closed. Surprise.”

I took a last look deep in Miss’s eyes, smiled, and closed my eyes tightly. I felt Miss move away from me, and heard a cupboard open and close. Next, it sounded like something was filling with water, and then I heard Miss turn the tap off. Finally, I heard the clink of metal on metal.

“Vicky,” said Miss, “eyes open.”

I opened my eyes anxiously, looked at Miss — and nothing had changed. Miss smiled at me and stroked my hair again. Then she pointed above my head. From the shower curtain ring hung a strange contraption: a rubber bag with a tube snaking out of it. A metal clamp seemed to keep the tube closed. I’m sure my face looked blank as I studied it, and then it hit me…

Oh my God it’s an enema bag! I thought. She can’t!

She did.

“Miss?” I said, startled.

“Vicky,” said Miss, “turn around.”

“Yes Miss,” I said, shakily.

I got off the edge of the bathtub, and turned around so that my hands were placed on the bottom of the tub, my hips were on the edge with my bottom in the air, and my feet were on the floor. My hands shook as I moved into place.

X, fucking X that goddamn bastard, I thought. He must have told her that I fantasize about enemas but that I’ve never had one.

My face felt hot. I was so humiliated, and angry — angry at X for sharing such embarrassing secrets with Miss. I decided to kill him when I saw him, and I was so consumed with anger that I even forgot about Miss for the moment.

“Woo!” I yelled, and nearly jumped out of my skin when a finger coated with some cold lubricant snaked around my anus and pressed itself in. Miss thought this was uproariously funny and started giggling. Miss reached over my head and grabbed the end of the tube, which was capped with a lewd looking nozzle. She lubed the nozzle and waved it in my face. I was so angry I felt close to tears.

“Vicky,” asked Miss, “What is?”

“An enema, Miss,” I said.

“For who?” Miss asked, playing coy.

“Me, Miss,” I said, my face blushing as deeply as it could blush. Miss was mocking my initial attempt to dominate her with a butt plug.

“Ask,” said Miss.

Goddamn goddamn goddamn she’s going to make me ask for it, I thought. I am going to kill that motherfucker when he comes home I really will kill him goddamn him.

I took a deep, shaky breath. “Miss,” I said, “please put the nozzle in me.”

“Where?” asked Miss, all innocent.

“Up my ass, Miss,” I whispered, and london escort a tear slipped down my cheek. “Up my ass please.”

The cold hard plastic of the nozzle slipped past my anus as Miss pressed the issue. I wish I could say I was turned on but at the moment I was so angry with X that I was having trouble enjoying myself.

Miss lodged the nozzle firmly in my bottom, and said one word again: “Ask.”

I hung my head. This was the worst. This was not sexy, this was simply humiliating. “Miss,” I said, “Please give me the enema.”

I waited for the rush, not knowing what to expect. But Miss simply stroked my cheeks gently with her hand, cooing and whispering my name: “Vicky, sweet Vicky.”

I asked again, “Please Miss, please fill me with water.” The nozzle was cold and hard, but Miss only continued stroking my bottom and whispering.

I couldn’t stand the anticipation any more. “Miss,” I said, “I need it now.”

Without a word Miss flipped the clamp and I felt the flow of the warm water filling me. Miss moved a hand down to my pussy and massaged me while the water flowed. I tried to relax and accept it, and after a few moments the fullness kind of felt… nice. It started to feel… naughty, with Miss rubbing my pussy and the water warming and filling me. Miss turned off the flow and slowly pulled the nozzle from my bottom, and then took me by the hand to help me stand up. I felt wobbly on my feet and my bottom felt full; I squeezed my cheeks so I wouldn’t embarrass myself.

Miss kissed me passionately, which was nice, but I was distracted. She could tell my attention was elsewhere, and smacked me fiercely on the bottom. I yelped, and squeezed my anus as tightly as I could. I really needed to go.

Miss giggled at my discomfort, and smacked my bottom once more before sending me off to the toilet to relieve myself.

When I returned, Miss had refilled the bag, and once again she told me to lean over the rim of the tub. This time, I knew what to expect and was able to relax when she slipped the nozzle into my anus. I moaned, and wriggled my bottom to please Miss. Again, she released the clamp and I felt myself fill with warm water. Again, she sent me off to the water closet to relieve myself.

It’s hard to put yourself on equal footing with another woman after she’s given you an enema. When I came out of the water closet I had trouble looking Miss in the eye. I felt emptied out, and clean — and now I suppose I knew why Miss was always so amazingly fresh.

Miss sat on the chair of the dressing table. In my absence, she had gone off to find the butt plug, the harness, and the strap on blue dildo. Where I had left them I can’t even recall. Miss motioned for me to lie down across her lap, face down. I was so much taller than she was I was afraid of hurting her thighs, but she seemed fine. She handed the butt plug to me, and I knew what to do: I put it in my mouth and sucked it like a lollipop.

Miss massaged my bottom, rubbing my cheeks and my thighs and letting her fingers trail between my legs to graze my pussy. I felt so squirmy and empty, and pushed my bottom up toward her hand. She dipped a finger into my pussy, and gently rubbed my clit. I then felt her rub something slick between my cheeks, and Miss held out her hand for the butt plug.

When Miss had inserted the plug previously, she had pushed it in with one slow but firm motion. This time, though, she teased my bottom with the plug, drawing circles with its tip. I pushed my bottom to meet the plug, but each time I pushed, Miss withdrew. Push, withdraw, push, withdraw, push… and on the fourth push Miss held the plug still. I grunted as my anus stretched the accept the tip of the plug, stretched to accept its widening neck, and finally stretched to accept the wide flare before the base. Once again, I felt full and wanted. Miss grasped the base of the plug and gently twisted it, first one way, then the other. I was delirious with desire and my pussy desperately need more attention. Miss smacked my bottom hard, twice — ow! ow! — and then motioned for me to stand up.

I massaged my aching cheeks while Miss turned on the bath water once more, and watched while she plugged the tub and poured in bubble bath crystals. I know it sounds crazy, but watching Miss put a rubber stopper in the bathtub drain made me wonder… was I anything more to her than a hole to be plugged?

While the tub filled, Miss removed the leather cuffs from my wrists and ankles. Miss took me by the hand and we stepped into the tub together. Miss turned to kiss me passionately on the mouth, and my knees were weak with delight. We washed each other, rolling in the suds and kissing, our asses and breasts poking above the water like islands of pleasure, mine white, hers brown. Miss would roll and bend and twist, presenting a silky brown nipple for nibbling or a slender soapy finger for sucking.

Miss rolled over on her hands and knees and lifted her bottom out of the soapy water. Escort Dubai She looked back over her shoulder at me, and I eagerly moved to kiss her bottom, but her face hardened, and she shook her head No sharply, once.

“Ask,” hissed Miss. “What do you want, Vicky?”

I looked her in the eye and thought for a moment. I said, “Miss, the only thing in the world I want more than to kiss you between your cheeks is for you to wreck my bottom with your big blue dildo. It’s all I want, and all I’ll ever want.”

Miss laughed — this made her happy, and she pushed her bottom a bit higher out of the water and turned her hips out. Her bottom spread open to reveal a tight and soapy brown asshole perfect for licking, and that is what I did. I nibbled her brown bottom and pressed my lips against her anus, gently rimming the edge with my tongue. Miss moaned and pressed her bottom back into my face. The water sloshed, and I could see Miss reach back between her legs to touch her pussy as I worshipped her bottom.

Worship: I have read that word before and never believed it; what does it mean to worship a bottom anyway? But now I understood: I dreamed I was floating in heaven with my Miss, and as the water sloshed and she patted her own pussy and I kissed her ass gently until I felt it squeeze in orgasmic rhythm around my tongue and Miss whimpered in pleasure, I knew she was an angel from on high.

But Miss could be a demon too, and not long after she climaxed her darker half asserted itself. As she turned to face me, she gave me a beatific smile and kissed my forehead. Reaching underneath me, she reminded me of my place by gripping the base of my butt plug and giving it a savage twist.

I winced in pain, but I didn’t mind too much. I had only asked Miss for two things, and she had already given me one of them.

We rinsed off, and Miss drained the water out of the tub. Miss made me stand up and turn around, face away from her and bend over. I braced myself, expecting her to pull the plug out of my bottom and either spank me or give me another enema. But I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt Miss’s tongue on my pussy! Oh God, how good it felt to have Miss’s tongue flick up and down my pussy lips and feel her nibbling my clit. Miss’s expert tongue traced little circles around my clit, and darted in and out between my pussy lips. With her thumb, she thumped the base of my butt plug, not hard, just enough to get a tapping rhythm going in my bowels in time to the licks. I was out of my head with pleasure and gripped the rim of the tub ever tighter. Just as I was about to cum, though, Miss smacked my bottom and laughed, taking her tongue away from my needy clit.

We stepped out of the tub, and Miss once again put the cuffs on my ankles and wrists. She then handed me the huge blue dildo and its harness. I knew what to do with it: I got down on my knees and attached the harness underneath Miss’s legs and around her waist. As I buckled the harness, the dildo bumped against my forehead. Eye to eye, as it were, it was just so big, and I didn’t have any idea how I was going to accept it. I looked up at Miss, and she smiled and patted me on the head (an extraordinary insult in Thai culture). She gripped the dildo with her hand, unable to reach her fingers around its circumference, and rubbed the tip of the dildo on my face. I opened my mouth for her, but she simply slapped the end of the dildo lightly on my cheeks, first one, then the other, then back to the first. My face stung from the slapping, but I continued holding my mouth open.

Left cheek, right cheek, the slapping continued, and I closed my eyes. Miss gently rested the dildo on my bottom lip, and I stuck out my tongue to lick its tip.

“Vicky, suck it,” said Miss.

I stretched my lips around the fake cock and took its head into my mouth. I had to open my jaw as wide as it would go to let the beast in, and couldn’t imagine how my bottom would be able to do the same. Miss slowly pressed the dildo into my mouth until it filled the back of my throat and I gagged.

I can’t say I’m so turned on by sucking a dildo; give me a warm flesh and blood cock in my mouth any day. But I could tell Miss enjoyed watching me struggle to fit the blue dildo in my mouth and I was happy to perform for her.

Miss eventually pulled the dildo out of my mouth and motioned for me to stand up. She cuffed my ankles together, and then my wrists. She handed a wet wash cloth to me. As she led me to the bedroom, it was all I could do to waddle slowly with my ankles cuffed and my bottom plugged.

As we approached the bed, I began to tremble. The blue dildo swung heavily from Miss’s hips with every step she took, and I knew each step brought us closer to my rendezvous with fate.

When we reached the bed, Miss took the wash cloth from me and put it on the night stand. Then Miss put me on my hands and knees and pulled my hands back between my legs, clipping them to the cuffs on my feet. I was in her favorite position independent escort girls again: face down, bottom up, and helpless. I could feel a tugging as Miss gently pulled the plug out of my bottom, and she then set it next to my face on the pillow. Next, she leaned over to the nightstand and brought out a tiny tube of KY jelly.

Miss dipped a finger into my pussy and stroked me. Then a second finger in my pussy. Mmm… When she felt like being gentle, her touch was the lightest in the world; it was like being fucked by air. I was soaking with anticipation and my pussy loved the attention.

But not for long: Miss pulled her fingers out of my pussy and slowly drew a line up my crack with her fingertips. She massaged first one cheek, then the next, with her fingers eventually following gravity’s pull and drifting toward my anus. Slowly, she pushed a finger up my bottom. I closed my eyes as Miss pumped me lightly, then felt her stretching my bottom to accommodate a second finger. Again she slowly pumped, light and gentle, in and out, until I could feel her knuckles pressed against my flesh, both fingers lodged firmly and entirely in my bottom.

She began to whisper “So beautiful, Vicky, so beautiful,” and I whimpered. I was so relaxed the her two fingers slipped easily in and out of my ass. I could feel the heat of her face as she leaned forward to lick my pussy while she slowly pumped me, and the rhythm of the flicking and licking tongue in tandem with the pumping fingers made me mad with desire.

Before I could climax Miss gently withdrew her fingers and got on her knees directly behind me. I could hear her open the tiny tube of KY, and after a moment felt the weight of her blue beast rest against my back door. I tremble even to recall it.

Miss remembered my question to her on the day I first tried to dominate her, and she mocked me with those words: “How sluts like it, Vicky?”

I knew the answer she wanted, and I whimpered, “Up the ass, Miss. Sluts like it up the ass.”

Gently but steadily, she rubbed the tip of her blue dildo in circles around my anus, and I wagged my hips in response.

She stopped rubbing and held her hips still, letting the weight of her body force the blue beast against my tiny hole. I whimpered, “Oh Miss.”

Miss said, “Shh… so pretty.”

Miss again leaned into my body, and my ring began to buckle under the weight of her dildo. The head pressed into me, and it hurt. Bad. I didn’t know how I could take her into me. My ring held, and pressed into my body as the dildo attempted to enter.

Another gentle but firm press: ouch. Miss withdrew, and I could hear her apply a bit more KY to the head of her dildo. I was nervous, and said “Oh God, Miss, I don’t know if I can — mmmff!”

Quick as a snake, Miss leaned over my back, grabbed the butt plug from the pillow, and stuffed it into my mouth. “Vicky talk too much,” said Miss. She had grown tired of my protests.

This time, she took the dildo in hand and pressed the head against my anus. I could feel the pressure was different, and firmer, this time: Miss was tired of playing games. Without any sudden motions, Miss pressed her hips firmly forward, and my ring again fell under the immense, intense pressure of her huge blue dildo. It felt like she was simply pressing a fist against my anus, and I wished I could look back over my shoulder to ensure that she wasn’t in fact doing that!

Pressure, pressure, pressure, and without warning the head of her dildo popped inside me. Owwwwwww!!!!!! My shriek was muffled by the butt plug, and Miss pressed again as my bottom winced under the weight of her ass wrecker. A quarter inch? I sobbed into the pillow and felt like I was being ripped in two. I panicked, and spit out the plug.

“Oh God Miss I can’t do it,” I sobbed. “It’s too much! I can’t I can’t oh please you’re killing me! Anything but that dildo up my ass Miss I can’t!”

Miss ignored my protest and pushed — an inch, or another mile, who knew?

“Oh God Miss please my poor asshole you’re wrecking me please stop ow! ow! ow! Oh please stop it Bee I can’t stand it Bee please I can’t do it don’t hurt me!!!”

Miss froze.

Oh God what had I done? I had called Miss by her first name! Had I gone mad? Surely she would abandon my now? What could I do? I was so overwhelmed that I was struck dumb, and I moved my mouth to beg forgiveness but no words would come out.

I felt the weight of the blue beast slowly withdraw, and my anus closed up again as the dildo left my bottom entirely. And then Miss did a frightening thing: she leaned between my ankles and unhooked my arms from my legs. Next, she unlocked my ankle cuffs and finally unlocked my wrist cuffs.

Miss reached past me to retrieve the wash cloth from the night stand and cleaned the blue dildo with it. I still could neither speak nor move for fear of losing my Miss. And then Miss did a simple thing that changed my life forever:

She gently turned me over on my back. She grasped the fat dildo with her hand and placed it between my legs, rubbing it up and down from my bottom to my top, first pressing gently against my anus, next gently pressing against my pussy. She looked me in the eye, and she said one word:

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