Olivia Pt. 06


Part Six.

Conclusion. Olivia plans her future

We decided to stay another night before leaving in the morning. Les had suggested that mum should allow her ass to recover from its caning before the drive home, and mine from the stretching it had just endured.

It was Petra who had made the request to Les. ‘I heard you tell Olivia that you would teach her anus to ride your strap-on, Les, if she took her caning well, and I think she has just shown us all how well she can submit to that, knowing what was in store for her if she did. Would you mind terribly if I were the one to use the strap-on? I think it is time to turn Olivia into my own obedient pet.’

‘What a lovely idea, Petra.’ agreed Les. ‘You already know what it feels like yourself, having allowed me to penetrate your ass over the past year. Yes, I’m sure Olivia would like that too, wouldn’t you, Olivia?’ Les asked me with an encouraging smile.

I wasn’t so sure about this at first. It was a bit unexpected, but the caning had made me incredibly horny and I was still enjoying the high. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was indeed attracted to Petra, not just for our bedroom pleasures, but I had been enjoying her taking the dominant role through the holiday, thinking up new ways to make me suffer, to submit to pain and humiliation.

‘Yes, Mistress Les. Thank you. I would like to offer myself to Petra, like I did to you at the beginning of my stay here, and to call her Mistress when we are in the Punishment Chamber. So, please Mistress Petra, would you take your strap-on dildo and fuck my anus with it, but please use a lot of lube, because, as you know, apart from Les’s finger just now, I have never had anything penetrate me there before.’

Petra made me stand naked, facing her as she attached a leather collar around my neck and cuffs to wrists and ankles. She then led me to the sex sling which was suspended from a heavy wooden ceiling beam. She fitted me into this, clipping my ankles to the support chains at the lower end of the sling and my wrists to the other chains, with me reclining on my back. Then, with an electric ratchet pulley, she raised me to the perfect height to give her access to my ass which, with my ankles being pulled wide apart was unobstructed and ready for her to ravage me.

The three other ladies crowded round to get a closer view of my flaring, open cunt and my exposed anus. I could feel liquid burbling up in my pussy and to prove the point, Les reached out and ran her fingers round the edges of my pussy lips.

‘Oh, she is enjoying this!’ she announced, and dipped her finger deep into my pussy, stimulating me to greater horniness before withdrawing her digit. Bringing it to my lips, she smeared my juices onto them like lipstick. I couldn’t help myself. I licked my lips and tasted my pussy. Such an act of subjugation, witnessed by this group of admiring, appreciative women turned me on hugely and I asked Les for more. But she refused, telling me not to be greedy.

Petra had been affixing the straps around herself and selecting a suitably small training dildo to put in the fitting. Lifting a tube of lube, she now approached me with her black rubber dick and a haughty look on her face.

‘Slave Olivia. What will you beg your mistress to do?’ she demanded.

I gazed up at her, firm in my bondage and my resolution to take the treatment I was in for without complaint.

‘Mistress Petra, ever since I met you, I have been a little in awe of you, and I have grown to love you and wish to serve as your slave during our games here in the Punishment Chamber. I have submitted to this bondage and am suspended here, exposed, escorts in london open and willing because I want you to push your dildo deep into my ass. Please teach me to accept your domination over me, starting by fucking my asshole.’

The outcome of this was that she wasn’t happy with the small dildo she had chosen, as it slipped past my ring and into my ass too easily. The lube had helped a lot of course, but after a few thrusts she declared that I wasn’t being tested adequately. She replaced it with a new dildo, this one the size of a large penis I was assured, and I struggled at first to accommodate it. My anus resisted the invasion and Les intervened, telling me to relax and to push back gently. Finally, the head of the dildo opened my butthole and as it stretched, and Petra gently rocked back and forth, I gradually opened up and took the full device into my ass, gurgling and screaming a little as I felt it enter, inch by inch until her thighs were pushing against my ass cheeks. I was deeply plugged, and stretched to my limits but soon the muscle learned to accept the invader and Petra owned my ass. She told me so.

‘I think maybe, now that you are my slave, Olivia, you should wear a butt plug whenever I order you to do so, in this playroom or back at College or out in the street. Will you do that for me, Olivia?’

She was rubbing my clit and thrusting the rubber cock into my ass as she asked me and I was in seventh heaven. I would have agreed to anything, although wisely I didn’t tell her that!

‘Yes, Mistress Petra. I will wear a butt plug for you whenever you command it. Thank you for allowing me to be your slave.’ was what I said instead.

And so it was, that as mum and I drove home, the next day, I had a plug in my ass large enough to stretch my butt and teach it to take larger objects in time.

I wasn’t the only one who might be feeling shamefaced at my behaviour, although, in fact neither of us was at all embarrassed by what we had been doing in the company of the other. Having witnessed the deflowering of my ass, mum had been seduced further by Les. It was then that she had suggested one more night in their house.

‘You will be more comfortable, Sophia, and besides, I think you haven’t thanked me properly for giving you that caning. Your mouth is for more than talking with, you know! And once you have done that, I expect Ann will wish to be rewarded for lending you my pussy with more of the same for her.’

Petra didn’t want to be left out of the feast and asked Les if she could also have mum worship her pussy with her tongue. ‘I want to know if she is as good as Olivia at eating cunt.’ She said. Mum’s eyebrows shot up at the shocking language and I shrugged as if to say yes, I am good, aren’t I? I could see mum was quite turned on at the prospect and wasn’t even slightly reluctant to accept the offer. After all, it was no secret that I was eating Petra out every night and I guess mum was curious as to what I found so lovely about Petra’s pussy.

Les agreed that mum should bring them all to orgasm with her mouth, with one added condition.

‘I think we would all like to watch as you perform the same act on Olivia. I for one would enjoy witnessing you lick your daughter out, Sophia, and making her cum in your mouth. Ann, Petra, what do you think?’

‘I think she would revel in the humiliation of having to do that in front of three witnesses. In fact, I’m sure her friend Maria would like to see a video of that too.’ Suggested Ann.

‘I’d be happy to take the pictures,’ piped up Petra, ‘but I think I might be a little jealous. Olivia’s pussy tastes like nectar, and she gets so wet, it’s like having a bath!’

Everybody Escort in dubai laughed, except mum and me, but I could sense that once again, mum was willing to follow her orders and I could feel my clean-shaven pussy tingling, not so much from the recent ass-fucking, or the impending pussy licking but more from the fact that I was submitting to the wishes of the women who were controlling my life now, Les and Petra. That was the day I learned that mum is even better than Petra at cunnilingus. More experience, I guess. She delighted us all with shrieking orgasms before the afternoon was done and we returned to our rooms for a pre-dinner shower and recovery time.

Dinner was a subdued affair. We made our way through the last of the wines I had brought for the holiday but we were all exhausted from the rigours of the day. I was almost too tired to give Petra the attention she was hoping for and fell asleep in her arms with one hand on her right tit and the other on her pussy.

On the way home, mum broached the subject of my future after my year at The College. She talked about her new investment in Australia and wondered if I might be interested in taking a role there as trainee assistant manager. She estimated that there would be around a dozen and a half rotating staff, females only of course, of both a dominant and submissive nature, and some switches too. The establishment would cater only to women — men could look elsewhere for their entertainment. It would be open every day of the week, but with enough subs and dommes nobody would be overworked and all the staff would be free to live a life of their choosing outside the Club. And that would be its name — The Club. Simple and inoffensive, easy to mention but giving nothing away to anyone who didn’t already understand what went on there.

I wasn’t sure how qualified I was to take on any management position, but mum reckoned that was the whole point of me attending Miss Kent’s College. She would give me the basics in business studies, accounting, management and so on, and also teach me more about running a dungeon.

‘But mum, I think I’m too much of a submissive to be able to give people orders. I prefer to take them, and do what I’m told.’ I told her.

‘Yes, darling, I’ve taken that aboard in the past couple of days, but that is just the sex side. I am exactly the same as you when it comes to that side of life, but outside the punishment chambers a girl still has to make a living, and I think this might be a great opportunity for you. And anyway, management isn’t about giving people orders. The truth is, I would rather like to relocate to Perth myself and I would like you to come with me. My friend Maria will be the General Manager of the Club and we can stay in her house for as long as we like. It strikes me that your friend Petra might enjoy coming with us. She can live with us too. We could give her plenty of work in The Club, in whichever role she would like to take. Speak with her about this when you get back to College and see if she might like to give it a try. Work visas are easy enough to get, and the money should be a lot better than here.’

Mum drove me to College to start the new term and we were invited into Miss Kent’s office for a chat. Mum did almost all the talking and told her everything that had happened over the holidays. Her trip to Perth and the purpose behind it was of great interest to Miss Kent but she was almost speechless when mum described what had happened down in the basement of Petra’s mother’s house.

‘You were both caned? Hard? Just a few days ago? I rather think I would like to see the after effects from that. NOW!’ and as she raised her voice to give the command, Dubai Escorts both mum and I jumped up from our seats and assumed the punishment position.

We were commanded to remove our clothing right there and to present our behinds for her inspection, bending down with our hands on the sofa seat. Just as we did that, and were parting our feet for Miss Kent to have a clearer view of the stripes, now fading but still very clear, the door opened after a quiet knock and Matron entered the room.

‘My, my,’ she said, ‘and who do we have here in such a shameless state?’

Miss Kent allowed us to stand and when we turned around, Matrons face split into a huge grin. ‘Mother and daughter both! What a pair you make. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised.’ And she left it at that, making no further comment which for no good reason had mum and me both blushing in confusion.

Sophia has been asking me to prepare Olivia for a management role in a club she is opening in Australia, Matron. She wants Olivia to know as much as we can teach her before the end of her year here about the goings on in a punishment chamber. I’m sure you can help with the physical aspects, devices and instruments and so on, while I will provide her with the psychological side of things. We have two more terms to turn this girl into a shining example of what we can do for a girl with ambition.’

Matron accepted this information with a confident smile. ‘It will give me great pleasure to introduce Olivia to a full, practical understanding of everything that happens behind that door, Madam.’ She said, pointing with her chin at the door to the punishment room.

‘What’s more, it is possible that Petra will be joining the training. She has yet to be informed and invited, but Olivia believes she will be very delighted indeed to be given instruction in taking the dominant role and learning to be a dominatrix. Olivia has volunteered to be Petra’s practice slave. We need you to teach and supervise, Matron.’

Matron’s eyebrows shot up. ‘Well, goodness me. What a busy Christmas some people have had! You know you can rely on me, Madam. I look forward to preparing both Olivia and Petra for the big, bad world.’ And with a nod to mum and me, she left the room.

And that’s the way it worked out. Petra shrieked in excitement when I told her all about my plan. She made me sit and explain everything to her and when I told her that Miss Kent was going to teach her to effectively be my Mistress, she squealed again with joy.

Petra was eager to give The Club a trial year, as was I, and Miss Kent proved to be an excellent educator when it came to matters relating to the dungeon. She and Matron put Petra and me through a rigorous training schedule, both giving and receiving a wide range of BDSM activities, learning the ropes of the business both literally and figuratively.

Petra still owned my ass, and was considerably more often the giver than the receiver during our training, and, with Miss Kent’s approval, she inserted any one of her dozen or so butt plugs into my ass each morning until it could easily take a fucking from an English cucumber or a big fat dildo. It turned out she had exceptional skills with whips and paddles and could lay a cane stroke so perfectly across my buttocks, we could count the individual strokes she gave me, up to eighteen. After that, there wasn’t space for new marks. We also learned that I had great skin, which healed very quickly, allowing for plenty more practice.

By the end of June, we were as ready as we could possibly be to start our new adventure. Both Petra and I had shiny gold rings hanging from our recently pierced nipples — a deliciously arousing process — and as we stepped out on that last day of term, our future lives looked very rosy indeed.

In August, we boarded the flight to Perth, with Les and Ann waving us good luck and farewell, and promises to come and visit us over Christmas.


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