Even as a very young teen male, I’ve always been curious about a woman’s body. The way they smelled, the way they looked and then at about the age of 18 – 19 I was getting aroused by any female. I was sniffing my sister’s panties or her friends when I had the chance. Their smell and the feel of the panties stirred something inside me to go and relieve myself with a wank every time. I wasn’t really a naive child I’ve seen a woman’s pussy, not first hand but in my dad’s magazine’s. I was glued to those magazine’s every time I got them in my hands, I would steal someone’s panties from somewhere it didn’t really matter and one of my dad’s magazine and go somewhere secluded for a wank.

Some would consider me a pervert, even though I wouldn’t hurt a soul, I just wanted to touch a woman’s body. Even in college I would stay around late to watch the girls basketball team or even the cheerleaders in their uniforms. Just sitting they’re thinking of how damp they must be or the musk I could just imagine. As I’ve known what some of them smelled like, as I would sometimes sneak into their locker area and take a good sniff of the aroma caused by them wearing them all day prior to changing for physical education and the whiff of natural pussy scent, and boy was I in heaven.

Now I was 32 and still a virgin due to being so shy. I still went to my old college to watch and dream of the young women. God the things those nubile bodies had me dreaming of doing to each and every one of them as I watched each evening I stopped by. My body was in a hormonal turmoil till one day a girl finally touched my cock, it felt real good and better than I imagined. It happened one day like any other, when on my home from work I stopped to view the women doing their daily attractive sport routines. After watching for a while I was horny and needed some relief.

I headed off towards the locker rooms and dodging a couple of coaches arrived at the shut doors to the girl’s locker room. As I entered the locker room doors I thought I heard someone behind me. I stopped and looked around and saw no one and moved on to my destination. As I entered the locker room my nose was hit by the intoxicating smell of perfume and some female musk. I love the smell of young teen panties, as they don’t use too much perfume or powder or something else to cover their natural scent. After sniffing a couple of that teen’s used panties I was getting even more turned on.

Suddenly I thought I heard the door open. I froze not knowing what to do. I’ve always planned things for this occasion but I was to weak in the legs to move, so I just stood there and listened, all was quiet. I thought it must have the wind. I carefully peaked around the lockers and looked all around even Laura the coach’s office, nothing. So I was convinced it was the wind, so I went toward Laura’s office and went toward her locker. She always kept it locked but I had been in there so many times I had found where she hid the key and opened her locker. I reached in and found her panties and lifted them towards my nose, awww the smell of a real woman and I’m starting to get a twitching in my cock. I closed my eyes and was about to take another whiff while dreaming of what she must look like in the flesh.

Kevin! Yelled a familiar voice. I gulped and froze in terror.

As I was cebeci escort opening my eyes I heard “What you think your doing?” in a nice but comforting voice.

Feeling shame and terror I focused my eyes and saw it was Nina, Laura’s daughter. Nina was a young teen (just turned 18) that worked out with her mom for fun at my old college. She was very pretty with those cat eyes of green, baby fat slim; trim body, brunette hair to the middle of her well-developed back. A little bigger than hand sized bust, and a perfect tight bubble sized arse. Now I am standing in front of a 4 foot 11 inch goddess with a huge boner, embarrassed and just when I was about to lie about my predicament she said, “I know what you’re doing I’ve been watching you do this for almost a year, and liked your kinky explorer mind, but I didn’t know how to confront you!”

As I stood there, confused to what she had just said, Nina continued as she started moving closer to me “At first I thought you were an old pervert! Then as I watched you I notice between my legs was getting moist and felt an itching urge that needed attention.”

She was now stood about a foot away from me, face to face. I watched as her hand slid into her shorts, looking into those green hypnotic eyes and seeing her wicked smile, I got stage fright, and started to look down and went to move towards the door.

I felt her small warm hand grab my arm asking, “Where you going, don’t you like me?”

Not looking at her I said “Yes I like you a lot. Its just I am scarred and nervous.”

She said, “Me too, you don’t know how much?” but it just seemed right, as she slowly reached down and wrapped her delicate little fingers almost around my aching hard on in my shorts, feeling the tension shoot through me with that single touch.

With the newly found little friend, and a touch of confidence, I proceeded to use my hands and rub them gently across the back of her legs, slowly inching my hands up until I cupped her firm round little arse. As I caressed her warm cheeks I said “I hope your dad don’t mind me touching his daughter’s arse and I hope he never finds out about me in your mum’s locker.”

Nina said, “Don’t worry I covered for you plenty of times so you wouldn’t get caught! No one will ever find out.” As she said this, the wicked smile came back as she dropped my shorts and gripped my hard aching cock tighter and told me she needed something to get rid of this urge I gave her. I moved my right hand round to the front and slipped it down inside her shorts trying to remember how it goes from what I had seen years ago in dad’s video’s and magazine’s.

I found and cupped her bald pussy as I searched for a place to insert my finger between her moist lips. As I explored, my finger slipped between her moist lips and as I started rubbing I must have hit her clit as she trembled hard and the lust in her green eyes grew and she kissed me hard and darted her tongue in out of my mouth for a couple of minutes. As she was kissing me she started rubbing my cock harder and tugging it at a faster pace. The feelings I was having were indescribable as nothing could express the pleasure all over my cock and the joy of rubbing her pussy with a similar motion to hers. Then when she was through kissing me she let go of my aching cock and çukurambar escort gently grabbed my balls, which shot tingles of passion all over my body. Then Nina whispered in my ears, “Do you know how to lick pussy?”

I said “Sure.” in a not so sure tone.

“Good” she said as she peeled her shorts off her firm young body and posed for me saying “Is this what you like, you like the panties? How do you like them on a woman?” My jaw dropped as my mind was working time with the willing vision in front of me.

Then as she sat up on her mum’s desk and spread her legs she said, “That’s not all. I know you prefer older women’s panties so I stole these from my mom.” There in front of me was a wet bald pussy like I dream of, in a pair of damp crotch less panties. My mind was racing and heart pounding hard, as when I had my hand down her shorts I thought she didn’t have any panties on, what with me being nervous and her skin silky like the panties. I didn’t notice but I sure did now as I started to walk towards her she said, Kevin please hurry, I need you.

I quickly got to my knees between her wide spread willing legs and took a good whiff of my first pussy and dove my tongue into it. I licked the outside lips to the inside sugar walls, lapping up all the moisture I could find. My jaws were sore and aching after 15 minutes or so, so I started to lick gently around her swollen clit without touching it. As I was doing this I reached up underneath her loose shirt to find her firm bust braless and started gently teasing and twisted her nipples. After a few minutes of this I felt her tense as she placed both hands on my head, pushing my mouth hard against her pussy.

I immediately sucked her clit between my lips and started strumming it with my tongue as I twisted her nipples a bit harder and she screamed out.”oh god I’m, I’m, I’m cumming!”

While still in the shock waves of her orgasm I continued to suck and lick as fast as I could on her clit to get all the juice I could, causing her back to arch and legs to tremble until she kicked her legs straight and said “Kevin please stop! Oh oh oh let me suck you?”

Hard as ever, after seeing and feeling her going through that orgasm on my tongue. I readily agreed as I stood back up and without waiting, she on her knees. She slid her hands up my legs and cupped my balls as she started licking my knob and started licking up and down the length before finally swallowing it. Feeling her lips and tongue at the bottom of cock as her nose pressed into my pubes was to good to be true. My legs began to shake as I felt my cock in a warm mouth and the feel on the knob as it hit the back of her throat and went down was to much.

My legs started shaking uncontrollably shaking a lot harder and my arse muscles began to tighten as I felt my balls start to tingle and tighten. She went on a few more strokes and it was all I could take, I told her I was going to cum.

She barely pulled my leaking cock out of her mouth and looked up at me with those sexy green eyes and licked the bottom of my cock, sending more fuel to the fire in my balls and my stomach folded a little and then tighten and then I shot my cum straight on her pretty face and in her mouth. Without another second to think, I felt her licking my still warm cum off her demetevler escort hand and my cock. Hearing a noise we hurried up and dressed and the main door heard swung open.

I just stood there, not knowing where to run, there was someone coming. Nina said, “Quick hide under those two desks!”

There were two desks back to back in the office, so I hid in the one that Laura didn’t sit at, thinking it might be her and I was right

Laura came in and said “Nina what you doing in here?”

“Nothing mom just sitting her thinking that’s all.”

Laura “Are you ok and what is my locker doing open?”

I thought shit I forgot to close the locker.

“I’m ok mum, I was looking for some aspirin that’s all.”

Laura “ok run home while I get ready, ok?”

“Ok mum.”

As I heard Nina leave I saw Laura sit in front of me at her desk in a loose skirt with her legs wide open and her panties showing. After a minute or so I started getting another hard on, as I smelt a heavenly musky aroma in the air emanating from Laura’s pussy. I stayed deadly quite, hardly daring to breathe in my hiding place as I watched Laura get up and close the door to her office before moving from view.

I heard her say to herself that it was hot and heard a lot of movement and strange noises before she returned to her desk and sat back down. I looked up and saw she had removed her panties and with her legs spread was giving me a lovely view of her neatly trimmed 42 year old pussy.

What with the aroma and the view my recently drained cock went rock hard and started leaking as she pulled her loose skirt up with one hand while the other spread her moist lips and started rubbing her clit.

As she got into exciting herself, I heard little moans now and then as she tried to keep the noise of her pleasuring herself down. She leaned back into her seat and rubbed here entire pussy making it swell and gape wide open showing me all the shiny wet pink insides. The aroma from her pussy was getting really strong and I slipped my hand down inside my shorts, as I needed desperate attention now.

I started rubbing my cock slow and hard, trying to be quite, but wanting to get wild and careless. But cannot for fear of being discovered. I keep thinking about Nina’s sweet pussy and thinking how much I would like to slide my cock in it. If only I had the chance to put it inside of her now, I would flood her pussy with my cum as I watched her mother teasing me with her fine trimmed stronger smelling pussy.

I was bought back from my thoughts by Laura’s moaning getting louder. She was rubbing herself harder and faster as she started to shake and moan even louder. I followed suit in forced silence and got a firmer grip of my cock in my hand as I started wanking really fast. I came all over my shirt with gritted teeth as Laura made one last really loud moan and stopped frigging herself as a trickle of pussy juice ran down between her cheeks onto her chair.

After several minutes she got up changed and left me on my own as she turned off her office light and left. I licked her pussy juice off the chair and cleaned myself up as best as I could before leaving the locker room.

I was thinking to myself “I will never forget this day.” As I was walking away Nina caught up with me and told me “This isn’t over I want your cock inside me tomorrow night at my house!”

“What about your parents? I said.

“There out till 2am and my cousin wants to watch and join in. She is very shy and has been waiting for me to get the nerve to do what I did.”

To be continued…

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