New Adventures


This story deals with Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL), as well as a healthy Sub/Dom relationship. Please leave feedback as I am always willing to improve, and as always strict descriptions of my characters are not provided, makeup whomever you would like to see in a scenario like this. All characters are over the age of 18.


Henry opened the front door anxiously. His wife, Beth, had texted him earlier that she wanted to try something new tonight, the new fetish they had been talking about. It was Beth’s fetish really, but Henry would play along, as she had for many of his. He heard her in the bedroom, preparing for him.

“Hi Honey,” he called out sheepishly, waiting for her to respond, kicking off his shoes and settling in for the night. All noise in the room stopped momentarily, then he heard her clear her throat.

“Henry, you come here this instant.” She said, firmer than he expected, in a sharp, commanding tone. He hurried quickly down the hall, slipping into the bedroom at the very end. Supplies littered the bed, things that honestly made Henry a little nervous, but the look of pleasure mixed with nervousness on Beth’s face made him willing to try anything she had in store. She stood there in a black, skimpy teddy and matching lacy black panties, and a garter belt leading to black stockings and shining, black high heels.

“Wow,” he thought, staring his wife up and down for a moment as she smiled at him.

“Strip,” Beth commanded

“Yes Mistress,” Henry responded, undoing his tie immediately, then starting to unbutton his shirt. Undoing his belt, his pants and boxers slid to the floor with a clank of the belt buckle on the hardwood.

“Go insert your favorite butt plug for me,” Beth said.

“Yes Mistress,” pivoting on the spot and heading into the bathroom down the hall. Henry opened the drawer under the sink and removed the clear, plastic, vibrating buttplug and a bottle of their favorite lubricant. Lubing up the plug as quickly as he could, be crouched slightly and inserting it gently into his waiting anus. He stood up from the crouch slowly, letting his body settle. He washed his hands, returned the bottle of lube to the drawer, and then returned to Beth in the bedroom. He automatically turned around, bent over, and spread his cheeks for her, know that she would want to inspect his work.

“Very nice Slut,” she whispered, reaching out and turning on the device, enough to be exciting, but leaving him wanting more. Henry shivered as the machine turned on and started to vibrate inside of him, hitting his favorite spot. Henry grew erect as the plug buzzed happily in his anus. He stood up and turned around, facing Beth.

“Have you been drinking water today like I suggested?” Beth inquired. Henry had thought it an odd request that morning then she handed him his water bottle and reminded him to stay hydrated.

“Yes Mistress, I did.” He answered.

“How beşevler escort much did you drink and when did you last go to the bathroom?” She continued.

“I drank about four of them, but I left it on my desk, so I didn’t finish the last one.” Henry replied, “and the last time I peed was before lunch.”

“Good, come here.” Henry stood right in front of Beth, she pushed him down into a sitting position on the bed, smiling down at him. She picked up a gag off the bed, one shaped like a large pacifier. She shoved the nipple into his mouth, causing his jaw to open a little too much, uncomfortable but not bad. She leaned his face into her breasts, fastening the gag into place behind his head. This made Henry harder still, growing almost to the point of being painful. She laid him back further, so he was laying down now and put his feet up on the bed, letting her have access to his anus. She turned off the plug, Henry tried to frown and made displeased noises.

“Don’t you question me,” Beth said, suddenly shoving the plug deeper into Henry’s ass, causing him to throw his head back in pain and pleasure.

“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress,” Henry tried to say around the gag. Beth must have gotten the gist of what he was muttering, because she stopped her assault of his anus. Beth picked up a metal cage from the bed, with a ring for Henry’s balls and a rounded chamber that would stop him from getting hard. He was mostly soft now, with the missing sensation from his anus and the abusive words. Beth worked the device around his balls and squished his cock so that it was as small as possible. She locked in into place and hid the key for safe keeping down her bosom. She turned the plug back on, and turned it up to full force, once again causing Henry to throw his head back, enjoying the sensation very much, but not being able to get hard was almost painful because of the metal cage that now clung to his genitals.

“Lift up your butt,” Beth said, picking up a thick, medical diaper from the bed and opening it with an ominous crinkling noise. Henry lifted his butt, feeling very nervous as this was the part they had never ventured into before, allowing Beth to slide the diaper underneath him. She pulled up the front, covering his penis and securing the tapes snuggly at his waist. Henry felt odd. The diaper was warm around him, safe almost. It made noise whenever he moved slightly, making him feel almost embarrassed. Beth picked up a pair of pink, plastic pants, Beth handed them to Henry and he slid them on over his diaper, crinkling even louder.

Beth picked up a mitt, the final touch to his ensemble, and Henry automatically stretched his arm out so that she would secure them over his hands, one by one, tightening them into place so that Henry no longer had use of his hands. She smiled down at him once more, then sat next to him, pulled him over her knee, and spanked his freshly diapered büyükesat escort bottom. Henry was so shocked at her quickness, he almost couldn’t register the feeling of her smooth hand hitting his back side, which he could hardly feel through the padding of his diaper. She struck him again, gently but still firm, laughing as she did so.

“Does the whittle baby like his diapee?” Beth taunted him. He could hear the smile on her face as she continued the assault of his bottom. She flipped him back over and pushed him down flat, climbing on top of him and reaching over the side of the bed, grabbing the under bed restraint, and beginning to tie him down, starting with his arms, and then moving off of him to secure his legs. This left Henry spread eagle on the bed.

“I shall leave you here like this until you manage to wet your diaper for me.” Beth stated, and she left.

Henry was left alone with his thoughts. He was so horny, wishing Beth would come back and play with him. Spank him some more, edge him, something. Henry felt awkward as he tried to concentrate on relaxing enough to pee. He focused his mental energy on his bladder, begging it to release. It took a few minutes, and a spurt of pee came out, making a little wet patch on the front of his diaper. He let out a few more spurts and then was finally able to get a good stream going, thoroughly wetting his diaper. It was so warm, all around his privates and ass, as the wetness leaked to the material at the back. It felt… amazing. He could see why Beth liked this. She had told him that she’d been secretly wetting and not telling him about it, too ashamed of her fetish to let him in on the fun until now. Henry loved the warm feeling. The comfort of the material as it now clung to his ass, and to his every curve and crevice of the cage around his penis. Wishing for the first time that the cage was not there so that he could feel more of the wet material on his skin, although also enjoying the cage because he was sure to be rock hard without it on, and he didn’t want to be. He felt so innocent and he almost wished he wasn’t so turned of right now.

He started to make as much noise as he could, calling Beth to him. She came back into the room, smiling bigger than ever.

“Did my little baby have an accident?” Henry nodded his head. “Good baby, momma is proud of you.” She rubbed the bulge created by the cage, and once again Henry wished the metal wasn’t there, blocking his sensation.

“Do you want to cage off?,” Beth asked, reading his mind. He nodded again. She undid one side of the diaper, the smell of fresh piss filled the air and Henry was ashamed all of a sudden, turning his face into the pillow, trying to hide from Beth. “Don’t be sad little baby, babies need diapees to hold their pee because they just can’t help themselves. They need diapers to keep them safe and warm.”

She took the key out of her teddy çankaya escort and opened and removed the cage, Henry’s dick immediately started to grow. Beth retaped the diaper and started rubbing his bulge until he was fully hard, bucking his hips up into her light touch, begging with his body for her to go harder. She obliged, tracing his dick with her hand, rubbing his own wetness into his skin and she gave him a hand job through the material. He had been turned on for so long he didn’t know how long he would last if she kept this up.

She stopped rubbing him abruptly and reached over to the bedside table, taking a pair of scissors off of it, she pulled the material of the diaper away from his skin and started to cut. She made a hole just big enough, put the scissors down, and fished a finger inside, looping his dick and pulling it through. She ran her hand up and down it a few times, then mounted Henry. Running his tip along her wet vagina, lubing him up, then inserting him inside her. She settled all the way down so that he was fully inside her, the started to ride him.

“Yes! You filthy little baby! Does wetting your diaper turn you on for momma?” He bucked up to meet her thrust, murmuring against his gag in reply.

“Yes momma,” Henry thought, “Yes, I wet myself for you, I will do anything for you, Mistress.” He tried his best to fuck her harder, and she did as well, riding him until finally, he came hard inside her. She used her vaginal muscles to milk all his juices out of his dick He threw his head back and was done.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Beth said, taking his chin in her hands and turning his face up towards her. She moved up and sat on his face, letting his fresh cum drip into his mouth.

“Drink your milk baby, so you can be big and strong.” He licked her pussy, removing all the cum from it, but starting to lick faster, doing quick circles around her clit.

“Mmmm, baby aims to please, huh?” Beth said, grinding down on him, letting him do what he was best at, pleasing his mistress. She started to make the best noises, unable to control herself as she suddenly came all over his face. She climbed off and cuddled up next to him. Slowly reaching around, undoing the gag and throwing it to the floor and removing his restraints so that he could hold her too. The cuddled for a moment before she moved over the the bedside table, grabbing a thing of baby wipes and two diapers from the drawer, as well as a bottle of powder. She wiped his mouth of their combined juices, then unfasten his diaper. The air was cold on his penis as she started to clean him off. She folded up the diaper with the dirty wipes inside, then threw it into a nearby garbage can. She put a fresh diaper under him, he did not need to be told to lift his butt this time, he did it as though she had been changing him his whole life. She powdered his dick and butt, closed the tabs, and gave his dick a light pat, then handed the other, smaller diaper to him, along with the powder, and laying down herself.

He diapered her with the same care she had shown him, put the supplies on the bedside table, then pulled her close and threw a blanket over them both. Henry and Beth slept, both very safe and satisfied.

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