My Mortal Enemy Ch. 03


*Hi guys! Thanks for the feedback on my first two stories. I know I don’t include a lot of sex, but I personally like a lot of build up, so I like to write stories that I can enjoy too. This part does include a lot of what people have been asking for though, so hope you like it.*

I slowly became overwhelmed as he scooped me up and lead me to his room. His scent, his warmth, even the feeling of his lips against mine caused my mind to drift into dangerous territory. As he lowered me onto his bed I met his gaze. His eyes were dark and full of lust, his body tense as if he was trying to restrain himself. I had never seen anyone look so sexy.

“You okay” he asked softly, as I stared into warm brown eyes.

“Perfect” I replied as I sat up, looking up at him as stood above me. I slowly raised my hand up to his chest, his thin t-shirt preventing me from feeling the smooth skin that lay underneath. Even though I had been wrapped in his arms seconds before, touching him still felt foreign, terrifying and electric all at once. Meeting his eyes, I slid my hand underneath his shirt, feeling the slight hair that traveled from his navel down his stomach, eventually disappearing beneath his boxers.

A slow hiss came from his lips as my hands began to explore his chest, enjoying the coarse hair that covered it. He really was a man, I thought, blushing. He tensed even more, as if he was trying to keep himself from pouncing on me. I wrapped my fingers around the hem of his shirt and lifted it, pulling it off to reveal the muscular chest that my hands had just explored. I froze, the reality of what had just occurred hitting me. I had never gone this far with anyone, despite my reputation and snide remarks. Heat crept onto my face as I looked up at him again, his eyes concerned.


The way she had touched me, though innocent in comparison to the thoughts I had running through my head, had almost made me lose control. I had always been aggressive in bed, something that either scared women away or drove them crazy. However, Imogen seemed so delicate in this moment, that I tried to control myself, at least enough to not pin her to the bed and ravage her. I tried to keep my kolej escort thoughts in check, shaking as she removed my shirt. But then she stopped. I looked down, afraid that she had changed her mind and remembered that she still hated me. But when I looked into her eyes I saw uncertainty, as if she didn’t know what to do next.

Wait, was she a virgin? Was that why she was so hesitant? At 20, I had had my fair share of sexual encounters, but had she? Imogen was only two years younger than me and had most guys pinning after her, so I had just assumed. The strong beautiful woman I knew once again looked so different. As if I had unearthed another layer hidden beneath her hard exterior.

“Are you…” I asked tentatively to which she responded with a quick nod, her creamy olive skin becoming flushed.

“Here” I said lightly and took her face in my hands, leaning down to kiss those full lips.

“Tell me if you want me to stop” I whispered quietly against them and then kissed her neck, enjoying the how soft and warm it felt underneath me.


The second his lips found my neck, the millions of doubts that had flooded my mind began to evaporate. As the kisses made their way up towards my ear and he began slowly nibbling, all I could focus on was the warmth that was filling my body. His hands slowly made their way around my waist, pulling me closer.

“Is this okay” he asked his voice hoarse, his warm breath tickling my skin.

I mustered a response, quickly nodding and muttering a mhmm. I didn’t think I would be able to form words, my mind too focused on how my body responded to his touch. His hands went a bit lower and he gripped the hem of my long t shirt, pulling it up to reveal my stomach. He then slowly pushed me down onto the bed and crawled towards me, trailing kisses across it. A wave of arousal hit as my pussy responded, his head dangerously close. His hands began to push my shirt up more, revealing my bare breasts. I saw him pause, heard his breath hitch, felt him tense up as he stared, his eyes hungry and dangerous.


Perfect. They were perfect

A handful each, with dark areolas and prominent maltepe escort nipples. I took one into my hand, her gasps only making me harder. They felt soft and supple underneath my fingertips and I began to tease her nipple, tweaking it and rubbing it between two fingers. My mouth went onto the other one, latching onto the light brown nipple, running circles around it with my tongue. She let out another gasp, and I smiled with satisfaction, knowing that I was the first guy that had made her feel this way. Her hands ran through my hair as I continued to suck and nibble on her left breast, leaving slight marks behind.

My mouth then ran lower, going down her stomach again as I slowly pushed down her pajama bottoms. I looked up to see her nodding slightly, wanting me to continue. I pulled them down further to reveal black cotton panties, soaked through. A musky scent came from them, inviting and delicious. I slowly took a finger and rubbed her through her panties, leading to a loud whimper coming from her upper lips.

I moved the fabric to the side revealing her sex lips, glistening with her juices. Soft black hair covered her mound and upon spreading her outer lips, her pink folds emitted that same musky, almost tangy scent. I slowly brushed my tongue across it before separating her inner labia to reveal her hard sensitive nub. I rubbed my tongue against it and began to slowly circling it. Her whimpers grew louder and I noticed that she had grabbed a pillow to cover her mouth, muffling her moans.

My tongue continued its assault on her clit, causing her to thrash against me. I used one hand to steady her while I licked circles around it, occasionally flicking it with my tongue. My other hand moved lower, lingering just outside her entrance, teasing it. Soon her moans and screams became more prominent and I felt her tense up against me, succumbing to her orgasm.


My mind went blank, my pleasure overpowering me until I was nothing but a bunch of muscles and nerves. Everything was so sensitive and tingly, from my clit to my toes, to my fingertips, as I exploded beneath him. The complete loss of control was terrifying and exhilarating mamak escort and so mind numbingly addicting that I longed for it to happen again.

It took me several minutes to regain my composure, as I slowly sat up and removed the pillow from my face. As I regained my sight I met the eyes of the man who had done this to me. The man who had made me feel so small yet so powerful. I lept towards him, my panties still around my ankles, pressing my lips against his. Still unsure, but determined, I found his cock, still straining against the thin fabric of his boxers. My hand wrapped around it, feeling it grow harder as my grip became firmer. I looked into his eyes, searching for some kind of sign. I got it as he pulled me closer, kissing me deeply, with a hunger that I had never thought possible. I released his cock and pulled down his boxers, stunned at what lay underneath.

Long and girthy, his cock was about eight inches, brown curls nestled around the base. Veins ran up and down his shaft, his head thick and glistening with precum.

“Here” he said as he spit into his hand and wet his cock. He took my hands in his and rubbed them up and down his shaft, showing me what he liked. The spit allowed my hand to easily glide up and down as he grunted in approval.

“My balls” he croaked as my hands began to pick up speed, gripping his shaft and teasing his head. I took one of my hands and moved them down to his balls, cupping them and gently tugging on them. He groaned again in approval and the words “oh baby” slipped from his lips. Scared but excited, I put my mouth around the head, softly sucking as my hands returned back to his shaft. He moaned again and I could feel him shake beneath me, completely powerless as I pleasured him.

“I’m gonna…” he said hoarsely and then warm cum flooded my mouth. As I released his cock, cum dripped from my lips.

“Jesus Imogen” he muttered and I smiled before realizing that HE was the one saying those words. As beautiful as he was, as good as he had made me feel, as sexy as he looked laying there, I knew that I had just made a mistake. This was Charlie for god’s sake. Arrogant, aggravating, impossible Charlie. I couldn’t let him see me like this. Weak and vulnerable just because he knew how to use his lips…and fingers…and tongue… Snap out of it, I told myself. I wouldn’t let him get the better of me. So I gathered my clothes and left him laying there, still dazed and out of breath from his orgasm.

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