My First Time , With A Hotwife


I was in the USAF in Las Vegas, 19 years old and, while I had done some fooling around and oral, hadn’t gone all the way. My roomie and my neighbor and I posted a personals ad just for a crazy laugh advertising ourselves for free sex for women 17 to 45. It was a good laugh and we knew we would never get any calls.

Boy were we wrong!

My voice mail was full of calls! The guys were like “fuck yeah!” but I was overwhelmed. I hadn’t done anything all the way with a woman and here were these women, ladies in their 30’s and 40’s not girls, calling and wanting young studs to fuck. I set up dates, handed out phone numbers to the guys, pretty much became their pimp. We could have made a lot of money, but it wasn’t about that….it was all about getting laid.

Except for me. I was pretty intimidated. But I found that there were lots of ladies who called that just seemed to want to talk. Either to talk dirty or they just seemed lonely and wanted company on the phone. So I handled those calls, much safer that way.

My buddy Eric noticed that I wasn’t going out on dates. I assured him that I was ok, getting what I wanted. But he knew I wasn’t.

One of the ladies I had given him was young. One of the few under 30 she was only 18. He had met her, said she was wild in bed. He told us that she wanted us all to come over just to hang with her at her place and play some beer drinking games. The night before the party she called me, like she sometimes did, just for company. I got to know more about her.

She was an Air Force brat. At 17 she had run away from home to be with the guy she fell in love with, her dad’s best friend who was 38. At 18 they got married. Dad was pissed at the both of them. Anyway, she lived downtown with this guy but he worked uprange at the secret base and was gone 5 days a week.

That night I admitted to her that I was a virgin and that the idea of this party was making me nervous. She assured me that we were just going there to play drinking games and it would be ok. So we went to this party, four guys and her. Not really much of a party, at first we just sat around BS’ing, listening to the radio and drinking beer. After a while someone suggested a game of quarters so we played that for a while. Before long we were all pretty relaxed and everyone wanted to at least see her tits. A bunch of young guys, what can I say. So I suggested strip poker and everyone agreed.

Well what was I thinking? One girl and we’re gonna play strip poker? LOL. We played for a while, she did fairly well and had Joe and Eric naked, me down to my underware and Frank down to underware and socks. She still had bra and panties. But the beer had taken its toll on her and she needed to relieve herself.

So off she goes to the master bath. haymana escort After she had been in there maybe a minute Frank decides that he’s next so he goes into the master bedroom to wait and shuts the door. Five minutes later neither one of them had come out, the rest of us are dressed and back to playinig quarters.

Another 5 minutes goes by and Frank comes out. He tells Eric that she wants a smoke and he should bring her one. Eric grabs my pack of smokes and heads in. A man on a mission.

So we’re sitting there with Frank and he’s telling us that she’s a pretty good fuck and on and on. At this point I’m pretty relieved because…well, Frank had fucked her. And since Frank had fucked her, that was that. There wouldn’t be any more fucking so I didn’t need to be nervous about her wanting to “break me in” like she had said.

We’re all talking, laughing, drinking and I’m totally relaxed about all this now and Eric comes out. I had kind of forgotten about him. Must have been in there at least 15 minutes, maybe more. He comes right to me and says that she wants another smoke. I’m going “So” and he tells me that “well, she’s out of matches and wants you to bring in your lighter.” I pulled the lighter out of my pocket and tried to hand it to him. Nothing doing, he wouldn’t take it. “She want’s YOU to bring it to her.”

Well shit. I’ve seen naked girls before, not a big deal. And I can’t deprive the lady. So I head in there, she’s under the covers and she says “close the door.” Right about then my pea brain starts to wake up to the fact that Eric had just fucked her. Frank first then Eric.

You have to understand that for a virgin boy from Idaho, that realization put my brain in an endless loop. I was on autopilot, most of my thought processes were busy dealing with that in the background. I wasn’t thinking with my dick either because….well, I was just in a different state alltogether.

I lit her smoke and had one for myself. We talked, hell if I can remember about what. But when our cigarettes were done she rolls over under the sheet and asks me to massage her back. She starts telling me how a massage like that after sex makes her feel really good and that it will make her sleep better. So she’s laying face down under the sheet, I’m next to her on the bed. I started to massage her thru the sheet but she quickly reached behind her to flick it back so that it only covered her from the butt down. As I’m massaging her she is talking to me, telling me all sorts of intimate things that I hadn’t even asked about. She tells me how Frank’s cock was bigger than Eric’s or her husbands and how good it felt. But then she explains that Frank just wasn’t a good fuck, his cock felt good but that was about it, she said that keçiören escort Eric was much better and may have been the best lover she had yet. She told me how a few nights before Eric had eaten her pussy for at least an hour before he would even let her touch him (a tip I’ve since picked up on). She told me how her dads best friend had seduced her at 14 and been her first lover and how she run away from home at 17 to be with him when he got reassigned to Nellis and they got married when she turned 18. She explained that he couldn’t keep up with her so she always had other lovers, all the way back to when she was 14.

She’s telling me these things and I’m just kind of shaking with exceitment. By now my massage has me down to the sheet, just above her waist. I started to massage her butt thru the sheet but she wasn’t having any of that. “That’s where I need it the most and you’ll have to work at it. You need to get up on the bed, but not with your jeans on because it will mess up the sheets.”

Uh, yeah. Right. So I strip down, climb on the bed and straddle her legs. I started to massage her butt and the backs of her upper thighs, but it didn’t last long. I couldn’t honestly say that she intentionally guided my hand in there but when my fingertips touched her inner thighs it was like they parted slightly and my hand just slid right in.

Remember now that this is something like 30 or 45 minutes after Eric had left the room. It’s impossible to describe just how HOT it felt at this point, and I don’t just mean the heat of her. Prior to that moment if you had suggested me touching a woman like that, all full of two mens cum, I would have been sickened. The way I was raised, that sort of thing is just wrong, perverted.

That moment changed my life forever. I had felt a pussy before, spent many an evening all touchy feely with girlfriends. But this was different. She was HOT, the heat was amazing. She was wet with her own juices and what remained of Frank and Eric’s cum. My hand just slid right into her. My fingers would slide into her, then back out and down to her clit. My other hand was caressing her beautiful ass and it wasn’t long before all this brought her to orgasm.

After her shaking and quivering settled down a bit she reached back for my hand and pulled me up so that I was on top of her back. My cock, so hard at this point that I can’t remember it ever being harder, settled in between the cheeks of her ass….it felt soooo good. She turned her head to kiss me and said “kiss my neck, I love that”

I had to move a bit, wanted to start kissing her neck from the shoulders up. When I moved my cock repositioned itself and, like my hand earlier, it found its own way into her hot and wet pussy. There was kızılay escort no resistance. The goal of my movement had been to kiss her neck and that’s where I went, it was one fluid movement but it also resulted in my cock being 3/4 of the way buried in her. I laid there like that and began kissing her neck, kissing my way up to just behind her ear. Then I took a quick nibble at her ear.

That was all she could take. She started moving under me and I repositioned myself so that I buried my cock in her the rest of the way. We held like that a moment and then she moved again, and I matched her movement, to pull my cock out of her pussy. My cock was still between her thighs, still surrounded by wet flesh, but no longer in her pussy. We held like that a moment and then moved to meet each other again, her pussy sliding itself on to and around my cock. Heaven couldn’t have felt better. We continued that for a long time, my mind was moving 200 miles an hour as my body slowly moved in time with hers. After what seemed like forever, but was actually about 5 minutes, she began to cum again. I could feel her start to quiver, feeling it first with my cock as it was full inside her. As the quiver built to a shake all I could think about was that Frank and Eric had just done this same thing with her…fucked her…and that after we left her husband would come home, wake her up and fuck her again….he would be fucking her with my cum inside her….my cum with Frank’s and Eric’s…..and her husband would add his own. At that point I came, and came hard. I buried myself completely inside her, that hot, wet and loose pussy almost sucking my balls inside too. My cum pumped itself into her as I felt that quiver of hers going thru her whole body and right into mine.

I again dropped myself down on her back, still inside her, and resumed kissing her neck. We lay like that for several minutes before Eric knocked on the door and poked his head in. “We’ve got to go”

I rolled off her along side her, pulled her into my arms and our lips met. My free hand caressed her butt as we kissed like that for at least a couple of minutes. “That was the best fuck of the night so far” she said. I got up to get dressed and, by the time I sat back down on the bed to tie my shoes, she was fast asleep.

We had just enough time to get back to the base, change into uniform, and haul ass to work for roll call. No time to shower. I spent the whole shift with my head in the clouds thinking about how I had just lost my virginity to someone elses wife. Joe came by my unit to pick up some paperwork, didn’t say a thing but winked once. He hadn’t fucked her that night but would the next. When I got home from work that evening I wasn’t sure about talking to the guys, not sure I could face them. It all just seemed so odd. Eric came into my room with a couple of could beers, handed me one, and said “She’s a hell of a good fuck. I just got off the phone with her, she thinks you’re pretty hot too. She wants us to come by again this weekend and spend the weekend with her, just me and you. Wanna?”

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