Learning Curves


Doris told us the tale of how she and a boy next door discovered over a short period in the summer of 1961 the fun you can have learning about the mechanics of sex. Things were not as sophisticated nor young people as forward as today. Her story sounds quite naive by today’s standards I have broken it into three parts and I have called her story…


It was around 1961, I was at Technical College, at nineteen, this would be the last summer holiday before starting work. In those days I suppose we were quite naive. We knew a bit about the facts of life, I knew that cocks and pussies made babies but I didn’t know much more than that. Not the hows and things. I don’t really know if most girls of my age were as innocent as me or if I was just particularly dim about these things. Jeff, was no different he was as inexperienced as me.

We lived in a small town, like some of the rest of you we lived in a local authority house, it was smart and clean and we had it new. The area was quite nice, plenty of wide open spaces and no one really to bother us youngsters. I wasn’t alone; I had two much older brothers and an older sister. I was the baby of the family, for company, I had the other kids in the area.

Next door lived a family with all boys, my favourite was Jeff, we were about the same age, we would walk or cycle to the Tech together, and generally I suppose he was my ‘Best Friend’.

Of course, in the holidays we used to get about together, if it was fine we were off across the fields, down by the river, up to recreation ground, anywhere we could be alone.

Nothing happened, we were just silly, you know, holding hands and having fun together. One hundred percent truthfully it was all innocent. When we were away from home, if we wanted the toilet, you know, for a pee, the other would keep a look out. With our back turned while the duty was performed.

The Jeff’s family went on holiday to visit relatives, and for extra accommodation they took one of those old ridge tents. I of course was lost without Jeff for company and spent a lot of time indoors in my room, listening to records. My parents and older sister were all at work, and my brothers no longer lived at home. I just spent my time waiting for Jeff to return and dreaming of love. You know, the soft lovey things us young girls used to dream of.

Things soon got back to normal once Jeff and his brothers returned. The other boys got on with their interests, and Jeff and I got back to our lives unhindered.

One day the tent had been erected in the field near our houses. In those days there was no great problem with thieving and vandalism, so it was safe to leave.

Jeff came out.

“Hello Doris, want to do something?”

“Yeah… what shall we do?”

“Go down the river?”

“Might as well.”

Off we went down to wander along the river bank. I know, as we went off that Jeff’s mum saw us go, we waved from the corner…and I know she and other neighbours used to call us ‘Nancy and Sluggo’ after two characters in a comic. We didn’t care!

“What was it like?”


“Sleeping in the tent.”

“Oh alright.”

“Wasn’t it cold?”


We lay on the riverbank and dangled our feet in the cool running water for a long time, gazing up at the blue sky and the gleaming towering clouds. Making out various imagined shapes, castles in the air as you might say. There was the odd aeroplane, and in the distance the chuff-chuff and whistle of the local train disturbed the bird song.

“I want to pee. Where shall I go?”

“When we were on holiday, our cousin wanted to pee.” We were both looking round for a suitable place.

“Where did she go then?”

“She didn’t, she just did it there.”

“Did you see her…you know what?” “Nope…she just sat there, and pulled her knickers to the side and did it.”

“What, right next to you?”

“Yep, right there.”

“Well I am going behind that tree. Are you going to watch out for me?”

I got up, and went on the bank side of the Willow. Jeff stood with his back to me watching for anyone who may pass. I put my hands up my dress, pulled my knickers down and squatted, splashing the grass with my pee. Jeff turned round as I was pulling my knickers back up.

“You were watching me,” I accused.

“No…no, I wasn’t…honest.”

I smoothed down my dress and we went back to bank, sitting and watching the tiddlers darting hither and thither, and the occasional crayfish scuttling by. Now and again there was a small trout, but mostly it was minnows.

I lay back, stretching my arms up above my head. I was conscious of the top button of my v-neck bodice popping open. Jeff was looking in my direction, at the river, at the sky, at the trees at wild daisies and buttercups, any where but not at me. I looked down, my bodice was gaping slightly and my white cotton bra was peeping through. It gave me a strange sensation, sort of like a thrill.

Jeff lay down beside me, he lay on his side propping himself up on his elbow. Just looking, chewing a stem of the abidinpaşa escort lush grass, occasionally spitting out the debris.

I turned my head to face him, now looking at me, he was looking at my bra, and once again I felt that thrill. A sort of tingling in my lower regions, not altogether unpleasant.

“What are you looking at?”

“Your dress is a bit open.”

“Is it?” I Looked down. I could see my bra.


“Are you looking at my bra?”

“Sort of.”

“Can you button my dress for me? I am comfortable like this.”

Jeff reached across me and fumbled trying to button me.

“You may need to use both hands.”

He closed the button and leaned back on his elbow. Then rolled onto his back, a slight bulge was filling out the front of his shorts. We lay, not speaking, not unusual for us, listening to the world around us. The old Fordson tractor, the railway, the birds twittering and the grasshoppers chirruping as we just stared up at the sky.

“I need to pee.”

“Where are you going?”

“Same place as you, silly, are you going to look out for me?”

“Of course.”

Jeff stepped behind the tree, I guessed that he was pulling up the leg of his shorts to pull out his cock, I could see the arch of pee coming from behind the tree he was clearly aiming it up into the air, the soft breeze scattering it a bit as it sprinkled down into the grass away from where we had been lying. I, for the first time did not honour our unspoken no peeping agreement. It was fascinating to see Jeff pee. I envied the way he was able to waggle his cock around making patterns with his pee.

Dawdling, wandering home near tea time we were hand in hand as usual, but this time, it was somehow different, I was actually holding the hand that had held his cock. How stupid does that sound now! I felt so guilty, so thrilled at having seen something I wasn’t supposed to it was a strange feeling, and you know, in our innocence I was passionately in love with Jeff, I just adored him I was so far gone with my feeling for him at that moment I was nearly sick.

My mum though I was unwell because I didn’t want to eat my tea, I usually had a good appetite.

The following day we woke to steady rain. I heard next door’s gate go as I lay in my bed. Jeff was home from his paper round. I had a fitful night, my head filled with thoughts, some I didn’t understand, strange feelings with Jeff and his cock in the middle of them. The more thoughts of Jeff I had the more I wanted to do naughty things with him. But what? I wasn’t sure but it did involve my body and his, that I was sure of. I also knew that ‘nice’ girls didn’t do things with boys. Maybe, because I wanted to, even things I didn’t know, maybe I wasn’t a ‘nice’ girl.

I dressed in bra and pants, cotton bra, but for whatever reason transparent nylon knickers. One of last years white blouses, my mum said I should wear them for knocking around at home. I wasn’t a particularly big girl but they were a bit tight, but other than that there was nothing wrong with them and a light summer skirt.

I knocked the door at Jeff’s house.

“Come on in Nancy,” his mum called out.

I went red, I know I did. She was teasing but I still went red. I hugged my back to the wall as I slid into the house.

“What are you two getting up to today?”

I had a copy of ‘Black Beauty’ in my hand. Well, I didn’t really, it was the ‘Black Beauty’ cover around ‘Lady Chaterley’s Lover’ that I had secretly ‘borrowed’ from my dad’s draw.

“Seeing as its raining, I was going to see if I can sit by Jeff and read.”

“That’s fine. The boys have all got to play in today.”

Jeff and I settled on the settee, he at one end and me at the other. Me with ‘Black Beauty’ and Jeff with one of his ‘Biggles’ books, he kept looking at me and me of course at him. The Boys made lots of noise playing with their toys, on the floor that is when they weren’t bashing into us, shouting, and generally being a nuisance. We were not getting a lot of reading done when after about half an hour Jeff jumped up.

“Mum, can Doris and me go in the tent to read?”


“The boys are being a pain and I can’t read with the noise.”

“What about you Doris?”

“I have hardly read a chapter yet.” I lied.

“Oh go on then, but take the ground sheet and a blanket, I don’t want Doris getting a cold.”

“Can we take a biscuit please?”

“Why not… take a couple of bags of crisps, a few biscuits and a bottle of pop, then you can have a picnic lunch and you won’t come bothering me while I am dealing with the boys?”

“Cor…Thanks” we both said together.

Jeff got the ground sheet and I collected up the picnic things.

“Make sure you behave. I want no rowdiness.” His mum wagged her finger at us as we went out through the door.

Jeff untied the tent and held the flap open for me to crawl in. I stuffed my book inside my blouse, knew my skirt was riding up and I knew he couldn’t miss seeing, if not my bum, very close to akyurt escort it. Then he followed me in, retying the door flap behind us. I could feel his breath on my back end.

Together we spread first the groundsheet then the blanket, rolling around on the floor to do so. My skirt was all over the place, the book in my already tight blouse caused it to burst open so we fell onto the blanket laughing.

We just lay there looking up at the green canvas. I reached out and we held hands. My blouse still open, my white cotton bra exposed to view.

“When we were by the river, were you really looking at my bra?”



“You’re nice to look at.”

“And my bra?”

“It was nice to look at it.”

“Was it that that gave you a lump in your shorts?”

“I didn’t have a lump in my shorts.”

“You did, I saw it. You can see my bra now, have you got a lump?” I released his hand and reached out to touch. I tingled again. There was something good here.

“You have… Can I see it?”


“Oh go on, I saw you peeing yesterday.”

“Did not!”

“Did, you were waving your cock about. Go on, let me see it.”

“Its not very fair, you saw my cock, I haven’t seen your thingy.”

“Well you can see my bra now…You can touch if you like…”

Jeff reached out and touched my bra, that tingly feeling was stronger. He squeezed.

“Are they supposed to be hard or soft?”

“Some bits are hard and some aren’t.”

So I squeezed him.

“Do like that? Me squeezing your cock?”

“It’s alright.”

“Do you like me squeezing these.”

“Well it’s sort of alright. Please let me see it. I’m letting you touch me. You can put your hands inside my bra if you let me see your cock.”

He unbuttoned his shorts and eased his pants down. His cock was sticking up stiff.

“Wow, that’s fantastic! Does juice come out of it when its like that?”

“Sometimes, in bed, I wake up and I seem to have wet myself. And its stiff like that.”

“Wow.” I was really tingly and I felt I was going to wet myself. “I’ve got to go indoors.”

“Why, have I done something wrong.”

“No! it’s nice…I need to pee.”

“Do what we did on holiday.”

“This.” His cock was bouncing about as he went to the corner of the ground sheet and turned it back exposing the grass beneath. “We peed in the corner.”

“You will see me.”

“You said you saw me so does it matter?”

“I suppose not. But don’t tell.”

I moved to the exposed grass corner, and stood best I could in the low tent raised my skirt pulled my knickers down and squatted as Jeff watched. I knew he couldn’t see much but I was feeling quite flustered. Finishing, I pulled up my knickers again and resumed my place looking at Jeff’s cock.

“It’s my turn now, you said I could put my hands in your bra if I let you see my cock and you have.”

“Go on then.”

Jeff couldn’t quite manage on his own so I helped him a bit. All the while watching his cock pulsing and jerking. I was feeling very damp and sticky down there, and I was sure I wanted to pee but not quite like that. It felt good Jeff squeezing my tits inside my bra. My nipples got hard too. I moaned.

“Am I hurting you?”

“No, I don’t think so…I think its nice.” Jeff hadn’t noticed that my skirt had fallen back and exposed my knickers. He was kneeling beside me fumbling with my tits. A boy at school had tried to feel me behind the bike shed, but it wasn’t as nice as this, I didn’t get this nice feeling.

We messed about like this for quite a while and it did feel nice. I kept on thinking I was going to wet myself, and my knickers were feeling quite yukky.

We had lunch of crisps and biscuits, washed down by pop. Then lay back looking up at our canvas love nest roof. My tits were exposed, and by this time feeling just a tad tender. Neither of us wanted to read books. Jeff’s cock was still stuck up in the air. And we laughed at the way it bobbed about.

“Can I touch it?”

“Can I touch your thingy?… I haven’t even seen your thingy.”

I raised my skirt exposing my nylon knickers, damp, my curls could be easily seen through them.

“Do you want to take them off me?”

“If you want.”

“Ok if you let me touch your cock, you can take my knickers off.”


Taking them off was a bit like wrestling, but it was fun and we both got lots of laughs.



“They’re wet.”

Jeff put them aside. And I took hold of his cock, stroking it and holding it, as he examined my thingy as he called my pussy, in great detail.

“Open your legs a bit.”

I did so. And he continued to study the detail.

“You know when the juice comes out of you? Well, can you make it do it any time?” I asked.

“Don’t know. My dad says I shouldn’t try to do it.”

“Your cock is so lovely I could kiss it.” So I did.

“Your thing is pretty too.” He bent over and kissed my curls.

“Can I try to get the juice out?”

“If ankara escort I can touch your thingy.”

“OK! Me first! me first!”

Excitedly I started to pump my soft hands up and down Jeff’s hard cock the loose skin covering and uncovering the pinky shinny end as I did so. It seemed to take a long time and I did wonder if there was any juice in it but when I slipped my hands down between his legs and felt his balls, he groaned.

“Did that hurt?”

“No it was quite nice.”

So I did it again as well as stroking. Jeff just lay back and watched my face and then my hands on his cock. Suddenly he moaned, lifted his bum pushing his cock up through my two handed fist sending a great fountain of thick white stuff high in the air splashing down on both of us.


“Wow! Arrrgh…wow…arrrgh.” I thought Jeff was choking.

“Are you alright? Are you alright? Oh shit, are you alright? What was that.”

“I think you got my juice out.” Jeff lay there very red in the face just panting. “Do…girls…make juice like that?”

“I think it must be cream that boys make, I don’t think it is juice. Have you got your handkerchief?”

“Some of the boys call it spunk.”

” Urrrgh, its not very clean is it?” I grimaced as I took his grubby handkerchief . “Some of the girls call it that too, but they said they only get a little bit out of their boyfriends, but you did a lot.”

I wiped the mess first from my face, then my arms and my thighs before even starting to wipe it off Jeff. I didn’t realise until then just how much there was or how sticky. Then I noticed some on my blouse.

“Now its my turn.” Jeff turned to me.

As I had been kneeling next to him so I could pump his cock, my thighs were close together. For a start I just moved them apart. Jeff put his hand between them and began stroking me. It was alright but I don’t think either of us got anything out of it. Basically he was rubbing my hairs, which was just like he was stroking my head.

“Wait.” I turned and sat, with my legs stretched out in front of me.

“I can’t even see it now”

I wiped my brow with my forearm and got a smear of cream across it so I wiped it again, not with Jeff’s grubby handkerchief but with my not very absorbent nylon knickers. I leaned back on my outstretched arms, and eased my legs apart.

“Let me try… Let me try now.”

I was waiting impatiently for his fondling, his probing search of my essentials. He found his way down, but sitting as I was, there was no room for him to do anything. I sat up again, and sat tailor fashion, cross legged in front of him. His hand came back into my crotch.

“Stop, stop, I need a pee.”

Jeff groaned and moved his hand away, crawled to the corner of the tent and peeled back the groundsheet. Crouching I waddled to the corner holding my skirt to the waist my nether regions totally exposed, my back to Jeff. In the corner, I turned to face into the tent, toward Jeff, he could not avoid seeing the pee spurting and gushing from me splashing noisily onto the grass. I didn’t think one bottle of pop between us could have produced that much wee.

I was still wet with drips of wee when Jeff’s hand returned to my ‘thingy’. I had needs, I really wanted Jeff to touch me ‘down there’, I didn’t know what I was missing, but I was certainly wanting something. Jeff was fiddling away with my bits, and I was to a degree enjoying it, I lay back. I took Jeff’s hand.

“Just touch me here.” I guided him. “Yes, that’s nice, just there.”

“That feels like a little hard bit. Can I have a look?”

“Not just now, have a look another time.” I am enjoying what you are doing. He moved his hand off the little hard bit.

“No…No…rub the little hard bit.” I guided his hand back.

As Jeff rubbed I was being pushed by nature, I drew up my knees, and my pelvis started a rhythmic thrusting.

I felt a strange new sensation in my thingy, something like I had felt when I had touched myself down there. But this was so much more intense.

“Can’t you keep still? I want to rub that little bit and you keep moving it.”

Suddenly it all became very intense.

“I think I am going to do something down there.” I panted.


“It feels a bit like…a bit like… I am going to…sort of sneeze.” I gasped

“What down there?” Jeff laughed

“It’s a bit nice… but strange. I want you to stop doing it to me, and I don’t want you to stop. It almost hurts. I feel as if I need to stop but I don’t want to. “

Jeff giggled and fingered even harder on that little spot I showed him.


Suddenly this intense wave rushed over me. And I grabbed Jeff and latched my mouth on to his, clamping my legs together I almost broke his wrist. I just needed those kisses, and thrust my tongue into his mouth.

Strange really, we had never kissed until that moment…we had been ‘mates’ for years, but suddenly now was different and I needed to kiss him. Ignorant as we were the kisses were passionate and intense. His hand now pulled free of the entrapment between my legs sprang to my tits and started fondling. I loved it.

Reaching out my hand I once more touched Jeff’s cock it lept up instantly. Lying next to me stroking my tits, his stiff cock lay against my thigh as gradually we relaxed and I suppose dozed.

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