Indian Wife , the Sea of Lust Ch. 01


This is my first story to this site. Please enjoy and do let me know what you think about it and if there are any suggestions. This will be a part of series, I have written the initial part, but the subsequent ones, I will post as I write.


There she was again, standing in front of the mirror, looking at herself, adoring her beauty. She really did love herself. Her face matched with the bindi stuck on mirror positioned right between her eyebrows. She looked heavenly, her Indian fair skin tone, brown hair tied in a loose chignon bun with a strand playing with her fingers near her face. She had almond shaped eyes and hazel brown eye colour going perfectly with her skin tone. Her full lips were looking really luscious with that maroon lipstick. She had a long neck and a beautiful Mangalsutra on her neck. She had a mole near her shoulder peeping through her red blouse, her saree was loosely draped around her. Her navel was looking really attractive peeping through the gap of her saree, she always did wear her saree a few inches below the navel, what’s the point of going to gym if you can’t show your flat stomach. Her deep and round navel was really inviting. Under her petticoat she had well maintained and good thick thighs. After glancing in the mirror for almost 20 minutes Sheetal at last took the bindi from the mirror and put it properly on her face above her eyebrows just where it looked the best.

Sheetal was a lady desired by anyone who saw her. She never failed to invite attention and glances from men. No one could guess Sheetal was married and had a child. Sheetal was never an exhibitionist but she never hid what God had gifted her. She liked to wear saree with a backless blouse.

Rakesh must have done some really good deeds in his past life to get Sheetal. Rakesh and Sheetal had done an arranged marriage, Rakesh fell in love with Sheetal the moment he saw her, as I said it was impossible for anyone to not fall for her after watching her. Sheetal was from a comparatively weaker economic background whereas Rakesh was well educated, had a good corporate job with a nice six digit salary and as a bonus he wasn’t even asking for any dowry of course his family did ask for 250 grams of gold for ‘Sheetal’s Future’, Sheetal’s parents were ready on one leg for this proposal.

The date was fixed they had a good marriage with just close family relatives and friends. Sheetal invited quite some attention during her marriage, she was looking stunning in her red bridal saree, appropriate amount of make up and her 250 gms of Gold.

Rakesh was a really good guy unlike other Indian men he didn’t pounce on his wife on their wedding night, instead he sat with her and they had a good long chat the whole night, Rakesh believed she was his friend first and then his wife, he wanted to win her emotionally before enjoying her physically. Of course that did pendik escort not mean he wasn’t burning in the fire of lust. He did touch her hand now and then, he did glance at her Bosom making sure she’s not looking at him, Duh! Poor Rakesh, he didn’t knew women have this sixth sense where they can sense when someone is looking at their intimate parts. Even Sheetal enjoyed it she was really happy seeing how gentle her husband was, she had heard lots of stories from her friends that how men are, how husbands treat their wives, she used to think men just want women for sexual pleasure that’s all, but Rakesh made her change that thought. Slowly they started bonding, late night talks turned into late night moans. Rakesh knew if he wins her emotionally, he could enjoy her to the fullest physically.

Rakesh till the date could not forget his first sexual encounter with her. It had been around one and a half week to their marriage, as it was the month of July it was pouring outside. Sheetal used to be at home doing her domestic chores, honestly there wasn’t much to do as they had a maid who used to cook and clean. But since after their marriage Sheetal used to cook something little for Rakesh daily. She usually used to spend her time setting up her room or her most favourite thing, looking at the luscious women in the mirror. That day too she set her room, she had a spritz of the perfume Rakesh had gifted her ‘ Cartier La Panthere’ it had a really attractive musky smell.

It was almost the time for Rakesh to be home. Sheetal was wearing a blue saree with backless blouse and short sleeves. She was in the kitchen cooking some kheer for Rakesh, there was quite a bit humidity in air because of which she was sweating a bit, she had a some sweat drops on her neck making her look really attractive her saree was tied below her navel exposing her waist, which also was sweaty. She suddenly felt someone was standing just behind her and she swiftly turned. It was Rakesh he was standing really close to her glancing at her seductive face. She could feel the sexual tension between them, she could feel a tingling sensation between her legs, she was looking at Rakesh’s face. His face was really close to hers she could almost feel his breath. He had smoked a cigarette before coming home, but had ate some mint to subside the smell. He could feel her breath as he moved a bit more closer to her. He could smell the distinct smell of her mouth, it was driving him crazy. Her lips were looking really inviting, her half open lips had a small string of saliva between them. He moved in really close to her, his lips nearing hers. Their body heat was increasing as they were burning with lust. Just before he was about to place his lips on hers, his young nephew came running from behind and hugged him, temporarily pulling him out from his lusty world. Sheetal also got alerted pendik escort bayanlar and swiftly turned to hide her blushing face. Rakesh lifted his nephew in his arms embarrassingly hiding his boner and walked away to the living room.

They were in different rooms but they still couldn’t pull themselves out of the moment that was built before. Inside their mind they both knew that today was their night of love, to be entangled with each other the whole night exploring each other. They didn’t talk with each other the whole time after that, but they were stealing glances at each other continuously. Rakesh was trying a lot not to have a Boner as there were other family members.

After their dinner Rakesh rushed to the room telling everyone he was tired and wanted to sleep early. Sheetal too finished her work fast and was ready to go to the room. She was feeling really aroused because of the intense moment they had before. She couldn’t stop remembering that. She checked herself in the mirror before going in, applied her favourite maroon lipstick and went inside.

She saw Rakesh standing near the window looking outside, Rakesh was waiting for her only, he was going crazy thinking about what was going to happen. He was looking at the rain pouring down outside. Sheetal came in and bolted the door behind her and Rakesh was startled by the bolting sound and he turned around, he saw her standing there looking at him, he could not believe how lucky he was to have such a hot wife.

The rain pouring outside was intensifying the erotic environment in the room. She sat on the bed she was feeling really shy to even look at Rakesh. He walked towards the bed and sat near her. Their heart was racing. Rakesh slowly placed his hand on Sheetal’s hand. Sheetal took a deep breath his hand was having a different warmth. Rakesh moved closer to her, and gently held her chin and made her look towards him. Her hazel brown eyes were glowing in that dim yellow lighting of the room. She was having silent yet long breaths. Rakesh was looking at her beautiful face. She was the most gorgeous women he had ever seen and the sexual heat within her was making her look even more attractive. Rakesh moved even closer to her, nearing her face. He was just inches away from her face. They were feeling each others warm breaths. Rakesh moved in slowly placing his lips on hers. They felt an electric current run down their spine. Her lips were really soft, just like cream. Rakesh again moved his head back and looked at her, Her eyes were looking drunk in lust. He couldn’t control himself and gave her a deep passionate kiss. He felt her warm mouth, her soft lips. He could taste her mouth, her taste was driving him crazy. He felt her tongue moving with his, exploring each other’s mouth, entangling with each other. Rakesh bit her lower lip and Sheetal let out pendik eve gelen escort a small moan.

Rakesh moved his hand to her bare back finding the knot of her blouse, while kissing her passionately. They were exploring each others mouth, exchanging their warm salivas. They were loving the taste of each others mouth. Rakesh loosened the knot and finally removed it. Rakesh moved on to her right ear kissing it, nibbling on it. Sheetal was going crazy with the kisses, she was letting out small moans. As Rakesh slowly removed her blouse, he saw the mole on her arm near the shoulder. He found it really arousing. He kissed her shoulder, he kissed her mole. He slowly moved near her neck and kissed it, he bit her neck, giving her goose bumps and she let out a small hiss. He understood that her neck was an erogenous point. He kept on kissing and nibbling on her neck while his hand was trying to unhook her bra.

After 5 minutes when he couldn’t remove it he sheepishly looked at Sheetal and they both giggled dumbly. She took her hand behind her back and *click* her bra was unhooked, but it didn’t fall down as Rakesh was expecting as she was holding it with her other hand. She wanted him to see her Bosom but she was feeling really shy. Her ear lobes were becoming hot, her face was having a gush of blood making her blush. Rakesh smiled and gave her a deep kiss and unknowingly her hand left the bra and went on Rakesh’s back. They both kissed for around 5 minutes. As Rakesh withdrew from the kiss he saw what he had dreamt about for so many days. He could see her breasts glistening with sweat in that dim light. It was beautiful, they were quite firm and round with just the perfect amount of looseness. She had light brown areolas, with her nipples standing erect looking like beads. He felt his dick was more hard then ever. He looked at her face and gulped. Her face was bright red but her eyes were signalling him to ravish her.

She was there in front of him with open hair, lusty eyes, with bare breast and just her Mangalsutra on her neck, which was making her look like some goddess. He removed his white vest, he had quite a fit body with a strong chest and broad shoulders. She felt her legs shake a bit, seeing him without his vest. Rakesh could no longer control and he pounced on her breasts like a hungry lion, eating them. He was sucking them hard. He sucked on her right boob while playing with the other. Her breasts were really soft but with hard and erect nipples. She was feeling like she was in heaven, she was breathing really heavy while letting out moans. She was running her hands through his hair. Rakesh was like a hungry baby who got a tit after waiting for so long. He was taking turns and sucking both the boobs. He was nibbling on the nipples. He was biting her chest giving her hickeys.

After sucking her breasts to his hearts content he looked up at her face. Her forehead was having droplets of sweat. She was breathing really heavily. He could have sworn that he was madly in love with her. He looked in her eyes and softly spoke,” I love you Sheetal” and hugged her tight. Her nipples were hard as diamonds and were piercing in his strong chest.

to be continued-

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