How Did You Learn To Love Fellatio? Ch. 05


Mark continues his telling what he and Peggy do, now after their second morning in his room. She does finally suck his cock and then tells him how she was inspired to do so. He doesn’t have to ask if she loves to or how she learned to.

We washed a little, no shower, and went to the pool. I had been right; guys did look at her, and she had been right, that I was a little pleased, admitting that they were mostly younger teenagers just ogling any bikini. The guys our age mostly had a girl with them, most of them also in bikinis. When another youngster wandered around with his towel in his hand, I chuckled and told Peggy that he had it to hold in front of him in case he got a hard-on. She snickered and asked how I knew. I just grinned, and then we watch the others, several also with towels, a couple holding them like I had suggested.

We ate the sandwiches she had brought and swam a little, but mostly lay in the sun smirking at each other. When we saw another couple kiss, we kissed, but only as much as one could in public. On the way back home, we agreed reluctantly that we shouldn’t see each other every day, agreeing “to go to the pool” again on Friday and a movie Saturday evening.

On Friday, of course, we only went to the pool after doing everything we could in my bed and as good as we had. She insisted on making me come again, a third time, since her orgasms had been so good. I was surprised that she again tasted mine, this time without commenting.

Saturday evening, we went to the movie, sitting in the back with other young people. When I put my arm around her, like a couple in the row before us, her hand landed in my lap. She had fun discovering how to move my cock around to let it stand up, but that was as far as it could go, of course. On the way home, we stopped again in the shadow, and immediately did as much as we could with our hands, but not enough. When we stopped and were continuing to her house, she hummed and said:

“Monday, we’re going to the pool again. If it rains, I’ll just come over. You can tell your Mom that we’ll make sandwiches again. You’ll have to make them, if the weather is good and pick me up.”

“And if it isn’t?”

“She shouldn’t mind that I come over again, after a week.”

“And then what will we do, if it’s raining?” I asked.

“Mmmm! Even if it isn’t! But we can worry about that then.”

We parted with a kiss our parents could have seen, and I walked home, hurried home, eager to get in bed and anticipate what we would do on Monday. It was a lot more pleasure now, having fantasies about what we did together.

It wasn’t raining Monday morning, but thunder storms were forecast. When Mom asked if Peggy and I were going to do anything, I told her that we were thinking about going to the pool again, which she thought was nice. I asked if she could come over if it rained, which Mom also thought was fine, again suggesting sandwiches. She went off to work.

I wondered if Peggy thought it looked so much like rain, that she would come over, or if I should grab my towel and trunks and go to meet her, just a couple of minutes walk. Since the weather was questionable and Mom had agreed that she could come over – she was going to, anyway – I didn’t have to make the sandwiches. Before I had to leave to meet her, she knocked. Questions settled.

I opened, and she grinned, glancing at the bag with her things for the pool, and said:

“Told Mom we were going to meet there; thought that sounded less like a date. And yours?”

“Thought it was nice that we were going to the pool, but that it was fine if you came over, if it rained. Good idea of yours.”

“Hasn’t rained yet,” she remarked, adding with a grin: “So here we are.”

“Um-hmm,” I agreed with a nod and smile.

She immediately nodding in the direction of my room and took a step in that direction. As I followed her, I wondered if I shouldn’t have kissed her after closing the door, then wondered that we hadn’t when leaving the house the previous week. Did we only kiss in the dark or in bed? It seemed so, but if she had looked like she expected a kiss, we would have. She was already starting to unbutton her blouse – a different one – by the time we were in my room. She dropped her bag, and we took off our clothes.

No, I thought, we only kissed when it could be arousing. She had on the same bikini under her clothes, one with formed cups that didn’t let her nipples show, not like those with just triangles of cloth that did, sometimes even if the girl’s nipples weren’t aroused. Yeah, I had once been like those boys with their towel at the pool. I didn’t have to look and wonder about nipples any more; Peggy had taking off her top and was stripping down the bottom, as my shorts came off.

After three days together, we had a pattern: she did it to me first, and then I made her come as good as I could, now usually as good as the first time I had used two fingers. I drew back the covers, and we lay down and cuddled, our thighs overlapping, just very familiar by now, my cock hardly anticipating what we knew we were going kadıköy escort to do. Peggy rubbed my back and and said:

“Nice. Last night, no, this morning – well, both – I was wondering if there was anything else I could do, do it differently.”

“I don’t know,” I replied: “I can’t think of anything better; it’s always better than what I do.”

“And what you do, too, than what I do.”

“Should be, well, I mean, not that I do it better, that we both think it’s better with each other.”

“Yeah, like that, too, but you do do it better – mmmm! – your two bigger fingers.”

“Glad yours are so slender, then.”

We chuckled, rubbing each others’ backs. I liked that we just didn’t immediately do anything; that would have been too “something,” not so nice.

“Me too,” she agreed, but then chuckled and added:

“But maybe if I used three?”

“Hmm? Could have thought of that last night or whenever.”

“Maybe; didn’t want it to be as good as with you.”

“Kind of you. Already said that I can’t do it better than you do.”

“But I want to do something else. Can’t you think of something?”

“Hmm? Hmmm,” I thought for a moment and then chuckled:

“Once I just rubbed with one finger, on that funny place behind my knob.”

“Where it’s so sensitive? And?”

“Um-hmm! It worked. Only did it once, because it really likes to be held and squeezed.”

“Hm-hmm! I can imagine why; wants to be where it should be, if we did that.”

“Probably,” I agreed.

“I want to do that, just to see if it ‘works’.”

“It will.”

My cock was beginning to think it would too. I expected Peggy to reached down, but she hummed and moved down the bed, urging me to roll back and spread my legs so she could crouch between them. Any way she wanted, I thought happily, as she did, thinking that she wanted to watch. She looked at my swelling cock and glanced up at me with smirk, then looked back down with a cheerful chuckle and murmured: “Just one finger.”

One touched my cock there. It didn’t immediately feel arousing, just rubbing, my cock still resting on it, but then it did begin to feel better, and her finger had to follow it, as it rose up. She chuckled and rubbed. For a moment, it was standing straight up, but then her finger had to follow it, as it tilted forward.

“Good?” she asked with another glance up at my face. I moaned with a nod, and made it twitch. I didn’t have to make it twitch again; it did by itself, as her finger rubbed. She chuckled, obviously enjoying what she was doing, but not as much as my cock and I were. She pressed it down, and then took her finger away and watched it bob up, chuckling again, as we both watched it rise and fall a little with my pulse. She stared at my cock, then murmured:

“Oooh! I almost wanted to lick it there. Hmm?! Just looked like it would feel good with my tongue to tease that funny place.”

“Oooh! Hm-hmm! That little ridge of skin and where it ends?”

“Hmm! You know, just there! Must feel funny for my tongue, and good for you.”

My cock really twitched. She wanted to lick my cock?! At least, she could think of it? Had she heard about oral sex? I had just heard the expression, written it off as something that, well, that kind of women did, or French women. Yeah, boys’ jokes and fantasies were about French girls all doing it. But Peggy got the idea of wanting to lick my cock just from looking at it?! Her tongue where her finger had been would feel just as good, of course. Anything on my cock would at this point. Shit! I could almost imagine how it would feel for her tongue …! My cock had twitched a couple of times more.

All that went through my head in a rush, a lot faster than putting it in words.

Peggy was looking up at me, shrugging at what she had said, looking like she expected me to say something. I couldn’t tell her that I wanted her to, and certainly couldn’t admit that I had thought how it would feel for her tongue.

“Where’d you get that idea?” I asked.

“Just looked like it, like I said. I guess I was thinking that my tongue would be more sensitive than my finger. Hmm! Of course, two sensitive places touching, like when we kiss.”

My cock was twitching. I entirely agreed with what she had said, but only replied with a shrug:

“What you can think?”

“Um-hmm, wanted to do something different.”

“That different?” I asked.

“Now that I’ve thought of it.”

My cock twitched again. Hadn’t I said – at least thought – she could do anything she wanted?

“I won’t stop you,” I murmured.

She hummed with a nod, moving the tip of her tongue between her lips and looked down at my twitching cock. As she lowered her head, and it twitched up again, I murmured:

“I told you that it ‘worked’.”

She nodded, and then her tongue touched my cock. I hoped she wasn’t surprised that it twitched up again, pressing against her tongue. She hummed. Yeah, she knew my cock well enough to have expected and wanted it to respond. And the tip of her tongue kartal escort so delicately and arousingly explored there. Her hand grasped my cock to keep it from twitching away from her tongue, pulling it back past the horizontal, so that she didn’t have to lean down over me.

She moaned. I heard her and felt the tip of her tongue vibrate. Oh no, I wasn’t going to stop her! She could do anything she wanted to do with my cock!

Her tongue suddenly slid up from where it had been, then disappeared. Had my cock been oozing and she had licked up a drop?

“Tastes good,” she murmured. It had, and she had liked it!

I felt her tongue lick up again, and then that it licked over my little slit. She really liked it, wanted to taste more of it! Her tongue disappeared again, and then was teasing my slit to let her taste more. She had to grasp my cock tighter to keep it from twitching.

Then not just the tip of her tongue was touching my cock, her lips were, slipping down around the head of it! What was she doing?! My cock in her mouth, and her tongue back where it had been, where it was so sensitive! Fuck! Didn’t she know what would happen?! And her hand clutching and jogging! She knew what she was doing, like all the times before, but now with my cock in her mouth! She must know what was going to happen, and from hearing my groans, she knew that I was passed not just moaning!

I wanted to warn her, to tell her to stop, but too late! My hips rocked up and I came. She gave a surprised “Uhn!” What did it feel like in her mouth; it must have shot up in her throat? But her hand jogged again, and she moaned and nodded, bobbing her head on my cock.

I could only hope that she really wanted it; my cock spurted again and again. Did her moans each time mean that she had? At least, she had known that there would be more than one spurt. She had wanted me to come in her mouth, had wanted to suck my cock?!

She had! Almost in response to my question, she nodded her head with another moan, and I felt her tongue slavering my semen around in her mouth. What had got into her to want to do that?! It had been so fucking good – just too fast. Did she know more about oral sex than the little I knew and had wanted to do it? Or had it been just – just! – from seeing my aroused and twitching cock?!

I couldn’t think of anything to say. Of course, I wanted to tell her how good it had been, but she knew that – her mouth still full. Oh, was that why she had tasted it again on Friday without saying anything, anticipating that she would want to do this? Questions, questions?!

I felt her tongue moving, and then she raised her head. My cock dropped down, and I saw her swallow. She had swallowed it all! She looked at me with funny expression. It almost looked like she was abashed at what she had done. She licked her lips and shrugged, then murmured:

“I didn’t know that I wanted to do that, but, well, I guess I did. Surprised?”

“Very! I was just looking forward to your finger.”

“Um-hmm, intrigued that that could ‘work’, but then, I tasted that, and then, well, I just wanted to see what would happen. It hadn’t tasted so strange on Friday, didn’t now.”

“That sure was a lot more ‘something different’ than I expected.”

“Um-hmm, for me too, but then, I had licked, and … why not?”

She rose up and dove down over me with a grin and kissed me. She tasted a little different when my tongue was in her mouth. Then she raised her head and asked with smirk:

“Didn’t you like it?”

“Fucking yes!” I replied. She snickered and asked:

“That good?”

“Didn’t mean to say it that way; I don’t know, but as good as I can imagine it could be – that way.”

“That’s good, then we don’t have to. Just let me.”

“You really want to? Liked it?”

“If it was that good for you.”

“Hmm? Almost said that again,” I replied with a grin.

“Want to? I do,” she replied softly, completely surprising me.

“We can’t.

“I know; just said that.”

We looked at each other. I wanted to change the subject. I asked:

“And you didn’t know anything about what you wanted to do, ‘oral sex’?”

“Heard the expression; didn’t know that I would want to do it. You have too? Know what you can do with me?”

Did she want me to lick her pussy? I knew how it tasted, but was that what she was really suggesting? I nodded and murmured:

“Vaguely. You want me to?”

She looked slightly embarrassed by my question, but nodded, then murmured:

“Then I’ll tell you more.”

What more could she tell me? Had she heard more than just the expression, something about what she had done; something about what I should do? At least, I already knew enough about her pussy to know where I should lick, could lick – there where she rubbed with her fingers.

“I want to,” I murmured.

She just nodded without smiling and drew her knees up and sat up, then dropped back between my legs, drawing her thighs up. They flopped open, as I shoved my hips back and drew my legs back so that kurtköy escort I could crouch down over her pussy. Looking at it, recognizing that she was already a little aroused, I wondered that oral sex hadn’t also occurred to me. I had seen her pussy before, but only now did it look so attractive to lick. Like she had said about where she wanted to lick my cock, now that swelling where she rubbed herself seemed so inviting to be licked, to have my tongue explore, like hers had wanted to.

She moaned deeply at the first touch of my tongue, and I moaned. I just loved it! Her pussy offered so many delicate and delightful places to explore with my tongue. And tasted so good, when my tongue probed in her opening, and I heard her moan. She loved it too! Why hadn’t I thought to do this before? I had had to wait for her to want to, for her to tell me that she wanted me to? Now she had, and had said that she would tell me more. What? She would.

Could she come like she did with my fingers in her pussy, just from my licking? I could only lick where her fingers rubbed. A finger probed below my chin. She moaned with a nod, as her pussy almost sucked it in. Another finger? She moaned. Could I lick as good as she had rubbed and my fingers do what they should in her pussy? Fucking, just pumping my cock in her pussy, must be simpler. When she grabbed my head, holding it to her twitching pelvis, however, I felt more confident that I could satisfy her, her twitching pelvis accentuating what my fingers were doing.

We did it: my tongue and sucking mouth, my fucking fingers and her then uncontrollably moving hips. She tasted so good! I had to lap in the cupped palm of my hand for most of it, as much as my tongue could find. What was she going to tell me?

I waited. She sighed a couple of more times, nodding without opening her eyes. Then they opened. She smiled mildly, nodding again, then murmured:

“I knew it would be good, that you could do it good. Didn’t you love it as much as I did?”

Love it as much as she did? Did she mean that she loved what I had done, or loved having sucked my cock? Or both? I had loved it both ways; it didn’t matter. I nodded with a hum and replied:

“I hope you loved it as much as I did.”

“Um-hmmm! Both ways. Thanks for telling about doing it with one finger, kind of triggered my wanting to do it.”

“And I thought that was all I was looking forward to. You were going to tell me more – what you knew, know about oral sex?”

She snorted softly, looking a little embarrassed, and said: “I guess I did.”

She sat up and turned around, lying beside me on her back. I stretched out next to her on my side with my hand on her breast – such a nice firm handful. She looked up at the ceiling and began her story.

* * *

My sister came home from college last weekend, a week ago. After we had been together Monday and Tuesday, that evening in the bathroom …. We each have a room, share our bathroom. In the bathroom …. I guess she was a lot more savvy about what we could have been doing. We had talked about boys earlier. She had answered the questions I couldn’t ask Mom. So, in the bathroom, she asked about you, about us. Oh, I was a little embarrassed, but she looked like she was already assuming we had done something. I told her that we hadn’t, just everything else we could. She nodded with an understanding smile and asked if I wanted to tell her.

Yeah, by then, I did. Why not, if she had already assumed as much – more. Oh, I knew, she had told me after her freshman year, that had slept with a couple of guys. So we finished in the bathroom. Had we before ever seen each other washing our pussies? Anyway, we turned off the lights and went in her room, sitting on her bed in the dark.

Funny, we both had forgotten to put anything on. That just occurred to me now. Of course, I knew it, but for some reason – I guess, talking about you, about us – it just seemed natural, and then in the dark.

She asked: “Everything else you can?” I told her, not how long it took us Monday morning, but what I did, and what you did. She thought it was very sweet, also of you, not like boys who want to stick in the first time they’re in bed with a girl. We talked a little about bad first experiences. Her hadn’t been so good, and we both had heard about a couple of others. Oh, back when, she had warned me that it often wasn’t good for the girl her first time. But you and I hadn’t. She said she thought that you were real nice, that we were lucky. I do too.

Then she asked again: “Everything you can do?” I enjoyed telling her how much better you had done it that morning. She really liked that, but then said: “That isn’t ‘everything’ you can do.”

I thought she was suggesting that we really do it, and said that I needed the pill first. She liked that I wanted it first, before anything happened, and offer to get it for me on her prescription. “Just wait a few days first,” she said. That was real good. Just wait a few days.

Then she said that that wasn’t what she had really meant, that we could do something else till then. Like I told you, and you told me, we had heard about oral sex, but I had never really envisioned what it was, and never connected it with something I or anyone I knew would do, maybe all those French girls – whatever it was – but not here in our little Middle America town.

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