Football Buddy Ch. 07


Sandy had her turn with Matt; now, it was my turn. I had been waiting for this day for weeks. I was glad Sandy had been the one that told him that we were all ready to start a family. The thought of my stomach swelling with life inside of it, which would eventually be a boy or a girl made me want him even more. I knew I was the one to leave him and that I had come back literally on hands and knees, begging for him to take me back, but all doubt about how he felt about me was gone within a matter of days.

We were one big family, no matter what the law said, we could or couldn’t do. We all belonged to him, and he belonged to the three of us.

“Who’s winning?” I said as I sat on the couch next to him. I looked over at him as I put my head on his shoulder.

“Your team,” he said as he took a large swig of his beer.

“Of course,” I smiled.

“Where are the others?” Matt asked as he looked around for the other two.

“You know,” I smiled up at him.

“Oh,” he stared down at me. He knew there was only one reason for the two of us to be alone on a Monday night, especially with playoff applications. We didn’t all have the same tastes in many things except for one thing, football. Push the politics that had become part of the game aside, the four of us loved the game.

“Yup,” I smiled back at him.

I was his for the night, and he knew it.

“So, what do you have in mind?” he asked as he took another swig.

“Well,” I said as I lowered my head onto his lap. I put my hand down his pants and fished out his cock. Even in its semi flaccid state, it was much bigger than most men at full erection. I took it into my mouth, and instantly it started to harden. It was a long way from its twelve-inch mark, but I knew within seconds it would be in my throat.

Most men watching football and getting a blow job was a dream come true, but for out Matt, it was a typical football day. It didn’t take much for one of the three of us to wrap our mouths around his cock while he watched a game, or if he was watching a show. While I could take all of him down my throat, Sandy had just gotten the hang of twelve inches down her throat. I had laughed when she said now she knew what a sword swallower felt like, Kathy could barely get half of it down, but what she lacked in oral skills she more than made up in the ability to make it disappear between her chest.

I shifted down to the floor on my knees as now it was fully erect and needed more of my attention. I relaxed my throat and took him all the way down. His attention was split between the game and my head bouncing up and down between his legs.

Most women hated given their men blow jobs, even more, hated the feeling of it passing into their throats. I wasn’t most women. I loved it. I loved his thick, long cock; I loved how it stretched my mouth, how it pressed against my tongue film izle and filled my throat. The first time I saw it, I barely got it into my mouth without it hurting the sides and painfully entering my throat. Now I had my nose pressed against his pelvis, with all of it in my mouth and down my throat. I made sure to wiggle my head just enough to let him know all of his massive black cock was in my mouth before I slowly inched back out.

There it was the loud gasp he made as his dick popped out of my mouth. Saliva coating every inch of it. I took a quick breath of air before repeating the procedure over and over again. Each time making sure every inch of his marvellous cock entered my mouth.

“Fuck,” he shouted.

That was his surrendering moment, he was going to cum, and cum hard. I felt the slight twitch of his dick as it entered my mouth. I pushed up on my heels and waited for him to grab my head. Not that he had to, I knew it was an involuntary motion. I felt his hard grip on my head as he pushed my head down and held it down as his hips pushed up.

His cock shot ropes of cum down my throat, which felt like he was cumming directly into my stomach. With each shot, I felt it, as his hips thrust upward. I heard him grunting as he came. Sandy might have started to get the hang of taking all of his cock, but I was still the queen of taking him down my throat when he came.

Matt let go of my head as he stopped filling my stomach with his cum. “That’s just the start,” I said, wiping my mouth.

“Oh really,” Matt said as I pulled my top off and exposing my H cup tits to him.

“Yup,” I smiled as even now his dick throbbed. Matt loved our huge boobs. He had hit the big boob trifecta with the three of us. With me being the smallest of the three.

“What if I had something in mind?” Matt said, surprising me. I grinned as his cock started to get harder.

“I am all yours,” I said as I looked up at him.

“Good,” Matt smiled as he turned off the television.

A slight hint of fear gripped me. He never turned a football game off, even when he fucked us. Slowly he turned me around. He knew I didn’t mind taking his big cock anally, some would fear a twelve-inch cock entering their ass, but I liked it.

Something told me I was about to take it up the ass, so I got on all fours, but he pushed me down further.

Now I was laying on the cold tiled floor flat on my stomach. He pushed my legs together, and that’s when the panic crept in. I was about to be fucked prone bone in the ass.

“Remember when you left me?” Matt said as he hovered over me.

‘Shit!’ I said internally, I knew one day I would pay for leaving him.

His hard cock pressed against my ass. In this position, I couldn’t do anything. I knew I was going to get hate fucked and hard. With one swift motion, his dick entered my ass. fragman izle I tried to pull away a little to get some leverage to take his full length into me, but the tile didn’t give, and neither did he.

Then he started, he didn’t start slow he rammed his cock in and out of me. Slamming my body into the cold hard floor.

“Take it, this has been coming for a long time,” Matt said as he fucked me into oblivion. He pushed down onto me hard as his body slammed into mine. My face was pressed against the floor as he held it down.

I was nothing but a fuck doll, as much as I tried to squirm or move to get comfortable the more he fucked me. His entire cock pummeled my ass, in and out it went like a piston. My only saving thought was that in this position he would last as long as he usually did, a few more moments of being punished and he would fill my ass, and it would be over, all I had to do was push through the onslaught.

“Is that all you got?” I said with my face pressed against the floor. “I left you for another man, with a smaller dick, that couldn’t last half the time you do, and this is all you got?”

I knew it was suicide at this point to push him further, but I had no choice. I either let him pace himself and fuck me longer or push him harder and make him cum quicker.

“I didn’t even give you a reason, I just left,” I said spitting out my words.

It worked he started fucking me harder than he ever had. I was getting anger fucked. My body felt on fire as it was pounded into the ground.

“Come on!” I said through gritted teeth as he pushed me down and fucked me like the fuck doll I was, I wanted him to get it out of his system.

For a moment, I thought I would surrender. I knew as much as Matt was fucking me all I had to was tell him to stop and he would. For a quick moment, I was ready to say the word, until I felt it, the slight twitch of his body on top of me. A brief second that told me he was holding back.

I squirmed a little more, but he held me tight, and that gave him away. He was on the verge of cumming. “Cum in my ass!” I shouted. “I know you want to,” I said with a slight smile. Matt slammed his body on top of me. I felt his body tighten as he grunted. It was over. I had survived the storm. I felt him cumming in my ass.

I slowly breathed in and out as he slowly rolled off of me. I rolled over and rested my head on his chest. His heart was beating rapidly. “How long have you wanted to do that?” I asked.

“A long time,” Matt said as he played with my hair.

“You know it won’t happen again, right?” I said, looking up at him. “I won’t leave you.”

“I know,” Matt replied.

We laid on the floor in silence for a while. I was sure he was thinking about fucking me again as his dick throbbed under my thigh. I rubbed it back and forth with my thigh.

“You dizi izle know,” I smiled as he was still playing with my hair. “I could get off the cold floor and back onto the couch and you could fuck my tits?”

“Okay,” Matt said quickly.

I shook my head, any chance he got to fuck any of our tits he took, it didn’t matter where or when. He loved to fuck them.

I stood up and laid out on the couch. Matt straddled my chest and laid his cock between my tits. “Just for a moment then I want you to put a baby in my stomach,” I said as I squeezed my tits together.

Matt fucked my tits hard and fast. I watched as his hips went back and forth, rapidly pushing his dick between my tits. I licked the head of his dick as it poked it’s way through.

“Now,” I said as I released his cock from my boob prison.

Matt got between my legs and pushed into me. I gasped loudly as he entered me. No matter how many times his dick entered me, feeling his thickness and length always made me gasp. Slowly he pushed into me as he looked down at me.

He didn’t fuck me this time. He went slow and steady. We kept our eyes locked onto each other as he slowly made love to me. I pulled him down onto me and held onto him tightly, locking my legs around him.

I was never to leave this man ever again. I wanted his baby, and I wanted to let him know that the three of us were going to make him happy. “You’re going to give us all huge bellies,” I said as I tightened my legs around him. “Cum for me,” I whispered.

Matt pushed up hard and deep as he came for the third time in the night. He had cum many times inside of me, but this was the first time I wasn’t under the implant’s protection. The three of us had ours removed.

“I think you drained me,” Matt said as he got up and sat on the small chair.

“You are waving the white flag?” I smiled as I sat up.

Matt motioned like he was waving a flag. “Consider it waved,” he said exhausted.

“I can give you an hour,” I said as I turned the television back on. “After that, we go for a few more rounds.”

“An hour is good,” Matt nodded.

We sat watching the game for a while. It was in the third quarter. “You know,” I said with a smile on my face. “When you do get us pregnant, our boobs are going to grow.”

“Sandy already said that,” Matt said shaking his head.

“I am just saying, they are going to get huge,” I said, knowing what I was doing. “Like really fucking big!”

“I know what you are doing,” Matt said, looking over at me.

“I am not doing anything, I am just saying you are going to be in a house with three women with huge fucking boobs, that could be tit fucked to oblivion, every day, not only that, but once we are pregnant, it’s not like we can get pregnant again, so you could fuck us and dump cum into us daily.”

That did it. I smiled as I looked over at him his dick throbbed back to life. “Hour’s up!” I shouted as I straddled him.

“You’re such a pain!” Matt said as I started to ride him.

“But you love me,” I smiled as I looked down on him.

“Yes, I do,” Matt replied.

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