Blown By The Beat


Allison was a normal, quiet girl. Her favourite pastime was reading. There was nothing she loved more than being curled up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand, and a big, thick book in the other. Allison thought there was nothing wrong with the way she lived her life. Her friends thought otherwise.

Sarah and Ruby, Allison’s best and only friends knew that Allison was missing out on the fun of going out on the town and meeting guys, and they felt that it was now time for their twenty two year old friend to lose her virginity. So they arranged to surprise her with a trip to a nightclub by pretending they were going to go to the movies.

The following Saturday night, Allison drove to Sarah and Ruby’s house. Expecting to be sitting in a cinema for most of the night, Allison had worn her favourite old, tattered jeans and a blouse with at least three unidentified stains. As soon as ruby opened the door to Allison she shrieked, “You are not wearing that!”

Staring at Ruby’s short black skirt and barely there, glittery, red top, Allison suspected that the girls had a different plan than the movies for tonight. Her fears were confirmed when she entered the house and found Sarah spraying herself with fake tan. Ruby wasted no time in dragging Allison up the stairs, lecturing her with every step. “I can’t believe you’d wear that crap, even to the movies. We’re going to a nightclub tonight and you are going to look fantastic!”

An hour later and Allison was barely recognisable from the mousy little bookworm she usually was. Ruby had worked her magic and now Allison really did look stunning. Her long dark hair had been brushed till it shone, Ruby having added extra sparkle by sprinkling the brush with glitter. Ruby had also brought out the beauty of Allison’s eyes by using dramatic green eye shadow and to finish off her friends new made up look; Ruby plumped Allison’s lips up with a sultry, sexy red lipstick. Allison’s old jeans and even older blouse had been replaced by a little red skirt and a clinging, satin purple top that showed off her cleavage. Allison hated to admit it but she had never felt sexier.

The girls made their way to the nearest nightclub they could find. They strutted into the place with confidence and immediately had every guy’s eyes following them as they checked in their coats, then made their way to the bar. They stood there for two seconds before two men came over and offered to buy them all a drink. Ruby and Sarah accepted with glowing smiles, while Allison’s new found confidence began to rapidly disappear as it became obvious neither of the two guys were interested in her.

Allison soon tired of standing beside the foursome of Ruby, Sarah and their latest conquests and decided to go for a walk. It had been that long since she’d been in a nightclub she’d forgotten just how many idiots there were in the world. She lost count of how many drunken fools bumped into her, nearly spilling their drinks and then laughing as they said, “Sorry, didn’t see you there.”

She took refuge in a quiet corner of the club. There didn’t seem to be anyone else sitting there, but it was so dark, it was hard to tell. As she sat down, she looked at her watch and saw that she’d only been in the club for half an hour. It felt a hell of a lot longer. She laid her head back on the seat and closed her eyes.

She was jolted alert by the sound of someone collapsing on the seat next to her. She turned her head to the person, expecting it to be either Ruby or Sarah, but instead found an absolutely gorgeous man looking back at her. She blushed and then hoped that he hadn’t seen her do that in the darkness.

“Hi”, the gorgeous man said. It took a few seconds for Allison to find her voice. Handsome men never usually gave her a second glance let alone speak to her. “Hi”, she said back.

The gorgeous kartal genç escort man leaned over to her, pushing her hair away from her ear so that she could hear him speak. His hot breath blowing in her ear sent delicious little tingles straight through her body, ending in her crotch, where they seemed to pulse slightly, making Allison wet, much to her surprise.

“You’re amazingly beautiful”, the gorgeous man said, in a soft Scottish accent. “Would you mind if I kissed you?”

Allison was new to nightclubs and to being chatted up, so she didn’t know if there were better pick up lines out there, but she knew that this one was direct, and it worked for her. She nodded her head in agreement and closed her eyes, parting her lips in waiting for the kiss. The gorgeous man looked at Allison’s beautiful face and knew that this was a girl who had not kissed many men. There was an innocence about her and he wondered if maybe she was a virgin. The idea that she might be turned him on more than he thought possible and he was already hard before he went in for the kiss.

The man was a very good kisser, Allison thought, not that she had much to compare him with, but she knew that she had never gotten so excited by kissing anyone else before. As the man’s tongue explored her mouth, Allison could feel her pussy grow wetter with every second that passed by. The man was turning her on so much she could feel her nipples harden and start to chaff against the material of her bra. She instinctively started to rub them, a force of habit, as she always enjoyed rolling the hard nubs between her fingers when she was playing with herself.

She wanted very badly to slide one of her hands into her panties now. She loved that first dip with her little finger into her wetness, whenever she touched herself. It spurred her on to start rubbing her clit, and sliding a finger or two up and down her pussy lips, using the tip of her vibrator to circle around her moist pussy hole and bring her to a shuddering orgasm. She never inserted the vibrator inside herself. She was waiting for a real cock to pop her cherry.

The gorgeous man sensed some movement from Allison and opened his eyes. He was shocked to see her small hands playing with her own breasts and his cock became even harder, rising painfully in his trousers, demanding for release. Allison couldn’t help but notice this as she too opened her eyes. She was so surprised by this man’s cock bulging with hardness, hardness she knew she had caused, that she broke off the kiss and reached for the man’s cock.

As much as the gorgeous man had been enjoying the kiss, he certainly wasn’t going to stop this girl in whatever she wanted to do next. Allison rubbed the man’s crotch, feeling a happy twinge in her pussy as she felt the cock move under her touch. She wondered just how much the cock would move if she wrapped her bare hand around it, instead of just gently rubbing it through two layers of skin.

Suddenly, she was desperate to find out and she quickly undid the man’s zipper and roughly shoved her hand into his boxers, pulling his now rock hard cock out. Allison could not believe that she was sitting in a busy nightclub with a strange man’s cock in her hand. The guilty thrill that twirled through her made her feel so dirty, but it was a feeling she could get very used to.

The gorgeous man watched Allison, looking at his cock in her hand, praying that she would continue to touch him and not lose her nerve. She hadn’t even moved her hand on his cock yet and he was the hardest he’d ever been. The idea that he was publically exposed having a lot to do with his raging hard on.

Allison’s curiosity about how a man’s cock would react to the touch of her bare skin was about to be satisfied. She began to slide her hand up and down the shaft of the man’s bayan kartal escort cock. She moved her hand slowly, not really knowing what she was doing, but looking at the man and seeing his eyes closed, his head back and a smile on his face, she figured she must be doing something right.

She began to speed up a little. Closing her hand fully on the man’s cock, she brought her hand right to the root, grazing his balls with her fingers and seeing that that brought a little throb to the hardness that she was feeling, she used her other hand to fully squeeze on the balls, as she started to really work her hand up and down the whole length of the man’s cock.

Allison was enjoying herself so much, stroking a hard cock. She loved looking at the man’s face and seeing the expressions of pleasure. She loved how the cock felt in her hands, how big and thick it was. She loved twisting her hand around the cock, as she played with it, squeezing the head when she got to the top. She loved how the little drips of pre-cum made the palm of her hand sticky.

She could tell the man was enjoying what she was doing, but she wanted to give him even more pleasure. Turning him on this much almost made her cum without even touching herself. Allison abruptly removed her hand from the man’s cock, causing him to open his eyes in panic. She couldn’t stop now, he thought, this was the best handjob he’d ever received. He watched her with desperation in his eyes as she put a finger to her lips and then moved away from him. He hoped she was coming back but he would finish himself off if he had to, he wasn’t going to waste this cum.

Allison came back quickly. She had just gone to see if there was anybody around, but it seemed like this was the forgotten corner of the club. She was relieved by that because she was about to do something very dirty and she didn’t really want to be caught.

With the beats from the dance music thumping in her ears, and her clit throbbing from being so turned on, Allison kneeled in front of the gorgeous man, a man who she had met not half an hour ago, and prepared to perform her first ever blowjob.

She pushed the man’s legs wide apart and nestled herself in between them. The man had pushed his boxers and trousers down so that now his balls and rock hard cock were on full display. Allison’s mouth watered slightly at the sight of this man’s sizeable package. She couldn’t wait to make his cock glisten from the wetness of her mouth, she could see already that there was a lot of pre-cum seeping out of the cock’s tip. She had a longing to taste it now.

Licking her lips, she brought her face to the cock that made her pussy dripping wet without even having touched her. She grabbed it with one hand, and slowly guided her mouth over the top and nervously drew the head in. She let her tongue slide over it, feeling the pre-cum on her taste buds and immediately loving the sweet taste.

Before moving on any further she looked up at the man to see if he liked what she was doing. She flicked her tongue over the tip as she did so and was delighted to see him roll his eyes and bite his lip. She knew that he wanted to moan out loud but was worried about being heard. By the time she was finished she hoped he would be cumming so hard he would be louder than the music blaring all around them.

Allison was now encouraged to continue with her first blowjob. Still just focusing on the head of the cock, she played with it, just using her tongue. He licked the smooth skin, and trailed the tip of her tongue over its beautiful uncut ridges, soaking up all the pre-cum.

Finally she began to take the rigid hardness of the stranger’s cock into her waiting mouth. She let the top of his cock in first, giving it a little suck, while swirling her tongue around it. She almost squealed with escort kartal bayan joy each time a new squirt of pre-cum trickled down her throat.

She was getting so much pleasure from having this man’s cock in her mouth, that she just had to touch herself. Her pussy was now so wet she thought she might cum at the first stroke of her clit. She hitched up her skirt and pushed her panties to one side. Her wetness had already started to run down her legs. As soon as she dipped a finger into herself, she gasped, the pleasure so great, she let the gorgeous man’s cock fall from her mouth. He immediately sat straight up to see what was happening and saw Allison with her eyes closed and skirt up to her waist, two fingers sliding in and out of her glistening pussy.

The sight turned him on, his balls becoming tight, getting ready to cum and he wanted very much for this girl to bring him there with her mouth. He quickly slid his cock back into her open hole and she started sucking straight away.

With Allison touching herself, the feeling of a hard cock filling her mouth was even better and suddenly she wanted all she could get of it. She moved her head further and further down the man’s cock, swirling her tongue around it, making it nice and wet, until she had every single inch in her mouth and the tip of the cock was just at the back of her throat. She loved the feeling of power she had over this man now, she controlled this cock, it was hers to do what she wanted with.

The man’s cock was too big to deep throat, so instead she settled for sucking and licking what she could manage. She used the hand that wasn’t in her pussy to feed the cock into her mouth and to make sure that there wasn’t one bit of the man’s cock not getting attention from her.

Allison took a good four inches in her mouth. She knew that she was going to cum soon and sensed that the man wanted to as well, so she began to suck on him nice and fast. She used her hand to pump his shaft in and out of her mouth, feeling her chin grow wet from the amount of pre-cum that was leaking from her mouth. The thought of it was making her pussy cream.

The man was so close to cumming now that he couldn’t control the moans that were coming from his body. Each time he watched half of his cock disappear between those ruby red lips, bringing him closer to the greatest pleasure he’d ever felt, he felt a huge groan of satisfaction escape him. The girl was so good at sucking cock he could have sworn she was out doing it every night. Maybe she was. He didn’t care. All he cared about was erupting inside this girl’s warm mouth.

Allison was cumming. She couldn’t hold on any longer. She rubbed her clit furiously as she felt the orgasm thunder though her body. As she came she engulfed the man’s cock with her mouth even more, letting a couple more inches slide in and pumping even harder on the rest of his shaft. With her other hand free she began to squeeze and tug on the man’s tight balls. Big balls full of cum, cum that would be all hers.

The gorgeous man couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed Allison’s head and ran his fingers through her hair as he began to spurt and unload his spunk all over her tongue, he could feel it exploding from him in huge amounts and was sure she wouldn’t be able to take it but he looked down at her and could see that she was loving swallowing everything he gave her.

Allison did love having his cum hit her in the back of her throat. She loved having it completely fill her mouth as she struggled to swallow it all down. She loved the taste and how thick it was. Most of all she loved the fact that she had just made a man empty his balls for her. She kept his cock in her mouth until it softened, licking every drop of remaining cum off it and letting it plop out of her mouth reluctantly.

They tidied themselves up and stood up to leave their quiet corner just as the music stopped and the lights went on. They looked at each other and laughed. That was too close. Just before Allison left to find her friends the gorgeous man grabbed a beer mat and scrawled down his phone number. Handing it to her he said, “Call me, I’d love to return the favour.”

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