Be It a Fairytale…Fuck?


It was a fairy-tale ‘fuck’…or rather it was supposed to be. An interlude with a gorgeous woman for a brief moment in time, where neither party expected anything more than a laugh or two, good company shared and bodily pleasure indulged, without concern for judgement past, the need for explanations or inhibitions.

The ability to walk away without over analyzing the share. The only remainder being the afterglow of what happened.

What he hadn’t expected was what she did. A vision of pure sensuality, was the first stunner. How would he describe the living creature that greeted him on arrival. He had spoken to her many times. He should have guessed. The tell had been in her voice. The ease at which she had addressed him, drew him into conversation.

He was the quiet sort. The reserved sort. Most times would slip in and out of the office undetected. His designation allowed him the privilege of not being answerable to anybody.

He was on top of the food chain.

He had no reason to complain about life. Most of it had been smooth sailing. From early days he had known to keep his ducks in a row when it came to finances, relations and relationships. Friends were not short. He didn’t care to please people for the sake of pleasing them, nor a seeker of instant gratification found at raucous parties where both women and men strutted their wears, the desperate falseness of needing to be noticed, tainting the air, making it hard for him to breath.

His preference had always been good people, sincere people, considered by most as being fuddy duddy, too philosophical and too down to earth. His preference for the outdoors and music soft, permeating the recesses of a mind troubled or busy, was his way of finding a calm in a very dynamic fast paced ever evolving world.

But as time had gone by, he found himself dabbling and browsing in things strange and requiring to shift the boundaries of his very defined life. He found that conversations overheard, references made to matters of sexual and sensual pleasure, all of a sudden began to take a grip on him, and the desire was one to peek into the unknown.

At first, just like a virgin, with much trepidation, he took into his confidence a colleague and questioned him about this need to find out more. His colleague laughed at him, not in a nasty way, but rather with much affection and welcomed him abroad the gravy train of seductive sensual indulgence, personal selfish gratification and a satiation of exotic and erotic thought.

At first, they simply discussed his curiosity and shared many hearty laughs as his colleague narrated a story or two about how he had discovered the pleasure of having his balls licked and gently nibbled. That first time when he was asked to spread his legs wide and expose himself. How shocked he had felt…even more so, how exposed he had felt. The trick had been the lady that had introduced him to pleasures new. He had been lucky . She had been patient and understanding of his concerns. The problem was that she no longer entertained that sensual space. He was shocked to hear that his colleague, this quiet professor type had been dipping into eroticism ankara üniversiteli escort for years. How could it be that he had missed it? He had always thought there would be telling signs when one should succumb to bodily pleasures that others may find questionable.

And that conversation, cleared the misconception he had lived with for so many years.

He began to notice women in a different way. He began to appreciate them for the beautiful creatures they were. Many a time he found himself sighing at the realization of having cheated himself the pleasure of simply looking and appreciating.

Before, he would have called it ogling…now he knew the difference.

The roundness of a woman’s breast, her cleavage, the heaving of a bosom, sometimes a nipple pushing against a bra, still visible…hard, deliciously inviting.

The elegance of a woman’s neck…imagining to dip his head, his lips resting, yes, only resting on the jugular vein and then biting into it…at first softly and then harder and harder, feeling her beginning to writhe as the pleasure of his bite began to gnaw deep in the soft wetness of her ‘womaness’.

He then imagined to slip his hand up her thigh cupping her swollen wetness pushing against tight skimpy panties…wanting to remove the silken cloth and then opting to rather massage it between her succulent pussy lips…

At that point he would find himself wishing he could control his thoughts for it mainly happened in public and being well endowed with a long cock, its hardness would definitely not go undetected.

Of course the fantasy would then take another turn. Pressing hard on his throbbing shaft…

Pressing hard on his throbbing shaft he imagined the sexy siren from the porn video he had watched the night before. He imagined her walking toward him, there and then, going down on her haunches, knees spread, no panties, a snatch juicy…so succulent, her hands on either of his knees, looking up at him and asking him if he would love her to suck deep and hard on his shaft.

He knew in reality, he would have kept quiet for his mumble would have been inaudible. All he would have wished for was her to suck the living daylights out of his hardness. It didn’t help that his mind went to such places, for it took just that much longer to settle his thoughts and try control his thoughts, look decent enough to carry on with whatever he was doing.

And that is how he got to find her. He wanted to indulge in the full fantasy, experience at another’s hands, much of what he had been experimenting on his own. He had found his erogenous areas. He had found the pleasure of massaging and lightly squeezing his scrotum. He had found deep satisfaction at massaging his perinea area and pushing his shaft backward until it became near impossible to continue because of its hardness. He realized the intense pleasure of prostate play.

His search centered not only on finding a lady whose look appealed to him but, one who cared to dabble in the adventure of teaching and showing him how his cock could be pleasured beyond that which he knew.

Thus yenimahalle escort began the communication and eventually the meet.

She was tall, statuesque, regal, strong, feminine, alluring, enigmatic, seductively gorgeous.

Her enveloping hug was like a live wire, jolting his body with an intense unexplained feeling. He felt as if he had been shocked into life. His heart began to beat at an abnormal rate. His cock began to stir.

She walked ahead of him, leading him down the garden path and through a huge dark brown mahogany door into her domain. He couldn’t remember much of his surroundings. But he would never forget that it had been sultry, enchanting and smelt of exotic eroticism.

He was thankful that she had chosen silence over chit chit and meaningless banter. He had never been good at that.

The trance continued and without much fuss he allowed her to blindfold him. This stranger, this beautiful being…instinctively he knew he had to let go, he had to trust her, otherwise it would be a waste of time and expectations failed.

She began to disrobe him,. Nothing out of the ordinary but, the fact that his ability to see had been taken away from him, made his skin excitable and his mind lustfully crazy. The heat of her closeness, her nonsensical seductive whispers, his torso exposed and her measured breathing on his naked skin…he presumed she must be on her knees, centimeters be her mouth from his cock. She undid his belt and unzipped him, and exposed his length. She slid his shoes and socks off and his trouser and there he stood, in the middle of what seemed…lustful nothingness…yet an abnormal energy pulsating, knowing she be somewhere near…observing him.

All of a sudden he felt her behind him. Without touching with her hands, she began to mold her shape into his…he pushed back into her and felt as if his skin needed to fuse with hers. She bit deep and wide into the side of his neck extracting a yelp of pleasure from him. His cock bounced and throbbed, pulsating as if it had a life of its own.

With her hands on his hips, being taller than he, she pulled his ass into her. Her strength made him crazy. He knew her perfect round bosom had been enhanced but at that moment there was no care to think about trivialities such as those.

And in her husky voice she told him she would lead him to the shower…waters tepid, perfect, gentle sprays on his skin, her hands lathering every part of him.

The slip and slide, the pauses, the gripping, the dragging of nails, the stretching of his balls…soaped and soaped and lathered and lathered. He felt like keeling over from the intense pleasure…and all the time the blindfold remained in place. She then rinsed him off and asked him to enjoy his erection by massaging it with his own hands.

Fuck. he loved in.

She asked him to allow his voice free…to moan, to grunt, to growl out his pleasure…

She asked him to allow his voice free…to moan, to grunt, to growl out his pleasure. Her hands cupped his as he progressed to revel in the long hardness of his shaft. Slowly she coaxed him ankara zenci escort out the shower and informed him that she would be leading him to her boudoir. How trusting he was, willing himself into a situation so alien to everything that he knew.

“The bed is in front of u”, she whispered. “I want u on your knees and elbows. I want u to arch your back and spread your legs. Give me the pleasure of the sight of your balls and cock and…” she paused “…man pussy.”

He was shocked, he was delirious, concerned, uncertain. Her words were unfamiliar to him, her words sounded so wrong yet, so right.

He couldn’t stop now. It would have been a waste of invested time and effort and courage.

“Where are u?” he asked for she seemed to have disappeared. He couldn’t sense her energy.

“Right behind u.” she answered…a shock at how close her voice was and he had not even sensed her nearness.

“Now…down u go.” she said, placing the whole of her hand in the small of his back and pushing him forward, forcing his hands in front of him, they, coming into contact with the mattress.

“On your knees, my sweet. Don’t be scared…all i intend to do is eat u, first with my gaze and then with much more…”

Without much coaxing he arched, spread his legs and reveled in the thought of being completely exposed to the mercy of another. It felt like an eternity in the blackness behind the blindfold…and a yelp escape him at that first gentle touch on his balls. It felt soft. It felt attentive and then…wet. Then his balls felt as if they were being swallowed. And then his brain registered what was happening. He could feel they were too big to both fit inside the tightness of her sexy mouth.

She started nibbling on his one sac while pulling with her hand on the other sac. He wished to arch more into her mouth and into her touch. And as he did…it stopped.

He wondered if he should have writhed so much…if he should have just stayed on his knees instead of picking himself up on his toes, hoping to thrust as much of himself into her mouth.

Obediently, he submitted himself back into the original position of being on his elbow and knees as instructed. Then came the stroking. The feathery gentle stroking of his buttocks, riding high in the sky…the continuation of that feathery touch down the back of his legs, and the up again, on the inside of his legs.

He began to tremble…his body began to shake uncontrollably. That traveling touch found its way to his cock…pulling hard on…forcing the hardness back, while another pressure found its way pressing in the middle of his scrotum…traveling upward…pressing hard and soft on his perinea area toward his…’man pussy’.

It felt as if he was being milked…an up and down…up and down…always ending at the pulling and traveling right over his cock head.

Eventually he couldn’t help it anymore and let out a grunt so animal-like in sound, it shocked his ears, not believing it came from him and just as he thought he could no more, his pulled back cock, that seemed longer and thicker than he could ever remember it to be, was surrounded by a soft warmth and then the sharpest of something, bit into the middle of his shaft. It sent him into a painful frenzy…but so welcomed and erotic…

“I can’t anymore…fuck i can’t anymore…” his voice pleaded.

“Oh yes u can. We have just begun.” said her sultry voice as she hitched herself above him, smiling…knowing…


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