A Ride With A Trucker by po469

18 year old Annette stood in front of the mirror in her small one bedroom furnished apartment in Memphis admiring her well tanned body before getting dressed. She cupped her wonderful large boobs in her hands and rolled her long nipples between her thumbs and fingers. It felt good even when she did it herself. She let her right hand slide down across her flat belly and rest between her legs on her shaved crotch. She rubbed her pussy mound, which made her whole body tingle. She always felt nice and horny after a shower. But now she had to get dressed, pack and be on her way.

Annette’s uncle Jerry had told her that if she wanted to come to California she could stay with him and his wife till she found work and got settled in to her own place. She liked Jerry. He was in his mid 30’s, had a good job in L.A. and lived in a nice house in Seal Beach which is a town near the ocean south of L.A.. He had told her that there were lots of jobs and that he had a couple friends that would probably hire her and pay her well. Annette knew that she was beautiful and had a great body and she dreamed of how she would fit right in being a California beach bunny. She jumped at the offer and told Jerry that she would get there as soon as she could wrap things up in Memphis. She had given her notice at the fast food burger shop, given her landlord his notice after six months in a month to month rental agreement and packed everything she owned except a couple changes of clothes and a few things she needed into a few boxes and taken them to her parents. She had given her parents big Bye Bye hugs and promised to keep in touch and come home to them if everything did not work out well. Now it was time to go and tell California that Annette was here, let the fun begin. She finished packing the things she needed for the trip in one small soft travel bag. Annette was about 5’7″ and weighed 118#. She had big round full melon tits with big nipples. Her nipples were almost an inch and hard as a pencil eraser when she got turned on. She worked hard to keep her flat tummy and she had a very small waist. Her flat pussy mound went well with her small hips. She liked to keep it shaved clean. Her measurements were 36D-22-34. She usually kept her long blond hair in a ponytail. She picked up the clothes that she planned to wear at the start of her trip and put them on. She picked a pair of low cut green hip hugger pants and a thin tee shirt that stopped and hung out away from her rib cage just a few inches below the bottom of her boobs. Her nipples made very noticeable bumps in her slightly too tight tee shirt but that’s that was how she wanted it. The front of her shirt said “If It Feels Good – Do It!”, no bra or panties. Her parents would never let her dress like this and that is one reason she had gotten her own place as soon as she turned 18. She picked up her bag, put the key on the table and closed the door to her apartment behind her for the last time.

Annette could not afford a plane ticket or even a bus ticket and she did not want to ask her folks for anything. They were just getting by as it was. But getting there would be easy. She knew that at the truck stop she could find a trucker who would be happy to give her a ride and she could pay for it with her body. She was no virgin and she liked sex, she liked it a lot. She was first fucked just after she turned 12 when her older brother got in her bed and raped her. He continued to fuck her almost every time they were alone in the house for the next two years till he left for college. After the first time you couldn’t call it rape any more because she was a willing participant and looked forward to it as much as he did. He introduced his 7 inch cock to all of her holes and taught her how to fully please him in every way. Annette found that doing these things for him really pleased her too. Just about any kind of fucking or sucking brought her to a quick and wonderful orgasm. She learned how to play with her clit to make sure she had her fun too if he was just looking for his own pleasure and not caring about hers, which often happened. When her brother left for college she started dating the older boys in school. She went mostly the seniors even though she was a couple years behind them. First she went to the school nurse and got a prescription for birth control pills. She was just lucky that her brother had never gotten her pregnant. She pretty much got her pick of the best guys because even at 15 she was very attractive and her body had filled in almost as nice as it was now. She let most of her dates have their way with her but she made sure that she got her full pleasure and not just them. She loved to have her pussy eaten but her brother had never done that much for her. To him, fucking his little sister was mostly just for him.

When she reached 16 and wanted her first job she went to the burger shop and applied. She was told that there were no openings. She took the manager into the cooler and gave him a blowjob and was hired on the spot. One time she was getting a bad grade in a math class. She waited for the teacher in his office after school and got him to fuck the shit out of her. She got a B+. After she got her apartment at 18 there were a couple months when she did not have the rent money and still have enough to live on that month but her landlord was more than happy to spend the night with her fucking her for the $250 rent for the month. There were other guys in between. Sometimes she fucked just for fun and other times she fucked to get something she wanted.

She knew that her looks and her hot body would get her almost anything she wanted. It was about 2pm when she walked into the truck stop parking lot. She looked around and saw a driver walking from the restaurant to his truck. She walked over towards him and asked which was he was headed. A big smile came to his face as he saw this beautiful young woman walking over to him. “Which way are you going handsome?” She asked in a sexy voice. “East to Atlanta” was the answer. “Damn, I’ve got to get to L.A. but thanks any way. Have a good trip” He replied that he had an hour or so before he had to leave if she would like to get in his truck. Her nipples were getting bigger and harder thinking about it but she said no because she had get started West. She turned around and saw another trucker walking her way towards his truck. “I’m going to L.A. can you give me a ride?” she asked. ” I’d be happy to take you as far as Albuquerque little lady and you can catch another ride at the truck stop there.” “Sounds great. Let’s go.”

Her told Annette that his name was Hank and she told him her name. He jumped up on the passenger’s side of his cab, unlocked the door and opened it for her and climbed back down. Annette reached up above her head for the grab handle. This caused her tee shirt to pull up so the bottom of it just covered her nipples. As she climbed up to the door Hank stayed on the ground next to her and got a great look up under her shirt at the bottoms of her tits. As she pulled herself up it caused her tits to jiggle and Hank licked his lips. His attention did not go unnoticed by Annette and her nipples got bigger and harder. Hank ran around and got in the drivers side. He looked at his wonderful unexpected new cargo and looking right at her tits said, “It looks like you are either cold or excited to be here.” “I’m not cold” she replied. Hank started the truck and pulled out of the truck stop onto the freeway with happy thoughts in his mind. Hank had a wonderful new truck with a big sleeper. He hoped that this beauty was not just a cock tease looking for a free ride but would really put out for him.

Hank split his time, first looking at the road and then looking over at Annette and then back again. Annette thought Hank looked like he was about 50 or so. He was a little shorter than her, had a belly that hung out over his belt and was dressed in old jeans and a wrinkled short sleeve shirt. But he was a truck driver and this was about what she expected. After a few minutes out on the road Annette reached over and put her hand on Hank’s crotch and said, “You are so nice to give me a ride. Would you like me to suck your cock Hank?” “I’d love it but I have a schedule to keep so you will have to do it while london escort agency I drive.” He adjusted the steering wheel so there was as much clearance between it and his lap as there could be. Annette got on the floor between the seats on her knees so she could get her face to his crotch. She unzipped his pants and slid her hand in, found his cock and worked his already hard member out into the open. She was a little disappointed as it was only about 4-1/2 or 5 inches long and about as big around as a broom handle. But at least it was also as hard as a broom handle. He smelled sweaty like he had not had a shower for a couple days, but not too bad. His cock head was already covered with pre-cum. She slipped her mouth down over his cock thinking how easy it will be to take him all the way in without having to deep throat him. Hank would be pleased. She tasted his salty pre-cum. She loved sucking cock and the taste of cum. In almost no time Hank shot his load in her mouth. She thought that he had an amazing amount of delicious cum for someone with such a small cock but that was a nice surprise. She managed to swallow every drop of his seed. She kept sucking till Hank’s cock went limp and shrunk to about 3 inches. The truck had swerved back and forth as Hank fought to stay under control as he came in Annette’s mouth but he kept in on the road. Good thing a cop did not see him. She looked up at him and smiled and licked her lips. “That was nice Hank.” “Sure was.” Hank answered. Annette stayed on the floor next to him, put him back in his pants and gentle rubbed his cock and balls through his pants. “Sorry I came so fast little lady but I’ll last longer next time.” “Who said there will be a next time Hank.”

She smiled and gave him a wink. “Why don’t you go in back and get us a drink out of the fridge.” Annette went back into the sleeper. She had never been in a tractor-trailer before. She was impressed. There was a twin-sized bed with a good mattress, a refrigerator, a coffee put and a TV with a VCR. She looked at his tapes and they were all pornos. “I like your choice of movies Hank.” In the fridge there was no booze but there was a six-pack of Pepsi. When Annette brought the drinks back out to Hank she was nude. Hank looked shocked but then thought that no one could see up here except maybe another passing trucker and he would like them to see him with this beautiful slut anyway. Annette had brought the pillow up with her and put it on the floor between the seats so she could be comfortable and still stay over next to her truck driver. She lay her head on his lap and he took his right hand and started to rub her tits. Soon Annette was sound asleep. Hank drove on till about 7 pm and pulled into a truck stop waking Annette up.

“Time for supper. My treat” Hank said. Annette jumped back in the sleeper and put her clothes back on. They got out of the cab and went to the truck stop. After a tasty meal Hank excused himself and went down the hall. When he came back he had a couple tokens in his hand. He took her by the hand and led her down the hall. “It’s not too busy right now and I need a shower” he said as he put the tokens in the men’s shower room door. He opened the door and pulled Annette in with him. There were a couple other drivers already in there showering. They looked amazed but did not cover themselves up. This happened once in a while so the other drivers were not shocked but they had never had a woman as beautiful as Annette in the driver’s shower room with them. As Hank started to undress her, they started to come over towards the two. A dirty look from Hank and they backed off and just stood at the side of the shower area with their cocks in their hands. Hank and Annette finished getting naked and got under the warm water. Hank took a bar of soap and rubbed both of their bodies all over. He spent a lot of time washing her tits and her crack from clit to ass hole and back again and she enjoyed sliding her hand up and down on his slippery little pecker. She rubbed her tits on his chest and bent over holding her knees so to give Hank better access to her crotch and to put on a better show for the other drivers as her tits hung down and jiggled back and forth. The other drivers stayed away and she looked over and watched them jerking off. It felt great to have Hank touching her like that. They finished quickly as Hank did not want to take more of a chance of getting caught by someone that would cause trouble. After they were dressed she looked at the other drivers. They were standing there with cum dripping off the ends of their cocks. She went over to them, bent down and gave each cock a little suck. She put her arm around Hank and they walked out. She looked back and winked and said “Drive safe boys.”

As they got back in the truck Hank said that he had to drive about three more hours and then log off for the night. Annette sat in the passengers seat and they just chatted for a while. Finally Hank pulled off into a roadside pull off where there were other trucks and toilet facilities. “This is as far as we can go tonight.” Annette took her bag, got out of the truck and walked to the ladies room. She heard a noise behind the building. She looked around the corner and saw two men having gay sex. She had heard that some gay men hang around truck pull offs waiting to service any gay driver that might stop there for the night. Some stops were even well noted for that. It did not bother her but she did not stop to watch. She did notice, as much as she could in the dark, that the guy ass fucking the other guy had a huge cock. She went into the ladies room and took a piss, reached into her bag and got out her perfume and put a large handful on her body all the was from behind her ears to her pussy. Then she headed back to the truck. When she got back in Hank was in the sleeper putting a tape in the VCR. Annette climbed on the bed next to him as the movie started to play.

Annette sat on at the head of the bed looking over Hanks shoulder at the TV. The movie Hank had put in started with a young black woman at a bar. Three white guys came up and sat at the bar on either side of her and introduced themselves. They all looked to be in their early 20’s. Hank said that he picked that movie because the girl in the film had a body very much like Annette’s. Sure enough except for being black she looked a lot like Annette. She was the same height, large full tits and smaller flat firm body. She was wearing a bright robin’s egg blue mini skirt and a matching tube top. She had white fish net stockings and red high heal shoes with probably 3″ heals. I guess the colors were to be patriotic. They talked for a couple minutes and bought her a drink. While they drank the drink and talked one of the guys started to rub her ass. While Annette and Hank watched Annette rubbed Hanks back and shoulders. He liked that as driving all day gets your muscles pretty sore. Annette reached around front and unbuttoned Hank’s shirt and pulled it off and dropped it on the floor. She removed her top and rubbed her tits against his back. They both made happy sounds and relaxed. She rubbed his nipples and up and down his hairy chest. While they were doing this the four people in the movie got up and left the bar together. They got into a car and drove to a remote area. It looked like a park. They got out of the car and the driver went to the trunk and got out a blanket and spread it out next to the car. They placed the pretty black girl in the middle of the blanket. One of the guys lifted her tube top off over her head exposing tits that looked just like Annette’s. Another of the guys pulled her skirt down and off and she was there on the blanket in just her fish net stockings and red high heals. Her pussy was covered with a thick mat of kinky black hair. “There is another difference” said Annette. The three men stood in front of their “date” and she reached up and undid each of their pants pulling them down to the ground. None of them wore underwear. Each of them had a hard white cock that stood right out in front of them pointing straight at their new black girlfriend. She opened her mouth and took the first cock deep in her. Three or four deep thrusts with her mouth and then she moved to the next guy and did the same and then the same independent escort girls to the third. Then she worked her way back down the line. Now all three cocks were pointing at the sky instead of straight out. While this was happening on the screen Annette reached down and unzipped Hanks pants. Hank lifted his ass off the bed and slid his pants and shorts down to his knees. Annette started to slowly and gently stroke his little cock. On the TV the girl had gotten on her hands and knees. One of the guys slid his head between her legs and started to lick her pussy while another one kneeled in front of her and fed his cock into her mouth. As this was happening Annette stood up and removed her pants and Hank slid his the rest of the way off. They got back into the same positions and continued watching the movie. When the guy licking the black girls pussy got her good and wet he got up and got behind her and shoved his cock into her. He pumped hard into her, shoving her forward onto the cock in her mouth. The guy in her mouth was ready to come so he pulled his cock out and sprayed his cum all over her black face and tits. His white cum made a striking contrast to her dark skin. She scooped a large amount of it up with her fingers and put it in her mouth. Annette’s nipples had gotten very big and hard as she watched and rubbed them across Hank’s back. Hank had reached one hand behind him and was rubbing her clit. Back on the TV the guys switched. The guy who was fucking her cunt moved to her mouth. The guy who had just come on her moved aside and the third man out now shoved his cock in her pussy and started fucking her. The guy who was now in her mouth was about ready to come before the switch so it was not long before he pulled out and shot his load all over her like the first guy had. “These movies always show the guy coming on the girl rather than in her so the viewer is sure that he really came and was not faking it.” Annette said to Hank. Her third fucker now moved to her mouth and after a few shoves into her sucking opening he also pulled out and shot all over her. Cum was in her hair, in one of her eyes and dripping off her chin and tits. She scooped up a large handful and licked it from her hand. She looked at the guys and said “What’s next?”

Hank took the remote and turned the TV off, turned around and kissed Annette. It was tight on the single bed with walls or cabinets on three sides. There was no room to hang over either end so positions had to be carefully worked out. Annette moved back as far as she could with her back pressed against the side wall of the cab and spread her legs as wide as she could in this space. Hank got on his stomach with his legs bent at the knees so he fit on the bed below her with his face between her legs. He started licking for all he was worth, from her pussy hole up to her clit and back. Her clit poked out from its shield and he sucked it between his lips. She had her first little orgasm and shoved her pussy at Hank’s face. He stuck his tongue as deep into her cunt as he could and started to fuck her with it. Annette’s body started to shake and she pulled his head harder to her slit. She knew that she was close to a big O and she knew that when she had a big one she squirted a lot of her cum much like a guy does. She did not want to get the bed all wet and messy and she also enjoyed squirting a big load of her girl cum and over a surprised guys face. She pulled his face away and told him to lie on his back. She got up and he laid down. She got on top in the 69 position and swallowed all of his nice little pecker into her mouth. She made her lips tight around his cock and sucked hard on it as she slid it in and out of her mouth. He was loving it so much that he was having trouble getting back to eating her pussy out. Annette came the way she thought she would but Hank had his mouth wide open around her cunt so her big stream of girl cum went into his mouth rather than all over his face. To her surprise he swallowed every drop of her cum and kept eating her. This made her orgasm last as long as any she had ever had. Hank was a great pussy eater. She was so into her orgasm that she had stopped sucking Hank’s cock. She got up and told him to. She got on her hands and knees with her head touching the cab wall. Hank got behind her on his knees and shoved into her. She was so hot and sensitive that even Hank’s little equipment was making her start coming again right away. She was breathing very hard and shoving back driving him as far in as he would go. She regained her control so she reached down beside the bed and took a small tube of KY out of her purse and squirted a little on her ass crack. It felt cold. She reached back and rubbed it around her ass hole. Hank watched her and knew just what she was thinking. He pulled his cock out and lined it up with her ass hole. Even with the lube, it was tight and he had to push to get it in. His small size made it easy for her to take him up her ass. He pushed all the way in with the first push. It felt great to Annette unlike some of the bigger cocks she had had in there that hurt till she had adjusted to their size. She pushed back while Hank stroked into her ass. He loved the way her tight ass mussels squeezed his cock. Each time they shoved into each other his balls slapped against her pussy. She started having another series of small orgasms. Hank lasted a long time. He slammed and slammed her ass over and over again and finally they both had hard orgasms at the same time. Hank shot a large load of cum deep into her bowels. She screamed and collapsed. She fell to the bed and her move made him come out of her. She rolled over and kissed him. He moved down and slowly licked her clit while she came down from her super high. This old truck driver with the small cock was a wonderful lover not just a good fuck. He cared about making her have a great time. They settled down in the spoon position with Hank to her back and fell into a wonderful deep sleep.

Light was starting to come in through the windshield when the clock radio came on. The song playing was “Wake up little Suzy”. Annette felt her upper leg being lifted up and Hank slowly pushed his cock back into her ass hole with no trouble. While they stayed on their sides he put his hand on one of her tits and gentle rubbed it while he slowly fucked his cock into her ass till he came again. Hank pulled out and started to get up stopping just long enough to plant a kiss on her ass cheek. Hank got a cloth wet in the little sink and washed his cock and balls. Then he took the cloth and gently washed her pussy. “Time for breakfast?” Annette asked as they dressed. Hank started the truck and drove to the next truck stop.

After breakfast they started down the highway. They were due to be in Albuquerque about suppertime. “How would you like to travel with me full time? I can teach you how to drive the truck and you could get your license.” “Hank, you’re wonderful and a great lover but I have to get to L.A..” Annette was very tired and asked if it was ok if she went into the back and took a nap. Hank said that it would be fine with him and off she went. She was asleep in minutes. When she woke they were only a couple hours out of Albuquerque. Annette got back up front and gave Hank a little kiss on the cheek as she did. Hank said that while she was sleeping he had gotten on the radio and asked if there was anybody going from Albuquerque to L.A. that evening that would like a passenger for company. He had found a trucker with a handle of Trucker69 whose schedule fit right in. Hank had arranged to have Annette at the truck stop at the time Trucker69 was passing through. Annette thanked Hank and they headed into town. Annette got down on the floor and took Hank’s cock out and gave him one more blowjob before they got to the truck stop at about 5:30. She enjoyed swallowing his load and knew that she would miss Hank and his hard little cock.

They were to meet Trucker69 at seven o’clock so they had time for Hank to buy Annette one more meal. As they sat there and ate Hank wrote down his e-mail address and gave it to her and asked her to keep in touch. His address was [email protected] . After eating they went back to Hanks truck and waited for Trucker69. About two minutes before 7 a big pink rig pulled up near them. Annette Escort in dubai gave hank a Bye Bye kiss and thanked him. “Have a safe trip Hank. I’ll never forget you.” “Same back to you little lady.” Annette hopped down from Hank’s cab and waived goodbye as he pulled out of the lot.

Annette ran around to the passenger’s side of Trucker69’s truck climbed up and opened the door. As she climbed into the new cab she noticed that the inside was pink also and that the driver was a large woman. She had giant tits probably about 44DD’s held in by a pink shirt that was tied together under her tits but not buttoned so it showed her grand canyon of cleavage. She also had on pink pants. Pink everywhere. She must have been about 5’10” and weighed around 180#+/- and was about 40. She had a belly that hung over her pants like Hank did. “My name is Donna, better known as Trucker69. Now get your tight little ass up here and let’s get going.” Annette almost got back out of the truck but then thought, “What the fuck, it’s a ride.” and she closed the door behind her. As she settled into the seat Donna reached over and squeezed Annette’s tit hard. “Nice.” They drove for about three hours without saying a word and then Donna pulled into a truck pull off. Donna looked at Annette and said, “OK slut get in back and take those clothes off and earn your ride.” Annette again thought about jumping out of the truck and running but she decided to go through with it and headed into the sleeper. It was not that Annette had never been with another woman. She had several times as part of threesomes and she enjoyed it but she had never been with just another woman and never a huge aggressive woman like Donna.

Annette promptly stripped out of her clothes. As Donna squeezed between the seats and came back to the sleeper she tore off her top and shoved her huge watermelons into Annette’s face. “Suck them bitch.” Annette opened her mouth to have one of Donna’s huge nipples shoved almost down her throat. Annette sucked. Donna tipped her head back and said, “OH Fuck yes. Suck my tits you little fucking slut. Make me come.” Donna’s nipple was shoved in Annette’s mouth and the rest of her huge tit was pressed over her face. It blocked off her nose so she could not breathe. She had to push it aside so could get a breath. After a minute Donna pulled her tit away, pulled Annette off the bed and got on it herself, took Annette by the arm and pulled her down towards her crotch. “Eat my cunt and eat it good.” She wrapped her fingers in Annette’s hair and pulled her mouth to her pussy and pulled it tight to her fuck hole. Annette started to lick it fearing what might happen if she did not. Donna’s pussy tasted bitter like she had pissed and not wiped herself. Annette was not enjoying this at all. She had to get a position to where she could do what she was being told to do without suffocating. She licked and sucked till Donna came. “Lick it all up and don’t spill a drop.” Annette did as she was told.

Donna reached into one of the storage compartments and pulled out a huge strap on dildo and said; “Now we are going to use this on each other.” The black plastic cock was about 10 inches long and as big around as Annette’s wrist. Donna got up and put Annette back on the bed facing the front of the cab. Donna reached around her back and strapped the dildo on. She did not put any lube on it and Annette was not very wet when Donna pushed the giant black plastic cock into her cunt. It hurt like hell and Annette yelled in pain. Donna kept pushing till it was half way in. Annette had never taken anything this big and it hurt. Donna pulled out and pushed further back in and did it again. Soon she had pushed it all the way in. The huge cock head pushed past her cervix into her womb. Donna kept slamming the huge weapon in and out of Annette’s cunt. She did not think it could happen but Annette started to respond to this assault. Her cunt started to get wet and it started to feel good. Soon Annette was screaming with a hard orgasm and telling Donna to give it to her hard. Telling her to fuck her with that giant black cock. A plastic cock doesn’t come and get soft so Donna kept fucking for longer than Annette had ever been fucked. Annette reached up and grabbed Donna’s tits and squeezed them hard. She was having orgasm after orgasm running together into one. The backside of the plastic cock had been rubbing on Donna’s clit as she fucked Annette. Soon it made her come too. She shoved it in harder than she had any time before and came hard with her cum running down the plastic cock and all over Annette’s pussy. Donna pulled out and went down on Annette’s shaved pussy licking up all of her own cum as well as Annette’s.

She handed the strap on to Annette and told her that it was her turn. Annette thought that it was her turn to turn it around and get even with this bitch that had just taken advantage of her. She put it on and lined it up with Donna’s cunt. Donna was wet so Annette did not have the chance to shove it into her dry and cause her the pain that she had felt. “OK, I’ll slam it hard into her and split her open. That will show her” Annette thought. Annette got it started into her cunt then slammed it forward just as hard as she could. To her amazement she drove it all the way in with the first push and Donna moaned with pleasure and told her to fuck her hard with ‘that wonderful plastic toy’. “Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep.” ” Annette fucked not believing how much pleasure she was giving Donna. The small bump on the back of the dildo was rubbing Annette’s clit every time she fucked Donna with it and when Donna came, so did Annette. Donna pushed Annette back so she came out. She reached down and scooped up her cum in her hand. She rolled over and rubbed her cum on her ass hole. She looked back at Annette and said, “What are you waiting for. Fuck my ass.” She spread her ass cheeks with her hands and showed Annette her ass hole opening and closing like a fishes mouth. “Do it” Donna yelled. Annette pushed the giant plastic cock into Donna’s ass. It was tight and did not go in easily. The first push got about two inches in and Donna yelled out AGGGHHH! It hurt and that made Annette happy. The next push got about half of it in and the third time she drove it all the way up Donna’s ass. Donna pushed back and told Annette to fuck her hard. She reached down between her legs and started to rub her own clit. It wasn’t long before they were both coming again. They were both physically worn out. Annette took the dildo off. Donna rolled over onto her back. Annette was still on her knees on the floor between Donna’s massive legs. Annette collapsed forward with her head on Donna’s fat stomach and fell asleep. Donna put her arms around Annette and held her tight. It was not a comfortable position for either of them and in about an hour they were awake. Annette went to the front seat to sleep and Donna went back to sleep on the bed. At six o’clock the alarm went off. Donna looked at Annette and said, “Good morning honey. That was wonderful. Thank you.” Annette answered that she had been afraid at first and really turned off but that it ended up being really great. Annette came back and gave Donna a big kiss on the mouth. Donna washed her bottom and got dressed. Then they changed places and Annette washed and got dressed. They drove to the next truck stop for breakfast. They each took a change of clothes to the woman’s shower room. They enjoyed washing each other, paying special attention to the others tits and pussy. They each put on clean clothes. Annette dressed in black slacks and a flowered front button blouse. She did not want to look slutty when she saw Jerry and his wife. “If we are going to make L.A. this afternoon we had better get going” Donna said and down the road they went.

Donna was going to Long Beach and Seal Beach was not far out of her way. Where her uncle Jerry lived was only a couple blocks off a major street so Donna drove as close as she could. As Annette got out of the truck Donna blew her a kiss and told her that she had a lot of fun and that she was glad the Annette had come with her. Annette said she was happy that she had too. She thought to herself that it was a lot like when she was 12 and her older brother had first raped her. At first she was afraid and hated it but by the time it was over she loved it and wished that it did not have to end. She closed the cab door and waived goodbye as Donna drove off.

The continuation of this story is ‘Annette Arrives In California’ If you liked this you will probably like it too. Thanks, po469

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