A Dirty Sluts Journey to Ultimate Surrender


Chapter 1: Into the Forest

It was a beautiful drive, the trees full in bloom, looming over the winding roadway, like hovering blankets on a cold winter’s day. The beaming sunlight danced through the leaves, flickering onto the black asphalt in front of them.

Cynthia was in a trance, soft melodic music caressing her ears, as her eyes took in the majesty of all that nature had to offer. Mike had barely said a word since they left the city, navigating the roadways and admiring the sights as well. Although his glances as she peered out the window were more transfixed on her incredible cleavage; her ample bosom popping from her low cut blouse. The short skirt she was wearing also demanded attention, revealing her bare legs, her soft white skin and the way her skirt was hiked up, hinting at the treasure that lay just inches past the hem line!

“Are you going to tell me where you’re taking me yet?” Cynthia inquired with a playful smile. “I know it’s a surprise…but it’s just so gorgeous up here and I’m dying to know what you have planned” she added with a pout, an attempt at prying something out of him. Mike smirked, keeping his silence, but allowing her to catch him ogling her. He turned off the asphalt road and onto a dirt road. The forest was getting thicker the farther they drove and the dirt road seemed to wind on forever…until it abruptly ended!

The turn-about in the road was just wide enough to manoeuvre the car back towards the way they came. Mike turned the car off and climbed out, stretching loudly, working out the kinks in his back from the long drive.

Cynthia followed suit, glancing around for the signs of where they were going to next, now that the road ended. Mike took a small backpack from the car, put it over his shoulder and started toward the forest. “Come on my gorgeous thing, follow me,” he said. Cynthia skipped along to catch up to him and walked closely behind as they found a trail that weaved its way through the bush.
As they walked to trail opened up a little, they walked hand in hand as Mike began to speak. He told her how amazing she was, that so many of his fantasies have come true in the year that they had been together. He expressed with heart-felt emotion the wanting for him to bring her training to levels she’d never dreamed! She deserved the best he had to offer and that was the reason they were out walking in the woods! Mike stopped, swung the bag off his shoulder and unzipped it. He pulled out several pieces of rope form the bag and looked up at her with a big grin!!

Mike had been to that very spot before. It was scouted out and picked for a certain purpose. He took her right wrist and tied an end of the rough fray rope around it. Tightly knotted, the other end was tied up high to a nearby tree. He followed the same routine for the left wrist, forcing both her arms spread out as if hung from a cross. Cynthia giggled nervously, unsure of what awaited her. He took her ankles next and secured them to the same tree put lower down. She tested her restraints, but found that she was perfectly bound in that position and any forced move in any direction was futile, and only resulted in the ropes digging into her soft skin! Mike walked around her slowly, admiring his handiwork. He manoeuvred in behind her and grabbed her tits violently, squeezing them together and releasing them repeatedly. He reached his hand in under her skirt and ran his fingers teasingly over the thin layer of cotton that neatly covered her moist and dripping pussy! She quivered and moaned in excitement, horny and ready to have every one of her holes filled by her man!!

“One more thing to add”, Mike taunted. Reaching into his bag and taking out a long piece of cloth, he blindfolded her with it, leaving her completely helpless! Her hearing sharpened, picking up the shuffling of his feet, circling her…then his breathing hot in her ear as he spoke in a soft sultry tone, “I put you for auction, offering you up to the highest bidder. You were quite a wanted commodity my dear” he taunted. “Many wealthy men are willing to pay top dollar for an obedient slave who will fulfill their wildest, kinkiest fantasies!” He added with a snicker. Cynthia’s heart was racing!! The anticipation of what laid ahead was almost overwhelming…her panties were soaked with her sweet nectar! “I know you won’t let me down, my naughty, horny slut, your body will be used, violated, devoured…and you will obey…it will please me and that’s why you will do whatever you are told!” He warned. “If you don’t follow every instruction with enthusiasm I my just let him keep you forever!” He stated firmly. She felt his soft lips press against hers, his tongue lightly caressing her mouth. I long loving, erotic kiss.

Cynthia stood in her restraints, trying to remain still as she heard some faint talking in the distance getting closer. The walking was getting heavier until it stopped escorts in london a short distance from where she hung. She listened intently! “Hello gentlemen” she heard Mike say. “Ohhh we’re far from gentlemen my fine sir” came the response, followed by laughter. “We have your money as you requested, we couldn’t get it in any smaller cases then these, so sorry for the heavy lifting but it’s the best that could be done given the large amount” they explained. “That’s more than ok, be sure to give my regards to your boss, and tell him I’ll see him in 3 days” he replied. Did she hear him right…did he say 3 days!! Her body quivered in fear, the thought of all the abuse she’d be taking over the next 3 days was cascading through her mind! With that, she heard departing words and one pair of feet walking farther and farther away.

“Well look what we have ourselves here boys…we are gonna have some fun with this one” the leader of the group jeered. She felt two hands grasp the collars of her blouse and in one abrupt motion ripped it completely away from her body. She swayed in the ropes, as she felt cold steel brush against her face. “Well we’re gonna learn to get along just fine sweetheart” he said, sliding his knife between her heaving breasts and pulling it toward him till the bra sliced in two and fell from her tits and onto the ground. She gasped as she realized her breasts we now on display. “My god those are some gorgeous tits!!” Ya those are some serious cock fucking cans…that’s for sure” they said. “Let’s see the rest of this whore. Ya Jack, cut that fuckin skirt off this bitch, we’ve seen her mouth…now let’s see the rest of the holes we’ll be fucking.” The slice of the blade was quick as her skirt was ripped from her next. “Shit this package is one of the best yet” Jack grabbed her crotch soaked panties and violently yanked them upward! The cotton lodged harshly in her ass crack, while the pussy wedgie had her cunt flaps spilling out, hiding the cotton material deep in her camel toe! More yanks upward as the men took turns, laughing and taunting her as they rammed the material farther and farther up her cracks. She felt like they were going to rip her in two! The tension was finally released as Jack effortlessly cut the panties and pried them slowly from her crevices. He held them up to his nose and sniffed in deeply. “Mmmmmm nothing better than the smell of a woman’s muff and shithole mixed into one” he stated. Cynthia felt the panties against her lips, “Open your mouth whore, taste your fuck holes!” She obeyed, opening her mouth and taking her pussy soaked panties in!

Hands over took her body, touching her everywhere at once. She deduced there was three of them as she felt a pair of hands squeezing her tits, a pair grabbing her ass and yet another spreading her pussy lips apart. Frank gripped her boob hard, her nipple popping forward, erect and ready for a mouth. He sucked it in, flicking it around in his mouth, while the other tit was massaged mercilessly!

Joel was the youngest of the crew, he was enamoured with her clean shaven mound, and the way her lips swelled and dripped with pussy juice. He crouched his 23 year old frame in front of her, poking at her hole gingerly, then sucking her sweet honey off his finger.

“Get your nose in that cunt boy” Jack commanded, pushing Joel’s face into her flowering, wet pussy flaps. He mashed the boys face into her, “Smell the whores cunt boy, it’s the nectar of the gods and yours to devour” Jack bellowed! Joel inhaled deeply, and then thrust his tongue upon her slick love panels, lapping at them like a dog, then sucking them into his mouth. He grunted and groaned as her feasted on her twat wildly!

Cynthia was torn between helplessness and ecstasy. Her body screamed in pleasure as her mind raced with uncertainty!

Jack took in the sight of her ass, her perfectly shaped cheeks, naked, exposed and on display. His cock was already rock hard, feeling uncomfortable as his boner pushed firmly against his dirty, ripped jeans. It was a long while since he had a toy to play with, and the long wait showed! His cock was ready to bust out of his clothes! He undid his button, unzipped his fly and allowed his bulged 8″ cock to spring free! He stepped closer to her butt, spread her cheeks and without warning rammed his prick hard and fast into her anus! Cynthia screamed out in pain, the sound muffled by the panties in her mouth. Jack grabbed her hips and pulled them back toward him, forcing every last inch of his shaft deep into her tight dry hole!
“That’s right bitch, take my huge cock in that dirty little shitter of yours! You’ll take it up there dry too, like a true whore deserves!! I’m gonna fuck your hole raw slut, open up so wide you’ll shit for a week straight” he jeered between his thrusting grunts!

It was then that the blindfold was released from her face, falling below. Cynthia’s eyes took a moment Escort in dubai to adjust to the brightness of the day again, but as they did she made out a fourth figure standing 10 paces in front of her… Mike stood with a smile from ear to ear, a camera in his left hand and his hard stiff cock in the other!

Cynthia’s relief was evident on her face as she now realized Mike had never left, but instead was watching his rape fantasy come to life and filming each naughty, erotic moment! He approached her and without saying a word kissed her deeply and passionately, while the other three men continued to devour her!
“You didn’t actually think I’d leave my girl for 3 whole days did you?” Mike taunted. “I’ve got three days of my fantasies planned for you, but I wouldn’t dare miss a moment my love”, he added.
He stepped back again and continued taping, “fuck her sweet hole Jack” he jeered, “get that big dick all the way up my girls asshole”, he yelled with a smirk.

Jack drove his cock deep into her shit hole, pulling it out just a little before ramming it in with short quick thrusts! Frank shuffled Joel aside who was still transfixed with her pussy and proceeded to line his cock up ready to enter. The mixture of Cynthia’s dripping juices and Joel’s saliva made her twat primed and ready for a fuck! She felt him push his prick head in past her lips and fill her! With Jacks raging hard on sodomizing her tight ass, Franks cock taking her pussy at the same time was total ecstasy! Both men drilled into her simultaneously, the ropes rocking back and forth as her moans and groans filtered through the panties still lodged in her mouth. Mike filmed and watched with exhilaration…and they had only just begun!

Frank and Jack pulled their cocks from her holes and proceeded to untie her hands from the tree…but instead of releasing her, it became apparent that they were merely repositioning her! They left her feet tied and moved her forward forcing her on her knees. Then wrapped the rope around her wrists, a few times binding the together before yanking her forward onto her elbows and tying the rope off on a tree in front of her! She was now in the submissive pose…her ass high in the air, her head and shoulders to the ground!
“Let me have a piece of that ass” Frank declared as he positioned in behind Cynthia’s beautiful butt. Her ravaged hole throbbed from Jacks abuse, as he pried her cheeks apart to bring her puckered starfish into full view. “Now there’s a shitter that’s just crying out to be licked” he stated. He drove his face into her ass like an eagle after its prey! Licking and slurping loudly at her hole! The other two stood back and watched, stroking their cocks as Mike closed in for a shot of her ass being eaten! “I can’t get enough of this whores arse!! It tastes so god damn good” he huffed out before returning for some more! He motioned to Joel to fetch the panties from her mouth, and when Frank was handed the saliva soaked cotton he proceeded to shove it into her lubed hole! Bit by bit disappeared inside her anal passage, until the last of it was fingered into place, her balloon knot sealed around it. Frank licked and lubed her ass some more. “Time to put you to work bitch, I gotta see how far up your shitter I can get those panties” he said as he lined his thick cock head up with her saliva soaked hole and pushed his way into her anus.

Cynthia let out a tiny yelp, as his cock although shorter, was much thicker then Jack’s and her hole felt like it was ripping open as he forced himself in. “Holy shit this ass feels tight, like a virgin pooper being violated for the first time” he jeered! He began inching his bulged member farther and farther, pushing the panties up into her anal cavity. She moaned deep and long as his strokes increased and she could feel the sensation of the cotton lodged inside her! “Get your cock in her mouth” Jack said, motioning to Joel. “You’re the next one to claim her shit hole” he stated. Joel brought his rod to her gapping mouth and pushed his dick between her lips! She mumbled and choked as each thrust into her ass pushed Joel’s cock further down her throat! She gagged and spit up, but he kept deep throating her, his shaft glistening with her saliva!

Frank’s pace quickened as he reached climax, bucking violently into her shit shaft. Burying his cock in balls deep he let out a loud groan as Cynthia felt his prick spasm and spew load after load of hot jizz into her ass. He collapsed over her, panting heavily. Joel’s cock continued to push into her throat as Jack ordered her to push the panties from her ass. She pushed but felt no exit of the cotton cum soaked material lodged so deep in her asshole. “Fucking push slut” Jack bellowed, “Shit those panties out” he added with a swing of his hand striking her ass cheeks hard! He spanked her hard! The redness on her arse coming quickly as he repeatedly smacked her mercilessly! Dubai Escorts Cynthia yelped with each hit but was met with Joel’s cock forced further down her throat. She gagged as she was spanked! She pushed as hard as she could, her bowels contracting and forcing the panties from her anal passage. Mike filmed as the white panties began to peak out from her puckered hole. She shit them out, the last bit being pulled out by Frank’s hand. He held them up…covered in a combination of her ass juice, Frank’s jizz and remnants of fecal matter. “Look at these shit and cum covered panties” he mocked, “it’s time for our anal slut to clean these off” he stated firmly. He manoeuvred to her head and as Joel removed his spit soaked shaft, Frank shoved the dirty panties back into her mouth. Cynthia took them in, the taste racing through her; it made her feel so naughty, so dirty…so horny!!

Joel was ordered to take position behind her, at the same time Cynthia began pushing from deep in her bowels again. All the deep penetration had loosened the dirtiness in her ass and she had no choice but to shit it out! When Jack realized what was happening he took Joel by the back of his hair, “You know what’s coming boy! Some of that ass chocolate you love so much! You know what you need to do if you want to get your cock in that pretty lil hole.” He declared.

Mike positioned himself perfectly, zooming the camera in on Cynthia’s flexing shit hole. Little faint grunts could be heard as she pushed, her puckered opening winking and releasing tiny little farts into Joel’s face. Then a medium chocolate colored turd began to appear at her hole. It slowly spread her tiny opening wide! It was a nice thick log slowly emerging from her shit canal. Joel allowed it to slide out a good 3 inches before leaning forward and wrapping his lips around the shit rod! Another 4 inches continued out of her ass and into his toilet mouth! Her starfish winked shut and Joel was left with a thick cigar of poop to eat! “Eat the whore’s shit boy” came the order. Joel bit off a big chunk and chewed on it, his teeth clenching down and squishing Cynthia’s feces into the back of his throat.

She felt a sense of payback in a way…now it was Joel’s turn to gag on something! The mixture of humiliation and eroticism was astounding to her. To be on display, ass high, shitting for everyone to see was an experience she never dreamed of…but as it was happening she could feel her pussy dripping in excitement! Joel gagged on the big wad of excrement as he struggled to swallow it down, but he recovered quickly, emptied his mouth and shoved the rest of the shit log into his mouth. It was quite apparent that he was the bitch of the bunch, willing to do as he was told!

His eyes watered as he ate down the larger half and did as was instructed and cleaned her hole with his tongue. He lapped at the remnants of shit at her anal entrance, burrowing deep as he could manage to lick her inner walls. His cock was a 7 inch rod, straight at attention and ready to rape her violently! He stuck his throbbing tip at her ‘out’ hole and slid it in slow and steady. He wanted to observe her ass taking in his cock the same way he just witnessed her pushing that shit log out into his mouth! Once inside he could feel the warmth of her poo tunnel, pumping it gingerly in and out till he felt the wanting to rape her ass! The shit taste still potent on his tongue, he grabbed Cynthia’s hips and begun bucking into her asshole, hard and fast. His 7 incher filling her passage, she squealed at the sodomy she was receiving! “Take my cock in your dirty lil shithole you fucking anal whore” he grunted. Loving the sight of her body rocking back and forth so violently as he fucked her, he cummed buried deep in her, the wave after wave of warm spunk washing her anal walls. The young man pulled out, a dribble of cum leaking out of her battered hole! She barely had a moment’s breath before it was replaced by another cock. Jack wanted to unload in her shitter too. Cramming his huge member back in, he too fired off a flurry of jizz into her rape hole! When his cock pulled out, yet another entered her.

She just lay in place taking cock after cock, but then she felt a stream of warmth that was new. She glanced behind her to see that Mike had been the last one to fill her ass!! But he was filling her ass with piss! Her bowels filled up quickly as she struggled to hold in his pee! Mike pulled out, demanding she close her ass shut. She obeyed! Joel was summoned to sit directly behind her as she was instructed to release. A stream of piss fired out of her ass hitting Joel square in the chest! Soaking his body in piss, cum and dirty ass water! Small chunks of her shit oozed down his torso as she emptied. The other two followed suit and extended the piss enema, unloading more filth all over their bitch boy! Streams flowing into his mouth, this time until again she was empty.

The ropes were untied and Cynthia collapsed to the floor exhausted, but completely fulfilled!

Feel free to comment, more chapters already written and will be posted soon!!

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