a babysitters game


got a text message one sat morning from my dads sister to see would i sit her lil son dylan.
dylan was cute and nice
for 11 yr old so i did not mind sitting him it ment giving up my sluty teen sat night with my mates.
so i got my self ready to go sitting and fuck it i said i would dress up so i put on my knee boots tight top pink thong and bra and lycra tanned tights.
i arived around 730 and soon the parents went out and i got bored i asked dylan wat he wanted to do he saiad any thing.
so the night went on ane he layed on my lap my skirt rooled up and he was rubbing my leg i said this kid is comming on to me haha.
so he got more daring and started to move loser to my sweaty croth which was itching.i made him stop he said ok i gave it some though and said ok just feel my leg he blushed and said ok aunt shan.
so he started to feel my leg and i noticed his little bone i started to giggle under my breth and decied to pull up my skirt he gulped.
i said no matter wat happens here to night you must no tell a soul.i told him to take down his boxers which he did in a flash ooo was his lil willie so cute no hair just too lil nuts waiting for there first feel.
so i told him to come and sit between my legs escort service he did his lil wille was on the bone only around 3inc lol.
so i started to rub my boot over his ll thing he grabed my leg and startred to hump my foot i rubed even harder he said it tickles.so then it a flash a lil stream of piss came out on my boot i told him to stand up and i took his lil willie all the way in my mouth it tasted good.so tthen i pulled down my tights and thong and showes him my shaved 19 yr old cunt.he just sttod there looking stupit so i told him come here you can lick it it tastes good come on lick aunt shannon.he did but it tickled more than fun haha.so i started to rub him again this time with my boot off he seem to like it so i said lets go to yr room we went up stairs and in to his room i got naked and lied on his small spiderman bed whic was not ment for my size.
i told him to lye betwen my legs his lil thing was standing so i said this time im putting you inside me he did not understand so i guided him inside me he said he wanted too pee i said pee inside aunt shan i felt a stream again this time it was young boy fuck cream omg i have fucked him took his cherry.i wanted more of this lil boy so much i took his willie independent escort dubai in my mouth again but he was too tired to get hard.i cleand my cunt and went down stairs and he followed ..aunt shan aunt shan can we play tickles…. i laughed at him coment so inocent ok i said take it out he droped his action man shorts i used my fore finger and thumb to wank him he stood again this time i spit on my finer to lube my massive arse i said aunt shan wants it up her big bum bum this time i pulled my large cheeks apart and showed him were he caught on verry quick it just fitted in so nice hump me dyl go on leave yr cream up aunt shans big ass i puy my hand between our legs here hunny tickles again i started to tickle his lil fuck bag he was gettin faster and faster and said oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo aunt shan i need too pee pee i said in my arse hun go on so i felt his boy cream enter my big bum i rubbed my clit so hard to bring myself off.we finished and i put him to bed.
i felt good after it i never knew i would enjoy a young boy as much as that.so i searched for my clothes my tights were ripped to bits (dirty lil fecker haha) the folowing morning he was up and come in to my room got in beside Escort Girl Dubai me and layed on my chest i brushed his hair and felt his lil willie against my leg again this kid wanted more so i siad why not.
i put my hand down and started to jerk his tiny lil wille again it was ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so so cute .so i told him to lie on top of me and to put it in to my slit he had trouble finding it so i guided him in it was tat small it tickled i asked did he do this with girls at school he said he played with a 9 yr old girl called roisin but she would not let him put it inside her this made me wetter so i started to buck at him till i felt his boy come spurt up my tigh fanny again. so i told him he must get showerd and dressed his parents would be home soon but i wanted something more i wanted this lil boy to lick my dirty big fat arse that smeled of sex at sweat so i said lick aunts shannons ass o fuccccccccccccccccccccccccccck he did and i wanted this oy up me again but he was tto tired for more bless him.his tounge licked my big smelly anus while i stroked my clit i was comming at last this young kid has brought my wet teen cunt to the brink of comming with that i come and lied flat on my chubby belly on my bed we fin got washed before his parents got back.

story 2 will follow dylan and his 2 mates love shannon [b]

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