Wife Milks Husband in Own Mouth

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As I came home from work a few months ago, my wife was on my laptop. She often uses it and I don’t mind. I try to keep my porn well hidden. But I had accidentally left a folder open. It was my CEI folder. My cum eating instruction folder. As far as I can remember, I’ve had this cum eating fetish. Nothing gets me quite as aroused as the thought of eating cum. And all these women instructing me to do it, encouraging it, well, that’s my kinky little secret.

My wife knows that I watch porn. But she doesn’t know about my cum eating fetish. At least, not until that day when she stumbled upon dozens of clips of women basically all saying the same thing.

As I came home, she turned to me and asked : ‘honey, what’s CEI’?

My heart sank. I fumbled as I tried to answer. But she wasn’t having it.

‘What I want to know is what do the letters mean, what does CEI stand for?’

‘It stands for Cum Eating Instruction’, I shyly answered.

‘I don’t understand? Who are those instructions for?’

‘For me’.

‘Wait. You want to be instructed to eat cum?’

‘I do’.


And that was that. She simply moved on and we didn’t talk about it again. Had she watched the videos? What did she think? Was she weirded out? Did she find me gross for wanting that? I felt so ashamed that I didn’t dare press her on. I simply let it be. Until she surprised me with the kinkiest, naughtiest gift.


A week ago, as we got in bed, my wife showed me a thumbnail of a video on the laptop. On the image, it was her, in a cupless bodystocking, wearing long satin gloves. She told me to read the title : CEI – Wife milking and feeding you your seven-day load.

‘Is this something that might interest you?’ She asked.

I was in… shock? It did interest me. Very much. But I couldn’t find the courage to admit it in front of her.

She ran her hand under the sheets, felt my erect cock.

‘That’s what I thought’, she said, smiling naughtily. ‘You’ve got a week to prepare a mess. A warm, fresh cummy mess’.

She sat on my cock. It slid straight in.

‘Oh, we’re going to build up a big load. Just like you like them’.

She was kissing me deeply, breathing heavily in my ear, whispering ‘Oh fuck, you cumslut’. And she came on me, her pussy contracting in sporadic spasms on my cock. I was close, almost there too. Then she pulled out. I was rock hard, wanting full release, glistening with her juices. She crawled down, cleaned me up with her warm, wet mouth, without bringing me over the edge. She crawled back up, kissed me again. I could smell her, taste her on her breath.

‘I came on your cock. But you didn’t cum. And you know why. Don’t worry, you will. In seven days. I will milk you. A kinky feast for my cumslut husband’.


Seven days later, she made sure my face was freshly shaved, completely smooth.

She lights candles in our bedroom. She’s wearing the same gloves and bodysuit as in the video. The time has come.

‘You know why I’m wearing this don’t you. I call it my cumslut suit. It’s what I wear when I feel like turning my husband into my cumslut. Whenever I’m wearing this, you can be sure you’ll be fed some cum. And these gloves? My milking gloves. Can you guess why I call them like that? These gloves are made for milking. For milking cock. Oh I’ll be milking you. And feeding you tonight. Get undressed and lay on the bed. We’re going to prepare you a very messy feast’.

As she says this, she jerks an invisible cock over her face.

‘I’m glad your clean shaven, because honey, tonight I’ll be doing all the milking, and all the aiming. And… I’m not sure if my aim will be true. You’re going to open your mouth, but will I miss? Oh dear, will I make you cum all over your smooth, shaved face? My facial cumslut. Will I have to clean you, and feed you a seven-day facial?’

My mind races. Do I really want a facial? Will she give me a choice?

She presses play. As the voice speaks – its her voice, not Goddess Amanda, not Chrystal Knight, not çukurambar escort London Lix, not Tara Tainton, but my wife’s voice – she sits on the bed, legs spread open, pussy fully exposed. She plays with herself as I watch her (on video, and on the bed). She fingers herself, brings her fingers to her mouth. Tells me to lie down. She takes control. Her hands, her mouth. My naked body, erect and aroused. Her voice.


Well, well, well. Who do we have here. If it isn’t my husband. So you decided to watch this film I made for you and go through with my proposition. You’re finally ready to show me what you really are. You’re finally going to let me make you a cumslut. I knew you couldn’t resist my offer.

A week ago, I gave you a choice. You didn’t have to be here right now. You could have said no. You could have made me your cumslut. Like a normal husband would. Use me. Cum in my pussy, in my mouth, on my face, my body. But you didn’t. You were waiting for this video. For this moment.

Now let me remind you of what this actually is : it’s a CEI. Do you know what CEI. stands for?

Of course you do. Cum eating instruction. That’s right. This, tonight, is all about cum. Cum eating. But you know this already, don’t you? In fact, that’s precisely why you’re listening to this right now. Why you’ve been holding up for an entire week. You know what I’m going to make you do. You know I’m going to make you edge, build up a big, messy, seven-day load of cum.

And you know why we’ve been building up a big load. Because I’m going to milk you slowly, and completely. And I’m going to feed you. Make you my cumslut husband. You know that’s what’s going to happen, and here you are.

I also know you’ve read the whole title I’ve given to this evening. Let me just refresh your mind. « Feeding you a seven-day load ». That’s right, I’ll be milking a seven-day load out of your cock. We’ve been building up a big, thick, warm load of fresh cum for a whole week now. And tonight, tonight it will finally happen. Tonight I will finally feed it to you. Make you eat it. And I have a little surprise for you.

You see, I know what you want. I know why you love CEI so, so much. It’s because you know exactly what you’re in for. It’s because you know what they’re all about, and that’s precisely why you watch them. The title says it all. I’ve watched your collection. Goddess Amanda. Chrystal Knight. London Lix. All these women. They call you a cumslut. They make you a cumslut. They help you build a big load. They tell you about how big the load is going to be.

You like that, don’t you? Knowing that there’ll be a lot of cum. A thick, heavy, creamy, white load. Knowing what’s going to happen. They tell you what you’re in for. Because you want it to happen. You are a cumslut. You want cum. And they give it to you. Or should I say, they make you give it to yourself. You anticipate the moment when they make you flip your legs above your head. With your cock pointing straight at your mouth. Slowly milking it, in anticipation.

Looking at it. Mouth open. That’s by far your favorite position. When you drink it straight from the source. They guide you, they count you down. But you’re the one doing all the milking. Not tonight.

I happen to be wearing my milking gloves. I plan on using them. This session is going to end in the cumslut position. And I’ll be doing the milking. And the aiming. I bet your aim is on point.

I bet your whole ejaculation ends up straight in your open mouth. Straight on your tongue.

You’ve had a lot of practice. And I bet you’re hoping my aim is going to be as good as yours.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if I were to miss your mouth? Wouldn’t it be torture if I made you close your mouth as you came. Your face would be covered in cum. Oh fuck. A seven-day facial.

That would be quite a warm, wet mess. Your lips. Your creamy lips.

Have you ever given yourself a facial? Have you ever closed your mouth before cumming in the cumslut demetevler escort position? Is tonight going to be your first time? I think you’re going to like it. Oh but don’t you worry. I’m also wearing my cumslut suit. I milk. And I feed. I’ll be feeding you your facial. You’ll get your warm mouthful at the end. Now, let’s prepare your kinky, creamy feast.

As you lay on our marital bed, know that your wife is planning on edging you with her mouth. Your wife will slowly kiss your cock. Make love to it with her mouth. She will take her time. Tease the fuck out of you. And you and her both know exactly why. To build up a big load. A big creamy, warm, wet mess. To bring you in that state of arousal. Your unspeakable craving. Make you beg for what the inevitable outcome. The mess that she will milk and feed to you.

Don’t worry, nobody will know that tonight, your wife is going to milk a seven-day load on your face, and feed it to you on our marital bed. Nobody will know that you’ll be eating many more loads after this one. That in our mariage, you’re the cumslut. That starting tonight, you only get to cum once a week. And no cum will go to waste. Ever. There’ll only be seven-day loads from now on. Your sex life is about to get messy, my cumslut. I hope you like cum, because you’ll be drinking a lot of it.

As your wife’s tongue is running up your shaft, circling your head, think of what’s coming. Tonight is just the beginning of something, my love. Because there are so many ways I could feed you your cum, So many ways I’m going to feed you your cum.

She lets go of my cock and lays on her back. Legs open, pussy fully exposed.

I’m a good wife. And I want to give you what you want. What you so strongly desire. When I was going through your computer, I found a folder called « Creampies ». I expected to find recipes. I could prepare you one, I thought. But what a surprise it was to see what was in this folder. Creampies, I thought, were for eating. But what I found were naked women, legs spread open.

And they all had something in common. They all had cum leaking out of their pussies. A folder full of freshly fucked pussies filled with cum. Now, I thought, why would my husband call those sloppy messes « creampies »? Creampies are for eating. Unless? No, it can’t be? You want to eat a pussy that’s been freshly fucked to completion, don’t you? Do you want your wife feed you a creampie?

Would you like to eat my pussy after you’ve fucked me to completion? Making love to your wife. Kissing her. Real, raw, naked intimacy. Your cock thrusting her wet, warm pussy. Like you’re going to be doing next week. You’ll be making love to me. Make love to me, fuck. But my love, what are you doing? Can’t you see I’m wearing my cumslut suit? Don’t you know what it means? If you cum, I’ll feed you. You can stop. But you won’t, won’t you. You’ll slow down, kiss me deeply. You’ll be in love with me for what I, your wife, will offer you. A freshly fucked pussy full of cum. Will you let your wife feed you a creampie? When you pull out and I spread my legs wide open. I’ll ask you to look at it. To go down slowly. Smell my wet, sloppy, cream filled pussy. Can’t you imagine the smell? Clean me with your mouth. Can you imagine the taste? Fuck me with you fingers. Lick them clean. Your throat will sting a little. The taste will linger

What if I sat on your face. What if I rubbed my sloppy wet pussy on your face, your mouth?

But what your fetish has taught me, it’s that I too would like to be a cumslut. Do you think you could help me become a cumslut? Make me edge you with my mouth for a whole week. Make me build up a seven day load. On the seventh day, you’ll put a blindfold on my eyes. I’ll understand. It’ll be time to suck you off to completion. A seven-day load. Will I find the courage to keep sucking knowing you plan on feeding me? Will you feel guilty, knowing the mouthful that awaits me? Don’t. I want you to make me do it. I don’t feel guilty for tonight. The demirtepe escort entire point of everything I’m doing, of every word I’m saying is to build up an unspeakable mess.

Tonight it’s for you. But in two weeks, it’s for me. Don’t feel guilty. I’ll do it. I’ll suck off the man I love to completion. I’ll drink all your cum. I’ll milk you, I’ll drain you. I’ll thank you.

But as I’m circling my tongue around your head, anticipating, I’ll think of you. Of how you’re wishing this would end another way. I know you’d want nothing more than for me to tell you I’ll be kissing you. You’d want to know the inevitable conclusion of my oral love. Caressing you with my mouth, my tongue. Feeling you stiffen. Feeling the moment approaching. Then the release, as you unload in my mouth. I feel you ejaculating in my mouth. I taste you. And I suck, gently, with my mouth full of your cum. I swallow. I crawl up and kiss you. I breath on your face. You smell the cum on my breath. You taste the cum on my mouth. I whisper that next time, my mouth will be full. My kiss will be white and warm, and wet. I promise. I’ll give you the pleasure of anticipation. Would you like that? A sloppy kiss?

In a few weeks, I’ll ask you for a facial. I want you to tie my hands behind my back. Fuck my mouth. I’m all yours. But if you cum on my tits, you’ll have to clean them up. What will it be, my love? My face or my tits? I’ll beg for a facial. Cover my face in cum. Rub your cock all over me. Will you do it? Or will you aim for my tits. Will you give me pearl neckless? Would you rather be a cumslut or make me be one?

So many ways we can become cumsluts together. We’ll masturbate together. I’ll spread my legs wide. I’ll dildo my pussy while I make you masturbate in front of me. I want you to edge, edge until cum oozes out of your cock. I want to see it run down your hand. Now show me how naughty you are. You know what to do. Do it. I’ll make you suck on my dildo after it fucked my pussy. Maybe I’ll make you cum on my spread, dildo fucked pussy. Make you clean me with your mouth. I want to make you ejaculate in the palm of my hands. Look at me as I lap it up.

I’ll jerk your cock to completion in an empty wine glass. I’ll make you cum in it. I’ll make you watch me drink it. Jealous?

So many ways we’ll be cumsluts together. But tonight, I’m wearing my cumslut suit and my milking gloves. And I plan on giving you a facial. Unless you no longer want to go through with this. You can tell me now, and I’ll delete this video and forget everything I said. I’ll make you come on a towel. We’ll go back to normal. It’s your choice. If you want to go through with this, it’s time to get into position. What will it be?


I went through with it. I flipped my legs. I knew this position so very well. I had put myself in it many, many times. But never in front of her. My cock was wet and slick from her mouth. Ready. Unbearably ready. Her gloved hand gently grabbed it. I warned her I was a few strokes away. She told me to take a last look, then close my eyes,. I was going to be a facial cumslut tonight. She stroked, once, twice, a few times and I felt the moment. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. And it happened. I reached climax, cum poured out as I began ejaculating. And she let go of my cock. I spurted uncontrollably on my forehead, my chin, my cheeks, my mouth. Twelve spurts at least. It was warm, it was wet, and the smell quickly engulfed me senses. Through it all, she kept repeating : cum, cum, cum. Either to command me to ejaculate, or to remind me of what was covering my face.

As my orgasm was subsiding, the wetness sliding down my face, the overwhelming smell of semen, the ridiculousness of the position I was in flooded my brain.

‘Holy fuck you came so much. Your face is completely covered. Lie down’.

Hearing her, still in her role, soothed my slight disgust with what had just happened, my shame to be seen like this by my wife.

‘I milk. And I feed.’

Her finger ran up my cheek, down my eyes, up my chin, to my mouth. Scooping my cum. I was submerged in the wetness, the smell, the taste.

She leaned down and we kissed.

The moment has passed. The arousal was gone. But the smell and the taste lingered. And she was still wearing her suit and her gloves. She was my wife. I was her husband.

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