Simon Says – My Story Pt. 10



Chapter 10

This is a “spin off” story from “A FAMILY THAT PLAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER — or so they say” – of which I am the original author – which is about a family that discovers sex with each other or others outside the family. Simon is one of the characters featured from outside of the family. This story explores his sex life.

Please note that I am the original author of “A FAMILY THAT PLAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER” and the original author of “SIMON SAYS – MY STORY”

Just so you’re aware this chapter features medical procedures and some people might consider it to feature gay sex.

Do remember that this is fiction, not real life.


Craig and I living together in the apartment was working out well. He cooked and I did the housework. Sometimes we didn’t see each other for days on end, like ships that pass in the night, we’d be working different shifts at The Club or I’d be working with Noel the gardener come gigolo or Craig would be seeing his own clients.

I was still working with Noel; I liked his company and saw him as a Father figure. I didn’t see any clients privately as I’d decided that Noel had been good to me and got me into sexwork so I had loyalty to him. Craig had his own group of clients and didn’t work for Noel so there wasn’t a problem.

Craig’s clients wanted more than just a gardener fucking them; they wanted company, dinner dates, wining and dining before getting fucked, sorry “making love” to them. Craig was happy to fuck women or men and was happy to get fucked by a man or a women so he was popular with couples whereas Noel just provided more of a straight service, if there was a husband or boyfriend there he was allowed to touch our cocks but that was it.

Craig and I were having a beer or two after going to the gym when Craig said, “I’m going to ask Doctor Moore to pierce my nipples, brand my arse and stretch my piss slit open.”

I almost sprayed my beer across him. “Where did this idea come from?” I spluttered. “Fair enough piercing and branding, I warn you it bloody well hurts, but piss slit stretching, want do you want that done for, you don’t have any problems pissing or spunking do you?” I said.

“Don’t get any problems, occasionally a bit of smeg under my foreskin but that’s just a man thing isn’t it?” Craig said.

I nodded.

“Been thinking about it for ages,” he said, “drop your pants and show me your arse mate.”

I dropped my shorts, I wasn’t embarrassed showing him my arse, we lived together, we’d fucked clients together so we’d seen each others cocks and arses numerous times before.

I showed him the branding on my arsecheeks, you could see them the rampant lions brands were lighter than the surrounding skin but really you needed to feel them, some of the women I fucked loved to run their fingers over them.

“Got to have it done mate, not lions though, I was thinking of a rampant leopards,” Craig laughed.

“I can understand nipples and branding but why do you want your piss slit stretched open?” I asked him.

Craig dropped his trackie bottoms and got his cock out. He grabbed hold of my cock and pulled my foreskin back and said “see my piss slit is much bigger than yours, can almost get a finger tip in there but its covered with my foreskin all the time whereas your piss slit is on show all of the time even when you’re soft and your foreskin is rolled down. The Doc thinks that he could stretch my slit so it can be fingered and probed by the clients at The Club.”

“You’ll be asking Doctor Moore to circumcise you next” I told him.

“No way mate, I love my hanging foreskin” Craig said.

I said “you’re not going to be able to work for a couple of weeks at least so you’re not going to earn.”

“The Doc has already put the word around and it’s going to be a full house at The Club plus it’s going to be live streamed to the clients that can’t attend. He’s going to organize a full evening and show. The money he’s paying me will more than cover a few weeks off work so don’t worry you won’t have to pay the rent” Craig smiled at me.

“You’re going to go for it aren’t you mate” I said.

Craig nodded.

“Well I’m not going to be your nurse and give you bed baths or change your dressing. Your a good mate but” I laughed.

A few weeks later Craig and I turned up at The Club, we got changed into our white jockstraps, douched our arse holes out and waited for Doctor Moore to appear in the medical room.

He walked in with a couple of female medics and said “Afternoon gentlemen, all ready for tonight’s show?”

We both nodded, I was going to be OK, I wasn’t going to be branded, been there done it. The Doctor said “strip off, Simon get onto the examination table, legs in the stirrups, you know the drill, so we can pump up your balls, half a liter of saline should be enough, and lets get a butt plug in your arse hole as well.”

I did as I was told, the medic pushed in two needles into my ball sack, fitted the cannula batıkent escort and hung the bags of saline up and let them drip away.

Craig climbed onto the other examination table.

“As for you Craig. You’ve signed the medical release forms so I’ll give you a shot of antibiotics, a shot of painkiller in your arse and we’ll fit you with a butt plug. I’ll pierce your nipples first using the piercing gun and then when it comes to the branding I won’t numb the area so we give the clients their monies worth, you’ll feel the branding but it will only be a brief pain, you’ll be gagged, don’t worry it wont hurt that much and I’m sure that Simon has told you all about it.” Doctor Moore told him.

I shuddered at the thought, not sure if it was at the thought of the pain or the thought that I was missing out.

Doctor Moore pulled Craig’s foreskin right back to expose Craig’s cock glan.

He continued “and we’ll also fit an small plug into you piss slit that you’ll keep in there except when you need to piss, it will be locked in so you can’t pull it out, and will increase the size of the plug over the next few weeks so you’ll have an impressive slit by the time we’ve finished, just right for getting a tongue in there or a catheter or sound. Recovery time will be about 10 to 14 days before you can work again but your arse will still be sore, after a few days you can go home but come back here to have the plug changed in your piss slit. We’ll stream your treatment and recovery, certain clients have already asked for it and it will earn you more money. Happy with that Craig?”

“Yes Sir” Craig said.

“On your knees lad and show me your arse then” the Doctor instructed.

Craig presented his arse to the Doctor and Doctor Moore swabbed Craig’s arse cheeks with a swab and then used Craig’s arse as a dartboard and pushed two hypodermic needles in deep, Craig yelped, and gave him a shot of antibiotics and a shot of painkiller.

“Security will be in soon when we’re ready for you in the theatre, see you both later” said Doctor Moore and walked out.

The saline bags that were dripping saline into my infused balls were empty and my ball sack was full and pumped up so the medic pulled the needles out and as she left she said “good luck Craig, you’re going to make serious money out of this.”

I was nervous, not for me but for my mate Craig, for me it was just another session at The Club but for him he was going to be pierced and branded in front of an audience.

Two security men dressed only in red jockstraps walked in, they had two head harnesses with them and pulled them over our heads, the leather straps went around our necks, in front and behind our ears, around our foreheads and across the top of our heads where a metal eye was fitted. They tightened the straps and, as usual, shackled our hands behind our backs and walked us down to the theatre.

There was a raised stage on which was a medical examination table with all the restraints straps fitted and also the branding bench that I had been strapped to when I’d been branded. Of course there were plenty of restraint points around the stage or hanging above it. We were walked onto the stage and a hook on a rope was attached to the eye on our head harnesses and the rope was pulled up so we were forced to stand upright.

I looked around the room, I could see Doctor Moore and two female medics chatting to the other guests, there was about ten of them, four men and six women. I recognized a few of the regulars and there were a couple of well-known celebrities. One of the men was “difficult” and he was known for enjoying watching pain inflicted on other men or women. He had a small cock that he always kept covered and was always at The Club with his “daughters” who seemed to be different “daughters” every time.

“Ladies and Gentlemen” said Doctor Moore “welcome to you, the lucky ones that have been invited to be actually present in the theatre.”

“Well it’s cost us enough Doc,” said the man with the “daughters.”

The Doctor ignored him and carried on “and welcome to the guests who are watching this on the live stream. You have probably seen Simon at The Club before and some of you were here or saw Simon being branded, well now his partner in crime, Craig a new stud here, is going to be branded, pierced and will also start stretching his piss slit and meatus lips to make it more pronounced and visible.”

“As big as you can get them Doctor” said one of the guests.

The medics pulled our jockstraps off so that Craig’s and my cock were on show, the Doctor walked across and grabbed hold of my soft cock and said “as you can see Simons foreskin is small and leaves his cock head and piss slit partially on show whereas,” the Doctor took hold of Craig’s cock “Craig’s has a long foreskin that hangs at least an inch below the head of his cock and keeps it covered.”

The two female medics started to wank both our cocks to full hardness.

The Doctor carried on beşevler escort “Simons smaller foreskin naturally retracts as his cock gets hard but Craig’s longer foreskin needs a hand to pull back and show off his cock head and piss slit which is already quite big and open and with big meatus lips.

The Doctor turned back to face the room and opened his white Doctors coat, he was naked underneath, “my foreskin rolls back easily as my cock hardens, years of use and stretching and I have an open piss slit, ladies if you would like please go ahead” he said and two of the ladies in the audience hurried forward, dropped to their knees and almost fought to get his cock into their mouths.

“Ladies, ladies, one at a time, there’s enough for both of you” Doctor Moore laughed and pushed his cock into one of their mouths and started to face fuck her.

“Turn them around” the Doctor told the security goons and then spun both of us around on the head harness swivel so we presented our arses to the clients. “As you can see Simon’s branding has healed up perfectly and you can see the raised scars and that the brands are pinker than his white arsecheeks. Craig is going to be branded on both cheeks, I’ll use a hot branding iron, but this time the branding will be a leopard rather then a lion, we want to be able to tell whose who when looking at their arses don’t we?”

“These two” he said pointing at us “are available for use as are the two medics. Both studs are fitted with arse hole plugs but they can be removed if required, neither of them are allowed to cum though until I say.”

There was a gagging noise as the Doctor withdrew from one of the woman’s mouth and pushed it down the other woman’s throat.

Craig and I were released from the head restraints and wrist restraints and the man with the daughters who were now laying on one of the big fuck benches showing off their fannies and arse holes clicked his fingers at both of us and demanded “come on, come on get your cocks in their holes, fuck them hard.” he really was an arrogant man.

We did as we were told, it was our job. Craig was straight up one of the cunts on offer, he wasn’t going to be able to fuck for a few weeks so he wanted to make the most of it, so I followed his lead and pushed my cock into the other daughters fanny. I looked across and the two medics were getting fucked up their arses by two of the male clients.

I felt the butt plug being pulled out of my arse hole by the arrogant man, he also pulled out Craig’s plug then said “get your cocks up their arse holes, they’re lubed up and stretched.” What a nice man he was.

Doctor Moore was still fucking the two women’s throats, he was holding onto the back of their heads to enable him to get the full length of his impressive cock fully down their throats.

The two medics were getting their arses pounded and one of the male clients had climbed up onto the bench and was sitting on one of the medic’s faces getting rimmed.

I thought that we’d run out of cock for the remaining two women but the Doctor had thought of that and the two security men had their cocks out, both well hung muscled fuckers, all the security men were fully medically tested and knew what they had to do if called on to provide cock. The security goons sat on the edge of the stage and leant back so that their cocks were standing proud and erect. The two women held their arse cheeks open and reversed back onto the cocks taking them in their arses, there was no hesitation and they took the full length of the cocks in one thrust and started fucking themselves on the lengths of cock.

I felt something against my arsehole, I looked across and saw that Mr. Arrogant Man had a big dildo in each hand and was pressing it against Craig’s arsehole and my pucker. As I pulled out of his “daughters” arse he pushed the dildo into my arse I yelped, it was a big dildo that stretched my hole open. I heard Craig say, “fuck, its too big.”

Mr. Dominant Man said “just fucking take it, and carry on fucking their arseholes, and you too” as he pushed the full length of the dildo deep into my stretched arse.

I wanted to tell him to fuck off and push the dildo up his arse and see how he liked it but as a valued client it wouldn’t be one of my brightest ideas and I’d end up being punished by the Doctor.

Doctor Moore groaned and said “open up ladies, time for some spunk” and he shot his load, for an older man he certainly produced a lot of spunk, he probably gave himself a hormone injection when he wanted to impress. The ladies, on their knees in front of him, took it all as if in a feeding frenzy, licking and sucking as if it was going to be their last meal.

The women on the stage getting fucked by the security men up their arses were playing with their clits and fingering their wet fannies. One of them stood up, the hard cock pulling out of her arsehole, she pushed two fingers in her twat and climaxed, shaking, moaning and leaking fanny juice over the hard beypazarı escort cock that was underneath her, with one wank of his hand the security goon spunked up grunting as he fired his thick load into the air.

The other goon pushed the woman that was bouncing on his cock off and grunted “going to cum.”

The women fell to her knees and took his cock down her throat, he spunked his load up and I could see her throat muscles working to swallow all that he gave her, she let go a stream of piss on the floor.

The female medics were on their knees, faces covered with the spunk from the loads that they’d been given from the clients.

Craig and I were still fucking the “daughters” and getting fucked up our arses by the big dildos. I heard the Doctor say “pull them out and plug their arseholes again.”

The security lads grabbed hold of us and pulled us clear of the arseholes that we’d been fucking, our cocks were twitching and leaking precum, it looked like we were both about to cum. I felt the big dildo pulled out of my stretched arsehole only to be replaced by a butt plug again, my hole gripped the neck and held it in.

“Right ladies and gentleman, help yourself to refreshments while we get Craig ready for his procedure” Doctor Moore announced as he buttoned up his white coat to cover his dripping softening cock.

The security goons shackled my hands behind my back and clipped my head harness back to the hook and pulled the hook up so my body was stretched. One of them said, “I got to spunk mate, shame you didn’t” and slapped my hard dripping cock.

I whispered “bastard” under my breath.

“Nipples first I think, strap him down” said the Doctor to the security goons.

They strapped Craig down to a flat bench that was inclined at a sixty-degree angle, ankles, wrists and chest and then a strap around his forehead. The female medic wheeled across a covered medical tray.

“As you know I prefer to use a piercing gun, its quicker, more accurate, I can choose the size of hole that I want to produce and, from what I hear, its more painful” Doctor Moore smiled “but we need to get those little nips hard and pumped up Craig. You want to have this done don’t you Craig?”

“Yes Sir, certainly Sir.”

The Doctor picked up two soft plastic teats that had clear tubes attached to them, these were attached to a electric pump, the medic turned it on and you could hear it sucking a vacuum, I’d seen it and had it used on me before, on my nipples and on my cock, it was like a milking machine and if it was used on your cock it would milk the spunk out of you and on a women if used on her nipples it would milk her tits, if she had any milk in them of course.

Doctor Moore put a blob of lube onto Craig’s nipples and pushed the tit pump teats onto them, they sucked themselves onto his tits and pumped away, you could see his nipples starting to get bigger, pump themselves up and engorge with blood.

“I’m in a good mood as I’ve just shot my load so as Craig hasn’t yet lets give him a treat” Doctor Moore said and picked up another attachment, a larger clear plastic tube with a hose attached to the pump, it was a cock pump.

Craig’s cock didn’t need any lube as it was still covered in fanny and arse juices, he was still semi hard, the Doctor skinned Craig’s foreskin back and pushed the cylinder over his cock, the machine started sucking and the audience watched as his cock almost instantly became rock hard filling the tube as the machine started to milk him. I was missing out.

Craig was having his nipples and cock pumped and milked, he was quietly moaning and I knew what was coming next. The Doctor pulled the suction cup off of one of Craig’s nipples, grabbed hold of the end with a set of surgical toothed forceps and stretched his pumped up nipple out, pushed the piercing gun over the nipple and pulled the trigger. I heard the click, Craig jerked and let out a shout “fuck that stung” he said.

The Doctor pushed a silver bar through the hole; it was a thick bar as the Doctor had punched a big hole through Craig’s nipple, bigger than he’d done for me. Before Craig realized what had happened the Doctor did the same to Craig’s other nipple, again Craig yelped.

“All done” the Doctor said as he wiped the pierced nipples with an antiseptic wipe.

The female medic yanked the milking cylinder off of his pumped up cock, there was a slurping noise as Craig’s erect cock came out, it was standing to attention and precum was dripping out of his slit. It wasn’t going to go to waste though, the Doctor signaled to one of the female clients and pointed at Craig’s cock. She took it all the way down her throat and started sucking hard, pulling off so just his cockhead was in her mouth, and she cleaned the precum and gunk off.

The medics unstrapped Craig from the piercing bench and walked him across to the branding frame. The women that had just cleaned Craig’s cock for him stood in front of the Doctor and he attached the nipple suction teats to her already big red nipples and turned the suction up on the pump, she groaned and stood there allowing her nipples to be pumped and worked on. Her hand was between her legs rubbing her fanny lips and big clit; I was surprised that the Doctor didn’t start pumping her clit with one of the suction cups.

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