Nylon Fantasy Becomes Reality


Initially I was enthralled by the idea of watching my ex-girlfriend sucking a guy off in a car while I looked on and also her pulling in a bar when we were together and taking him outside to wank him off. Whenever we went out she always wore lovely skirts or dresses and tan tights. I would jerk off when I was alone, thinking about a young guy shooting rivers of cum over her nylons and me finding the stained tights in the wash basket.

These feelings have returned recently and partly down to the speed at which I’m cumming. You see like a lot of couples, life and work get in the way and we’re currently on about a fuck or two a week. On those rations, I am such an eager beaver that when my cock slides into her wet pussy, I cum so quickly that she’s not yet satisfied. At the moment we use a cock ring to keep me harder after I’ve cum and also a few vibrating toys.

It was during a recent session that she was sucking me off and at the same time ploughing her pussy with a sizeable dildo. I made a comment about getting spit roasted and her murmur of pleasure and writhe on the dildo had me shooting in seconds. Watching her finish herself off with the dildo was magical and I couldn’t help thinking she needed a younger real man to satisfy her.

I started thinking about her going to work in her smart dresses and tights, wondering if her male colleagues were maybe wanking off thinking about her bending over the photocopier or taking her to a hotel at lunchtime for a quick fuck or blow job.

My latest wank fantasy involves her stopping by the gym after work. When her car pulls up on the drive I’m in the process of cooking dinner but look out and see her getting out dikmen escort of the car with a tall fit guy around 35. She’s still wearing her work dress and tights so I’m a bit confused. “You’re back early..” I stammer, a few minutes earlier and she’d have caught me jerking off in the tights she wore yesterday!

“Yes” she says, “..and we need to talk. Lately I’ve been getting a little frustrated with your bedroom performance and I really need something you can’t give me it seems, a good hard fuck. I know you like jacking off in my tights so I’ve got the perfect solution. This is Richard”.

Richard barely nodded as he turned and made his way upstairs to our bedroom. “He’s going up to strip off and get ready for me and I want you to do the same..” Mesmerised and confused I started to take my clothes off in front of her. When I was naked she saw I was semi hard and just smiled. She unzipped her dress and stepped out of it to reveal her gorgeous shiny Wolford Satin Touch that I had bought her. My cock stiffened as she removed her bra and peeled off her tights.

She handed them to me and said “Go on, you know you want to….” Ashamed but so excited I took her tights and put them on in front of her. The feeling as I snapped the waist band up over my cock was almost too much. “Now go and lie on our bed, face up…” she commanded and I made my way up the stairs with her gorgeous nylons tugging at my legs with every step I took.

As I entered the bedroom, Richard stood there naked and ripped. His manly contours were in stark contrast to my trim but lighter frame and the tights sheathing my legs betrayed a cuck who was going to see his wife get emek escort laid. As instructed, I laid on the bed with my hands covering my growing cock and my stomach in a complete knot.

As I lay on the bed wearing her tights, I could hear her coming up the stairs. Richard turned to face the door as she walked in naked carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. They both totally ignored me as they poured the wine and took large sips from their glasses.

Thirst quenched, they turned and kissed passionately, their tongues probing each others mouths. I craned by neck to see his strong arms envelope her body and pull her in. She reached down and took hold of his meaty cock, now fully engorged with the warm of her naked body pressing against him. She gave him a few sharp wanks and then bent down to take his swollen knob in her mouth. Her lips folded round the head and she looked me in the eyes as she bobbed her head up and down and then licked his purple bell end.

Without a word she flopped down on the bed on all fours directly over me, her arse wiggling in the air for Richard to grab. Her tits dangled in my face as she sternly told me to get my hands off my cock and no wanking.

Richard gave her asre a playfull slap as he positioned to take his monster cock. She let out a massive “Oooooo” as he slipped in his full length, something she found deeply satisfying. Quickly he built up a steady rhythm, his thighs slapping against her arse. She was panting and breathless already, not used to such stamina and power. All the time I lay still underneath with the sheer nylons I was wearing a reminder of her power over me. I tried desperately to suck her eryaman escort tits as they swung over my face just to remind her I was there. But she wasn’t interested in my pathetic attempts, not when she had Richard’s meaty cock filling her pussy.

The first wave of orgasm broke over her face as her pulled her hair and jerked her head back. The sound pumping continued as she moaned and then screamed out her pleasure, taking wave after wave of sheer delight. She started panting “Oh my God, please fuck me baby….” as he carried on his onslaught on her pussy and then grabbing her thighs for extra purchase, he unloaded what seemed like a massive load of spunk into her.

She collapsed on top of my, heaving and panting. Not affectionately, just lying slumped on top of me. Richard picked up his clothes and made for the door while she finally started to get her breath back. Once rested, she pulled herself back up over me. “Mmmmm he was so hot. Much fitter than you Dickhead..!”. Her words burned my ears and I was ashamed to say that he was so much better than the two minute fuck (if she was lucky) that she had been getting from me. “So let’s see what a spunky treat he’s left shall we..” as she pulled herself up and had her pussy over my mouth. “Open wide you little tosser…”

All I could do was obey as she squeezed out his cum into my mouth. “You may as well wank off now, while you swallow all his juices!”. My hand was down into my tights faster than lightening. “Go on baby, wank off in my tights while you taste his cum..” So again, humiliated and confused, loving the feel and stretch of her gorgeous shiny tan tights on my legs as I unloaded into them. So often I had done this either alone or in front of her but never while tasting another man’s cum.

“Good boy..” she said as she saw my seed hissing into the nylons “…maybe next time you can fluff him before he fucks me”. Oh my god, there was going to be a next time!!

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