Mother Goddess


My name is Angel Bell and I am a normal 25-year-old student, I am a hardworking student studying diligently in college and now I am on my way to getting my degree.

Not favored amongst the college crowd of classmates that I have because of my thirst for knowledge and lack of care for the party scene. I came to university to learn and start my life path toward my dream, not to kills brain cells with alcohol, drugs and sex.

And it also didn’t help that I had frizzy red hair, a plump jiggly body, glasses that constantly need to be pushed up, and a never ending supply of dresses that hid my bouncing butt, but did they show off my soft firm breasts pushed up by padded bras.

I never cared what other people thought, I had my goals and I knew what I wanted.

I am excited to finish school not just because i could now be officially and Archaeologist but also because as a treat for my thesis I get to take a trip to a foreign country where I will get the privilege of studying for a year in ancient ruins and meet & live with the local tribes.

I am seriously siked.

My best friend Lizzy and I had lived together in an apartment since we first came to college.

She was super happy for me as well and she decided that the day of our graduation I needed to let loose and have a taste of the party life of an average college student.

Lizzy insisted she wax my legs, lip, and cunt, though I fought her on it harshly, she gave me another taste of college life and that was pranks.

We had been best friends forever so she has seen me change clothes before and she knew about my red curls of a pubic bush, but since she was going to the art side of the university to be a cosmetologist she learned the art of waxing, so she thought it necessary to put the wax and strips on me while I was sleeping.

I woke up so pissed, and she said “Well nothing you can do about it other then let me finish.” She smiled an innocent smile and I knew she was right, the wax had gotten down to my skin of my cunt so there was no cutting it off.

I laid down on my bed with a towel in my mouth as she went to work yanking the strips from my cunt and legs.

IT HURT. I screamed into the towel then had to endure the shaping for the little hairs that were missed, then my pussy was bald and so were my legs.

I really wanted to hate her but I also really couldn’t because she was my best friend and unofficial sister, so she went on to straighten my hair for the day, making me presentable so that tonight I would enjoy another college pleasure, I was going to get laid and finally lose my virginity.

Lizzy has been trying to get me to lose it since I turned 16 when she lost hers during her sweet 16 a month before mine.

Lizzy had gone to special lengths this time, she had cleaned out my closet except for 1 sexy outfit of a slim fitting white dress with a short skirt and a swooping neckline, she took away all of my bras and panties leaving me to go without, and the only shoes were fancy looking white heels with cross straps, and I had to deal without a sweater.

I got stares from men I had seen but never met before and I kept getting wet because there was nothing cushioning my cunt I felt like I was naked but I wasn’t.

During the last classes some of my male teachers looked at their top student (AKA Me) but got a blush on their faces and looked away, making me remember my predicament and try to squish my legs together.

Nothing helped though, no matter what position I turned my pussy was on display for someone, and I couldn’t help notice the looks, the stares and the smiles.

Not to mention the following I had around the school where anyone that wanted tried to sit at the right angle to get a look.

What scared me most was when I heard the clicking of cameras, but when i turned I didn’t see anything.

During the graduation ceremony I found it difficult to walk across the stage but I did it, grateful for the long graduation gown.

After a very uncomfortable dinner with my family I returned to my apartment with Lizzy who was very much happy to show the pictures of my pussy on social media.

I decided I wasn’t going out and wanted to stay in and curl up in the safety of my room, but Lizzy wouldn’t hear of it.

So now here I am, clean, shaven, and made up for 1 night of college partying.

She set me up in a slim floral white dress that accented my curves, and heels the pushed up my butt, I felt really uncomfortable especially when I looked in the mirror, still without underwear my areolas, nipples, and cunt outline were on display.

“Lizzy I am not sure about this.” I enquired looking at her again before going back to the mirror, I saw a party Goddess, my eyes had been shaped with eyeliner wings, lips pumped with striking dark red and a suction from a bottle to puff them out a little she made sure to not let me do too much, so they were perfectly kissable.

“Don’t be, you look hot and with the displays you’ve been putting out your gonna get laid tonight.” She said ümitköy escort coming up behind me to spank my left butt cheek.

“I don’t know if I want that either.” I exclaimed pulling on my skirt.

“I promise it will fell amazing and you will thank me for it too.” she said making me look at her before she lightly punched my breasts.

“Ow. What did you do that for?” I asked before she came to my butt and spanked my other cheek.

“Lizzy,” I said standing up grasping my butt feeling them swell to make the skirt tighter to the point of raising, my breasts were swelling as well to the point of needing to fall out of the dress.

Then she was quick to slap my cunt hard, but she crept her hand under my skirt pulling it before pressing a penis pump right into my clit and pulled the device giving a great suction to my clit.

“AH.” I squealed at the action just as she pulled it off with a pop and smiled deviously.

“There now your all swelled up and ready.” She said walking away leaving me to calm down my spasming painful body.

She let me get her back thought letting me punch and slap her parts to swell them up then showing me how to use the clit sucker.

Lizzy took me to her favorite club called ‘Dance all night’ the first thing she did was get me to have a shot and a tiny pink pill.

I wasn’t sure about it but I trusted her, thought why I have no idea.

As soon as the hit my system any walls or shields fell and I felt great.

I couldn’t go all night dancing in the heels she gave me or with the bouncing swelling i now had, but I did what I could and come to find I actually enjoyed it.

Apparently so did everyone else, I got so many stares, I knew I was on display and I felt so conscious about it but Lizzy was relentless she kept pulling me along at one point she had me bend back against her never saw it coming when she lifted up my skirt putting my pussy on display and I saw the onlooking eyes go wide.

I brushed her hands pulling down my skirt with laughter.

“I’m glad I didn’t discover this during College, who knows how low my grades would have fallen.” I screamed over the music while turning to Lizzy but she was preoccupied by the handsome light chocolate skinned man then grinded her backside.

Suddenly I felt something poke my backside, I turned my head to see another handsome man but this one had dark chocolate skin and he held my hips as he grinded me, helping me to dance with the same moves as him.

He never spoke but just let his body do the talking while his lips nibbled my ear.

After the song he pulled me to the bar and bought me a drink, I listened to him chat he was a generous man that talked about his previous marriage his daughter who hates him and his friend that was now with Lizzy who was nowhere to be seen.

He lead me outside at mere midnight then pulled me into an alley, pressing me into the wall kissing me, my inner resolve was gone so I enjoyed the feeling of him.

I don’t remember much after the drinks he bought me other than his heated roaming touch, his hot kisses, his sensual tongue, and his chiseled chest.

But I do remember I lead him back to my apartment, he practically tossed me on my bed before he began to ravish me with his hands, ripping the dress and kissing my virgin body.

I was on fire.

Then when he was quick to thrust himself fully into my swollen heated core I threw my head back in wanton pleasure at the feeling of being full, losing my virginity like this never crossed my mind but I loved it, he was huge, thick, and hot.

In my muddled state I could have sworn my pussy was tasting chocolate.

Even his words sent me into oblivion.

“Oh a virgin, I’m glad you could share this with me.” He growled as he kissed me again starting off with a light thrusting and then going on to a deep pounding while he held my hips.

He flicked my clit as he pounded until I clenched his member inside making him groan in absolute pleasure sucking my neck until my milking made him cum and I milked him for all he had to give me.

I woke up the next morning alone in my room but the pain in my belly gave me indication that what had happened was real and not a dream.

Crusted cum littered my cunt and made me wonder if he wore a condom.

So I took a bath to wash myself clean and found some PJ’s in Lizzy’s room.

Lizzy did the walk of shame and came back to the apartment with messy hair, messy make up, shoes in hand, and parts of her clothes ripped.

She was thankful that I had coffee ready so she grabbed her cup that I prepared as soon as I heard the lock to the door being jiggled, she took a long drink and went for a shower.

It took 4 months to gather our things and vacate our apartment, but by then the damage was done and I was pregnant.

Though I didn’t know it, my cravings for food barely changed and I didn’t care if I gained a bit of weight to me that was normal.

I stayed 5 months back home spending time with my avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort family, going with my daily life, until it was time to leave on my trip.

My belly had hardly grown all that had changed was it was now firmer which I didn’t make anything of it.

Neither did my Mom considering I had always been chubby.

My family, Lizzy and a few friends were at the airport as I was about to board my flight.

My Mom kept giving out silent sobs and I just kept holding her hand, my luggage was on its way to be loaded and I had my laptop messenger bag as my carryon.

“You sure you have everything?” Mom asked twirling my hair.

“Yes, I’m sure.” I said with a gentle smile and without an ounce of annoyance, that was the millionth time I told her after she asked.

“Ok. You be safe out there.” She replied giving me one last squeeze of a hug before I walked through the tunnel and boarded my plane with a final wave.

I had never been on a plane so the experience was new but I loved it, what I loved even more was my window seat and the fact that I could see so many beautiful things.

I walked through the airport in the new country, my guide spoke a little english so it was easy for me to find my way.

I was on the bus when a suddenly jolt of pain rocked through me, but it subsided quickly, I took out my water bottle and guzzled half of it and thankfully the pain never came back I just felt a dull ache in my lower belly.

Though it took a little over an hour for me to go by bus, by boat, by beat up car then a short walk util I reached the outskirts of the tribe where the professor was staying.

He was a built man but was happy I was there, he took my bags to the tent right next to his.

Right after the large tribe began to gather around to see their new visitor, I spoke a little of their language but not much, while the Professor had been teaching them some english so communication was easy since they did know gestures.

The children began to gather then the women, while the men stayed back, since it was law that no man should touch another woman if he had one of his own.

The children pulled my hands, I smiled at their actions as they pulled me along to the big wood shack that was painted red.

Some of the children were feeling my belly, I figured it was because they had never seen a chubby person before and smiled at their playfulness.

They had me sit down in the center of the shack then the women came up and began to undo my clothes.

I didn’t think much of it since the tribe were all mostly naked other than loin cloths, they unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off,

Words were spoken and some yelled between the children and the women making the children sat in a circle around me at a distance giving the women room to work with me, they began by holding my arms and feel my belly.

More yelled words around the village before the Women helped me to stand as they unbuttoned my khaki shorts and pulled them down, once my underwear was down too a women motioned for me to sit back down.

I felt a little strange having my pubis on display to a bunch of strangers but they didn’t seem to notice to much other then some of the women running their hands over my baldness and I recognized their word for child, they must think it strange that I am bald like a child, I just smiled thinking this was normal as I was stripped bare.

I felt hands rubbing and squeezing my body, the children were looking over my porcelain skin while the women were feeling my hair, neck, arms, legs, and waist, but mostly my belly, then grabbing some kind of oil they began to massage my body with it, It made me grow warm and relaxed.

Then I felt a pleasing feeling on my breasts, looking down 2 women were pressing around my breasts massaging more oil on them gently, it made wetness begin to seep from my nethers.

I was gently pushed down to lay on the furs, then my wrists and ankles were tied down.

This is where I began to get nervous but what could I do? I could scream for the professor but I don’t know how well that would go over with the tribe.

This could be a harmless welcoming ritual for all I know.

“What’s going on?” I asked slowly looking around to see them all continuing their work on my naked body.

They spoke words in their language that I didn’t understand other than woman.

2 more women came up to me holding 2 babies they sat down next to me with ease before they set the babies mouths on my nipples while the women continued their massaging of the mounds instantly I felt a warm liquid being sucked from my breasts and being swallowed by the infants, I instantly grew more scared in wonder as to why I was lactating.

“Are you doing this to me?” I asked worriedly but was not given an answer.

An elderly women walked in and came up to me, she spoke in their language making a rounding motion with her hands around her belly, though I urfa escort didn’t know what it meant.

She knelt to the ground in front of me, 2 young beautiful women began to massage oil on my bald cunt (thanks to Lizzy) and it made me warm causing a river to flow.

The oil felt so good on me, the elderly women sat down as 2 more women held my legs and opened them just as the elderly woman sat in between them and felt my slit.

The babies were still sucking my tits making me moan as the woman flicked my clit making me jerk in the grasp of the women that held me down with my binds.

The elder spoke some soft words then with 2 fingers she reached in and scissored as she knelt down I felt her eyes on my cervix.

She used her other hand to feel around my belly then with a slight push on top a fluid flushed from my pussy.

“What is that?” I asked feeling the jolting pain again.

The elder said something but I didn’t understand what.

She felt my belly again and pressed making me scream, the women at my legs hoisted them up making them bend, with another press I felt something protruding from my pussy.

“NO. NO.” I exclaimed as I figured out what was happening,

‘Not here, not now.’ I thought as another pain washed through me making me scream and jolt just as the elder pressed against my belly and the baby was being forced out of my womb.

Another woman came up and pressed a piece of cloth in my mouth.

I screamed into the cloth as oil was rubbed along my passage easing the exit and giving me warm pleasure to counteract my pain, the elder gave a good press and I felt like my insides fall out of me and suddenly a shrill cry sounded.

I was released entirely and the babies were removed from my breasts, I sat up with some help to see a blood covered dark skinned baby boy writhing around while its umbilical cord was still inside of me.

The elder cut the cord with a jagged rock that was shaped into a knife then she wrapped the baby before handing him to me as I cried.

I released a few sobs and many tears as I looked at the bundle, I held it to my nipple that had milk beading from it as it was prepared for my own child to nurse from and I felt more milk flowing into my son’s mouth.

The women rubbed more oil along my body until I was shining, the elder waited patiently until the placenta popped out.

They took it away saying something about drying, but before the elder left she herself rubbed oil in and out of my vagina she was gentle in her massaging rubbing my inner walls and flicking my clit until a shiver of an orgasm came over me forcing my vagina to kegle and exercising the stretched muscles.

After the ruckus was over the women cooed over my baby as I was wrapped in a fur covering my body while i rested.

A child came in with a written letter from the professor.

He said he can’t come in because the red shack is for birthing women, menstruating women, and children. But he was sorry that this happened and is arranging for me to go home as soon as I was well enough.

I spent the rest of the day resting until it was dark the women were friendly as they brought me food and helped me to take care of my son.

When the night had settled I was laying on my side watching my son sleep when the flap was opened and 4 men came in.

I suddenly got scared and sat up, but before I could grab my son, I was grabbed and hauled up each holding a limb as my weight was settled on their shoulders.

“Stop what are you doing?” I screamed waking up my baby which made a teen girl come in to care for him thankfully.

Still naked I was laid on a cot where I was tied down with rope made from moss.

The cot was picked up and I was carried out into the village people were doing a bowing type dance with a chant, I heard the pounding of drums making tribal music.

The village was alight with torches and bonfires at the celebration, of what exactly I don’t know.

“Professor” I shouted when I saw him being tied to a tree by 4 burly men with a gag in his mouth.

I was carried through the village my naked body on display and I was at the perfect height so many of the villagers came up and placed their hands anywhere they wanted and gave light rubs the worst part was since my legs were tied down apart some of the villagers men or women would come up and kiss my vagina it would never be more then a kiss but to have so many people doing it and sometimes patting it was very arousing, though I tried to fight but it was pointless.

I saw they were taking me up a mountain, getting scared at the thought of being a sacrifice to King Kong or something.

I saw the Elder woman in tribal outfit with face paint surrounded by more elders.

I was set down gently on a stone table.

“Are you going to eat me?” I asked scared though I got no answer.

The Elder woman chanted and spoke in their language raising her arms to the sky then face the peak of the mountain.

She faced back to me and spoke in a calm voice letting some naked women come up to me.

“Leave me alone.” I screamed, but I was held down while being untied then picked up and laid out on the fur covered table after the cot was removed, my legs were separated as I was laid on a rock construction of the table then tied down, my arms were splayed out also tied down on a part of the table.

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