Mica, Misty, Max , Mona Ch. 01


Mica pushed the button on her phone system that connected her with the answering service. Vivian answered and said are you ready to go home and Mica said yep, it’s all yours. I have Dr. Adams on call tonight and Vivian said she had the same Dr. They both said good night and Mica pushed the button that transferred all calls to the service. She took her head set off and put it in the drawer of her desk. She put the strap of her purse over her head and found her white and red stick. She found the door to her office, checked to be sure the light switch was down and walked out into the hall.

Her good friend Misty called to her that she was just down the hall on her right and Mica started towards her voice. Her hand bumped into the handle on Misty’s wheelchair and she held on to it following Misty as she rolled out into the parking garage. Misty led Mica to the passenger door on her van and Mica opened the door and got in. Misty let the lift down, got her wheelchair on it and up into the van. She got behind the wheel, started the van and they headed out.

Mica worked the phone system and Misty was the receptionist at a very busy doctor’s office. Mica had worked there for some time and she and Misty had met at another friend’s house and Mica told Misty about the job opening for the receptionist.

Mica had worked for the doctors as a medical technician and then developed a tumor on her optic nerve almost 3 years ago. The eye surgeon had told her there was almost no chance of removing the tumor without her losing her sight. He was right; she awakened from the surgery completely blind in both eyes. The tumor was all gone and non cancerous. She had learned the layout of the small master phone she had on her desk and memorized the numbers she had to dial to connect callers to staff members. She also had a talking computer on her desk to look things up on.

Misty was paralyzed from her waist down. She also had a tumor but in her spine. Its removal left her unable to move her legs but she had not lost the feeling in them or anywhere else. She did have to use a catheter to get rid of urine. She had been paralyzed for 5 years and was 28. Mica was 26 and they lived in the same apartment building but on different floors. Mica had a normal apt and Misty’s was built for someone in a wheelchair. Wider doors, wheel in shower, raised john, lowered kitchen sink, stove and counter tops. The layout of both units was the same so Mica had no trouble getting around in Misty’s place and Misty could get by in Mica’s place ok.

The girls had about a 20 minute drive this time of night and chatted about the day and the goings on in the office. Misty drove into the basement of the parking garage and into her reserved parking space right by the elevator. She got on the lift and down to the drive as Mica got out of the van. She took hold of the wheelchair handle and followed behind it to the elevator. Mica pushed Misty’s floor button first and told her when they were there. Mica got off by herself and turned right to the second door on the same side as the elevator. Misty had watched and waited until Mica was in her unit and heard the door close. She went to her floor and went to the left off the elevator and the other side of the hall for her door.

Both girls were tired as it had been a long hard week. They were glad it was Friday and they had two days off. Misty had invited Mica down for dinner on Saturday. Mica undressed and threw her scrubs, bra and panties in the laundry hamper. She was lucky that she could wear them at the office and did not have to buy fancy clothing. As the receptionist out meeting the public, Misty had to dress in regular clothing. She always wore a skirt, she liked for people to see her atrophied legs encased in long leg braces. She had given up on walking as it was too much effort but still wore them most of the time as she loved the feel of them on her legs and how she looked.

Mica was 5’8″, slim, 115 pounds and had large 38 C breasts. Her bra always came off when she got off work and home and not on again until time to return to work. Misty was 5’5″ if she could stand, 120 pounds because it was hard to exercise and also had large breasts, 36 D. She did not like to wear a bra either and was like Mica.

Mica got on to the bed naked and the cold air from the air conditioner made her nipples hard. She took each one in the fingers of her hands and rubbed and pulled on them. She cupped her breasts which had just a slight sag to the side of her chest and played with them for a while. She could feel herself getting wet. She thought that she and Misty had never talked about boyfriends or sex before and maybe she might bring it up tomorrow. She also wondered what Misty looked like. She should ask her to let her look at her with her hands also.

Mica wondered about having sex with another woman and thought she was considered bi-curious. She had her hands on hard cocks a couple of times in the dark back seat of a car in high school. When she found out she was going to be blind she seduced her current boyfriend into having sex with her so she could really see sınırsız escort one and lost her virginity at the same time. He was also inexperienced and it was not a good time but at least she had the memory in her mind. When he found out she was blind she never heard from him again. She had not had a date with anyone since either.

One hand drifted down between her legs and she could feel that her large, long, wet pussy lips were very engorged and sticking out of her hair. She resisted putting her middle finger into her vagina and going for her G-spot. She pulled the finger away and stuck it into her mouth and way back on her tongue to get the taste. She got off the bed and found her way into the bathroom. She peed and took a quick shower to cool off both ways. She slipped a tight t-shirt on knowing how well she filled it out and went to the kitchen. She fixed something to eat, did the dishes and went to her computer. It used a program that converted written words to spoken words and checked her e-mail. Nothing important there.

She changed to a disabled dating site checking to see if there were any men that interested her but no luck. She even checked Bi-sexual women but no luck. Part of the problem was she was not even sure what she was looking for in her own mind. She brought up the book that was being read to her and listened to it for an hour.

Mica decided it was bed time and she made sure there were no lights on and went to bed. As she got into it she took a large, rubber penis dildo out of the night stand. She put it by her hip and started in on her breasts with her hands. She loved the feel of them and seemed to even more now that she was blind. She moved a hand down to her slit and started fingering it. Mica had spread her legs but now she brought her heels up close to her rear and spread her thighs more. This pulled her lips open and she fingered the entrance to her vagina and her clit. She drew her fingers through her slit and licked them off. Picking up the rubber penis she slid it around her slit to get it wet and then inserted it all the way up her sheath.

Feeling the fullness caused her to arch her back and using her feet and bent legs, lifted her butt off the bed. She was moving the rubber dildo in rhythm with her hips thrusting. After several minutes of this and her other hand still pinching her nipple, she felt an orgasm building. She let it build and at the right time changed the position on the dildo so one of the fingers holding it hit her exposed clit every time she pushed it deep into her pussy. Her thighs closed tightly on her hand and rubber cock as it reached bottom and her head went back and she moaned out loud having a good cum. She was able to flick the finger over her clit several more times prolonging it for over a minute.

Her thighs fell open and after a few minutes she laughed thinking she must look like a well fucked frog. She moved the dildo in and out a couple more times enjoying the post cum tingles it gave her. She kept it in her as she sat on the edge of the bed and her weight pushed it even deeper in to her just before she stood and got into the bathroom. She finally removed it and dropped it into the sink, used her hand to hold her pussy together and then sat on the john. She peed and let her abundant juices flow out and then washed herself off.

She then went to the sink and used soap and hot water to wash the rubber penis good and stood it up so it would drain and dry. Mica found her way back to bed feeling very satisfied. Her last thoughts were of Misty wondering if she would be interested in sharing her enjoyment. She noticed her nipples were still very hard.

After Misty got into her apartment she transferred from her wheelchair to the bed. She removed all of her clothes and then lifted her legs up on to the bed. She undid the straps and knee cap on her braces and removed them from her thin legs. She rubbed them enjoying the soft, lifeless feeling of them in her hands. She could feel her nipples getting harder as she did. Moving one arm and hand at a time she put them behind her and lowered her upper torso to the bed. She moved her hands to her large, firm breasts. They stuck up from her chest wall and the large nipples were surrounded by her very dark areolas. She palmed the nipples as she massaged her breasts. She often wondered which were her better assets, her breasts or her atrophied legs. She guessed it was in the eye of the beholder. Misty knew it was her sexy legs.

Her hands moved down to her shaved pussy. She loved it that way, one, because she loved the smooth feeling of being shaved and two, it was much easier to see and be clean when she had to catheterize herself. She used a Foley permanent catheter a fair amount of the time at work. But she did not use it all the time as her bladder sphincter muscle would become stretched and then she would leak urine. She used female catheters the rest of the time that were only in long enough to drain the urine. She did it every 4-5 hours that way. She wanted to get off but knew she should go and cath herself so she used her şırnak escort arms to raise herself up and got over to the edge of the bed. She grabbed hold of the wheel rim on her chair and moved her bottom over to it. She then used her hands to lift her legs off of the bed down to the foot rests.

She wheeled into the large bathroom and cathed herself and then put just a t-shirt on. She went to the kitchen and fixed herself some dinner. She wrote down some things she needed at the store in the morning. Mica and her traded eating together two or three times a month. Misty got to thinking that Mica never talked about a boy friend or going out. She wondered if she had any kind of a love life. She would bring that up tomorrow.

She went in to her computer and worked on an online college class she was taking for a couple of hours and decided it was bed time. She cathed herself again, removed the t-shirt and transferred into bed. She turned the light out but went back to playing with her breasts. Soon her hands were back down at her pussy and she pulled her legs up and let her thighs fall open. At various times she had one, two or three fingers in herself. As she was doing so she wondered if Mica would be interested in the two of them making love together. She decided it was time to bring that up with her also. She was feeling something between them anyway lately. Several times Mica had her hand forward on the wheelchair handle and was touching her shoulder and back.

Misty finally paid a lot of attention to her protruding clit and got herself off good. She licked a couple of fingers off and soon went to sleep. She woke up about 3 and decided she should get up to cath herself. It was the one thing about not using a Foley all the time she had to put up with. She did not turn the light on and at night her bathroom was completely dark. She did the cath job in the dark wondering if this was what it was like for Mica. Mica had been a med tech and Misty wondered if she would like to cath her sometime. That would be very sexy. She went back to sleep tweaking her already hard nipple thinking about that.

The next morning Misty was up and finished her list of things she needed and places to go. She got her braces on and then a pair of shorts and a halter. She pulled her hair into a ponytail and liked what she saw in the mirror. She wished someone else would as it had been some time since she had a lover. She would not put up with some guy that just wanted to get his rocks off in her, there had to be something going and preferably someone that was a devotee, male or female. She got several looks at the store and the mall but no one approached her. If they only knew how easy she was……………to talk to. She got home and put stuff away and put some meat in a pan to marinate. Mica loved meat on the outdoor grill but was afraid to do it herself. Salad and baked potatoes and they would be good to go.

Misty ate a sandwich and headed to her room to hit the shower. She undressed in her chair even if it was easier to do it on the bed. She took her braces off, went into the bathroom, cathed herself and rolled into the shower. She got on the bench, put the chest belt around herself and pushed her chair back out and closed the glass door. She washed herself and her hair then turned the water down and shaved her legs and pussy. She made sure she did a good job and even douched as she had a feeling about Mica.

She got dried and wondered what to wear. Obviously Mica could not see her, but what if she wanted to look at her by feel today. She decided on a very short skirt that was cut all the way up the front. It closed at the waist with Velcro. It was very short and if it were not for the fact that her braces were together, someone could look right up her thighs and see her shaved pussy. She had a top that was sleeveless and made out of a very thin, soft material. She put that on and then her braces and shoes. She called Mica and asked her if she needed her to come and get her, but she said she could get to her place ok. This was the third time she had done it by herself.

A couple of minutes later there was a tap on the door and Misty let Mica in. She leaned down to hug Misty and noticed the top she had on. It felt very nice. They went into the living room. Mica knew where the chair was and went right to it. Misty never could understand how blind people could do that. Mica sat down and Misty pulled up in front of her. Only a few inches separated their knees but Mica did not know that right away. Misty was a little surprised at how Mica was dressed. She had white short shorts on that had very large leg openings. Misty always thought Mica had very sexy legs. They were long, tanned and muscled but not big. They appeared to be just shaved as they were shiny.

Mica was not keeping her legs closed and Misty could tell she had nothing on underneath the shorts as she could see pubic hair. The top had very short sleeves; it was like a shirt in the back but just had a piece of material attached to the sleeves on both sides in the front that just covered her large breasts. taksim escort It was open down the middle and only held closed by a loop and button on the bottom edge. If she even raised her arm to rub her nose the bottom of the breasts showed. They chatted about the day so far and Misty told her what was for dinner.

Mica then asked Misty if she had a boyfriend. She said no it had been some time and you? Mica said no and told her about the boyfriend that deserted her after her surgery. Misty then asked if Mica had ever had a girlfriend and she said no but had thought about it several times. Misty offered she had two of them a few years ago and they had a great time together. All of this broke the ice with both of them and they started asking lots of personal questions. Mica told her how she had gotten her boyfriend to have sex with her before her operation and how she had looked on the internet at pictures and videos of men and women having sex. She wanted to have a picture of that in case she could not see anymore. Misty said she understood.

Misty said she had sex a couple of times before her surgery and was very glad she still had feeling in her pussy. She used the word on purpose to see how Mica would react and she did not react any. Mica asked her to tell her all about her medical stuff if she did not mind. She said she did not know all of the details, that is if Misty did not mind telling her. Misty said no she did not mind at all and told her everything she could think of. She even added in the catheter part and if Mica had ever done one. She said several and then Misty asked if she ever thought about doing one now that she was blind. Mica did not miss a beat and said it sounded like fun, or was it foreplay, and they both laughed hard. After, Misty had no doubt it was foreplay and that Mica thought so too.

They talked very openly for the next 90 minutes and finally Mica asked if she could look at Misty with her hands. Misty said I was hoping you would ask and yes I would love it if you would. She asked if Mica would like to take her braces off and she said she sure would. Mica then admitted she liked being blind but wished she could see Misty sitting there in her chair. She thought it would be very sexy. Misty reached out and took Mica’s hands and placed them on her braced legs. She then leaned forward and gently pulled Mica’s face to hers and they kissed for the first time. Mica pulled back a little then started kissing again this time with her mouth open and using her tongue. She then asked if they could go to Misty’s bedroom.

Misty led the way with Mica holding on to her wheelchair. When they got into the bedroom Misty suggested Mica get on the floor, which she did, then guided her hands to one of her braces. Mica could tell they were Velcro closures and undid the calf, above knee and top of the thigh straps. She went back and undid two of the four buckles that held the knee pad on. Mica pulled the shoe off of Misty’s foot and the brace was ready to come off. Misty raised her hip and Mica pulled the brace from the upper leg and worked her way down. She repeated the process with the other leg. After the braces were off Mica used her fingers to go over every inch of both legs.

Mica said several times how sexy her legs felt. They were so smooth and soft. As Mica worked her way up Misty’s legs and felt her thighs, she remarked about how small or thin her legs were. Misty said yes with no working muscles, they had just shriveled up. She kept moving up and came to Misty’s short skirt and asked if Misty would take it off. Misty said sure and then let’s get on the bed. Mica said good idea and when Misty lifted her butt, Mica pulled the skirt from her. Mica then mentioned how soft the top had felt and put her hands up on it. She found Misty’s breasts and could feel her nipples sticking out. She played for a couple of minutes then grasp the bottom of the top and pulled it up over her head and arms.

Mica then sat on the edge of the bed and Misty said let me get your shorts and top off also. She undid the button at the bottom of the top Mica had on and removed it from her arms. Mica stood up and dropped her shorts then sat back on the bed. Misty asked Mica to lift her legs up on to the bed by her then she would transfer over to it. Mica found her legs and lifted them into her lap and Misty got on to the bed with her. Misty was so close to Mica that she could not resist taking hold of one of her breasts and saying she was so sexy. Mica helped Misty move over in the bed and they ended up side by side. Mica continued looking with her fingers at Misty’s face. She spent some time looking at it.

She then moved down her neck and found a breast. She spent a lot of time looking at both of them and she could tell the Misty was becoming aroused as her nipples got very large and hard. She finally moved down some more and explored her hips then moved to the center and started on the pubic area. Misty reminded her she could not move her legs and if Mica wanted them open she would have to do it. Mica was perpendicular to Misty’s hip and she put her hand on her thigh and moved it open. This gave her access to Misty’s pussy. She was not shy and immediately put her hand and fingers to work. Mica immediately found a smoothly shaved pussy and remarked how good it felt. She asked if it was hard to do and Misty said easy after all the hair is gone.

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